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Snowfire’s Story:

In this story, there will my ideas of what happened to Frostfur, Shadepelt, Loudbelly, Speckletail, and any other cats who stayed behind in the forest. If anyone have ideas or suggestions on way to make it better or more understandable, please comment at the bottom. I'd love to find ways to incorporate your ideas.



Leader: Snowystar, young, light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Wetfoot, tan tom with one white paw

Medicine Cats: Barkspot, small brown tom

APPRENTICE Lilypetal, white she-cat with a black tail and green eyes


Smallheart, tiny white she-cat with a long tail

Silverstrike, pure silver she-cat

Stormpelt, bold black tom with amber eyes

       APPRENTICE  Nightpaw, black tom with white patches

Redpelt, red-brown tom with amber eyes

Oliveflame, red tom with black marks

Iceberry, white she-cat with blue eyes and a torn ear

Cedarfall, orange tom with white splotches

Newtfoot, black tom with orange and white patches

Leafleap, brown she-cat

       APPRENTICE Whitepaw, pale grey she-cat

Mistcloud, grey she-cat with orange eyes

Sparrowwing, pure black tom with a long tail

Breezefur, brown tom with tiny ears

Mudtail, tan tom with dark brown paws and yellow eyes


Honeypelt,   golden she-cat with green eyes (mother to Breezefur’s kit, Snowkit, a brown she-kit with a white belly and paws and one blue eye, one amber eye)

Grassbreeze,  tan she-cat with green eyes (mother to Sparrowwing’s kits, Quickkit, Wildkit, and Finchkit)

Berrywing, cream she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Oliveflame's kits, Acornkit, Plumkit, Pikekit, and Smokekit)


Hazelberry,  white she-cat with unusual blue eyes, completely blind

Owlwatcher, brown tom with white paws, deaf in one ear, oldest SunClan tom

Leopardspot, tan tom with brown ears


Leader: Songstar, dark brown tabby tom with orange eyes

Deputy: Owlwing, brown tom with sharp hearing and green eyes

       APPRENTICE, Crowpaw, black tom

Medicine Cat(s): Hopeleap, grey tabby tom

       APPRENTICE Wishwhisper, brown,grey, and black spotted she-cat


Reedmeadow, red-brown tom with a white belly

Twigstep, black tom with green eyes

       APPRENTICE, Maplepaw, brown she-cat with pale green eyes

Mossheart, dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Volenose, black and grey tom

Tinyear, small black she-cat with white ears

Jaybeak, blue-grey tom with a speckled white flank

       APPRENTICE, Morningpaw, red-brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Featherleaf, tortoiseshell she-cat

       APPRENTICE, Nutpaw, tan tom with brown stripes

Oakleaf, tan she-cat originally from SunClan


Skyfall, pretty silver she-cat with yellow eyes (mother to Jaybeak’s kits, Icekit, Dawnkit, Shrewkit, and Flamekit)


Snowfall, brown she-cat with a white ears,back and tail

Boulderfoot, grey tom with green eyes

Talonscar, white tom with brown paws; blind

Wolffang, dark grey tom with a scarred muzzle

Fawnpetal, tan she-cat with a speckled white flank

Cats outside the clans

Poppy, tortoiseshell she-cat, kittypet

Slash, tan tom with darker slash markings, loner


In the clearing, lit by the moonlight, are three cats. One of them shimmers like the stars, her eyes bright and alert. Her silver pelt is sleek and she is well fed. The other two look up to her with respect. The second cat is a black tom and the third is a white she-cat with yellow eyes. They look at each other with open hostility, teeth bared, tails lashing, look ready to attack. But before they can, the silver she-cat steps between them and says,

“I know this is unusual for leaders to gather at Moontree but strange times will be coming to the Clans. A cat will come, he will have different ways of life and will bring many cats. His cats will call him Teller of Pointed Stones but you will not. To you he will be Dusk after Sinking Sun, say this and he will trust you.

Even StarClan doesn’t know how long it will be until then so be alert. There must always be at least six cats who know this. You, your deputies and medicine cats must share this knowledge with each other and your successors. Don’t let the knowledge become too well known or darkness will come.

