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A.N. - Apprentices and Kits have how old they are so I know when they need their Ceremonies. The Moons are how old they are when Smokekit and her siblings are born.



Hazelstar- Brown she-cat with hazel eyes.


Silverfoot- Black tom with silver paws and blue eyes.

Medicine Cat

Smallstep- Small brown tom with brown eyes. Apprentice: Lavendereyes.


Burntfoot- Ginger tabby she-cat with cream chest and amber eyes.

Ashpelt- Grey tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Dustypaw.

Darkbird- Black tom with icy blue eyes.

Brightpelt- Dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Swiftfleet- Black and white tom with blue eyes.

Embertail- Ginger she-cat with brown eyes. Apprentice: Thornpaw.

Waterdrop- Blue-grey tom with blue eyes.

Windfall- Brown tom with lighter paws and yellow eyes.

Mousesqueak- Small, brown she-cat with white chest and brown eyes. Apprentice: Wingpaw.

Poppytail- Tall, brown tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes.

Leopardsplotch- Silver she-cat with swirling, black markings. Blue eyes.

Creekfeather- Brown and silver tom with brown eyes.

Amberflower- Ginger and white she-cat with green eyes.

Falconwing- Bracken-coloured tom with amber eyes.

Greengaze- White tom with green eyes.


Lavendereyes- Long-furred, pale grey she-cat with white muzzle and chest. Pale, purple eyes. 10 Moons.

Dustypaw- Dusty brown tabby tom with jade green eyes. 10 Moons.

Wingpaw- White she-cat with brown points and green eyes. 8 Moons.

Thornpaw- Russet tom with brown paws and green eyes. 8 Moons.


Roseblossom- Cream she-cat with amber eyes. Mother of Silverfoot's Kits; Skykit, Earthkit and Hazekit

Whisperwing- Grey she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Swiftfleet's Kits; Smokekit, Icekit, Hawkkit, Petalkit, Dapplekit and Patchkit

Silentwhispers- Grey tabby she-cat with green eyes. Expecting Ashpelt's Kits


Skykit- White she-cat with sky blue eyes. 5 Moons.

Earthkit- Brown tom with bright, green eyes. 5 Moons.

Hazekit- Silver tom with brown paws and brown eyes. 5 Moons.

Smokekit- Smokey grey she-cat with white chest, paws, ears, chin and blaze. Stubby tail and bright, amber eyes. 0 Moons.

Icekit- Silver she-cat with blue eyes. 0 Moons.

Hawkkit- Solid brown tom with golden yellow eyes. 0 Moons.

Petalkit- Tortoiseshell she-cat with white chest and green eyes. 0 Moons.

Dapplekit- White she-cat with light grey paws, muzzle and a patch on her back. Brown eyes. 0 Moons.

Patchkit- Black and white tom with blue eyes. 0 Moons.


Frosttail- White tom with long, fluffy tail and blind, blue eyes.

Foxleap- Ginger tom with white chest and tail. Amber eyes.

Heronwing- White she-cat with silver patches and green eyes.



Crescentstar- Grey tom with darker legs and blue eyes.


Mistnose- Black she-cat with silver muzzle and blue eyes. Apprentice: Dawnpaw.

Medicine Cat

Pawsteps- White tom with grey paws and green eyes.


Breezefur- Long-furred grey tom with amber eyes.

Seagaze- Blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes.

Eaglestrike- Brown tabby tom with white chest and green eyes. Apprentice: Blackpaw.

Moongaze- Grey she-cat with darker upperbody and lighter underbody. Bright blue eyes.

Brookstorm- Grey she-cat with brown points and blue eyes.

Wolfhowl- Silver tom with white legs and muzzle. Yellow eyes.

Adderstrike- Brown tabby tom with white paws and amber eyes. Apprentice: Bluepaw.

Gingerleaf- Ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

Dewpetal- White she-cat with small, black flecks and green eyes.

Feathergaze- Light brown she-cat with grey eyes.

Lightningwind- Brown tom with white stripes and blue eyes.

Icegaze- Black tom with white muzzle, chest, legs and tail. Icy blue eyes.

Pinewhisker- Brown tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes. Apprentice: Brownpaw.

Lionsoul- Ginger tom with white paws and amber eyes.

Oakpelt- Brown tabby tom with white muzzle and blue eyes.


Bluepaw- Blue-grey tom with brown eyes. 8 Moons.

Brownpaw- Brown tom with amber eyes. 8 Moons.

Blackpaw- Black tom with green eyes. 8 Moons.

Dawnpaw- Golden she-cat with blue eyes. 8 Moons.


Fawnfur- Small, brown she-cat with mint green eyes. Mother of Lightningwind's Kit; Azurekit

Goldflower- Golden she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Lionsoul's Kits; Beekit, Otterkit, Shellkit and Riverkit.


Azurekit- Tortoiseshell she-cat with white chest and golden eyes. 2 Moons.

Beekit- Golden and black she-cat with gold eyes. 1 Moon.

Otterkit- Brown tom with white chest and brown eyes. 1 Moon.

Shellkit- Fluffy cream she-cat with light blue eyes. 1 Moon.

Riverkit- Silver tom with green eyes. 1 Moon.


Orangestripe- White tom with ginger tabby markings and brown eyes.

Spikyfur- Grey tom with long, scraggily fur and blue eyes.



Viperstar- Grey tom with dark eyes. Apprentice: Lilypaw.


Thundergaze- Black tom with stunning blue eyes.

Medicine Cat

Goldenfoot- Black she-cat with golden paws and blue eyes.

Top Warriors

Darkflame- Black tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Fishpaw.

Dreadblaze- Grey tom with green eyes.

Frostgaze- White tom with icy blue eyes.


Duskpelt- Black she-cat with one gold eye and one purple eye. Apprentice: Rockpaw.

Willowtree- Brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

Redstorm- Ginger she-cat with green eyes.

Snakebite- Black tom with white muzzle and green eyes. Apprentice: Chasepaw.

Spottedpelt- Tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes.

Nightsky- Black tom with white hindlegs and back. Deep blue eyes.

Ravenwing- Black tom with white toes and green eyes. Apprentice: Redpaw.

Shreddedear- Brown tom with one, shredded ear and amber eyes.

Blackwhisker- White tom with long, black whiskers and green eyes.

Chillshatter- Silver she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Wildspirit- Tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes.

Pebblefoot- Mottled grey tom with blue eyes.


Chasepaw- Bright golden tabby tom with green eyes.

Redpaw- Ginger tom with blue eyes.

Fishpaw- Tall grey tom with brown eyes.

Rockpaw- Muscular grey tom with brown eyes.

Lilypaw- Silver she-cat with hazel eyes.


Roseblossom- Cream she-cat with amber eyes. Mother of Frostgaze's Kits; Frostkit, Rosekit and Creamkit

Shadowedsun- Black she-cat with gold paws. Mother of Viperstar's Kits; Darkkit, Bearkit, Fangkit, Littlekit and Honeykit


Frostkit- White tom with icy blue eyes. 4 Moons.

Rosekit- Cream she-cat with amber eyes. 4 Moons.

Creamkit- Silver she-cat with green eyes. 4 Moons.

Darkkit- Grey tom with dark blue eyes. 0 Moons.

Bearkit- Brown tom with amber eyes. 0 Moons.

Fangkit- Black tom with green eyes. 0 Moons.

Littlekit- Brown tabby tom with two, thin black stripes running down his back. Green eyes. 0 Moons.

Honeykit- Golden she-cat with blue eyes. 0 Moons.

