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{{General|original author = [[User:CplCrimp|CplCrimp]]}}
Sky Full of Stars/Main Page|Main
<blockquote>The following story is '''NON-CANON,''' an''' AU,''' and is rated '''MODERATE AND/OR WORSE.'''</blockquote>
Sky Full of Stars/Allegiances|Allegiances
[[File:Look1.1.png|centre|thumb|330x330px]]<blockquote>''The Warrior Code took moons to establish, but before it even became a thought, SkyClan lived in the forest territories and their founder, Clear Sky, led them.''</blockquote>
Sky Full of Stars/10|Ch.1-10
== Allegiances ==
<blockquote>See Here!</blockquote>
== Ch.1-10 ==
<blockquote>See Here! ''(Currently to Ch.7)''</blockquote>

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