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Welcome to a healing world...

Smoke on Water
Author(s) Timberdash
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Before we begin

So, you're the victim that has stumbled upon my most-likely-not-going-to-finish-it fanfiction. I do want to finish this, but I will most likely be unable to stay interested in it, so please don't be upset if it gets canceled. Yes, this gosh-darn fanfiction is starting.


Leader: Flystar - mottled gray and black tom with a white mask of fur

Deputy: Yewberry - black and white she-cat

Medicine cat: Songflight - brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly


Smokepool - black tom with blue eyes

Weteyes - dark gray tom with amber rheumy eyes

Apprentice, Dewpaw

Oatspeck - speckled brown tom

Owl - gray she-cat with four ears

Apprentice, Treepaw

Rowanflame - dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Petalsplash -white she-cat with red splotches

Apprentice, Crabpaw

Milktail - silver she-cat with a white tail

Shadownose - black tom with yellow eyes


Dewpaw - very pale gray tom

Treepaw - mottled brown and black tom

Crabpaw - dark ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Hazelshade - black and white she-cat expecting Smokepool's kits


Blizzardpool - mottled gray and white tom

Ratfang - black tom with amber eyes and ragged fur


Leader:Applestar - dark ginger tabby she-cat with dark cream tips

Deputy:Bumbletail - skinny white tom with a long tail

Medicine cat:Icebird - once- pretty scarred white she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice, Seedfoot - gray she-cat with speckled legs.

Clearpool - pale gray tom with blue eyes

Apprentice, Skypaw

Twigtail - pale brown she-cat

Cherrysong - ginger tabby she-cat

Whitetuft - tall white tom with tufted ears and tail

Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Featherpool - tortoiseshell she-cat

Adderstrike - brown tabby tom

Flameshine - dark ginger tabby Tom with green eyes

Apprentice, Fawnpaw

Flipshade - speckled black she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Oakpaw

Wrenfur - gray tabby tom

Creamfrost - cream and white she-cat

Pearshine - speckled white she-cat

Maplesnow - white she-cat with ginger splotches

Leafclaw - brown and white tom

Apprentice, Solarpaw

Sloeberry - gray tom with pale gray flecks across his spine

Thornshine - brown tabby tom with green eyes

Flamesong - mottled dark ginger tabby tom

Apprentice, Bramblepaw

Whitestream - swift white she-cat

Willowbanch - pale gray tom

Goldenstorm - calico tom


Skypaw - mottled gray she-cat

Sorrelpaw - ginger she-cat

Solarpaw - golden tom with black tabby stripes

Bramblepaw - white tabby she-cat with twisting stripes

Oakpaw - strong white Tom with green eyes

Fawnpaw - pale brown and white speckled she-cat


Quailfeather - tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes(mother to Grasskit, a mackerel tabby she-kit; and Snakekit, a golden tabby she-kit)

Yewcloud - small ginger and white she-cat


Leader:Darkstar - white tom with a black tail and paws

Deputy:Dewflake - gray tom with white specks

Medicine cat:Greenwhisker - brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Rufflepaw

Ryesong - pale ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Rosepaw

Ottersong - brown tom with blue eyes

Apprentice, Snailpaw

Lightspring - bright white she-cat with dazzling blue eyes

Apprentice, Daisypaw

Oakbeam - well muscled brown tom with white stripes

Apprentice, Antpaw

Nectarsplash - white she-cat with yellow tabby splotches

Flutternose - toroiseshell she-cat

Morningsky - calico she-cat

Leafwing - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Finchleap - ginger tom with a flash of white on his chest

Woodblaze - dark ginger and brown she-cat

Whistlesong - pale gray tom Myrtleleaf - calico she-cat

Kestrelclaw - tortoiseshell tom


Rufflepaw - white tom with brown spots

Rosepaw - dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Antpaw - black tom with shiny fur


Flamescar - russet tom with a scar across his face


Leader:Swanstar - pale gray tabby she-cat w Deputy:Eaglewing - dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes

Medicine cat:Lichenwing - golden tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Shadepaw

Frostfang - black she-cat with a white muzzle

Jayfrost - gray and white she-cat

Lavenderbreeze - gray tortoiseshell she-cat

Mossshine - black, white, and gray mottled she-cat

Mothflight - tabby and spotted brown tom

Apprentice, Logpaw

Burnfoot - brown to with ginger legs Apprentie, Lynxpaw

Poolshine - white tom with amber eyes

Fawnskip - cream tom with brown legs

Quickflight - gray tabby tom

Gorsepetal - yellow tom with green eyes

Apprentice, Emberpaw

Logpaw - very dark brown tom with amber eyes

Lynxpaw - spotted dark ginger an white she-cat

Emberpaw - black she-cat

Shadepaw - small gray tabby she-cat


Rootshine - small calico she-cat(mother to Shinekit, a ginger she-kit)