When the cats come they will be welcomed by the Clans for they are kin of my kin’s friends. Welcome them into your camp and share your fresh-kill with them for if you help them in their time of need, they will help you in yours.

Until then peace will come.

      I am Fernstar, daughter of Maplestar, daughter of Applestar, daughter of Monkeystar, daughter of Daisystar, daughter of Froststar.This is my lineage. Now do you agree?”

“Yes”, said Sunstar and Nightstar

Chapter 1: The Elder's Story

It was still dark, but faint rays of light tell the coming of dawn. I could hear my denmates snoring softly. I could hear Grassbreeze quieting Wildkit, so he didn’t wake to the whole den this early.

I can’t wait until I become an apprentice.It’ll be soon, I’m almost six moons. Then I won’t wake up early from noisy kits. I wonder who my mentor will be? I hope I get Mudtail or Sparrowwing, they're younger and still remember what it's like to be an apprentice. I sigh.

Honeypelt starts to get up, she must have scented something. Is she meeting my father? I stay still. I don’t want her to know I’m awake, maybe I can eavesdrop. I can hear her pelt brushing the side of the den. There are pawsteps coming closer. The newcomers scent drifts in, just Wetfoot. But why would he be over here at this time? So I listen.

“After Snowkit becomes an apprentice do you wish to come back to your warrior duties or stay in the nursery until your next litter?“ Asks Wetfoot. My mother replies, “I will return to my duties as normal. But can we go somewhere else to discuss the other thing, I don’t want Snowkit to overhear.”, then directing the next part towards me, she says, “Yes, I know you're listening, Snowkit.” “Okaaayyy”, I answer, trying to sound as annoyed as I am.

Quietly I lay back down and close my eyes. My head feels heavy and the moss and feathers are so soft and warm.

When I open my eyes again, it's just past dawn. Quickkit is clambering out of his nest, his sister, Wildkit following. Finchkit is already outside the den running towards the elders. Grassbreeze yelled after them, but I assured her I would go after them.

The three kit ran like the wind as they raced toward the elder den. Leopardspot is leaving the den, I’m assuming he’s going hunting. I scamper across the clearing towards the other. Inside it's dim and cool. Thin dappled spots of light, patch the ground. I see Owlwatcher curled up in his nest, his deaf ear pointing up. Hazelberry is in the back warming herself in one of the patches of sunlight. The kits are already surrounding her, begging for a story.

“So you came to join us, Snowkit.”, says Hazelberry, with an amused look. “Yes”, I reply, “Grassbreeze wanted someone to keep an eye on those troublemakers.” “So what story should I tell?”, she asks, “How about the story of Froststar?” She suggested when none of us said anything. All of us agreed.

“Ok”, she starts after pausing to get more comfortable. “A long time ago, before my elder and the elder and still many moons before. In a time when Peace Clearing was called Fourtrees, there were four clans. Each clan had unique skills, ThunderClan was good at hunting under the trees and fighting in small spaces. RiverClan caught fish and could swim. WindClan was small and fast from hunting rabbits, and ShadowClan was good at hunting on the darkest nights and could creep in the shadows.

One day eight cats mysteriously disappeared, their names lost to the memory of time, at the same time twolegs began to invade Clan territory.

Moons later, the cats returned to the Clans with stories of adventures and, most importantly, the promise of a new home. The Clans waited days for the sign StarClan said they would send to tell them when they should leave. They waited until they had no choice but to leave. But then tragedy struck in RiverClan, their medicine cat, Mudfur, died. So as the rest of the Clans left, a few cats stayed back to mourn and bury the old medicine cat. Those cats were Frostfur and Speckletail of ThunderClan, Loudbelly and Shadepelt of RiverClan, and Jaggedtooth of ShadowClan. Frostfur and Jaggedtooth became mates and had four kits, Daisykit, Sagekit, Brindlekit, and Mudkit.

Because of this Frostfur became Froststar the first leader of DarkClan. But all the original cats were old and in fear of their traditions being lost, they all went to Barley and Ravenpaw and taught them everything so if need be the loners could pass on the knowledge. Be glad they did for a few moons later, Speckletail and Loudbelly died. The next moon, Jaggedtooth did, too. Joy can to the Clan the same moon, for a short time, Shadepelt had a litter of five. The next moon, Shadepelt died. Soon Froststar took all the kits to Ravenpaw and Barley. A few sunrises later, Froststar died. Together the two older cats taught the nine kits how to live like a Clan cat.

