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Prolouge - (Flamespeckle’s P.O.V) 

”Frostwing’s Kits are coming!”

Flamespeckle turned around to see Graylight running towards him.

”Alright, I’m coming. “ Flamespeckle said confidently. They sped to the nursery, where he saw Frostwing in her nest, obviously in pain.

“Get me a strong stick, one that won’t break easily.” Flamespeckle ordered Graylight. Graylight nodded and rushed out of the nursery.

”Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon. “ He said soothingly to Frostwing. She only nodded.

Then, Graylight came in, carrying a smallish stick.

“Thank you.” He nodded to Graylight. Graylight stepped outside the nursery, wanting to give Flamespeckle some space.

Flamespeckle turned to Frostwing. “Bite this stick as hard as you can.“ He gave her the stick. She bit down, and it held strong.

Soon it was over, and Flamespeckle announced to her and Graylight, “You have two small, but healthy she-kits.” He looked down at the kits. One was a gray tabby, and the other was pure white. He stepped out, wanting to give them some space but be close in case they needed something.

He saw Frostwing look at Graylight. “How about you name one?” She said, exhausted.

“Okay. Let’s name the gray one.... Ivykit.” He rested his tail-tip on the gray kit, who was squirming to get some milk from her mother.

“Beautiful name.“ Frostwing replied. “And how about we name the white kit Snowkit.”

”Okay.” Graylight looked lovingly down at his kits.

Flamespeckle looked at Snowkit again, and suddenly an image flashed in his mind.

Bodies of dead cats were strewn around Thunderclan camp. Who could have done this? Flamespeckle thought, horrified. Bloomfeather, Smokepaw, He gasped. And Oakstar! Suddenly, a ginger cat with stars in her pelt appeared before him. “Don’t trust the cold.” She said, then faded away.

Flamespeckle found himself back in front of the nursery. To his relief, everyone was alive and well. He glanced at Snowkit and Ivykit again. Could it have meant.... He trailed off, then shook his head. Could the warning have meant Snowkit?

Chapter I

3 Moons later

Snowkit saw a flash of gray fur. Ivykit! She thought. She barreled towards the gray kit, crashing into her side and knocking her down.

”Hey! That‘s not fair!” Ivykit growled as Snowkit caught a ball of moss flying through the air.

”It is too fair!” Snowkit replied.



”How about we play something different?” Duskkit said, walking up to them. He and his sister, Violetkit, had been playing moss-ball with them.

“Okay.” They both replied, then glared at each other.

“Hey! You wanna play Clan?” Violetkit suggested, bounding up beside Duskkit.

“Sure! How about we ask Redkit if he wants to play?” Ivykit asked. Redkit was quiet and shy, and kept to himself. He would usually be found gazing at the tiny stream that ran through the nursery.

“Nah, he probably wouldn’t want to play.” Duskkit objected. “Okay, so I’ll be leader, Ivykit can be my deputy, Violetkit can be medicine cat, and Snowkit, you’ll be a warrior.“

Why do I have to be a warrior? Snowkit groaned inwardly, but said, “Sure, let’s start!”

”Okay. I, Ivyheart, am sending you, Snowkit, on a hunting patrol.“ Ivykit ordered.

”Dont call me a kit!“ Said Snowkit, pretending to be angry and flexing her tiny claws. “I, Snowclaw, am stealing leadership of Thunderclan from Duskstar!” She leaped at Duskkit, putting her jaws around his neck and pretending to kill him.”

”Noooooo! Avenge.... me... Ivyheart...” Duskkit fell backwards, tounge hanging out.

“Muahahahhaha! Now I am Snowstar, leader of Thunderclan!“ Snowkit stood on a stone jutting out of the ground, trying to look how Oakstar looked everytime he stood on the Highledge.

“Hey! You will pay for that!” Ivykit leaped at Snowkit, and the two wrestled on the ground, until Ivykit was standing on top of Snowkit. “Haha, I win!”

”Well, that was fun while it lasted,” Duskkit stood up, shaking some dirt off his fur. “Who wants to go get some food from the prey pile?”

”Sure!” They all said in unison. As they padded off in a group to the pile, Snowkit looked at Duskkit. She admired a lot about him; his jokes, his leadership skills, his courage.

Snowkit stopped, thinking. She had just realized something. ...Do I like him?

Chapter II

1 moon timeskip

”I have an idea.” Snowkit whispered to Violetkit, Ivykit and Duskkit. They had woken up a while before dawn, and, not wanting to wake anyone up, had crept to the back of the nursery where the stream ran to talk. “Yesterday,“ Snowkit continued, “I heard some of the warriors saying that there was a ‘pesky’ fox in the territory.“

”What are you saying?” Ivykit questioned. “And should you really be eavesdropping on warriors?”

”Relax, Ivykit,” Snowkit assured her. “I’m fine. And, to answer your other question, I propose we sneak out of camp to go defeat the fox. Then maybe Oakstar will finally give us are apprentice names!“

Ivykit took a step back, shocked. “Are you really thinking we could sneak out of camp and take on a fox?” She scooter closer to the others.

“Yes, I am.“ Snowkit said. “Now, what do you think, Duskkit?”

“I-I don’t know,” Duskkit pondered. “We might get in big trouble for trying to fight a fox.”

”Oh, come on,” Snowkit squeezed in between the two. “I’d protect you both if you came.”

”Alright,” Duskkit said, convinced, and Ivykit agreed.

”Okay.“ Snowkit turned towards Violetkit.” How about you, Violetkit?”

”Sure!” Violetkit exclaimed, practically bouncing on her paws. She quickly realized that there were some cats still sleeping, but none of them woke up. Littlebrook, their mother, only moved slightly, trying to get a more comfortable position. Violetkit added in a more quiet voice, “I mean, I need to come to protect you guys, especially my best friends.” She cast a friendly gaze towards them. “But what about Redkit? I mean, he should probably get a chance to maybe become an apprentice.”

“Then by all means, go wake him up in the middle of the night, saying we are going on a special expedition that might not even happen if we don’t make it outside camp!” Duskkit said sarcastically. Violetkit, glaring at him, crossed the nursery to their nest. “Hey, Redkit,” Violetkit said, prodding him gently. “Do you want to come with us?”