Clanless Cats

Lila- Cream she-cat with brown paws, tail, ears and muzzle. Icy blue eyes. Purple collar. (Kittypet)

Abz- Grey she-cat with long, black legs and white toes. Blue eyes. Blue collar. (Kittypet)

Flora- Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes. (Rogue)

Russet- Russet she-cat with amber eyes. (Loner)

Blaze- Ginger tom with green eyes. (Loner)


The brown she-cat lead the group of cats through the trees silently, their pelts wet from the swim over the river. A small brown tom walked up to the leading cat, glancing at her with his calm, brown gaze.

"Leaf-Fall is coming, Smallstep. I suspect that it shall be harder this time. The Clan has grown in numbers, as our Nursery has been blessed with Kits," The she-cat sighed.

The small brown tom, Smallstep, licked the she-cat's shoulder. "You worry, Hazelstar, like a Mother for her Kits. The Clan is strong, and we have not only the land prey, but the fish and other creatures in the river. Our Clan will be well-fed, with all the Warriors and Apprentices we have. It's still two whole seasons away anyway, so we will thrive in the snowy moons," He assured her.

Hazelstar smiled. "Thank you, brother. Your words are always calming. Hopefully tonight's Gathering will be peaceful and full of good news."

The cats came to the end of the trees, entering a meadow with a large rock in the centre. Cats were sat around, talking amongst themselves, or walking to others. A few looked over at them. Hazelstar walked to the rock, a black tom with silver paws following. The young, brown cat jumped onto the rock, dipping her head to the grey tom who was already stood there.

"Greetings, Crescentstar. I trust all is good," Hazelstar greeted the tom.

Crescentstar was a grey tom with darker legs and deep blue eyes. "We are well. Green-Leaf is slowly leaving the mountain," He replied. "You can start, Hazelstar."

The brown she-cat smiled and turned to the talking cats. "The truce of the Gathering begins!" She waited for the cats to turn their heads and face her. She nodded and continued. "IslandClan remain strong and healthy. We have three new Warriors, Amberflower, Falconwing and Greengaze. They sat their Vigil one Sunrise ago, and hold their heads high." She paused as cats meowed congrats to the proud Warriors. "Our Nursery has been blessed with many Kits this Green-Leaf, with Kits earlier this Season and again four Sunrises ago, and more are to come." Hazelstar noticed that three toms were lifting their heads, before recognising Ashpelt, Swiftfleet and IslandClan deputy, Silverfoot.

"And finally, a notice that two hawks have been close to our Camp. Our Warriors attacked one, while the other flew to the mountain," She finished and stepped back. Crescentstar nodded and stepped to the edge of the rock.

"Thank you for the warning, Hazelstar. I too have a warning for all cats, IslandClan in general. A band of cats attacked last night, but MountainClan Warriors and Apprentices alike battled them off. They may strike sometime soon, as they had swore they would. They called themselves DarkClan," He warned. Cats murmured quietly, some cats showing off their battlescars.

"On a brighter note, we have two new Warriors who sit their Vigil tonight. We accept Lionsoul and Oakpelt as Warriors of MountainClan. Spikyfur, the MountainClan Deputy, has retired to join the Elders. Mistnose, who had recently been given her second Apprentice, Dawnpaw, has been chosen as the new Deputy," Crescentstar smiled. Mistnose was popular within the two Clans, as she was the brother of Silverfoot. Their parents had been from different Clans, and she came in to join her mother's Clan.

"We end the Gathering with the exchange of talking between ourselves," Hazelstar finished, stepping down from the rock. Crescentstar followed, purring. The cats started talking again.

Hazelstar was walking to Smallstep and his Apprentice, Lavenderpaw, when someone called her from behind. She turned around, expecting it to be Silverfoot, but Crescentstar stood there, smiling.

"Hazelstar, I need to talk to you. Alone," He meowed, flicking his tail. They walked behind the Great Rock and sat down. "Ever since we became Leaders, we couldn't see each other. But, I still love you. I need to meet with you again," He meowed.

Hazelstar's eyes widened. "Crescentstar, I... Well, I thought becoming Leaders would tell you that we couldn't be together. However, I- I still love you too. But we can't be together."

Crescentstar's eyes glittered brightly. "We could meet at Moon-Rock. Say to your Clan that you need to speak with StarClan. I miss the nights where we had to sneak off to meet up. Please, say you'll meet me there," He replied.

Hazelstar sighed, looking into his blue eyes. "Crescentstar, I really don't like lying to my Clan. They trust me so much, and will give their lives for me and the Clan," She looked up at the bright moon. "Okay. Tomorrow. I'll come."

Crescentstar purred and licked her cheek, while she licked his ear. Hazelstar smiled, remembering how they had started together. She had escaped Camp and met him by a river. As a Kit. When they became Apprentices, they stole moments. Warriors, they met up each night. Being a Deputy made it hard, and Leaderhood stopped it. But it was like their first meeting. True love. Forbidden love.

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Chapter 1- Moon 1

Smokekit opened her bright, amber eyes. The den was dark, but her eyes adjusted quickly. She glanced around, seeing that everyone else was asleep. She loved the Nursery. It was warm and cosy, and it smelt of milk and raspberries. It was underground, so ferns and moss and roots grew along the edges and in the walls. Gaps above provided sunlight to see, and there was a dip beneath them where puddles formed in rain showers. At the back of the den, was a hole, hidden by ferns. It led to a patch behind the Nursery, with rocks and brambles around the edge. This was for the Kits to play in while their mother was busy.

Her mother, Whisperwing, was layed out in the nest, sleeping peacefully. Dapplekit and Patchkit were sprawled out beside each other, while Icekit was lying on Whisperwing's back. Petalkit was curled up in between Whisperwing's paws, and Hawkkit was laying at the edge, wrapped up by her tail. Smokekit glanced behind her, seeing her short, stubby tail.

Smokekit clambered out of the nest and walked to another occupied nest. Her Aunt, Silentwhispers, was curled up in the nest, her belly plump. She was expecting Kits, but not for about two moons. She turned around and padded to the other nest. A cream she-cat, Roseblossom, was asleep around three kits, Earthkit, Skykit and Hazekit. She snorted and went to the den entrance, which was a gap in between two rocks. As she was about to step through, a quiet voice from behind her meowed, "Smokekit! Come back here now."

She turned around and walked to her mother, sighing. "You know we have to wait for your siblings to wake up. And when I say wake up, I mean it. Not woken up by you," Whisperwing explained, blinking.

"But I'm bored! I don't want to go into the Play Clearing. I want to go into the Camp Clearing!" Smokekit protested, shuffling her paws on the dusty ground. Icekit woke up and grinned, jumping onto Hawkkit. Their brother jumped up and hissed playfully. "Can we go into Camp?!" He asked. He padded to Patchkit and nudged him.

"Wha?" He mumbled. He shook his head and jumped up, standing on Dapplekit's tail. She let out a loud mew. "Ouch! Patchkit! That hurt!" She complained. Petalkit blinked, meowing, "What's happening?"

Smokekit watched her siblings wake each other up with amusement, before looking up at her mother smugly. "We're all awake!" She grinned, jumping about. "Can we go into Camp now?" Smokekit asked excitedly. "Please!" Dapplekit and Petalkit added.

"We'll keep bothering you until we can!" Hawkkit and Patchkit mewed.

"Come on, let us now! We're awake!" Icekit urged.