When she was old enough Daisykit became Daisypaw, then Daisypelt and finally Daisystar because she was the oldest and most mature of the kits. Sagekit became Sagepaw and later Sagespirit. Brindlekit became Brindlepaw and later earned her warrior name Brindlewish. Mudkit became Mudpaw and later Mudskip.

Spottedkit, one of Shadepelt’s kits, became Spottedpaw, apprentice to the StarClan cat, Mudfur. Later becoming Spottedfeather, first medicine cat of DarkClan. The other four kits name’s are lost in the memory of time.

This is how DarkClan came to be, and from DarkClan came SunClan and MoonClan.”

Finishing, just as Whitepaw came in carrying a big fat juicy rabbit, she set it down in front of Hazelberry, before running out of the den and back to mentor.

“Well I better get these three back to Grassbreeze before she starts to worry.”, I say, herding out the younger kits, ignoring their protests.

Chapter 2: Apprentice at Last

As the early greenleaf sun was high in the sky, I heard Snowystar calling a Clan meeting. I race out of the den with the other kits following closely. We line up neatly, our mothers trailing behind slowly. Breezefur comes over and nuzzles Honeypelt’s cheek. My mother sits next to me, silently cleaning me. Why is she so annoying…… Wait is this my apprentice ceremony, I think, suddenly more curious and nervous than annoyed.

“Snowkit, come forward,” said Snowystar. I was right. I take a small step forward. Looking over my shoulder, I see Honeypelt and Breezefur, their eyes shining with pride.  “This kit has reached the age of six moons. It is time for her to become an apprentice. From this time until she earns her warrior name, this cat will be called Snowpaw. Silverstrike will be your mentor.” Then turning to the white she-cat, Snowystar said,

“Daughter, you have proved your loyalty and determination to this clan many times. I hope you pass on these qualifications to your apprentice.” Lowering her voice to a whisper, my leader said, “ Now touch noses and then lick her shoulder.”

I did as I was told and the cats grouped around jumped to their paws, all cheering my new name.

Snowpaw, I am Snowpaw. I am a SunClan apprentice.

Cats rushed up to congratulate me, the other kits are behind me, asking questions so fast I can’t distinguish individual words. Whitepaw and her brother, Nightpaw race up. “Yay, more denmates. I just hope you don’t snore as loud as that furball,” she says, flicking her tail towards my other new denmate. “Hey, I heard that!” said Nightpaw. They start to bicker.

 My new mentor steps next to me and they stop just long enough for Silverstrike to tell them, “Why don’t you both go make Snowpaw a nest in the apprentices den. I’m taking her to see TallRock and I don’t know if we’ll be back before sunset.” Reluctantly, they wander in the direction of the den.

“Let go,” she said, walking towards the gorse tunnel. Questions buzz around in my head. “What’s TallRock? Is it just the top of the hill or does it point straight up or Is it named after Tallstar from the legend? Is it…” I trail off when I see Silverstrike glaring at me. Her gaze softens when she sees frightened expression.

“I’ll answer all your questions and more when we get there. We have to leave now or we’ll never get back before nightfall.”

Along the way, Silverstrike pointed out the sights, sounds, and smells. I try to look interested but I want to get to TallRock and have my questions answered. I must not look too convincing because she just sighs and walks on.

When we reach the borderline of the moor, the older she-cat turns to me and says, “This is where the WindClan border used to be.” Then without hesitation, she turns around and bounds onto the moor.

At last we reach TallRock. As I’m standing on top, the wind running through my fur. I can see forever. The birds that always seemed like dots in the sky are huge, maybe even bigger than me. The SunClan camp is so tiny that I can’t see individual cats or even dens.

It isn’t until I see how low the sun is compared to where it was when we left camp, that I remember that Silverstrike promised to answer my questions. As if she was reading my mind she said, “Now I will answer some of those pesky questions.”