Redkit opened one eye. “No, let me sleep.” He said, batting her softly with on paw, and moving closer to Littlebrook.

“Well, I guess we’re going without him.“ Violetkit stated, walking back over.

”Hey, Duskkit.” Snowkit murmered. “I think you were right about not how we might not make it outside camp. We should make a plan.

“Yeah. Good idea.” Duskkit responded, and then to the group, said, “Okay. Before we go, we should make a plan as to how we get outside.”

”Good idea.” Ivykit praised. Then, they got into a small circle and started planning.

It was before right before dawn when they snuck out. They decided to, one at a time, sneak out the dirt place tunnel and into the forest. One they were all accounted for, Ivykit asked, “How are we going to find the fox, anyway?”

”Well, I heard it was around the training clearing, so let’s go there. Graylight took us there one time, remember?” Snowkit thought back to that day. They had been about three moons old when he decided that it would be nice if they could at least one part of the forest. He and Frostwing argued, but ultimately she had decided it would be safe enough for them to go. I can’t wait ’til I’m an apprentice, then I can go in the forest every day! Snowkit thought. “C’mon, I still remember the way!”

They walked for a bit, tripping over tree roots here and there, then found the clearing. It was pretty big, with patches of sand and dry grass.

”Here we are!“ Snowkit exclaimed turning around to face them. Then a foul stench hit her nose. She closed her eyes. Ugh, that must be the fox. Wow, the smell horrible! When she opened them, she saw the others shivering, staring up at something taller than her. Umm...

She turned around. What she saw almost made her leap back.

Staring down at her was a giant, snarling, angry fox.

Chapter III

The Fox menacingly took a step forward, showing its teeth. Snowkit retreated backwards a few steps. Wow, foxes are way scarier up close! Snowkit thought, as the fox flung its paw out, grazing Snowkit‘s cheek.

"Run!" She heard Duskkit yell, and she turned to follow the others. 

They raced through the clearing. When they had tired themselves out, Snowkit saw the fox chasing after them.

"Why did we have to come here?" Ivykit wailed, looking at the sky. It was a bit after dawn, the sun just high enough to be seen.

She's right. Snowkit crumpled to the ground, her scratch starting to ache. Then, remembering her promise, she looked at Ivykit. I must protect her!

She turned to face the Fox, who was nearing her. She closed her eyes, then her emotions spilled over.

Frightened. Hopeless. Lost. I don't want to die I don't want to die I don't want to die. Sadness. Love. Why am I in the air? Hate. Hate. Fright. Love. Courage. Love.

Snowkit opened her eyes again. She looked back, and Duskkit, Ivykit, and Violetkit. They were staring at her in amazement. What? She thought, then turned to see the Fox had retreated backwards a ways, with a nasty scratch on its muzzle. Snowkit gasped.  Did I do that?

The fox seemed to have recovered, because it was charging at them, more angry than before. “Guys, run!” Snowkit shrieked, racing away. The others quickly followed.

After a while, Snowkit heard Violetkit say, “Stop, I need to rest.” She flopped down on the soft grass, panting.

No! Snowkit thought as she looked back in the direction they came. The stench of fox filled her nose. It’s probably close!

She then saw a hole, no bigger than a rabbit. I bet we could hide in there!

“Come on guys! We can hide in that hole over there!” Snowkit said. They walked over, practically dragging Violetkit.

Thankfully, it was abandoned. Duskkit had just gotten in when the fox walked by. It was sniffing the air for something. Oh no, Snowkit thought, trying to make herself smaller. It’s looking for us!

The next few moments went by in a blur. Soon, Snowkit found herself being picked up by a strong warrior and being carried back to camp.

Not a moment after she touched down on the floor of the camp, Frostwing and Littlebrook dashed out of the nursery. Redkit trailing behind, obviously wanting to see what happened.

Frostwing began ferociously licking Snowkit and Ivykit‘s heads. When she was done, she looked at them. “You had me so worried. You could have been killed if they hadn’t found you!” She scolded.

”Sorry,” Snowkit confessed. “We just thought that if we chases the fox away, we would become apprentices sooner.

”We’ll, I‘m just glad you’re alright.” Frostwing told them. Then she noticed Snowkit‘s scratch. “Snowkit, why didn’t you tell me that you got hurt?”

”It wasn’t important.” Snowkit looked down.

”Well, come on.” She stood up, motioning for Snowkit to come with her. “Let’s get you to the medicine den.”

Chapter IV

"No!" Snowkit yelped.

"What do you mean?" Frostwing asked her, surprised.

"Flamespeckle hates me. He won't want to help me." Snowkit wailed. It's true! She thought miserably. Snowkit remembered the first day she realized as clear as day;

Snowkit had been outside playing moss-ball with Ivykit. "Catch!" Ivykit threw the moss-ball in the air, hitting it with her paws. They went a little wonky, and the moss-ball rolled over to the entrance of the medicine den.

"I'll get it!" Snowkit told her, racing over to the ball. When she picked it up, she saw Flamespeckle walk out. He spotted her, instantly drawing his lips back in a snarl.

"Get away from me." He hissed. "Never come near me again." He then stalked back in the den, thinking that whatever he had come out for wasn't worth it. Snowkit ran back to the nursery, not  wanting to play moss-ball anymore.

She decided that day that she would do whatever she could to stay away from the medicine den, including getting hurt.

"That's not true." Her mother's angry tone brought her back into the present. "Why would you even think that? Now, come on, or that scratch will get worse." Frostwing turned around, about to walk over to the medicine den.

Snowkit was about to retort, when her scratch started throbbing.  I'll go, if Flamespeckle will stop this from hurting!  She padded after her mother, who was walking away.

When they entered the den, Snowkit could see Flamespeckle sorting herbs in the back. He looked over in their direction, noticing Frostwing.

"Hello," he said, quickly putting the herbs in little crevices in the wall. "How are you? I heard about how you got the kits ba-" He paused for a fraction of a second, finally noticing Snowkit. "-ck. Hey, how did she get that?" He bent down, sniffing her wound. "Hmm, it's not infected, but it will be if I don't treat it." He murmured, half to himself.