Whisperwing purred. "Well, I won't be at peace until I do let you. Come on then," She replied, standing up. The kits squealed and bounced around her, making their way to the gap. Whisperwing walked out first, followed closely by Smokekit's siblings. She was about to follow before she was jumped on by Earthkit.

"Where ya goin', Smokekit?" He asked, pinning her down. Smokekit squirmed. "Lemme go!" She meowed in protest.

"Earthkit, you're such a Beetle-Brain. Let her go," Skykit, Earthkit's calm sister, meowed. Earthkit grinned and let her up. Smokekit smiled. "Thanks, Skykit!" She nodded, turning to go. Earthkit, Skykit and theur brother, Hazekit, followed her out into Camp.

Smokekit gasped as she saw Camp for the first time. It was a grassy clearinh with trees and rocks surrounding it. A bramble barrier surrounded the camp, with a hollow tree trunk in them. Two cats walked into camp from this, carrying some prey. A cat walked up to them and praised them.

"They're Thornpaw and Wingpaw, the younger apprentices," Skykit told her. "You know who the other cat is."

Smokekit did know the other cat. It was Silverfoot, the Clan deputy, and also Skykit's father. He often came in to see Skykit and her siblings, sometimes carrying prey in. He was really nice.

"There's Hazelstar!" Smokekit exclaimed, nodding to a brown cat emerging from a tree stump surrounded by rocks. Hazelstar came into the Nursery every few days, to play with the Kits and talk with the Queens. She was kind and wise, and Smokekit's hero.

"Yup. She's great, isn't she?" Skykit sighed happily. Skykit and her brothers were five moons old, while Smokekit was only one moon. They would be Apprentices soon, and Smokekit would lose her best friend. 'But Silentwhispers will have her kits, and I'd be able to play with them. Plus my siblings, who'd be with me always,' She thought.

Skykit then ran off to talk to her father, seeing that Earthkit and Hazekit had already rushed over. Smokekit smiled and ran to Icekit. Icekit was the loudest of her siblings, and Smokekit loved her a lot. "Come on, Icekit, let's go and talk to the apprentices!" Smokekit meowed. Icekit nodded eagerly and ran to Wingpaw, who was finishing off a mouse.

"Hi, Wingpaw!" They chorused.

Wingpaw smiled. "Hey, Smokekit, Icekit," She replied, swallowing the last part of the mouse. "First time out, huh?"

"Yup!" Icekit mewed. Smokekit nodded at the same time.

"Want me to teach you the hunter's crouch? Hazelstar taught me it while my mentor was ill."

Wingpaw lowered into a crouch, her tail straightening out behind her. She lowered to the grass until it brushed against her stomach. Her ears were pricked forwards, raised up but not too high. She wiggled her rear and leaped up. She shifted her paws on front of her, claws unsheathed. She arched in the air, and landed silently on four paws, bending her legs as she did. Wingpaw turned and walked back to the Kits.

"Wow!" Icekit and Smokekit meowed, gasping.

Wingpaw laughed, shaking her fur. "Okay. That was for catching flying birds. Lower into a crouch you two, and I'll tell you how to improve," She meowed to them. They obeyed and crouched down.

"Icekit, straighten your tail and put some weight into your hindlegs. It gives you a better chance of leaping high," Icekit scrunched up her nose and did as Wingpaw instructed. Icekit only scrunches up her nose when she disagrees with something or someone.

"Smokekit... Hmm... Maybe just lower down a little more, and you have it," Wingpaw smiled. Smokekit flicked her tail to show she acknowledged her, and pressed down a little.

"Now, lower your behind and leap up. When you leap, bring your paws forward and unsheathe your claws. Make yourself as long as possible, and land with your paws beneath, and bend your legs so you don't sprain them," Wingpaw meowed. "Icekit, try first."

Icekit wriggled, but when she jumped, she didn't go far. She didn't have time to bring her paws infront and landed down, bending slightly. She frowned.

"Nearly. Remember, don't wriggle as much. Just lower yourself to spring up. Good try though," Wingpaw nodded, turning to Smokekit.

Smokekit lowered her behind, wriggling slightly, and sprung up. She came up high and swivelled her paws to infront, unsheathing her tiny claws. She saw a falling leaf and caught it in her mouth, landing silently on her paws. She turned around and grinned, carrying the leaf.

"That was amazing," Smokekit expected WIngpaw to say it, but she didn't move her mouth. Instead, Hazelstar came over, smiling. Smokekit dipped her head, dropping the leaf.

"Usually, Kits don't leap too far, and make many mistakes. Apprentices too. But you watched carefully, and repeated, but the leap was at your capability. It was your first time too. Some day, you'll be a fine hunter, Smokekit," Hazelstar praised. Smokekit smiled. "T-Thank you, Hazelstar!"

Whisperwing padded over, licking her daughters head. "I'm proud of you, Smokekit!" She meowed.

"Momma!" Smokekit groaned, shuffling away.

"Okay, okay, I can see you want to go and play. Of you tottle," Whisperwing laughed. Smokekit bounded to the other Kits, Icekit following.

"That was awesome!" Hawkkit exclaimed.

"Teach me how to do that!" Petalkit and Dapplekit grinned.

"How did you pull that off?" Skykit and Earthkit asked.

Smokekit shuffled her paws, looking at Icekit. She expected her sister to be angry at her, but she was smiling. "Well done, Smokekit, but nobody cares about hunting. You can be chasing a rabbit, while I chase a cat!" She snorted.

Smokekit rolled her eyes. "Oh well, you won't survive long without prey!" She retorted, pouncing onto her sister, laughing. They rolled around play-fighting, as the other Kits walked off to their own game. They stayed out in the clearing until Sun-Fall, when their mother ushered them inside.

They curled up in the nest, falling asleep quickly after the tiring day. Smokekit and Icekit curled up next to each other.

"Smokekit?" Icekit meowed quietly.

"Yes?" She replied.

"We'll always be together. Friends and sisters, side by side. Until we die, either in battle, or as Elders," Icekit murmured. "Together."

"Forever," Smokekit finished. "Yup." And they fell asleep next to each other.

A.N. - Aww! Aren't they so sweet? Smokekit and Icekit are as thick as thieves. I bet you suspected Icekit to be really mean that Smokekit managed to do a better leap than her, but they're fun! Let's see what happens... Birchy 18:26, February 5, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 2- Moon 2

Smokekit and her siblings were very playful from then. They enjoyed playing together, and talking to other cats. They grew bigger and stronger, but the leaves in the trees around Camp started to change colour, and fall. Skykit, Earthkit and Hazekit were excited, as they were to be Apprentices.

They went into the Clearing, running around and playing.

It was darker than the sunny days of Green-Leaf. The sky was a pale blue, with a constant cloud there. An icy wind ruffled their fluffy pelts.

"May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the High-Rock for a Clan meeting!" Hazelstar called. The kits raced to the tall, grey rock, which was next to the leader's Den. It had a smooth, thin ledge to the top, where cats would stand for a ceremony. Smokekit saw Roseblossom licking Hazekit's fur, as he squirmed in protest.

"We show that IslandClan remain strong by naming three new Apprentices. Skykit, Earthkit and Hazekit, please step up to the High-Rock," Hazelstar paused and waited for the three Kits to walk up. Hazekit bounded aead excitedly. Earthkit's head and tail were raised high, showing off. Skykit purred happily and followed them. "Skykit, from now on until you recive your Warrior Name, you will be known as Skypaw. Earthkit, from now on until you recieve your Warrior Name, you will be known as Earthpaw. Hazekit, from now on until you reciee your Warrior Name you will be known as Hazepaw.