Chapter 3: A Gathering of Friendship

It had been a few sunrises since I became a apprentice. I am looking forward to my first Gathering tonight. As it is the cats going are crowded beneath Highbranch. The sun sets and I quickly gulp down a water vole before rushing up to the group gathered around Snowystar and Wetfoot.

Smallheart, Silverstrike, Mistcloud and Wetfoot are coming along with Honeypelt and Mudtail. Redpelt and Leafleap were coming too with their apprentices.

Stormpelt sprained his back paw chasing a rabbit a few days ago. Barkspot offered to stay back so Lilypetal come with.

"SunClan, we leave now for the Gathering," yowls the grey she-cat. The pale moonlight makes her grey pelt shine brightly. Snowystar then run up the slope and through the horse tunnel, the other cats followed quickly, not wanting to be left behind.

We arrive at Peace Clearing, I see that MoonClan has already settled down waiting for us.

As we stream into the clearing, I recall the stories the elders told me when I was still a kit. They said that the clearing used to be called Fourtrees and there used to be four giant oak, with leaves brushing Silverpelt, to make the clearing live up to its name. I almost don't believe trees could be so big. One huge rock would dominate the far end, and the leaders addressed the Clans at the top.

Silverstrike pads up behind me. "Why don't you go meet the MoonClan apprentices. You might be surprised how similar you are," she says. Before walking over to join a group of warriors from both Clans.

I take her advice and join the growing jumble of apprentices. Whitepaw and Nightpaw are already over there showing off a new battle move they learned earlier in the moon. Where they spot me, Nightpaw come over sensing my hesitation. "Don't worry I'll introduce you, their really nice."

Pointing to a tan tom and a brown she-cat, he says, "This is Maplepaw and Nutpaw, they're littermate and their mother is Oakleaf and she is originally from SunClan. So your most likely kin." Kin, I didn't know I had kin in the other clan. "Maplepaw's mentor is Twigstep. Nutpaw's mentor is Featherleaf. Both will probably be warriors by the next Gathering."

"This is Crowpaw and Morningpaw's second Gathering so their not much older than you.", Nightpaw says. "Icepaw, Flamepaw, Dawnpaw, and Shrewpaw are littermates and about the same age as you. This is their first Gathering."

Whitepaw finally interrupts, "MoonClan apprentices, this is Snowpaw.

A clamor of noise rises up. Flamepaw, one of the younger MoonClan apprentices, blinks at me sympathetically. He comes close "You'll get used to it," he whispers.

"Who's your mentor," I ask him. "Tinyear, she's over there." Angling his ears towards a group of warriors. "She's the black she-cat with the white ears. Who's yours?" He says.


"Oh." A silence comes over the Clans as Songstar calls for quiet.

"Thank you," the dark tabby says. "Prey has been running well in our territory. We have four new apprentices. Icepaw was apprenticed to Volenose, Flamepaw was apprentices to Tinyear, Dawnpaw was apprenticed to Reedmeadow, and Shrewpaw was apprentice to Mossheart. A fox has been scented on our territory but it was just passing through. Watch your boarders, it might comes back." Then Songstar steps back to let Snowystar in front. 

"Thanks for the warning. We have a new apprentice. Snowpaw was apprenticed to Silverstrike. We have spotted a few stray loners passing through, then won't make any fight."       

"Let the Gathering come to an end," concludes Snowystar.

When she finishes, the leaders jump down. Warriors move to surround their leader, Maplepaw and Nutpaw are already by the warriors. Crowpaw is talking about prey with Whitepaw and Morningpaw is showing Nightpaw some battle moves. The four other new apprentices sit in the shadows of a tree, looking overwhelmed.

I'm about to walk over but then Silverstrike calls over. "We're leaving now." Then turns and ruins after my clanmates. I follow her quickly, as we race back to the sandy hollow.

Chapter 4: Owl Attack

It's been almost two moon since my first Gathering. Whitepaw and Nightpaw have become warriors. Nightpaw is Nightstorm, and Whitepaw is Whiteberry. Also Finchkit, Wildkit, and Quickkit are my denmates again, that’s right, their apprentices.