He shuffled back to his herbs stores, quickly grabbing cobwebs and Oak leaves. Soon Snowkit's wound was taken care of, and Flamespeckle was saying, "Make sure she comes back tomorrow to get it redressed, Okay?"

She heard her mother say okay, and soon she was being escorted out of the medicine den. She looked back, and she saw Flamespeckle glaring at her.

"Why do I have to rest?" Snowkit squeaked. Her mother had immediately taken her to the nursery, and told her to climb into their nest.

"Because," Frostwing told her gently. "you guys have had quite long day, and are probably tired."

" Don't worry," she added when she saw the angry look on Snowkit's face. "I'm getting Ivykit too. Is that fair?"

She walked out before she could answer. Snowkit slumped in her nest. Well, I guess I am tired. She sighed. I'll just take a quick nap. 

She closed her eyes, then soon drifted off to sleep.

Chapter V

2 Moon timeskip

Snowkit scooted closer to Ivykit, excited. Wow, today we're finally gonna be apprentices! She thought. Snowkit looked over at Duskpaw, who had been made an apprentice a quarter moon earlier, along with Redpaw and Violetpaw. He looked over at her, silently saying hi. She turned away, her face turning red. What am I doing? Stop it, me! 

To distract herself, she looked at all of the warriors, trying to see which one would be her mentor. Hmm, maybe Hollowbreeze, She thought, glancing at the black she-cat. She's always pretty nice. Or maybe Thornheart. She turned her gaze over to the golden tom. He's one of the most respected warriors in the clan! 

"Hey, Oakstar's starting!" Ivykit whispered to her, trying her best to keep still.

Snowkit saw Oakstar leap onto the Highrock. He called out, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Hightrock for a clan meeting."

All the warriors and apprentices clustered around the base of the rock as he continued, "Today I have two new apprentices to make. Ivykit," Oakstar nodded to where Ivykit was sitting. "You have reached the age of six moons, so it is now time for you to become an apprentice. From this day forward, or until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Ivypaw. Your mentor will be Bramblecry." 

Snowkit watched as she touched noses with Bramblecry. Lucky! I hope I get someone nice.

Snowkit mostly ignored what Oakstar was saying, until she caught the words, "... Your mentor will be Adderspeck." 

Wait, what? ​​​​​​Adderspeck was known for having a short temper and snapping at anyone who annoyed him. Snowkit looked over at where he was standing, gazing in her direction. She stood up and nervously walked over to him, touching noses with him. He said nothing, and calmly sat back down.

"Snowpaw! Ivypaw! Snowpaw! Ivypaw!" She heard her classmates cheer, but paid no attention, instead thinking of her apprenticeship. Snowpaw sighed. Well, I guess I'm gonna just have to make the most of this, I guess.

After they cheering was done, Snowpaw made her way over to where Adderspeck was. "So, what are we gonna do first? She asked.

"Well, I should probably show you the territory first." He grumbled. He stalked away, positioning for her to follow him. She started to follow, then caught a glance of Duskpaw walking  out to the training area. Immediately images flashed in her mind; them running by the stream together, watching the beautiful stars, gazing at their newborn kit.

"Stop dawdling and come on!" She heard Adderspeck say. She skipped after him, suddenly feeling happier than before. I can't wait until I'm a warrior!

Chapter VI

As they walked through the forest, Snowpaw stared around at her, amazed at the vast landscape. 

"Woah." She breathed, as they walked past a tiny waterfall splashing into a pool.

"You get used to it." He mentor told her in reply.

They continued walking, Adderspeck occasionally pointing out places, like where to hunt, and where to look out for holes hidden by undergrowth.

As they turned around and started back, Snowpaw saw flashes of brown fur in the trees. After she thought she had seen a tail disappear into the shadows, she thought, What is that? Maybe I'm so tired I'm seeing things. I feel like my paws are falling off!

But even though she decided that, she still hung back, hoping to possibly catch another glimpse to figure out what it was.

"Hello." Snowpaw heard behind her, making her leap forward. She quickly spun around to find Duskpaw smiling at her, whiskers twitching in amusement.

"What are you doing? You scared me half to death!" Snowpaw asked, glaring at him.

"Well, my mentor told me to go hunting," Duskpaw explained as they started walking. "Then I thought, What better time that to check on my best friends? So here I am." Snowpaw's heart did a flip when she thought about the fact that he wanted to check on her.

"I've got to make this quick, though." Duskpaw added. "I've already checked on your sister, but I still need to catch enough prey for Graylight- your father. So, do you need any help with anything?" 

"No, not really." Snowpaw said. "I'm only just exploring the territory right now. But I might need some help later, because Adderspeck said we'll be practicing hunting." 

"Okay." Snowpaw nodded, relishing the thought that she would be able to spend some one-on-one time with him.

"See you later!" Duskpaw said, and in a moment, he had disappeared.  Snowpaw looked ahead and saw the camp entrance.

"Come on, you can pick a piece of prey from the prey pile." Adderspeck looked at her over his shoulder. "You're probably tired. Then, later, we'll start practicing hunting moves."

Chapter VII

1 moon time-skip

Snowpaw stepped inside the medicine den, she immediately saw Adderspeck lying down a nest, wheezing. Yesterday, when they were practicing battle moves, he had looked a little more tired usual. Then, when they had gotten back, he had collapsed onto the ground, coughing non-stop. Snowpaw ran to get Flamespeckle, and he had been here ever since.

Adderspeck had been a pretty good mentor so far, only snapping at her once or twice occasionally.

"You feeling all right?" She asked him. They were planning on learning the Leap-and-Hold move today.

"Yeah. I'm feeling completely fine. Except for a little sore throat." As he went to stand up, a hacking cough overtook him, forcing him to lie down again. Just as he had lied down, Flamespeckle quickly came in from another room in the back.

"Please stay in your nest." He said as he gave Adderspeck some honey and tansy, while he protested that he was completely fine. He turned to Snowpaw and told her, "Don't worry, he just has a mild case of Whitecough."

"That doesn't look mild."

