Cover art by Stormver. You go girl! :D

This is for Snowmuffin, and it’s about what happens to Snowpaw after she decides to stay in Twolegplace. There are ten parts, each called ‘Missions’. Each Mission has ten parts. So by the time this is finished, I would have wrote 100 parts/chapters of this. And the title? What would it be if I hadn’t changed Skypaw’s name to Snowpaw? Yep, Skyfall. And you’ve probably guessed by now that Snowpaw becomes a spy/secret agent. Enjoy! <3

Mission One: Pencil Skies

On her first mission, Snowpaw is sent to infiltrate a group of cats living around a school under the codename Nuts. With a new brown tabby pelt and brown eyes, she has to find out their plans, and stop them, as well as learning new skills along the way. Meanwhile, Sparkles takes a trip to an art exhibition in London.

Mission Two: The Money Run

An old friend of Silence arrives out of the blue, and takes Silence and Snowpaw to Florida. But someone is hunting them down, but not only for revenge. Snowpaw and co are chased around Florida. Who knows where they will go, or who the mystery cat is!

Mission Three: Mission Zero

A mysterious cat from Snowpaw's past is dying and requests Snowpaw and the gang's help to find the places where the gifts on the cat's list are kept. But dangerous things stand in their way, and sacrifices will be made.

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