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The Warrior Code took moons to establish, but before it even became a thought, SkyClan lived in the forest territories and their founder, Clear Sky, led them.


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This section contains allegiances as they are presented at the start of Sky Full of Stars, the above link will update as it goes on.



-Skystar - tall, pale, blue-gray and white tom (teal-blue eyes)

*-Apprentice: Honey Pelt - slim yellow-and-white tabby tom (light green eyes)


-Sparrow Fur - white she-cat patched with black and light brown (green eyes)

Medicine Cat:

-Acorn Fur - chestnut-brown she-cat (amber eyes)

Hunters (Warriors):

-Quick Water - dark blue-gray and white she-cat (yellow eyes)

-Thorn - thin, tall brown cat (blue eyes)

-Nettle - spikey gray tom (amber eyes)

-Star Flower - stout, pale yellow-and-white tabby she-cat (purple eyes split with green)

-Red Claw - ginger tom with a dark, reddish-brown back (yellow eyes)

-Blossom - fluffy, splotchy calico she-cat (yellow eyes)

-Birch - slim ginger tom with white rings around his eyes (light green eyes)

*-Apprentice: Dew Petal - stout, fluffy pale gray-and-white she-cat (teal-blue eyes)

-Alder - slim, sickly white she-cat dappled with gray and light brown (light green eyes)

*-Apprentice: Flower Foot - thin, tall, tan-and-gray tabby she-cat (teal-blue eyes)

Clear Sky's Group

(Cats who died before the official formation of SkyClan)

-Bright Stream - stout light brown tabby-and-white she-cat (blue eyes)

-Bright Moon - dark tabby-and-white tomkit (kit-blue eyes), Clear Sky and Bright Stream's kit

-Little River - gray she-kit (kit-blue eyes), Clear Sky and Bright Stream's kit

-Fox - tall red tom with a darker back (yellow eyes)

-Storm - gray she-cat with cream patches (amber eyes)

-Cloudburst - tiny, sleek, gray-and-white she-kit (kit-blue eyes), Clear Sky and Storm's kit

-Hurricane - big, gray, cream and white she-kit (kit-blue eyes), Clear Sky and Storm's kit

-Moon Shadow - tall, sleek black tom (dark blue eyes)

-Falling Feather - short white she-cat with a single black spot on her back (blue eyes)

-Fircone - tortoiseshell tom (amber eyes)

-Frost - white tom missing a leg (blue eyes)

-Petal - cream tabby she-cat (green eyes)

-Micah - yellow tabby tom (green eyes)

-Tiny Branch - gray tom dappled with light brown (kit-blue eyes), Clear Sky and Star Flower's kit


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