"Amberflower, you are ready for an Apprentice. You will be Skypaw's mentor, and I know you will pass on your courage and determination to Skypaw. You will teach her the skills that will make her a brave Warrior of IslandClan. Windfall, you are ready for an Apprentice. You will be Earthpaw's mentor, and I know you will pass on your wisdom and strength to Earthpaw. You will teach him the skills that will make him a brave Warrior of IslandClan. Waterdrop, you are ready for an Apprentice. You will be Hazepaw's mentor, and I know you will pass on your speed and thoughtfullness to Hazepaw. You will teach him the skills that will make him a brave Warrior of IslandClan. "

The new Apprentices touched their noses to their Mentors, smiling happily. Hazelstar started to chant their names. "Skypaw! Earthpaw! Hazepaw!"

The other members of the Clan joined in. Their parents chanted loudly, and Smokekit joined in. "Skypaw! Earthpaw! Hazepaw!"

Hazelstar nodded and waited for them to jump from the rock. She left into her den. Smokekit turned to go and see Skypaw, but her parents and new den mates had already got to her. She sighed and turned to her siblings, who were already talking. Smokekit pulled some moss from a rock and rolled it into a ball, before carrying it over. She dropped it down and meowed, "Let's play Moss-Catch!" She meowed. Moss-Catch was a game they rarely played. You sorted into two patrols and had to get the moss ball to the safe-den, which was something in the clearing, while the other patrol tried to get the moss ball.

"Okay! Me, Petalkit and Icekit against, Dapplekit, Smokekit and Patchkit," Hawkkit meowed. They nodded and put the moss ball in the middle. "Our safe-den is the nursery entrence!"

"Okay, ours is the Apprentice den entrence!" Smokekit replied, standing by her safe-den with her patrol. "Three..."

"Two..." Dapplekit continued.

"ONE!" Patchkit meowed and they all dashed for the moss ball. Dapplekit was the fastest from the litter, and she reached it first, but only just. She tossed it to Patchkit, who was at the side of the other Kits. Smokekit ran up in front, and Patchkit twisted his head, tossing it to her. Smokekit started to run. Hawkkit was coming up beside her, when Dapplekit tackled him. Patchkit jumped at Petalkit and they giggled, fighting. Smokekit would win!

Suddenly, she was pinned to the ground. Icekit had pounced on her, and the moss ball tumbled away. She picked it up and ran the other way. Patchkit and Petalkit rolled into her. The moss ball flew across the other side of the clearing! Patchkit started to tussle with both of his sisters while Smokekit raced for the moss ball. She had to win!

Hawkkit jumped up and chased her, trying to catch her. They raced side by side, weaving in and out of the Clan members. Smokekit snatched up the moss ball and ran even faster. She saw Hawkkit trying to pull her back. She kicked out her back legs and dashed to the Apprentice's Den. Smokekit stopped as she reached the entrence, and dropped down the moss ball. They won!

"Hooray!" Patchkit and Dapplekit cried, as they ran up to her. Hawkkit panted for breath, walking over. "That- was- good- move- tired," He collapsed onto the floor, grinning. Petalkit smiled. "That was wicked fast!" She complimented.

"T-Thanks!" She meowed, panting heavily. Smokekit noticed that Hazelstar had been watching them from her den. She nodded to Smokekit, smiling, before turning to enter her den again.

"Come on, Kits! It's getting late now," Whisperwing called from the Nursery. They ran over into the den, walking to their nest. Icekit was coughing as she curled up. "I'm tired," She mewed, pressing into her mother's belly. Whisperwing licked her. "I'm not surprised with all that running. Sleep now. You can all play again in the morning."

Smokekit curled up next to Icekit, but she was already asleep. 'Weird, Icekit didn't run as much as me and Hawkkit, and we're fine now,' She thought, but she was too tired to bother anymore.

Smokekit was in camp clearing, but it was isolated. She looked in all the dens, but nobody was there. She ran to camp entrence and dashed through, but she came out into camp again.

W'hat?!' She thought.

"HELP!" She cried. A silvery figure padded in through the camp entrence. Her eyes were calm and glittered like a Full-Moon.

"Hush, little one. There is no need to be afraid," She meowed. Smokekit blinked, unsure, but she felt like she could trust this cat. After all, how often do you meet starry cats?

"I am Lightningflower, a member of StarClan. I've come to warn you of a danger. Beware a dark enemy, as the ice shivers, like a million stars," She meowed.

Smokekit frowned. "What?" But her dream turned into a darkness, and she started dreaming of being an Apprentice...

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Chapter 3- Moon 3

Smokekit was woken by a wail. Glancing around, she could tell it was night time because not only was the den very dark, everyone was asleep. 'Probably just a dream,' She thought. She closed her eyes again and curled up tightly.

"Yowwwwwwwww!" Smokekit's head shot up, scanning the Nursery once again. Silentwhispers was moving at the other side of the den. Hawkkit woke up this time too. He yawned. "What's going on?" He asked sleepily.

"Someone... Smallstep.... kits... coming," Silentwhispers breathed. Smokekit jumped up and dashed outside. The Medicine Cat's Den was in a little clearing, but the entrence was right next to the Nursery. She skidded and turned, running into the short tunnel. She came out in a little hollow cave underground. Smallstep's brown pelt was curled up in a nest in the corner. Lavendereyes, his Apprentice, was sleeping peacefully next to him.

"Smallstep! Hurry- Silentwhispers' Kits are coming!" Smokekit exclaimed. Smallstep raised his head.

"Wha'?" He meowed, yawning.

"Silentwhispers' Kits are comng right now. She told me to come get you," Smokekit repeated. Smallstep jumped up. "Lavendereyes, get the herbs please. I need to be there with her," Smallstep meowed over his shoulder, running into the tunnel. Smokekit turned to follow him, before seeing if Lavendereyes had heard. When the pretty silver she-cat walked to some rocks piled up, she darted down the tunnel and back to the Nursery. Smokekit saw that her mother was awake now, trying to get her siblings to go back to sleep. They were watching Silentwhispers quietly, their eyes widened.

Smokekit ran over to them, sitting beside Dapplekit. "Where'd you go?" She asked.

"To get Smallstep," Smokekit replied quietly. Lavendereyes rushed into the den, carrying various herbs. She dropped them beside the nest.

"Borage leaves, chamomile, raspberry leaves and honey," She reported. Smallstep nodded and looked at Silentwhispers.

"Stay calm, Silentwhispers, and push," Smallstep meowed calmly to the Queen. She nodded and birthed a Kit. She started licking it clean by rubbing it's fur the wrong way, to get them breathing. She nosed the Kit to her belly. She let out a quiet wail.

"Come on, Silentwhispers, again," Smallstep said. Silentwhispers cried out in pain, but started licking a second Kit.

"Once more, Silentwhispers," Smallstep urged. Silentwhispers obeyed and had her third Kit. She licked it clean once more, and led it to her belly, where it's siblings were already suckling. Smallstep sniffed them over.

"Three healthy Kits, Silentwhispers. Well done," Smallstep purred. "There's two she-cats and a tom. Congratulations."

Smokekit smiled, looking at the tiny Kits. 'That was me two moons ago!' She thought, tilting her head. She turned around to look at her siblings, but they were curled up and asleep. Whisperwing blinked.

"Come on, time to sleep," She meowed softly. Smokekit yawned and curled up by Icekit. "Night night, momma," She sighed, falling asleep.


