-This is a Short Story for my fanfic; Shadows in Our Blood

Snowfrost woke up surrounded by leaves and sunshine. She stood up and looked around. She couldn’t remember coming here, only falling asleep in her nest. But Snowfrost vaguely remembered a sharp pain above her eye and then a warm, sticky feeling trickling through the fur on the side of her face. But then it had all been fuzzy and black until she had finally blacked out. Snowfrost shuddered, remembering the horrible moment. So where am I? Is this VineClan territory? She saw a clear pool surrounded by ferns and daisies, with a huge oak tree reaching up as far as she could see, and much farther. Snowfrost padded toward the pool, and when she reached it she gave a little meow of surprise at her reflection. Above her eye was a scar that had almost faded. But then the image in the crystalline water changed. It was like smoke had filled it, but then dissolved into the depths, creating an image that

            Snowfrost could barely believe she was seeing. It was like she was looking down on the MoonClan camp like a hawk soaring from above. The cats of her clan were gathered in a ring around a white shape. But that’s… that’s me! Snowfrost shivered. In a tighter group, her siblings stood. There were many of them, for their mother, Shadowfoot, had had four litters of kits, and loved each one of them to the depths of her heart. Snowfrost’s littermates, Smokewater, Nightbreeeze, and Startuft stood in the front of the group, while the younger cats were toward the back. Snowfrost and her littermates were Shadowfoot’s first litter. The clan’s newest apprentice was her sibling too, but Duskpaw had died in a VineClan attack three days ago.

               Smokewater, Nightbreeze, and Startuft addressed all of the siblings, who got into a line based on age. Smokewater was in the front with Startuft and Nightbreeze. Behind them was Twigwing, Thistlefrost, and Thornfire.

Next was Lionshade, Tigerleaf, and Leaopardspot, followed by Poolheart, who’s littermates Blackkit and Whitekit had died at birth of greencough. Shadowfoot joined the front of the line. She told the assembled cats something and then led them to Snowfrost’s body; they formed a semicircle, allowing room for the other cats to take their places. Shadowfoot crouched at her head and said a few words before allowing the cats gathered around to share what they wanted. At the end, the only part that reached Snowfrost’s ears was the voices of all of her clamnmates reaching up to the stars.

           “May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter where you sleep.” A tear dropped from Snowfrost’s eye and hit the ground, which sparkled for a moment and then dimmed. From the spot where it hit rose a sprout that quickly grew into a new daisy. A voice from behind her startled Snowfrost and the scene in the pool dissolved into the water.

            “Welcome to StarClan.” Snowfrost turned around. Standing behind her was her father Windnose and all of her dead siblings.

            “Father! Blackkit and Whitekit!” So this is it. I really am dead.

            “Why are you so sad?” Birdfeather questioned, her golden eyes full of concern.

            “It can be hard. Leaving everything behind.” Duskpaw told her, his deep blue eyes shining. “But we can always see them through the Pool of Daisies. We never truly leave them.” Snowfrost nodded. Dawnkit bounced up and down.

             “You see the daisies?” She asked, but didn’t give Snowfrost time to answer. “There is a daisy for each cat here! I’ll show you mine!” She led Snowfrost to a dip filled with daisies. “This is where the kits’ are! This one’s mine!” She ran over to a light blue daisy, the exact same shade as her eyes. “And this one’s Blackkit’s,” she pointed with her tail to a bright amber one that was the exact shade of Blackkit’s eyes, “and over here…” the kit’s voice trailed away as she saw something. “Father! Come look at this!” Windnose ran over and looked down the side of the hill.

              “What is it?” Snowfrost padded up to them. “Let me see.” She stopped as she saw a forest, greener than any she had seen. “So? What is it?”

              “Well,” Windnose began, “when a cat enters StarClan, a bit of land is set out for them. As their family grows, the land gets bigger. This is ours. Our home!” The cats ran down the grassy hillside and found themselves in a clearing with dens.

               “Home!” Snowfrost breathed. Finally, a home that’s always there!

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