Blue is Himg's first album on WFW.All the lyrics are written by her, so please don't steal (unless you have her permussion!). The music.? Well., she wrote it at school, but think guitars and pianos. Enjoy!

1. Tell me Less-This is one about Brambleclaw, and finding out about Squirrelflight's lies.

2.You know Nothing-This is a NightXCrow songfic about their feelings and how they never really loved each other.

3. New-This is Firestar's journey, form kittypet to warrior to leader.

4. Autumn Leaves- Dovewing reflects on her time with Tigerheart, and how much he's changed now.

5. Listen- After Poppyspot falls in love with a WindClan cat, her lover, Thistlefoot, turns sour, along with the rest of RiverClan..

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