Birds singing woke Smokekit up. She yawned and saw that she was the last of her siblings up. Hawkkit and Patchkit were walking into the Play Clearing, while Petalkit and Dapplekit rolled a moss ball to each other. Smokekit stretched and yawned, showing her tiny, sharp white teeth. She walked over to Silentwhispers, who was lying in her nest. Three Kits squirmed about in the nest.

"They're so cute!" Smokekit smiled.

"You were cute when you were this size," Silentwhispers sighed happily.

"Did you name them?"

"Not yet. I'm not sure. I have a couple of names I like, but I'm not too sure," Silentwhispers sighed.

"Well what do you want to name the tom?" Smokekit asked. The only tom was ginger with a brown ear, front left brown paw and stripes on his back.

"Well, Stormkit or Gingerkit is what I thought first."

"I like Stormkit," Smokekit smiled. She then looked at the two she-cats. The first was a grey tabby. The second was a grey Kit with lighter and darker grey flecks and spots on her back.

"I was thinking maybe Darkkit or Stripekit for the tabby," Silentwhispers meowed.

"Hmm... what about Sootkit?" Smokekit offered.

"Yes, I like that. And for the last Kit, I'll call her... Spottedkit."

Smokekit smiled, looking at them. They were small and fluffy. Their paws were tiny, and a cute pink nose on them all. Smokekit glanced at her chest and back. She was still fluffy too.

Smokekit sighed happily and walked away from Silentwhispers. Whisperwing was talking softly to Icekit, who was still curled up, asleep.

"Icekit, wakey wakey," She meowed quietly.

Icekit groaned. "I don't feel well," She meowed. She wrapped her fluffy tail around her, the tip sitting on her nose.

"Momma, why won't Icekit get up?" Smokekit asked.

Whisperwing sighed. "I think she's just tired out. It's hard work to keep all of you busy," She replied.

Smokekit frowned. "But, she hasn't even done that much. We're tired out when we run around, but she just sleeps."

Whisperwing purred. "Sleep while you can. The day you become Apprentices you'll be in your nest for as long as you can. I've had a break from it all, having you lot."

Smokekit purred and ran off to the Play Clearing. She hadn't been out here for a while, since she played in Camp. It was a circle of brambles with rocks on the floor. A tree stump was in the far corner, with ferns growing around it. Other plants were dotted about. A pile of rocks were by the brambles, and there was moss balls, small rocks and other things for the Kits to play with. Dapplekit and Hawkkit were play-fighting while Petalkit played with a moss ball. Patchkit was chasing a butterfly, and Smokekit leaped up, trying to catch the tempting bug. Patchkit grinned and jumped on a rock, trying to reach it. The butterfly flew up, escaping the grasp of the Kits.

"Oh well," Smokekit shrugged. "Hey, let's play Clans!"

Hawkkit jumped away from Dapplekit, wandering over to them. "Okay- I get to be IslandClan Leader!"

Hawkkit's siblnigs groaned. "You were Leader last time and the time before!" Patchkit moaned.

"Fine. Dapplekit, you be Leader," Hawkkit sighed.

"Okay!" Dapplekit's eyes lit up. She jumped on a rock, and looked at her siblings.

"I call Medicine Cat!" Patchkit cried. Smokekit giggled and jumped up. "I'm Deputy!" Hawkkit and Smokekit meowed at the same time.

"Leaders choose Deputies. First you need to be Warriors!" Dapplekit meowed. "I, Dapplestar, Leader of IslandClan, make you all Warriors. Smokekit, you're called Smokefoot. Hawkkit, you're Hawkbird. Petalkit, you're Petalflower. The Medicine Cat will be Patchkit, but you're called Patchfur!"

Smokekit grinned. "Who's Deputy then?" She asked, tilting her head.


"Wait, maybe Hawkkit-I mean, Hawkbird- Should be MountainClan Leader and Petalk- Petalflower," Smokekit corrected herself, "Should be MountainClan Deputy and there's a battle!"

Hawkkit nodded and ran to the tree stump, Petalflower following. "Charge!" He yowled, running at Dapplekit. "I'll bite your ears off, Dapplestar!"

"Not if I can help it!" Dapplekit meowed, jumping onto Hawkkit. They rolled around in the dust, laughing and playfully hissing.

"Come get me, Smokefoot!" Petalkit taunted.

"I will, Petalflower! YAAAHHHH!" Smokekit leaped at Petalkit, biting her ear. Aince their teeth weren't sharp enough to inflict pain, Petalkit giggled and pawed at Smokekit.

"Quick- Smokefoot! I'll heal your wounds!" Patchkit giggled. Smokekit ran away from Petalkit, and Patchkit ran into her, causing the cream and ginger she-cat to giggle and land against the tree stump. Patchkit put a leaf on Smokekit's shoulder and took it off, allowing her to go into battle. She started to fight Petalkit again, before biting her scruff. Petalkit fell to the floor, motionless.

"P-Petalkit?" Smokekit asked. Dapplekit and Hawkkit stopped fighting and walked over. Hawkkit lowered to his sister's face.

"I killed my own sister!" Smokekit wailed. She turned to Dapplekit, who was staring at her.

"RAWR!" Petalkit leaped up and pinned Smokekit down. She laughed and jumped up.

"Funny!" Smokekit giggled. They all fell on the floor, laughing.

"What's going on?" They stopped laughing and looked up, seeing Icekit at the Play Clearing entrence.

"We were playing Clans," Patchkit replied. "Wanna join?"

"No. I'm tired. You woke me up!" She shouted, storming into the Nursery again.

"What's with her?" Smokekit asked.

"I dunno," Petalkit replied.

"Come on Kits!" Whisperwing called from the Nursery. They all ran in, and their mother was standing by the Nursery entrence, Icekit by her paws, yawning. They walked into the Camp Clearing. An icy wind swept through the Camp, making every cat shudder and shiver.

"Brrr It's cold!" Patchkit commented.

"Stay by me, I'll warm you up," Whisperwing purred.

"Can't we go into the Nursery again?" Petalkit asked.

"I'm hungry!" Hawkkit mewed.

"I'm tired!" Icekit groaned.

"Why are we out here anyways?" Dapplekit questioned.

"Where's Daddy been? He hasn't visited for a long time," Smokekit sighed.

"Hush!" Whisperwing meowed sternly. "You can all sleep later. Stay right next to me to keep warm. It's time you started to eat Fresh-Kill rather than having milk. Then we can go to the Nursery and sleep with full bellies. Your father's been extremely busy hunting and patrolling. With Leaf-Bare coming soon, the Clan as much Fresh-Kill as possible."

"Oh!" The Kits nodded, understanding.

"You are three moons old now, and I expect you to have one piece of Fresh-Kill a day. You don't need more than that yet," Whisperwing told them.

"Well, if we were made Apprentices, we'd be able to hunt for the Clan!" Smokekit meowed.

"Yes, I know you would, Smokekit, but you have to wait three more moons. You'll become Apprentices when Leaf-Bare is just starting. Now let's get something to eat."

They walked to the centre of the Clearing. A circle of small rocks stood there, with Fresh-Kill piled up.

"Now, IslandClan cats eat all types of Prey. There's the moor Prey, rabbits and hares and mice. There's also the tree Prey, which is squirrels, voles, moles and various other things. We have marsh Prey, like frogs, rats and snakes, but they aren't very common," Whisperwing explained. "And there's water Prey, being fish, water voles and otters occasionally. Finally, there's sky Prey, which is birds from tiny little robins to great big eagles."

