Sisters in the Stars. By: Blazey .

What it's about

So I decided to write poetry.It's my first shot, so I hope these aren't bad. These poems are about the story of sisters. There are lots of spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT. Below, you'll find a list of all the poems.

Le Poems *Spoilers*

Gray Willows : I think this is my best. It's about Graypool and Willowbreeze, the half-clan sisters in Crookedstar's Promise. 

The Lilly and the Seed : I love these two! This poem is about the life of Lilyheart and Seedpaw. 

Dove's Ivy: A poem about the life of Ivypool and Dovewing. 

Snowy Blue Fur: Can you guess?:)> It's about Bluestar and Snowfur! 

Poppies made of Cinders : About the two surviving sisters of Sorreltail's first litter. 


Brindle Frost: This one might be hard. It is about Frostfur and Brindleface. 

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