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Book 4
Preceded by:
Return of the Graystripe
Son of the Graystripe Succeded by:
No one

(A kit crawls out of Prissy's dead body)

Bark: Why you crawl out of Prissy body?

Kit: .........

Bark: You no talk? I never will understand puppies. I will be you mother. You name Woof.

Woof: Meow.

Bark: You right! We must kill da cats! Come on!

(Six moons pass.)

Bark: Kill that cat!

Cat: Meow!

Woof: Okay! (Kills cat.)

Bark: Good job! You look like cat, but I raised you so you must be dog.

Woof: I am pure dog-

(Falcon comes in and takes woof.)

Bark: Wooooooooooof, come back! Why you leave me-oh, dogfood!

(Falcon takes Woof to lake then drops him in it. Woof goes to shore.)

(Back at camp.)

Cloudstar: Do my biding! Yes! Yes!

Spiderleg: Just shut up already. It gets anoying. We get it.

Cloudstar: Well I'm sorry but the author *cough*Whitestar7*cough* makes me do it.

Brightheart: Shut up you two! I'm trying to drink my milkshake!

Cloudstar: (Looks at Brightheart.)

Brightheart: I-I mean............I'm trying to eat a kiltshake.

Cloudstar: That makes perfect sense.

Ferncloud: If only we had Graystripe, we wouldn't suffer anymore! If I only had a milkshake, I'd be dancin' 'round the floor! If only I had one more sip, I wouldn't be so sad! Would just one milkshake be so bad?! I just want a milkshake! Just one tiny sip! Just a single milkshake, would make my world just fine!!! If only I had a milkshake, this wouldn't be so baaaaaaaaaaad.

Crowd: Cheers.

Cloudstar: That was pretty good-hey! No milkshake songs!

Ferncloud: I'm tired of you and your stupid rules! I can't take it anymore! I want a milkshake!

Cloudstar: (Looks at Brightheart drinking a milkshake. Brightheart stops and whistles.)


Cloudstar: I don't think so! Stupidberry, bring me my black cape!

Stupidberry: (Gives cape.)

Cloudstar: Stupidberry! This is my long black cape! I just want my black cape!

Stupidberry: (Does what Cloudstar tells him. Mutters under breath.)

Cloudstar: Thank you, Stupidberry. You truly are a stupid-berry. Hahaha!!!!! I'm so funny!

Ferncloud: Weren't you about to kill me or something.

Cloudstar: No. No, I'm going to do something much worse. So much worse, you will-um-well, It'll be really bad. I will kill..............wait for it...............Dustpelt!

Ferncloud: Dustpelt's already dead.

Cloudstar: (To sky.) StarClan! Bring back Dustpelt!

Dustpelt: (Apears.) What? I'm alive? Lst thing I knew I was sharing tongues with my new mate Spottedleaf-oh, Ferncloud, your here. Hi.

Ferncloud: Spottedleaf? Spottedleaf! I will kill you for this!

Cloudstar: This isn't my plan!

Ferncloud: (Kills Dustpelt.)

Cloudstar: (Kills Ferncloud.) Those two are crazy! At least I won't have to listen to that milkshake song anymore.

Ferncloud: (From StarClan. Sings song.)
Cloudstar: StarClan is turturing me! Why? Whhhhhyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?

Woof: (Jumps into camp.) I will stop you!

Cloudstar: Who are you anyway?

Woof: I am Woof, a dog. For some reason a vioce inside me said that I should kill you.

Cloudstar: A dog? Hahaha! Your a cat! And you bear a remarkable resemblance to a certain deputy with gray fur, but I can't recall his name.

Woof: I am a dog! My mother, Bark, said so.

Cloudstar: Bark? Bark?


Twoleg: Now get into your little bed.

Cloudpaw: Get me out of here.

Twoleg: Awww, you like it. I'll bring bark in to play with you.

Bark: Hi! My name bar. (Barks.)

(End of flashback.)

Cloudstar: Bark was my friend when I was captured by twolegs. This reminds me of the good times I once had. I will step down from leadership and give it to you, Woofstar.

Woof: I'm only six moons old!

Brightheart: Then it's my leadership! I am Brightstar!

Spottedleaf: I wanted to see an awesome ending! Not this! (Strikes Cloudstar will lightening bolt. Cloudstar dies.)

The End

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