Smudge meets the forest By: Tawnypeltlover

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This is a short story about Smudge actually seeing the clan cats. I hope you enjoy it!

Smudge meets the forest


Smudge ate his food.

He went out on his fence in his yard, and looked out into the woods.

What was Rusty doing?

How was he doing?

Where was he?

What was the forest like?

Smudge had so many questions his head started to hurt.

He sighed, and went back into his house

Chapter 1

Smudge leaped onto his fence.

Rusty had been gone for many man years, and Smudge hasn't seen him again.

What if I could go and find him?

Smudge leaped off of the fence and onto the other side.

"Where are you going Smudge?"

A cat meowed from the fence.

"Hello Blaze."

Smudge sighed and began padding for the forest.

"You're going into the forest? But, you were the one who told me the forest was a dangerous place!"

Blaze meowed.

"I'm going to look for Rusty!"

Smudge meowed and ran into the forest.

Chapter 2

Smudge padded around the forest.

How did Rusty live here?

It was cold and damp underpaw, even though Smudge had thick fur, it was freezing!

Then, Smudge heard something.

He turned and looked all around.

Then a flaming orange cat with emerald green eyes leaped at Smudge, claws raking Smudge's fur.

Smudge rolled on the ground then got up to see Firepaw standing above him, then Firepaw's eyes filled with relief.

"It's only Smudge. Smudge?! What are you doing out here?"

Firepaw questioned.

"Rusty! I found you! I came into the forest to-"

Smudge began.

"Smudge, it's Firepaw, and you can't be at this part of the forest. It's Thunderclan territory."

Firepaw meowed.

"But I was looking for you."

Smudge meowed in sadness.

Chapter 3

"You shouldn't be here Smudge. You need to go back to your home."

Firepaw meowed.

"But, but, I wanted to see you."

Smudge meowed.

"I'm glad to see you Smudge, but if they catch you with me so close into the warrior territory, they will rip you to shreds, and never trust me again!"

Firepaw insisted.

"So, you didn't want to see me again."

Smudge meowed sadly.

"Smudge, I'm doing this for your sake. I miss you so much, but I can't leave them, and for your sake, you need to leave before they find you here. Goodbye Smudge."

Firepaw meowed and padded back into the forest.

"Goodbye Firepaw."

Smudge meowed sadly and began padding back to his house.

The End!

Yeah, I know, it's a really short story... XDDDDDDD Pretty boring too, but, yeah, thanks for reading it! -TPL

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