6 moons ago

When you're running, you don't really care about the world around you. Well, that's only true if you are running from something. Thus was the case for Whitepaw of BayClan.
Why was he running? Because he had seen maybe just too much. Too much violence, too much blood, and if everything went correctly tonight it would really be too much for him.
He ran across the stream and into SunClan territory. Far away from everything he hated, where nobody could get him.
Whitepaw stalked through the forest for a while until he sat down and waited for a patrol. His thought filled with worries. If Flyface didn't win, if Petalpaw was forever alone, if Redstar had really been somewhat tame until now, and other thoughts until...
"Why are you on our territory, BayClan cat!" Whitepaw jumped in surprise and looked down at his paws. "Not anymore."
A subtle murmuring passed through the SunClan patrol. Whitepaw let out a breath of air.
"I want to speak to Applestar."

Chapter 1


Leaves crunched, a cat hit the ground with a sickening pound, and the other cats yelled in anger. But worst of all, the mouse was gone. Gone. All that time they had spent to find at least two pieces of prey, was gone.
"Oh for StarClan's sake! Did you have to look over your shoulder right then?"
Shdownose knew Weteye's angry mew had reason behind it. He didn't have to look over his shoulder to see Redstar-two. Was that even her real name? He must've forgotten. Again. Weteye's dark gray paw rounded over his ears."Pay attention to me!" Here came the scolding...
The response he got wasn't expected. Redclone, or whatever her name was, looked at him and said something.
"Stop listening to the elders, will you?"
Well, that wasn't expected. Maybe telling him something like she wouldn't kill the whole Clan in the middle of the night would be more reassuring but whatever. Weteyes let out a long sigh. "We're heading back to camp now. No reason to die of frostbite."
My fault, my punishment now. Shadownose padded slowly behind Weteyes and hopefully-not-evil-star. They were discussing something, clearly to be heard outside of his hearing range. The only thing they really told him when he asked was that he wouldn't be in trouble. But what did they mean exactly by "not in trouble?"

Authors note

Woa... So, this fanfiction is on the Top Content tab you can find on the home page or that bar that has allt he links to the rules and all that good stuff. Anyways, tbh I feel like I can make anything and it will instantly blow up in popularity. XD

Chapter 2


A moon, the salty breeze of Bay water, and an eerie feeling. This wasn't a place to be trusted. But, according to Licenwing, she was born here. Shadepaw shook her head, the cat would be appearing soon. The cat who carried fear. Or... Other's fear along with her.
A rustling in the shadows alerted Shadepaw as the black she-cat stepped out. "Please! Everyone but me gets to go to StarClan. While I'm trapped down here with... Them!"
For the first time, Shadepaw noticed other cats watching. A splotched cat, a tabby cat, and a a cats who's pelt seemed to be made of the night itself.
"I can't help you. I don't even know who you are!"
Her question wasn't answered. A hurt look spread across her face. Shadepaw felt her legs buckle from under her as she woke up


Weteyes had disappeared to Flystar’s den, Redclone, her new name, was waiting beside the rock pile, and Shadownose decided to grab something out of the fresh-kill pile. He grabbed a minnow and started gnawing util Flystar appeared. “Shadownose, a word.”
At once, Shadownose’s stomach lurched. Those words were never good news when coming from a leader. Reluctantly, he left his minnow and scrambled up the rock-pile into the leader’s den. Without preamble, Flystar began to speak.
”What has gotten into you? At first you’re an eager learner, ready to join BayClan. Now, after being fed stories about The Revolution, you mainly sit around eating and worrying if Petalsplash is going to rip you open.” Oh, so Petalsplash was her name. “Shadownose,” Flystar continued. “Pay attention! I need you to listen. Now, promise me you will start trying harder.”
”Sure,” Shadownose said half heartedly. “Alright, you are dismissed,” Flystar guided Shadownose out of his den, his tail on Shadownose’s shoulders. When Shadownose was back to his minnow, a certain air of uncertainty was filling his mind. Did I really mean what I said...?


Shadepaw felt a sharp jab at her side. Her mentor, Lichenwing, stood over her. The panicked expression on her face told her that Shadepaw would not like what was going on. Lichenwing led her to the entrance of her den, and Shadepaw’s eyes widened in horror.
What was going on wasn’t natural at all. The wind was so strong it would’ve swept her away, leaves were flying fast enough to hurt a cat, eagles were swooping over the attempting to snatch cats away, and the worst part was the smell. The smell of something not dead, but rather dying.

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