Flamespeckle repeated, "Don't worry." Just as he was about to shoo her out of the den, Adderspeck called out, "Wait."

Snowpaw hurried over, and Adderspeck said, "You'll be training with Redpaw and Petalbreeze, okay?."

Snowpaw nodded, then turned and headed out.

"Okay, so today I'm going to assess your guy's hunting skills." Snowpaw was listening to Petalbreeze carefully as they walked throughout the forest. Redpaw, on the other hand, was watching a flock of birds fly through the sky. Wow, would it kill him to notice anyone once in awhile? She thought.

Petslalbreeze stopped abruptly. They were standing in a patch of grass where a cluster of blue and purple flowers were growing. I'll have to show Ivypaw this place later. She loves flowers!

"Okay, so this is where we'll meet back. Snowpaw, I'd like you to go in the direction of the river." Petalbreeze was saying, but Snowpaw wasn't listening. She had noticed a weird smell. It smell kind of like foxes, but different. Wait, Her eyes widened. "Badger!" She exclaimed. Petalbreeze and Redpaw had obviously smelled it to. "It's stale," Petalbreeze said, trying to calm them down. "But still, Snowpaw, will you go alert Oakstar that there might be a badger I the area?"

"Okay." Snowpaw started to hurry off, when she heard heavy footsteps. Then, out of the shadows, she saw a black and white striped face poke out.

Snowpaw stood there, frozen in place, as the Redpaw and Petalbreeze raced to attack the badger. She distantly saw Petalbreeze knocked to the ground, screeching for her to get help. Redpaw knocked out, bleeding badly. T

he badger rearing up, smashing it's paws down on Petalbreeze.

The badger spotting her, lumbering towards her.

Flashes of ginger, red, brown, and black.

Then darkness.

Chapter VIII - (Ivypaw's P.OV)

Ivypaw had just finished cleaning the elders' bedding when a hunting patrol came bursting in, carrying three unconscious figures with deep scratches.

"Badger!" Bloomfeather, leader of the patrol, bursted out. "Badger in the area! It attacked us, and these three too, by the look of it." Ivypaw now noticed that they too bore some scratches, though not as deep as the unconscious figures. "Wait," she murmured, noticing one of the cat's familiar white fur. Oh no, she raced over to them as the patrol set them down in the medicine den. Snowpaw! Ivypaw thought as she began licking her, hoping it would help. Please don't be dead, please don't be dead, please don't be dead.

To her relief, Snowpaw was beathing very steadily. She looked at the others, who she saw were Redpaw and Petalbreeze. Duskpaw and Violetpaw were sitting over by Redpaw, who was barely breathing, and Petalbreeze...

Oh no. Ivypaw repeated in her head as she saw Petalbreeze's white chest, not moving. I've gotta go tell mom!

Before she could go, Ivypaw heard a groan. She turned to see Snowpaw slowly opening her eyes. "Ivypaw?" She said quietly.

"Yes?" Ivypaw answered, happy with the fact that her sister was awake.

Snowpaw closed her eyes and groaned again. "It's my fault," she started softly crying. "It's all my fault. If I had just gone right when she told me to instead of staying.."

"Don't worry." Ivypaw told her. "Can you tell me what happened?" Snowpaw nodded, and started explaining everything that happened. When she was done, she whispered, "I won't blame you if you hate me." Then she layed her head back, and fell asleep.

Ivypaw immediately raced to the nursery to tell Frostwing what happened. When she got there, she saw her sobbing in her nest, Graylight trying to comfort her. It must be hard to lose a sibling, Ivypaw thought. I couldn't bear it if Snowpaw died.

"Ivypaw," Frostwing murmured, noticing her. "What's wrong.?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know that look. Something happened, right? Other than- " She stopped, going back to crying.

"Well," Ivypaw speculated whether to tell her, than decided to give her the full story.

After she was done, she looked at her mother. Instead of being sad, her eyes were blazing with fury.

"Get me your sister," she hissed. "Now."

Ivypaw immediately ran out, wanting to get this over with. This will not end well.

Chapter IX

Snowpaw woke up, the smell of herbs in her nose. She looked around, see it was the medicine den. Why am I here? She thought, then she remembered.

"No," She said softly, trying not to cry. She looked over to see two other figures, except they were lying there, unmoving. "Redpaw," she said, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Petalbreeze." She curled up into a ball, even though her scratches hurt to move.

"Snowpaw?" Snowpaw looked up. Standing there was Ivypaw. She, instead of sadness looked like she was worried about something. "Mom wants to see you."

"Absolutely not." Flamespeckle snapped, coming into the room. "She's not ready to just be prancing around all over the place."

"Okay, I'll just go out get her instead." Soon Ivypaw had left and come back with Frostwing, who was glaring at Snowpaw angrily. Snowpaw looked at the ground.

Ivypaw stared at them awkwardly as the glared at each other. "I'll just go." she said, stepping away, with Flamespeckle quickly following.

"How could you do this?" Frostwing screeched, finally letting her anger out. "How could you kill Petalbreeze and Redpaw?"

Snowpaw miserably looked down, unable to find any words. She had been the one to kill them.

"How could you do this?" She repeated, flattening her ears. "How?"

"I-i didn't mean to. I just.. got scared." Snowpaw admitted "Mom-"

"Don't you dare call me 'mom'. Frostwing cut her off. "You're no daughter of mine. I don't ever want to talk to you again." And with that, she stalked out.

Snowpaw flopped down on her nest. Soon, Ivypaw came back in with Violetpaw, saying, "Don't worry, she's just grieving. It'll be over soon."

But Snowpaw knew it wouldn't be over. She knew from the vigil, when Frostwing sat with Graylight and Ivylaw as far as she could from her. Graylight and Ivypaw kept shooting her apologetic glances, when Frostwing wouldn't look her in the eye at all.

And, with Violetpaw and Duskpaw sitting with their parents, for the first time Snowpaw felt truly alone.

Chapter X

"No! You have to kick your opponent as hard as you can! You're kicking like you're a newborn kit!"