"There's so much!" Petalkit gasped, looking at the big pile of animals.

"Yes, I know," Whisperwing smiled. Skypaw and Earthpaw came into Camp, carrying some mice and birds. "We'll start with some fresh mice. They'll be nice and warm."

Whisperwing took three mice from the Apprentices, who smiled. She put them on the ground, and the Kits scampered up to them. Patchkit and Hawkkit took the closest of the mice, and started to eat. They started out slowly, with small, careful bites, and they soon started to eat it quickly.

"I like it!" Patchkit purred.

"Me too!" Hawkkit agreed, talking through a mouthful. Petalkit and Dapplekit took the smallest mouse, eating slowly and politely, though they seemed to enjoy it.

"Yummy!" The cried, eating more.

Smokekit pulled the last mouse closer. It was quite big, with a nice smell. Smokekit breathed in deeply.

Icekit walked up to her. "You first," She meowed. Smokekit nodded and took a bite. It was delicious! It was sweet and tasted a little like dull honey. She figured that the mouse had found some in the forest. It was warm and easy to swallow, so she took another bite.

"Try some!" She nodded eagerly to Icekit, who took a tiny bite. She scrunched up her nose but ate it anyway. She had another few bites, before curling up. "I'm full," She sighed.

Smokekit frowned. She hadn't even had a quarter of the mouse. Smokekit shrugged and ate the mouse. Whisperwing had finished a small rabbit and came over. "Come on, Icekit, you'll need your strength to play and work," She encouraged the Kit to eat more. Icekit took some more, eating it quickly.

"I have tummy ache," She grumbled.

Whisperwing sighed. "I guess mouse isn't to your style," She picked up the Kit by her scruff and carried her into the Nursery. The Kits followed, full and content. They soon fell asleep with full tummies.

Chapter 4- Moon 4

Smokekit sighed. She was bored. Whisperwing had to go hunting for the Clan, since the Apprentices were training and cats were out on Patrol. Silentwhispers was asleep, and her brothers and sisters were too. It was the middle of the day- how could they sleep? She remembered that they had been playing alot and stayed awake talking until Moon-High last night.

"Smokekit?" Smokekit turned around, seeing that Icekit had woke up. "Wanna go play?" Her sister asked.

Smokekit smiled- the old Icekit was back. "Yeah! Wake up the others. Let's go and play!" Smokekit nudged Hawkkit, who opened one eye. "What?"

"Let's go outside!" She grinned. They slowly stood up and stretched, yawning and blinking. They rushed outside and straight to the Fresh-Kill Pile. Smokekit pulled a huge rabbit from the pile, dropping it on the floor. They all started to eat hungrily. When they finished eating, they started to play Tag. Smokekit laughed and ran away from Patchkit, who was chasing her. Smokekit glanced over her shoulder and ran straight into someone. She fell back and looked up, seeing the face of Foxleap, a grumpy Elder.

"I-I I'm sorry!" Smokekit squeaked, jumping backwards. Patchkit had stopped chasing her, while the oter four watched anxiously.

"Watch where you're going next time!" He snapped.

"Oh, stop being such a Snappy-Snake," Heronwing meowed to him. Heronwing was sat on a rock, trying tp sun her pale fur. She was a kind, soft-hearted she-cat, and a young Elder.

"Oh, these are Swiftfleet's Kits? Well, never mind. Your parents were very good Apprentices. Let's hope you take a leaf from their tree," Foxleap's face brightened.

"Want to come and hear some stories, little ones?" Heronwing asked.

"Okay!" Patchkit meowed. The Kits raced to the Elder's Den, sitting in some unused moss. Frosttail was curled up in a nest. He looekd up when he heard them talking.

"Who's that?" He asked, swinging his head around. Frosttail was calm and kind, but he was blind and young. He was Wingpaw's elder brother, and would still be a fit, healthy Warrior could he see.

"Just some Kits ready to hear stories," Heronwing replied, tapping his shoulder with her tail to show she was there. He nodded and drifted back to sleep.

"Now, how about I tell you about The Rich River Prey?" Heronwing smiled. The Kits nodded.

"Well. It was many moons ago, when my mother was just an Apprentice. Her best friend was Waterpaw. My mother was Freepaw. They went training together, slept beside each other, shared the same prey. They were inseperable. One Leaf-Bare, Whitecough spread throughout the Clan. First the Elders caught the bad cough, after being caught in a snowstorm. It was passed to Kits, who visited the Elders for stories. The Queens got it from the Kits, and Apprentices from the Queens when cleaning the bedding out and so on. My mother, Freepaw, was one of the healthier cats. She kept the cold out, and along with Waterpaw, was greatly depended on to feed and defend the Clan. But with the snow, prey was hard to find, and the only meals were mice and the occasional snow hare.
"Waterpaw had a bright idea. The fish in the river would be plump and fat, and there would be many. But the river was frozen over. So they went out to the river and looked for weak spots to damage the ice. No matter how hard they tried, the ice remained on the river. But there were rocks up the hill. Freepaw and Waterpaw heaved the biggest rock and it rolled down, and broke the ice. The water ran over it and the river ran free. Fish leaped from the water, and otters swam out onto it. They caught many fish, as well as water shrews and water voles. They even managed to get some otters that had jumped to the water.
"Other prey that was around came here too, to get a fresh drink of mater. When they caught all the prey they thought would be needed, they had to carry about five fish and another piece of prey to get it all to camp. It took them ten times to collect it all. On their last go, they walked another way. A strong scent of catmint caught their attention, and they looked into a Twoleg garden. It was full of herbs! The raced to Camp and came to collect as much as they could. Arriving at Camp, they found cats just waking up. The Clan were astonished and praised them. They all ate rich that night. Even though they were only ten moons old, the elderly Leader, Flamestar, made them Warriors. Freeriver and Waterflow were respected Warriors. While Waterflow went on to be a Deputy, and soon after Leader, Freeriver moved into the Nursery, expecting his Kits. And when they told me of this story, I felt proud and held my head high," Heronwing meowed.

Smokekit and her siblings sat there, eyes and mouths wide open. "Wow," Patchkit breathed.

Heronwing smiled. "Did you like that story?" She asked.

"Yes!" They meowed, grinning.

"Well, okay, time to let us Elders rest now," She replied. Smokekit sighed and lead the rest of them out. They sat in the Clearing.

"I'm bored. What can we do?" Hawkkit meowed.

"Well, we could ask Wingpaw if she'd teach us some moves?" Dapplekit offered.

Loud chatter came from behind them. Wingpaw, Dustypaw and Thornpaw came into Camp. They were tall and muscular now, almost fully-grown Warriors. They were eleven moons old after all. Smokekit was about to run over when she heard what they were talking about.

"I got a rabbit. You?" Wingpaw meowed, looking at Thornpaw.

"A mouse," Thornpaw sighed.

"I have two fish," Dustypaw added.

"And if we're doing this much hunting and all we can find is four pieces of prey, think about how much the new Apprentices will catch. One or two. Three, if they're lucky," Wingpaw said, glancing at the pitiful pile of prey that was once toppling over. "Come on, Mousesqueak said we were battle training at Lowing-Sun. We haven't practiced battles for a whole moon."

The older Apprentices ran back out of Camp.

"I know! We'll go hunting for the Clan!" Icekit exclaimed.

"Yeah! That's a good idea!" Patchkit grinned.

"Shhh! If they hear us, we'll be Denned in!" Dapplekit whispered. Smokekit lowered to a crouch. She hated being Denned in. When Kits didn't listen to someone they had a punishment of having to stay in the Nursery, usually for a quarter-moon.

