This is a songfic by Hope. The song, Someone You Loved, is by Lewis Capaldi.
Somebody You Loved Cover


Love hurts. Doesn't it? One cat who knows this is Ashstorm. His mate, Rosebreeze, only a few moons ago and feels like most of him is missing. He knew Rosebreeze and him were meant for each other and he feels lost without her.

Chapter One

I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me.
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy.

I wish it was all a dream. I wish I could wake up to this nightmare.

I drown in my nightmares and Rosebreeze isn't there to save me.

I wish it wasn't real.

"Get up! You are the deputy and I expect you to help the clan not weep all day!" growls Mudstar.

"Fine!" I sigh.

I watch Mudstar walk out of the den. I stand up and stretch, my muscles tingling. I then clean my paws. I lick them so they aren't dirty anymore.

Once I finish cleaning my pelt, I pad out of the Warrior's Den. The sunlight floods my eyes and I have to close them quickly. A few moments pass and I open them again. My eyes adjust to the light quickly.

"Hi Ashstorm!" greets Sandpaw, her pale pelt shining.

I nod my head and return the greeting.

"Are you sad? You usually smile and get into a conversation!" asks Sandpaw, her eyes glistening with worry.

Are you sad my love?

My ears pick up a voice.

Rosebreeze? Is that you?

I know that voice anywhere.

"Are you okay?" asks Sandpaw again.

"Yeah, sure," I say before running off.


No reply.

Chapter Two

I need somebody to heal.

Somebody to know.

Somebody to have.

Somebody to hold.
Days are fractured and the nights are long.

Everything hurts without you Rosebreeze!

My footsteps echo in the forest. It seems that at this time of morning; the forest is deserted.

More Coming Soon.

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