This is a collaboration between Robo, Lilly, Feather and Silver. First in The Soul Seeker Series

Prologue (Robo/Forestpaw)

Yes, I remember the night Sparrowpaw's soul left us. I remember how tragic and terrifying it had been. I remember how lost we had all felt for our friend.

I remember the dark, stormy clouds that haunted the night.

I remember returning from a hunting patrol, dripping with rain, dashing into the apprentices' den as soon as we reached camp in order to warm myself up.

And I remember what Silverpaw and Mysterypaw told me.

We had kept it a secret between the three of us, mourning the lost soul of Sparrowpaw.

Not realizing what it would do to us in the soon future.

What it would take.


And refuse to return.

The adventure it would allow us to live.

The dark, terrifying adventure.

The soul that would haunt my nights for years and years to come. I don't think I will ever again feel as terrified as I did the night it spoke to me.

The night Sparrowpaw spoke to me. Or, no, it wasn't Sparrowpaw. It was her soul. And her soul was a monster. It was a dangerous beast, and a terrifying creature.

It was a snatcher.

Chapter One (Lilly/Sparrowpaw)

It was there, and then it was gone. The gangs taking souls from cats. I was the first; a mere test, and when they spoke of me, which they often did, they referred to me as "the experiment." It was deeply depressing, after all, I had a name. My mother bestowed it on me, and I wish to keep it.

They had hearts of stone, big bulky cats with strengthened claws, and all with the same dull eyes, their faces twisted with strong emotion. When they are spoken to they feign uninterest and pretend to be busy with something else.

That day I was picked up and taken to another place; weak and sleepy, I could only watch the departure of my own dear soul, and feel the strength drain steadily out of me. You ave never felt such a feeling.

The depression.

The pain.

The desperate urge to vomit.

You really don't understand how it feels. 

Let it stay that way.

My face blanched and I was hot all over. My soul was a monster- working for those  had taken everything. I wanted vengeance, punishment and pain. They have to die for the crime. 

I was shoved in the dark again, the damp scent fouling my nose, my heart in pieces.

I started plotting and planning, planning their downfall. I want them to suffer as I did. I want them to  begging for mercy, writhing at my paws.

But that needed more than one cat.

Chapter Three (Feather/Mysterypaw)

When Sparrowpaw... or her soul came to me, I was quite mortified, though I didn't show it. I don't show much. Most of the apprentices say that I am a hollow shell.

If only they knew about Sparrowpaw, they would see I wasn't the hollow shell. Only Silverpaw, Forestpaw, and I know and we prefer to keep it that way.

But... but what if those snatchers try to get us, I would often wonder.

Of course, they did one evening and it was the most dreadful experience. Sparrowpaw, poor Sparrowpaw, was only a ghostly shadow with a ragged voice.

"Join me," her voice would whisper, cold and flintly. It wasn't the warm bubbly voice I once knew.

I, one who is not stupid, nor weak, nor warm, hissed at her to leave. Sparrowpaw was a stranger to me, but I couldn't get her out of my head. I couldn't imagine the agony she must feel. Or did she feel anything at all.

Call me as cold as the moon. Only Silverpaw, Forestpaw, and Sparrowpaw ever accessed that side. I would do anything for them, but what Sparrowpaw, or whoever she was now, was asking too much. Obviously, and without hesitation, I refused her.

I know we have to get her back.

Chapter Four (Silver/Silverpaw)

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