Its almost nightfall now, most cats have gone off to their nests. From where I’m sitting I see Snowystar padding to her den, the elders are curled up outside their den enjoying the last rays of the sun. Whiteberry entering the nursery, her belly bulging from her soon-to-be-born kits. Her mate Mudtail watches from across the clearing, an obvious look of love in his eyes.

An owl hoot brings the whole camp to a sudden panic. Snowystar, about to enter her den under High Rock, quickly turns around. Her paws sending stones flying as she races to the top of High Rock. Snowystar screeches, drawing the attention of anyone who wasn’t already watching her.

Quickly, she shouts, “Queens, elders, medicine cats, and apprentices into the dens. Quickpaw, Smallheart, and Redpelt, you will protect the elders den. Mudtail, Wildpaw, and Honeypelt, nursery. Mistcloud, Finchpaw, and Leafleap, medicine den. I want a few cats to attack the owl, we want to make sure this owl never forgets us. Snowpaw is you want to attack, be our backup.”

As she finishes, the clearing empties, and faces can be seen in the shadows that shroud the den in darkness. I’m not assigned to a den so I get to attack the owl. I’m excited but nervous.

This is the first time I get to use my battle skills for real, I mean there are boarder fights but they’re common and never add up to anything. My stomach churns with worry. I quickly crouch under the ferns I was told to wait under.

Suddenly, a fast moving shape appears in the sky. Faster than the eye can follow, the owl dove straight for the camp. When it got a tail length from the ground, Snowystar, leading the attack, jumped from the ferns and landed on the night bird’s wing. Pinning it down, she shouts for the rest of us to attack it. Stormpelt and Nightstorm clung onto the other wing. Sparrowwing clawed at the big bird's stomach. But they're lossing energy quickly, the owl seemed to reach the same conclusion. He starts to beat his wings with renewed hope.

As the owl flys higher, the cats clinging onto its wings, give up. With a sleight thwomp, Snowystar land and tells everyone to stay in position. I'm glad she does because a few moments later the owl dives back down.

There's a commotion in the den next to me, the kits want to see what's going on. With the warriors distracted, it's up to me to stop the owl. I jump out of the ferns and the owl stops, moments too late. With my claws outstretched and standing on my hind legs, I slash at the owls eyes. But my belly was exposed and the owl knew it. He raked his talons across the soft fur on my belly.

Time slows. Once I'm injured, all the SunClan cats race out of the dens and aim straight for the owl.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Lillypetal creeping in the shadows towards me. I feel the blood gushing out of my wound, I want to tell her the hurry up. When she reaches my side, my eyes start to flutter.

"No, don't fight it, Snowpaw. Here eat this." She gives me a poppy seed, and I eat it obediently. I'm able to remain awake for a few more moments. Then the darkness pulls me in.

Chapter 5: StarClan Visits

“Snowpaw? Is that you?”

Open my eyes to see Flamepaw staring down at me. Thoughts storm my mind, Where am I? How did I get here? I need to get back and help my clanmates! I scramble to my feet, my head pounding.

A soft glow lights the meadowside. Flowers and low shrubs cover the ground. I almost felt at home but something was off.

I could tell we aren’t SunClan territory, the ground was to dry and flat to possibly be. Flamepaw would have chased me out if this was MoonClan territory, and he looked confused, so I don’t think it’s MoonClan either. “Where are we?” I finally say.

Suddenly, I feel eyes watching me, I turn around. Two sets of eyes are watching thoughtfully from in the shadows. “ Who are you?” I ask, my voice causing Flamepaw to turn too. The cats step out of the shadows, their pelts shimmering. One is a mottled brown tabby tom and the other is a red-brown she-cat with white patches.

Flamepaw’s eyes widen with fear when he sees the newcomers. Realization comes crashing down on both of us. Quickly he asks, “Is this StarClan? Am I dead?”

"No, your not", the tom chuckles softly. "We have a prophecy for you."

"Sun and Moon battle, a battle that must end, Snow and Flame will join, To follow the dying star, A star that leads to Peace, To stop the Clans from falling."

Then everything want dark.


As the world comes into focus, I distinguish Honeypelt, Lilypetal, and Silverstrike out of the blurbs. My head pounds and stomach aches. I try to get up, but a paw pushes me back down. “Rest.”

To be continued...

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