"But how can we get past Burntfoot?" Petalkit meowed.

"Easy. Two of us distract her while the others sneak off. Then the two split up and confuse her, and sneak out while she looks for us. Simple!" Icekit explained.

"Okay. Since Icekit thought up the idea, she can pick which of us have to distract Burntfoot. Go over there, Icekit, and we'll number ourselves. Then you choose two numbers," Smokekit meowed. Icekit ran to the Nursery.

"Okay. I'm number one," Hawkkit boasted, grinning.

"I'm three. I like that number," Dapplekit added.

"I'll be four. Icekit can be five," Petalkit meowed.

"Then Patchkit is six and I'm two," Smokekit finished. "Icekit! Choose two numbers!"

Icekit ran over to them. "Um... five and two," She decided.

"So Smokekit and Icekit distract Burntfoot. Good luck!" Dapplekit purred. The four Kits ran to the Warrior's Den, which was right next to the Camp Entrence. Icekit and Smokekit went up to Burntfoot.

"Hi, Burntfoot! Has Whisperwing come back yet?" Icekit asked the ginger Warrior. She turned to face them, shaking her head.

"Not yet. She's fishing downstream, which is by the border," Burntfoot replied. Hawkkit and Petalkit snuck down the tunnel.

"How about Swiftfleet?" Smokekit asked, watching Patchkit and Dapplekit creep by.

"He's due back any time now."

"Oh, okay. We haven't seen him for a while, and we just wanted to see how he was. He might have been eaten by a badger!" Icekit widened her eyes.

'She's great at pretending,' Smokekit thought.

Burntfoot laughed. "Swiftfleet can fight off any badger that comes a claw-length too close," She purred.

Swiftfleet then appeared through the tunnel, carrying two large rabbits. Burntfoot watched him drop the rabbits by and Icekit snuck past, running through the tunnel.

"Where's Icekit?" Swiftfleet asked, coming over.

"Um, she went to the Nursery. I think," Smokekit answered.

"Oh, okay. Burntfoot, can I talk to you for a second?" Her father askd. The ginger Warrior nodded and they went to the Warrior's Den. Smokekit ran through the tunnel and sniffed the floor. Her siblings were waiting in a bush nearby.

"Okay, we're out. Now, to the river!" Hawkkit cried, dashing intothe thicker bushes.

"Wait! Petalkit, catch up. It'll be safer for us to travel in two's," Smokekit meowed to her sister. She nodded and chased him. Dapplekit and Patchkit stepped out of the bush and onto the grassy meadow, which was dull. They ran through the tall grass, unseen by any cats. Smokekit and Icekit jumped over small puddles from the night's rainfall. They eventually came to the river. Hawkkit and Petalkit were already there, panting and looking around.

"We decided that we'll hide behind that tree until Patchkit and Dapplekit get here," Petalkit explained, walking to the large, twisting roots of the tall tree. She curled up under one which was making a loop. Hawkkit sprawled out in the nook of two roots, his brown fur the perfect disguise. Icekit curled up too, trying to get under a pile of leaves. Smokekit walked to a rock that was next to the roots, and layed behind it.

"Petalkit! Smokekit!" The faint mew of Dapplekit was heard. Smokekit curled up tightly. The faint thudding of pawsteps came by.

"Where are they?" Patchkit asked.

"I dunno," Dapplekit replied.

"RAAWR!" The four hiding Kits jumped out on their late siblings, laughing.

"Shh!" Dapplekit meowed suddenly, holding in a giggle.

"Let's fish!" Icekit walked to the side of the river, looking for fish. She stuck both paws in, trying to step on the silver minnow's tail. She hissed slightly when it swam away quickly, darting to the other side of the river. Hawkkit grinned and wriggled his rump, jumping to a rock in the river.

"Look at me!" He meowed, circling on the rock. He jumped to another. Petalkit giggled and jumped onto the closest. Icekit grinned and jumped to another rock.

"Wa-hoo!" She cried, but she stopped as a huge crashing sound was heard. The Kits listened, before seeing a huge wave of water come tumbling down the river. Hawkkit jumped to the other side of the river in time, but Icekit and Petalkit were stuck and were swept away. Dapplekit slipped and fell in too. Patchkit tried to pull her back but he toppled in.

"Oh no!" Smokekit cried. "Hawkkit, run as fast as you can downstream! Try and find a Warrior to help!"

Smokekit and Hawkkit sprinted as fast as they could to the bottom of the river. Smokekit closed her eyes, running smoothly through the grass. She beat the tide, and looked back. Hawkkit was some distance behind, limping.

"What's going on?!" Smokekit skidded to a halt, looking up to see Silverfoot and Whisperwing sat by the river, looking at her.

"Why are you-" Silverfoot started.

"No time! Dapplekit, Petalkit, Patchkit and Icekit are in the river. A huge wave came down and they're stuck!" Smokekit meowed rapidly.

Whisperwing let out a short cry. "Silverfoot, get that big stick we saw earlier. The waterfall is out of territory, where those Kittypets live. We need to stop them from falling!" She meowed, jumping onto a fallen tree that was firmly stuck into the ground, creating a path to the other side of the river. Whisperwing pressed herself down, her front paws and head close to the water. Silverfoot had a large branch, which he held out. The wave came crashing down. He dropped the stick against a rock and the tree stump and jumped to a large rock in the middle of the river, bigger than the stones Smokekit's siblings had been on.

Petalkit was swept along first, mewing and trying to swim to the bank. Whisperwing picked her up by the scruff and swung her across. Silverfoot then pulled Patchkit up from the water, who'd flown straight past. Patchkit stood well behind Silverfoot on the rock. Hawkkit must've tried to help Dapplekit, since he was holding her scruff and trying to keep her above water. Whisperwing picked Dapplekit up as Hawkkit clung onto the branch. Icekit was the last to come by, and she was slowly stopping her struggles, her head popping under. She was at the last of the wave, and the river was calm. Smokekit jumped in to help her, pulling her to a smaller rock which had just resurfaced. She pulled her sister to the side and dropped down.

"Thanks, Smokekit. I love ya," Icekit panted, and shivered.

Smokekit closed her eyes.

Chapter 5- Moon 5

Smokekit first woke up in a warm, cosy den with dry fur. She could feel the soft fur of someone beside her. She breathed in deeply, and recognised Skypaw's scent. She smiled happily and twisted over. Sudenly, the strong smell of herbs drifted up her nose, and she jumped up, breathing heavily. Smallstep padded over, sniffing Smokekit over.

"Relax, Smokekit. You're safe," He meowed reassuringly. Smokekit nodded and layed down again, pressing against Skypaw. She licked the Kit's ears.

"You've been unconscious for about six sunrises," She meowed. "Now I need to go and Train again. See you later, Smokekit."

Smallstep nodded to the Apprentice. "Bye, Skypaw," He meowed after her, turning back to Smokekit. "Okay. Do you feel cold, numb or dizzy?"

Smokekit shook her head. "Just hungry," She answered.

Smallstep nodded, smiling. "That's good. Do you have a sore throat or sore eyes?" He asked.


"Okay then. Lavendereyes is just sending Patchkit back to the Nursery and getting something to eat," Smallstep replied, walking to the herb store. He moved some leaves to a crack in the rock.

"Has Patchkit been ill?" Smokekit asked, tipping her head.

"Oh, no, he's been helping us out a lot. I suspect he enjoys it," Smallstep replied.

