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Lilac was born as a purebred Snowshoe that didn't meet breed standards. She begins a wild adventure into the forest as ShadowClan kidnaps her. Escaping to WindClan she realizes where her father really has run off to. Lilac has to live with the threat of ShadowClan looming over her shoulders and the weight of becoming a trusted warrior lying heavily on her shoulders...

Set One

  1. Snowshoe: The story begins as Lilac is born to Petunia in a small house along the Prairie. However this cat had failed to meet the breed expectations and is taken off to her relatives at a farm in the fields. Suddenly she realizes that truth of her father's demise, and this may even lead to her own capture.
  2. Saving the Enemy: StarClan is invading Lilacsnow's dreams as she ponders on what to do. ShadowClan has exiled their medicine cat and removed themselves from gatherings. ShadowClan is falling apart, Thrushstar refuses to have anything to do with them, and Lilacsnow feels as if she is the only one who can save them. However her affections comes into way, she has friends and relationships to keep up with, but when she tries to save the broken Clan, she may lose it all.
  3. Lost Snow: Coming Soon

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