Just a random idea that popped in my head and Solar is from Promises of Hope -Random is my middle name 21:42, November 30, 2009 (UTC)

The Movies of Revenge

Tiggystar: *growls* I hate sappy love stories

Solar: Me too

Tiggystar: *grins* Let's watch the new Warriors movie!

Solar: Dude, it's not out

Tiggystar: Well I feel like fast forwarding through my life, deal with it

Solar: *sighs* fine

Tiggystar: Yippie!!

Solar: o.O

Tiggystar: *goes in the theater*

Solar: No!! I caused a solar eclipse in England!

Tiggystar: So? People suffer

Solar: We live in England idiot!

Tiggystar: No, you live in the toilet

Solar: *gets mad* Uhh what's a toilet?

Tiggystar: Beats me, I just thought it was a great comeback

Solar: o.O

Tiggtstar: *growls* Let's watch the movie!

Solar: Let's

At Tigerstar's Death Scene

Tiggystar: Great StarClan! I died like 50 times! This is the icing on the cake!

Solar: What's cake?

Tiggystar: *shrugs* Beats me, but I saw some at a fast food place

Solar: Um

Tiggystar: Then I saw chicken, it could have fed half a clan!


Tiggystar: (from Solar's head) blahblahbahblahblahblhblabhalblahblahblahblah

Solar: ......

'At Bluestar's Death

Tiggystar: Die you *********** and you evil *********** kit killer!!!!!!

Solar: She's hot

Tiggystar: And a ******* crazy lady

Solar: Shh kids could be watching

Tiggystar: Well I don't care!!!

Random Mothers: *kill*

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