Snowpaw and Adderspeck were in the training clearing, learning the back kick. Adderspeck had been more cranky than usual for the past week, and Snowpaw was getting full blast of it. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop yelling at me like you expect me to do everything right the first time!" She spat angrily. "Who made dirt in your fresh-kill, anyways?"

Adderspeck only turned away, muttering, "Mouse-brained apprentices. Never respecting their elders."

Snowpaw glared at him, then sat down. I can't wait to be a warrior. Maybe then no one will be yelling at me all the time. As she watched Adderspeck pad to the other side of the clearing, she added dryly, I won't even be a warrior at this rate.

"Come on, let's go back to camp." Adderspeck called to her. Rectluantly, she followed. Soon, they stopped at a tiny cliff face where rocks juttted out of the side, providing a way up.

"I'm going to test your hunting." Adderspeck told her. "Catch a couple pieces of prey, then meet me back here."

Snowpaw sighed. She had never really liked hunting. She preferred the thrill of battle, defending her clanmates and defeating the other clans. "Alright." She answered, then took off to start.

After a gigabit, she had collected a nice pile of mice and squirrels. As she went to take it back, she heard a crack. She turned to see a black and white head peeking out of the shadows. Oh no. Not you again.

Even after a few sunrises, the warriors still hadn't driven out the badger. Now here it was, standing right in front of her and gazing at her prey pile. The figure spotted her, and immediately charged at her.

Oh no. I will not freeze again. I will NOT. Using all her strength, she leaped up onto the badger and hooked her claws into it's back, raking it furiously with her hind legs. The badger let out a cry of pain, then tried shaking her off. As Snowpaw bounced around on its back, another red figure crept out of the shadows and leaped at its face, driving his claws deep into its eyes. Adderspeck! The badger screeched in pain, then rolled on its back.

Snowpaw had just enough time to leap away as it tried to crush her. Then the badger lumbered away. Snowpaw shakily got to her feet as Adderspeck said, "Are you okay?"

"Yep. It didn't even scratch me." She answered proudly. He nodded. "Let's get back to camp. I need to tell Oakstar this." He started walking off, with Snowpaw close behind.

When they got back, Adderspeck immediately headed for Oakstar's den. Snowpaw hurried over to where Violetpaw, Ivypaw, and Duskpaw were sitting outside the apprentice's den.

"Hey, why do you look so shaken up?" Violetpaw asked as she sat down.

"Badger." Was all Snowpaw replied. The others steered at her, shocked, but Snowpaw ignored them. A plan had already started forming in her mind.

"Hey. What if..." Snowpaw meowed casually, trying not to sound nervous. "What if we finally killed the badger?"

Gasps of shock arose from them. Snowpaw had expected that. She was about to explain her whole plan when Duskpaw stood up and answered, "Okay."

Snowpaw was taken aback as she saw Violetpaw and Ivypaw stand up as well, there eyes blazing. They finally had a chance for revenge.

"Good." Snowpaw said, standing up as well. "Now, let's go."

Chapter XI

They had planned to sneak out by asking to go on a hunting trip. They thought it wouldn't work, but surprisingly, Oakstar said yes. As they walked out, Snowpaw could see Adderspeck and Flamespeckle watching them suspiciously. She ignored them as she went to catch up to the others.

As the group walked across the soft grass, Snowpaw in the lead, Violetpaw asked, "So, what's our plan of attack?"

"Well, I just figured we'd all jump on the badger." Snowpaw answered, looking back at her. Beside her, Duskpaw snorted. Snowpaw glared at him as he said, "I'm so sorry, it's a good plan. It's just funny how you say it, as if you're expecting us to squash it flat."

Ivypaw agreed, and Snowpaw glared at both of them, then looked to ahead of her, stopping at the place where she had last seen the it.

"Here we are." she said. "The badger should probably be here too." But when she sniffed the air, she could smell no sign of badger.

"Hm. Maybe we should wait for a bit." Ivypaw said, noticing too. Snowpaw nodded in agreement and sat down. I don't think as a kit I ever imagined waiting for a BADGER to show up.

Soon enough though, Snowpaw tasted the reek of badgers and quickly stood up, wanting to be ready. When a black and white striped face came into view. Snowpaw and the others quickly kept at it, kicking and scratching wherever they could. The badger kept pawing at them, but couldn't reach them because the were small and quick.

Without fully being aware, Snowpaw felt herself sink her teeth into the badger's neck, and feeling jagged claws cut into her sides. But then the paws went limp, and Snowpaw saw herself facing a dead badger.

Snowpaw felt a mixture of fear, joy, and.... pride. She felt proud that she had killed a badger, when most warriors hadn't even seen one. She purred, and saw Ivypaw looking at her strangely. Duskpaw and Violetpaw were staring at the badger, happiness shining on their faces.

"We should probably get back." Snowpaw said weakly, the stinging of the badger wounds settling in. They nodded in agreement, looking at the scratches they had acquired from the fight. They headed back to camp, where they were met by a whirlwind of questions. The first thing Snowpaw did was look at Frostwing, hoping for some sort of praise, but she only turned away. Snowpaw looked back at the warriors, tears glistening in her eyes, and saw Flamespeckle barge through the crowd.

"Alright, these apprentices need help," he told them. "I mean, look at their wounds!"

As Flamespeckle rushed them to the medicine den, Snowpaw saw Oakstar walk up to him.

"You can treat them," He said. "But do it quickly."

He looked at the apprentices, saying, "There's a very important ceremony I need to preform."

Snowpaw standed there a moment, processing what he just said. Finally, Ivypaw softly prodded her, telling her, "We're being made warriors, Snowpaw!" Snowpaw's eyes widened, finally realizing what they just said.

"Alright, alright." She heard Flamespeckle answer, then started leading them over to his den.

Snowpaw felt light as a feather as she walked to the medicine den. We did it! We're finally becoming warriors!

Chapter XII

"I, Oakstar, leader of Thunderclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained in the ways of the Warrior Code, and I commend them to you as warriors in turn."

Finally! Snowpaw could hardly sit still, because they were finally being made warriors.

"Do you promise to defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

Snowpaw felt a surge of energy just by saying that. She looked at Ivypaw, who had the same excited look in her eyes.

"Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior names. Duskpaw, from now on you shall be known as Dusklight. Starclan honors your courage and leadership skills. Violetpaw, from now on you shall be known as Violetdapple. Starclan honors your courage and kindness."

"Stay calm, Snowpaw." Snowpaw said, taking deep breaths.

Ivypaw, from now on you shall be known as Ivysong. Starclan honors your kindness and agility."

Whoa, Ivysong. Snowpaw thought. That's an awesome name!

"And Snow paw, from now on you shall be known as Snowfang. Starclan honors your courage and skill in battle, and welcomes you all as warriors of Thunderclan."

"Snowfang! Violetdapple! Dusklight! Ivysong!" Snowfang heard her clanmates call out. Once it ended, their clanmates walked over, congratulating them.

"I can't believe my daughters are finally warriors!" Graylight exclaimed.

"Me neither!" Snowfang replied, and Ivysong nodded in agreement. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go on my first patrol as one."

Snowfang walked away, heading over to where Oakstar was sitting. "Is there any patrols for me to go on?"

"Well, I already sent a hunting patrol out," Oakstar mewed. "But if you hurry, you'll be able to catch up to them. Congrats, by the way."

"Thanks!" Snowfang said then raced out.

That night, Snowfang dreamed. She was stalking a mouse who was nibbling on some seeds. She pounced, but the mouse scurried away before she caught it.

"Mouse-dung!" She said, turning around. She stopped when, in front of her, she saw a dark forest, that looked like all the trees were dying. "What is this?" She asked, walked over to touch a tree. Weirdly, it felt as solid as ever.

"Hello." She sucked in a sharp breath as she turned to find an orange and white she-cat staring at her.

"Uh... who are you?" Snowfang said nervously.

"No need to worry about that. Now," As the cat said that, a brown tabby tom with a white belly appeared beside her. "We have an important mission for you."

"A mission?" Snowfang said excitedly. Woah, and I've only just been made a warrior! "You must be from Starclan!"

The she-cat hesitated. "Yes. Now, there are some..... evil cats in your clan, planning to destroy it. And we have chosen you to get rid of them."

Snowfang's eyes widened. She hissed, burning with rage. "Who are they? I will kill them!" She snarled.

The orange she-cat nodded to the tom, and he told her, "Well, the first cat is," He took a deep breath, and continued, saying, "Oakstar."

Chapter XIII

The bright moon was shining in the night as a dark figure snuck across the camp clearing, silent as a fox. The figure gracefully leapt up onto a ledge, and started to move it's way to the den that rested at the top.

As it reached the top, the creature stalked silently into the den, where a brown cat was resting. It made its way over to the nest, unseating it's claws. As it raised its paw up, a twig snapped underneath it's feet.

The cat immediately sat up, blinking and tiredly gazing around. As he saw the figure, his eyes widened and he said, "Snowfang? What are you doing here? What's wrong?" He looked around wildly, relieved to see no signs of fire or any danger.

"Nothing's wrong Oakstar," Snowfang replied, lowering her paw. "Except for you."

Oakstar looked at her, bewildered. "Wha-what do you mean, 'me'?"

"You know," Snowfang hissed. "Starclan told me that you were planning to destroy the clan, so I have to stop you." She raised her paw again, preparing to strike.

Oakstar stood up, backing away. "I'm not planning anything! You-" He was cut off as Snowfang pounced on him, biting his throat. He fell back, twitching, then fell limp.

Snowfang bared her teeth at his body. "Now you can't hurt anyone." She raced out, wanting to get down to the stream quickly, and get back in her nest to tell the Starclan cats what happened.

Oakstar woke up lying on a grassland, which seemed to have stars deep within it. In front of him was a vast oak forest, and behind him was a dark, rotting pine forest.

"What happened?" Then he remembered what had happened. Snowfang had killed him.

"That fox-heart." he hissed, getting up. "I have to tell someone! Maybe Graylig-" He stopped when he felt a soft object rest on his shoulder. He turned to see a large dark gray tom, stars glowing on his long pelt.

"Stonestar!" Oakstar gasped, stepping back a few paces. "It's really you!"

"Yes," Stonestar replied, his voice full of wisdom. He took his tail off Oakstar's shoulder.

"I've missed you so much! I've been-" Oakstar stopped, drawing in a sharp breath. "Wait, if you're here, then that must mean I'm dead..." He started pacing in a circle. "Oh no. Oh nonononono. My clan!" He exclaimed. "Snowfang killed me! She might kill them too!"

"Come. There is much to discuss." Stonestar told him, and started leading him towards the trees.

"We believe Snowfang is being manipulated by the Dark Forest. Though we aren't sure, it is our best guess. They have done this before." Stonstar explained to him. "We think that Mapleshade and Hawkfrost are the one's who are really doing that, so we've sent some cats to investigate."

"Wait." Oakstar stopped. "I need to tell my clan! I need to-"

Stonestar cut him off, saying, "You can't. Its against Starclan's Code."

Oakstar gave him a puzzled look when he said, 'Starclan's Code', but he decided to ask another time. Right now there were more important things on his mind. "But there must be something we can do! We can't just let cats die!"

"Well there is something we can do," Stonestar told him, thinking to himself. "There is another prophecy that you can deliver to Graylight."

"Really? What is it?"

Stonestar paused, then said, "The flame will melt the snow."

Chapter XIV

One moon timeskip

Snowfang paced around the starry plains restlessly. Shouldn't the Starclan cats be here by now? Snowfang stopped, realizing that she should stop calling them that. I'll ask them their names when they get here.

"What are you doing?" Snowfang looked up and saw the bright orange cat staring at her, with the brown tom behind her.

"I-I was just waiting for you guys to show up, "she explained. "I was wondering; what are your names?"

The she-cat hesitated for a second. "Just call us Maple and Hawk," she purred. "So, do you have any news?"

"Well," Snowfang told her. "Graystar went to go get his nine lives, as I'm sure you know. And, well, nothing else."

"Okay." Maple told her, smiling sweetly. Then her smile suddenly dropped. "We know of another cat who will try to destroy your clan."

