This will be pretty short, so five chapters, at the most.

Prologue - Sinner

The white tom glared at his paws, the blood matting his fur, staining his claws.

Then at the body he had rolled into the stream, slowly being carried away by the current.

Polluting a water supply was, in no way, dastardly.

Combined with the killing of the clan deputy, he knew it would amount to something.

"When I get to the dark forest," he vowed, setting his jaw firmly, "I will free you, father."

And so he would.

One - Saint

"Are you okay?" Swanpaw asked her mother, resting her tail on the elderly she-cat's shoulders.

Cloudpounce nodded, wincing at the movement. "Yes, darling. Just sore."

"Certain?" She asked.

"Yes." Cloudpounce mewed. "Go on now, I'm sure you have duties."

"At least let me take you to Sprucepad," The black she-cat pleaded.

"Alright," Cloudpounce muttered, rising from her nest of moss.

Swanpaw sighed as she examined it. "No wonder you're sore, the moss Storkpaw gave you is damp!"

Cloudpounce sighed. "Of course, I should have guessed." She mumbled.

"I'll speak with him," Swanpaw mewed, exasperated with her brother's incompetence.

Cloudpounce nodded, and Swanpaw guided her to the medicine den.

"What's wrong?" Sprucepad, the medicine cat apprentice, and Swanpaw's older brother, inquired as they shuffled in.

"Wet moss," Swanpaw explained.

"Storkpaw?" Sprucepad asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Of course," Swanpaw replied with a disaproving shake of her head.

"Sit down, mother, I'll get some herbs. You can go now," He added to Swanpaw.

The white-and-black she-cat bobbed her head slowly, padding out of the medicine den.

Her eyes scanned the camp, praying she wouldn't find Storkpaw skulking in a dark corner with Reflectionpaw or Hollowpaw.

He was with both, which was worse. Steeling her nerves, she padded over to the trio.

"Storkpaw," She mumbled, once she was withing earshot of the three apprentices.

The black tom flicked an ear, a sign of annoyance, and turned to face her. "What?" He snapped brusquely.

"You gave mother wet moss." Swanpaw said, voice stronger.

Storkpaw widened his eyes in mock horror. "Oh, no!" He sniped. "I guess I'll have to exile myself!"

For the first time ever, Swanpaw's temper got the best of her.

"Everyone in this camp wishes you would."

Two - Sinner

Storkpaw glared at his sister, then turned and stormed out of the camp, Hollowpaw right behind him.

Breaking into a sprint, the forest turned into a blur of brown and green.

Finally, he slowed, trotting into a grassy grove of spruce and oak trees.

Hollowpaw joined his, trying to stifle large gasps.

Storkpaw felt bad, he shouldn't have made her exert herself so much.

"Sorry," He muttered.

Hollowpaw nodded, "It's fine."

"Ugh," He snarled, once they were far from any other cats. "Swanpaw's such a brat."

Hollowpaw nodded. "Yeah."

Storkpaw glanced at his friend, the friend he hoped would be more than friends.

"I hate her," He growled, directing his thoughts to Swanpaw.

Hollowpaw brushed his muzzle with hers. "At least you have me," She purred.

Storkpaw smiled at her. "At least I have you."

She twined her tail with his, something she never did.

Storkpaw stared at her, and began to purr.

Hollowpaw joined in, and for minutes the forest rumbled with the tune of their purrs.

He finally fell silent, a shy smile on his face.

"I love you, Storkpaw," Hollowpaw finally murmured.

He licked her between the ears, purring. "I love you too."

Three - Saint

"Storkpaw!" Swanpaw cried as the black tom darted out of the camp.

She sighed, uneasiness bubbling inside her. She hadn't meant to sound so harsh!

"Swanpaw, can you collect yarrow for me?" Sprucepad asked, poking his head out from the medicine den.

Swanpaw nodded, eager to have something to distract her. "Of course. Where does it grow?"

"By the oaks." Sprucepad replied.

Swanpaw nodded, reluctantly padding out of the camp, in the opposite direction from where Storkpaw had gone.

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