Snowfall/Mission One: Pencil Skies

Part One: Welcome to the new age

After Wolfpaw leaves, Sparkles takes Snowpaw to the FROST centre, shortened form of Feline Recruit Omega Snarl Training centre, where she learns the basics of being a spy. She properly meets Sparkles, Bottle and Penlid, as well as Snarl, Scar, Scabs and Toothbrush.

Part Two: Disguise

The FROST crew decide to give Snowpaw a makeover and a new codename: Nuts. She is then taken to a Twoleg apprentice centre, also known as a ‘school’. Accepted into Pi’s group, Snowpaw must now show off her skills to earn her a proper position.

Part Three: The art of hacking

Snowpaw is taught how to hack into things called ‘computers’. She is set a series of challenges, including one that will make her regret staying in Twolegplace. 

Part Four: Shadows

Twolegs have returned to the school, and Snowpaw and her friends are in danger of being found out by the staff. There is nowhere to hide, food is scarce, and Snowpaw’s hacking missions are harder to carry out than ever.

Part Five: Taken

Snowpaw is caught by a Twoleg and taken to a Twoleg nest. Will she ever break free of the annoying Twoleg kits that she is imprisoned with?

Part Six: School can’t hold us

Snowpaw has returned, and she seeks revenge. With her friends Lottie and Cheddar, planning to rid the school of Twolegs is harder than ever before.

Part Seven: Show must go on

Why are all of the Twolegs in a giant den? Why are they looking and acting like cats all of a sudden? And what are those huge blankets of red moss? Snowpaw is determined to find out and stop the Twolegs. But Pi and his group have other ideas.

Part Eight: These streets

Snowpaw is sent into the outskirts of Twolegplace to track down a Twoleg. But soon she finds out the real reason why Pi wanted her gone.

Part Nine: Atomic Kitten (Part 1)

It’s a race against time to get back to the school. After fully piecing together Pi’s plans on the way there, she finds the school a mess. Twolegs everywhere, and the bodies of her two closest friends in the group.

Part Ten: Atomic Kitten (Part 2)

Snowpaw’s hacking skills will be put to the test. Pi has set of an atomic gas bomb and is hiding somewhere in the school with an amulet which helps him survive the gas. There will be one battle, and one survivor. Will Snowpaw come out of the school alive?

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