Snowfang's looked at her with a surprised look on her face. "Another?" She asked, then immediately unsheathed her claws and sunk them deep into the ground. "They must have been working with Oakstar. Too bad they can't do anything without their leader!"

"Actually," Maple started to say, but then Hawk cut her off, looking annoyed. "He was actually the one who planned it."

Snowfang hissed. If I kill this last cat, I will finally prove myself and my clan will be safe! "Who is he?" She asked.

"You might know him," Maple shot a glare at Hawk. "He is named Dusklight."

Snowfang stared at them, not fully processing the information. When she did, though, she screeched, "No! He isn't evil! You're making a mistake!"

She raced away, watching herself fade as she slowly woke up. She looked around, seeing no other warriors. I must've slept late. She headed out, seeing Dusklight just walking around. He isn't evil. I'll show them! She walked over to him.

"Well, look who decided to wake up!" He told her, whiskers twitching. Then he stopped, staring at her worridly and asked, "Are you okay? You've been sleeping late and you've been having these terrible mood swings."

"I'm fine." The truth was, she was struggling to cope with the fact that she had killed the last leader. She kept telling herself that it was for the good of the clan and pushed away, but somehow it kept resurfacing.

"Hey, um, do you want to go for a walk?" The words came so unexpectedly that she stood there, shocked for a minute. "She was even more shocked when Dusklight replied, "Sure." Her eyes widened as they headed out of camp.

They were deep in the trees, when Dusklight said, "So, where. are we going?"

"I-I don't know," Snowfang admitted, looking shyly trying to avoid his gaze. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Well, I know of this small pool that I used to sneak down to." Dusklight suggested.

"Lead the way."

Dusklight nodded, then they sped off.

When he stopped, Snowfang saw a beautiful pond, protected by ferns and bushes, and a stone wall behind it. She gasped. This is so pretty! She looked at Dusklight, the funny, good-natured cat standing beside her. She looked at the cat she had a crush on when they were kits, and still did. She looked at the cat whom she wanted to be mates with.

This is the perfect spot! A battle raged on inside her head of whether to tell him or not. If he said yes, would that prove he was good? Finally, she made a choice. She faced him, ready to tell the truth.

Right before she said anything, a familiar voice said in her mind, "He will betray you."

Maple's voice. Snowfang pushed the worry away, not wanting to waste what might be her only chance.

"Du-Dusklight," Snowfang stuttered, anxiety worming in her belly. She took a deep breath and chattering continued. "I-I've had a crush on you since we were kits. You were always kind and joking around, and you've always made me happy. So, I was wondering," She stared hopefully at him. "Will you be my mate?"

She saw him shuffle his paws, unsure of what to say. For awhile, neither of them spoke, each avoiding each other's gaze. Finally, Dusklight spoke. "I-I don't know," he looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, but no."

Chapter XV

No. No. No. Dusklight's voice rang in Snowfang's head as she stumbled back, shocked and saddened. She looked at him, who was now staring at the ground, guilt gleaming on his face.

"Why?" She chocked out, tears starting to form in her eyes. When he didn't answer, she repeated sharply, "Why?"

"Uh, well," Dusklight said, glancing at her. "I-It's just that," He dropped his gaze. "Well, I-I like your sister, Ivysong."

Snowfang felt bile starting to form her throat. How dare she! She let out a hiss, blinded by grief and anger, as she remembered the day when she told her sister about her crush.

It was a sunny afternoon. Snowpaw and Ivypaw were racing through the forest, trying to see who was faster. "Hey, you're cheating!" Ivypaw shouted as Snowpaw 'accidentally' kicked some leaves into her face, pulling ahead. They soon suddenly stopped, arriving in a beautiful grassy clearing, where flowers of all kinds were blooming. The place where Snowpaw never again wanted to visit.

"This is where they died," Snowpaw said under her breath, her voice barely a whisper. Ivypaw looked at her, her face full of understanding. Though she would never understand.

"Should we go back?" Ivypaw asked sympathetically. Snowpaw sighed. "No, it's fine. I wanted to show you this place anyways. So..... here." She gazed around her at the beautiful flowers, then walked slowly towards the center, sitting down. Ivypaw followed her.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Snowpaw asked Ivypaw as she sat beside her. "Of course." She answered, smiling weakly at her.

"I have a crush on Duskpaw!" She said in one breath. Ivypaw sucked in a small breath, and Snowpaw asked, "Will you keep my secret?" Ivypaw nodded, sealing then non-verbal deal. They sat there for a few moments, just silent. Then Ivypaw stood up and mewed, "Well, let's get back." And they walked off.

Snowfang looked at Dusklight again, this time a voice saying in her head, "He betrayed you. Just like I said. Now your sister has too. They're all traitors. So get rid of one."

Snowfang nodded, and looking at Dusklight, slowly advanced on him. He backed away, hissing. "What are you doing?" He snarled. Snowfang slid her claws out, narrowing her eyes. Dusklight's eyes then widened, now realizing something. "You killed Oakstar, didn't you?" Snowfang flinched, and even though it was miniscule, Dusklight noticed.

"Why?" He roared, launching himself into her. Snowfang only bared her teeth. Then Dusklight looked at her, a glint of worry in his eyes. "This isn't you," he told her. "The real Snowfang wouldn't do this. The real Snowfang wouldn't kill her friend just because some voices in her head told her to!"

Snowfang flung him off of her, so mad with rage she was practically glowing red. "The 'voices' in my head are Starclan," she spat. "And they've told me that you'll destroy the clan! So I'll kill you, and no harm will come to Thunderclan. Ever." And with that, she leaped at him, snapping his neck. She watched as he fell to the ground dead.

Then it dawned on her. She had killed her childhood friend. She scrambled back, all the anger leaving her body, now filled with grief. She took off running, tears streaming down her face.

After a bit of running, she saw the golden oaks melt into dark pines. Have I gone too far? She asked herself, stopping. She was about to turn around when she heard a sharp voice say, "Hey! Who are you?"

Two brown tabby cats melted from the shadows. This is going horribly, She thought as the cats stalked closer.

"We should take her back to camp, don't you think?" The one on the right said, and the left one nodded. They stood on each side of her, leading her further into the dark forest.


