~ SkyClan ~

These cats have white wings. Sometimes, they're speckled with gray or brown. They are strong fliers.


~ WaterClan ~

These cats have blue-gray wings. Sometimes, they're speckled with white. They are excellent swimmers.


~ FireClan ~

These cats have either amber or reddish ginger wings. They are usually speckled with yellow or black. They can stand extreme heat and rarely get burned.


~ EarthClan ~

These cats have brown wings. Sometimes, they have black or gray flecks. These cats have extremely strong perseverance.


Author's Note

Author's Note (Lynx) - I'm taking characters! Please feel free to enter in CloudClan and/or NettleClan! Please comment the characters. I apologize if I get them mixed up. Please tell me everything about them: ie.: Their personality, what makes them tick, stuff they like doing in private, etc.

Thank you for reading Soar, a story about finding and being true to yourself.

~ Chapter One ~

"Today, two Feathers are ready to become Gliders." Falconstar's voice boomed.

I stood proudly, my fur brushed clean. Beside me, my sister was holding her breath.

"Goldenfly, step forward."

I did so, my wings brushing against my sister's flank. I gave her a reassuring glance and then fixated my attention on Falconstar.

"Are you worthy of your wings?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yes, Falconstar." I replied dutifully.

"Then from this day forward, you shall no longer be a Feather. You will become a Glider, and train to fly like the warriors of the sky!" He chanted, raising his wings.

The clan followed, chanting, "Alte volant! Fly high! Alte volant! Fly high!"

I felt a burn of pride. "From this day forward, until you achieve rank of Flier, you shall be known as Goldenwing!" He decreed.

I turned to the clan, smiling, and settled back down next to my sister.

She stepped forward, glancing up at Falconstar.

"Silverfly." His voice was respectful, commanding. "Are you worthy of your wings?"

She nodded. "Yes, Falconstar!" She said, eyes shining.

I smiled, soon my sister would join me as a Glider.

"Then from this day forward, until you achieve the rank of Flider, you shall be known as Silverwing!" He decreed, once again raising his wings.

The clan chanted, and I chimed in. "Alte volant! Flight high! Alte volant! Fly high!"

"Goldenwing, your instructor will be Sundaze. Silverwing, your mentor will be Ashenglint."

The two she-cats looked at each other, delighted to be instructors after just four mere moons of being a Flier.

Silverwing turned to me, and I smiled at her. "Congratulations!" I chirped, once the meeting was dismissed.

She sighed. "Thanks. I was so nervous!"

I laughed. "Don't worry, you did fine. Let's go find out intructors."

Ashenglint beckoned for Silverwing. She shot me an apologetic glance and scurried away. I huffed and made my way through the camp, glancing left and right for Sundaze.

I found her by the Fliers' common area, waiting for me. She dipped her head. "Good. I'm going to show you around the territory, then start your flying training."

I nodded eagerly, exited to finally sue my wings. They had been a pest in the nursery, but now they would finally serve their purpose.

Sundaze surveyed me, and I got the eerie feeling she was probing my mind for disloyal thoughts. I shivered, Sundaze was certainly one of the more odd cats in our clan.

That suited my just fine.

I was odd too.

~ Chapter Two ~

"Okay, spread your wings." Sundaze instructed.

I nodded, unfurling the majestic white wings in their casings. I never had .

"Now, you've never unsheathed them before. When you do, they will be a pristine white."

"Mkay," I nodded.

"To unsheathe them, all you need to do is think of a blooming flower."

I shut my eyes, thinking of a rose unfurling.

I felt a sliding feeling on my back.

I heard a cut-off gasp. I looked around. "Is something wrong?" I asked Sundaze, who was staring at me like I had just grown a third eye.

"Y-your wings!" She gasped.

"What about them?" I asked nervously, craning my neck to bet a better look.

"They... Your wings are black." She said.

"What does that mean?"

Coming soon...

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