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"Hey, mom." Snowstorm peeked an eye open, seeing dappled paws in front of her. Dreary from sleep, the she-cat raised her head. Looking up to see the round green eyes of a she-cat. One of her three daughters, if she had to be exact.

"Mistypaw." The name rumbled out of her throat, and she sat up. Snowstorm began to groom her pelt down. "How was training today? Are your sisters back?" Gleampaw and Icypaw were her other two daughters. The only litter that Snowstorm and her mate had together, they needed no more.

"No," Mistypaw sat down, wrapping her tail over her paws. "Gleampaw is, but Icypaw and dad are staying out late for Battle Training." Thornstar was always a little hard on their kits. But the group was small, Froststar had wanted to expand the clan before she died. But there wasn't much they could do. So, Snowstorm and Thornstar's kits were a blessing from whatever spirits lay above.

Snowstorm looked back up at her daughter, she loved her very much. As she did with all of her daughters.

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