Chapter XVI

Snowfang sat in her nest, feeling depressed. It had been two days since the cats had found her. It turned out they were Shadowclan cats. The Shadowclan leader, Sunstar, decided for her to stay there. She'd been there ever since.

"Why are you here?" She heard a voice hiss outside. She jerked her head to the entrance of camp, where a patrol of cats was facing Sunstar. Graystar, Ivysong, and Bloomfeather! She sighed in relief. They're here for me! She couldn't stand one more second of Shadowclan's horrible stench!

"I've come to get back my daughter," Graystar mewed evenly. "You have been keeping her here, haven't you?"

Sunstar narrowed her eyes. "Fine, you can have her back. But be warned that any other warriors that stray over the border will not go home unharmed."

Graystar nodded his head, and Sunstar flicked his tail in the direction of the den Snowfang was in and said, "She's in there. Now get out of here quickly."

Ivysong immediately raced to the den. When she spotted Snowfang she smiled and nuzzled her.

"Snowfang! We've missed you so much!" she exclaimed. "When you didn't return to camp, we got worried. So we went searching and then-" She broke off suddenly. She bowed her head, obviously remembering something. I bet it's what I think it is, Snowfang thought. She tried not to cry as she asked, "What happened?"

Ivysong looked at her. "A couple of days ago... they found Dusklight's dead body at the edge of a pool." She choked out.

The patrol walked the rest of the way back in silence. The whole time, Snowfang was having a battle in her mind. The same one that had been raging on the for the last couple of days.

Was he actually evil? If so, did I save Thunderclan? No, he couldn't have been evil. But what if he was? No, he wasn't. But then I would've killed an innocent cat. So he must have been plotting with Oakstar. I mean, Starclan wouldn't have just lied to me!


As they reached the camp entrance, Ivysong finally spoke. "I'm going to miss him," She whispered.

Snowfang didn't respond, but kept walking.

Ivysong went silent for a few moments. Then, when they reached the center of camp, and Graystar was about to call a meeting, she said, "I was going to ask him to be my mate."

Snowfang stared at her. When she realized what her sister had just said, she felt the barriers that were holding her emotions back break.

Then she pounced at her.

Chapter XVII

"What are you doing?" Ivysong asked, eyes wide. Snowfang snarled. "You knew I liked him. You knew. And yet you still were going to ask him. I thought I could trust you!"

Ivysong looked at her guiltily. "I'm so sorry, Snowfang. I thought it was just some apprentice crush. I thought you were over it already."

Snowfang felt a wave of sorrow, then her anger quickly returned. "Well, you were wrong then." I trusted her! And she betrayed me! Does anyone care for me anymore? Then she felt something hit her belly, and was flung back. Snowfang looked up. Ivysong had kicked her off. She was now staring at her with a mixed look of sadness, guilt, and surprise.

Snowfang paused for a second, then flung herself at her in rage. She knocked Ivysong down, her claws piercing her fur. She then then snapped her jaws around her neck, hearing a small crunch. Snowfang let go, and looked down. Ivysong's body was lying lifeless on the floor. Snowfang felt shocked.

Snowfang gazed around, feeling her clanmate's gazes stab inside her. Some were in shock, some were hissing at her, claws out, and some weren't even looking at all. Then she spotted them. Two ghostly figures, staring at her, nodding slightly. Hawk and Maple. Snowfang turned back, and with a newfound detemination, declared. "How dare you! I just helped you! I got rid of those fox-hearted traitors, who were planning to destroy Thunderclan! I killed Oakstar and Dusklight."

Gasps of shock rippled through the cats. One of them leaped at her. Snowfang dodged and shoved them aside. She looked to the cat. Frostfur! Her mother looked at her. "How could you!" She screeched in hatred. "Your own sister! I knew you were evil. Ever since you killed Petalbreeze!!"

Snowfang didn't hesitate to leap at her, teeth bared. You're the one who's evil! But then she was knocked from the air. Snowfang watched as an orange cat raced at her.

Flamespeckle! Y-

But then everything went black.


Snowfang slowly opened her eyes. She was facing a black, shadowed land. She tried to recall what happened. Snowfang hissed. "That mouse-heart Flamespeckle killed me! Where did I go, though?"

"You are in the Place of No Stars. I would say welcome, but it's not like you would want to be here, wouldn't you?" A deep voice suddenly whispered. Snowfang jumped. The Dark Forest? No, you're lying!

Snowfang raced into the dark lands, dodging trees and bushes. This can't be real!

Then Snowfang felt the hard stony ground press up against her face. Her front paw felt like it was on fire. I tripped! She looked up. In front of her was a misty wall, and ahead was a bright beautiful hill, with tons of prey racing about. Her eyes brightened. She quickly stood up, and raced through it.

The mist surrounded her, and everything stopped. Then Snowfang was flung backwards, crashing into a tree. She wobbly got up, aching everywhere. "Why can't I get through?" She sat down looked back through the white mist. The other side looked so blissful and amazing, prior to the dark and dreariness of the forest she was in. Snowfang thought for a moment.

"That looks a lot like Starclan." Snowfang muttered. "But if it is Starclan, then..." She bolted up. That cat wasn't lying! Immediately she raced to the mist, trying to shove her way through. Again and again she was thrown backwards, landing on the stony ground.

Snowfang sighed, giving up. "Why am I here? I only tried to be a great warrior. I don't deserve to be here!" Suddenly, she started thinking of when she killed Oakstar, then Duskwater, Ivysong, and finally tried to kill her own mother. The memories repeated in her mind over and over, clawing at her heart. They were never traitors; I was! Those two cats manipulated me!

I do deserve to be here.

A/N: The Aftermath

Snowfang continues to wander the Starclan border in grief and guilt for the cats she killed. She avoids the Dark Forest cats, and when they try to manipulate another clan cat, she jumps in and warns the cat of what they're trying to do.

Dusklight and Ivysong are now a happy couple in Starclan. While Dusklight is still mad at Snowfang, Ivysong is guilty for pushing her sister to the Dark Forest.

Violetdapple, full of grief after watching her brother and two friends die, vows to never harm another cat, and is now Flamespeckle's apprentice.

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