Lavendereyes padded into the den, carrying a huge rabbit. "It's cold out there!" She commented, dropping the rabbit. She glanced at Smokekit and smiled. "You're awake! I bet you're hungry. Come and share the rabbit."

Smokekit stood up and started to eat. Smallstep joined them and they finished the rabbit quite quickly.

"Can I go back to the Nursery now?" Smokekit asked.

"Alright. If you start to feel ill or numb, tell your mother or come see us," Smallstep meowed to her. Smokekit nodded and ran outside, to see the camp white. She stood there, stunned. A white layer of cold stuff was all around camp. Pawprints were in the cold white thing. She carefully walked back to the Nursery, where her siblings jumped up and dashed to her.

"Smokekit!" They cried, grinning. Whisperwing stood up and licked her Kit, carrying her back to the nest. It was full of extra soft moss, with reeds and feathers weaved into it.

"You're alright, my little one," Whisperwing meowed softly, bringing all her Kits close to her side.

"What's that white stuff in Camp? It's so cold!" Smokekit asked.

"That's snow. This Leaf-Bare will be harsh, if snow comes this early," She meowed, sighing. "And if you're to become Apprentices next moon, your training will be hard."

Then, Swiftfleet padded into the Den. He had two squirrels in his mouth, and he hurried to their nest. Hawkkit, Petalkit, Dapplekit and Patchkit started to eat one squirrel hungrily, while Whisperwing and Swiftfleet shared another.

"I already ate," She meowed to her family. She walked to Silentwhispers, seeing her Kits jumping up and at each other. They were still small, and very fluffy. They smiled at Smokekit.

"Hi, Smokekit!" They mewed, and continued playing their game.

"Hi, Silentwispers," She meowed to the Queen.

"I'm glad you're alright, Smokekit. How's Icekit?" Silentwhispers replied.

Smokekit frowned. "Icekit?"

"Yes, she hasn't come back at all yet. Whisperwing was talking about her with Lavendereyes just now. It seems that she's got Kittencough."

"Oh. I don't know. I'll ask. Bye!" Smokekit smiled and ran to her family again. They'd already finished their prey and were talking. Swiftfleet turned to his Kits and lowered into a crouch, purring and laughing. The Kits jumped on him, and Smokekit turned to her mother.

"Momma..." She started.

"Yes, Smokekit?"

"Where's Icekit?" She asked.

Whisperwing sighed. "She's in the Medicine Cat's Den. She's really ill, and I can't go see her in case I bring back the illness to you. Smallstep says she might have Whitecough," She meowed sadly. Smokekit licked her mother and smiled.

"She'll get better!" Smokekit grinned. She then turned to her father and jumped into him, clinging onto his back. He laughed as he was attacked by the Kits. He shook them off. "Okay! Okay! I surrender!" He laughed, stretching. "Well, I have to go now," He licked the Kits on the head once and licked Whisperwing's ear.

"I'll see you later," He meowed, walking outside.

"Come on Kits, it's time to sleep," Whisperwing smiled. The Kits curled up against their mother's belly, falling asleep.


Smokekit woke up, shivering. She opened her eyes. Her siblings were still asleep, but Whisperwing had gone. Smokekit jumped up and went outside. It was Moon-High. She followed her mother's scent to the Medicine Cat's Den, and went inside. Whisperwing and Swiftfleet were sat beside each other. Whisperwing was crying, and Swiftfleet licked her ear.

"It's okay, she's in a better place," He meowed softly. Whisperwingplaced her muzzle on his shoulder, and saw Smokekit.

"M-Momma, what's wrong?" Smokekit asked, padding up to them.

"I-Ice-," She let out another sob. Smallstep and Lavendereyes were sat by a nest, their faces grim. Smokekit walked up to the nest, and Icekit lay there. She nudged her sister, but her pelt was ice cold. She wouldn't open her eyes, and Smokekit saw that she was limp.

She'd gone to StarClan.

Smokekit cried and curled up next to Icekit's frosty pelt, pressing her face into the once warm and fuzzy fur. Now, it was prickly, and like ice.

"She- She's-" Smokekit cried, letting her tears dampen Icekit's dull fur. Swiftfleet picked Smokekit up by the scruff, walking out of the den with Whisperwing. They went to the Nursery where her siblings were waking up.

"What's wrong?" Dapplekit asked.

"Icekit- She's gone to StarClan!" Smokekit cried, letting more tears fall. Her sisters started to cry softly too, curling up beside each other. Hawkkit and Patchkit were upset, trying not to cry, but a few tears tricked down their face.

"The last thing she said to me was 'I love ya,' and now I can't say it back!" Smokekit cried. She curled up by her mother and siblings, and Swiftfleet layed the other side. She closed her eyes, trying to keep away the pain... when she suddenly felt like she was flying...

Smokekit was in a meadow, filled with snow. She looked around for someome, but nobody had been here for some moons. Suddenly, the familiar silver pelt of Icekit padded up to her, stars shining in her deep blue eyes.

"Icekit!" Smokekit cried, jumping forwards. "You're alive!"

"Smokekit, it's a dream. I- I'm in StarClan," Her sister meowed.

Smokekit felt a tear run down to the tip of her nose.

"Don't cry, Smokekit, you'll see me in memories and in dreams. Besides, I'll be safe and well here. But I have a warning," Icekit meowed.

"W-What?" She asked, blinking back tears.

"The ice has shivered as a million stars, and dark enemies shall appear. From the darkness stands a light. I love ya. Together," She meowed.

Smokekit smiled and meowed, "Forever. I love ya too, Icekit." And the dream shattered...

"Smokekit, wake up," Smokekit looked up, seeing Hawkkit standing above her.

"What?" She asked.

"You fell asleep. Icekit's being buried soon. Come on," They walked into the Camp. Opposite the Camp Entrance was a patch of grass. Snow had been moved away, and Icekit's silver body was lying there. Whisperwing and Swiftfleet were sat beside each other, behind Icekit. The Apprentices were crouched beside Icekit, meowing something, before walking away again. Wingpaw saw Smokekit and walked over. "Come on, to say your final Goodbye," Wingpaw meowed sadly. They walked over.

"Goodbye, little hunter, "Wingpaw meowed into Icekit's fur, licking it twice and standing back. Smokekit went to her motther and father, and licked Icekit's fur. She heard a faint whisper, saying, 'Together'

"Forever," She meowed, before sitting beside her parents. Petalkit, Dapplekit, Hawkkit and Patchkit were already sat beside them. Hazelstar came up to Icekit.

"Goodbye, Icekit. A true spirit and Warrior," She meowed, before standing back.

"Are you ready?" Swiftfleet asked Whisperwing. She nodded. Swiftfleet picked Icekit up and walked out through a crack in a rock. Whisperwing and the Kits followed, Hazelstar behind. They came to a small clearing surrounded by rocks. They stopped right outside, where a small hole was in the ground. Swiftfleet placed Icekit's small body in and sighed. They started to push the dirt back. Whisperwing picked a small daisy, peeking through the snow, and stuck it in the ground above Icekit. Hazelstar sat down and lowered her head. Whisperwing sat beside her. Swiftfleet nudged the Kits back outside and to the Nursery.

"Life has to go on. Your sister is healthy in StarClan, and someday, we'll all be reunited," Swiftfleet meowed. "Rest now. It's been a long night for you all." He walked outside, and back to the Burial Clearing. The Kits curled up beside each other, and fell asleep.

A.N. - Aww! This Moon made me cry as I wrote it. TeeHee 15:51, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

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