Snowfall/Mission Two: The Money Run

Part One: It was a dark, stormy night…

After retiring from FROST, Snowpaw and Sparkles continue to live their old lives. But a dark, stormy night turns everything around…

Part Two: More than what meets the eye

Finally at their destination, the sunny streets of Florida, the group roam the streets in search of a place to stay. But in this part of the state, who can they trust?

Part Three: Death note

An anonymous visitor sent Snowpaw a white rose stained with blood and a poem. Not the birthday gift she had expected, but what’s worse? A maniac cat on the loose with a chainsaw. And so the cat-and-mouse game begins.

Part Four: Bait

So far the cats know that the money has been stolen, and the thief is heading to Orlando. They have one hour, and one chance. But when they arrive, it’s a scavenger hunt for their lives.

Part Five: But I’m not Riverclan!

The first clue leads them to a water-themed theme park. The next set of clues are hidden in the deadliest of places, and Snowpaw must go it alone.

Part Six: Broadway, baby!

Their final destination is New York City… Perhaps this ‘fun friendly outing’ has it’s perks after all.

Part Seven: The crazy psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook

The psycho-thief is hot on their tails. But who is the cat, and why do they want the money, and their lives?

Part Eight: Stigma

Snowpaw and the cats now know who their stalker is. But where had Snowpaw heard of her before?

Part Nine:  Liberty at last

They have finally found the stalker, and a chase ensues. But instead of wanting a battle, their enemy chooses freedom instead. Freedom from a future past.

Part Ten: Looking through the keyhole

On the flight home, secrets are unlocked, and the final piece to the puzzle to destroying The Hidden is placed. But all there’s still one problem: What does the final puzzle piece mean?

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