Let the sky fall,

When it crumbles,

We will stand tall.

Let the sky fall.

-Adele in Skyfall

I can remember the day that it happened. I was sitting with Nightbird, in SkyClan, my old Clan. Back then, I was not who I am today. I was Skyfall.


Before you ask why my name was Skyfall, living in SkyClan, let me tell you this- my mother was a loner. It had always been her dream to join- living in a Clan was the best thing that could ever happen to a cat, was what she said. Every time, though, she was rejected by Sharpstar. She kept coming back, and asking. Every time was a different excuse from him. The first time it was the Clan was recovering from the death of Leafstar- the second the Clan was in famine and didn't need anymore mouths to feed- the third time they were greatly wounded from a battle- the fourth time just a flat out "no".

Mother was a very determined cat, though. She kept coming back and asking. She was rejected by Sharpstar eight times- yes, I counted. Finally, my poor mother was on her deathbed, having been rejected the final time.

"Maple,"-that was my name then-"go ask Sharpstar if you can join SkyClan."

I was worried, but not suprised. "I can't leave you mother! You're... you're..."

She smiled, her lips at the end of her muzzle grayed with age turning up faintly. "About to die? Yes, I am." The smile disappeared. "Please, Maple. I'm an old cat. Take it as my last wish?"

I felt a lump appear in my throat. I wasn't really much of a crier, but me and Mother had a closeness unnatural for two loners. She was my world, but she wanted me to go, so I would do that. "I'll do it. Try not to die on me though, please." She actually smiled at my joke attempt. A tear trickled down her wrinkled, grayed with age face, and she gave a weak lick.

"Go, my little maple tree. But first.." I, already on my way out, turned back towards her.

She smiled at me. "If they accept you... tell them your name is Skyfall."


"Why should we let in a loner? For all we know you could be plotting to kill us all." The lithe deep gray tom glared at me hostilly. I held his gaze.

"Can I at least talk to your leader?" I asked, fighting to keep down my frustration.

The tom kept glaring at me, but waved his tail for me to come to him. "Fine. But if you try any funny buisiness I'll-"

"- kill me before I can say 'rabbit'? I know. You already said that four times." He kept glaring at me, but, nonetheless, led me into camp.

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