Leader: Breezestar-huge silver-gray tom with green eyes

Deputy: Squirrelpounce-dark brown she-cat with violet eyes

Medicine Cat: Shellwhisper-secretive gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

APPRENTICE, Shiverpaw (small, nervous dark tabby tom)

Warriors: Cloudypool-small gray and white she-cat

Duststripe-gray-brown tom

Shineheart-white she-cat with green eyes

Patchlegs-black and white tom with amber eyes

Grayheart-gray tom with pure white streaks of fur

Gingerpetal-white she-cat with two ginger paws

Poolberry-dark cream she-cat with distinctive black berry-shaped spots

APPRENTICE, Daisypaw (pale gray tabby she-cat)

Apprentices: Shiverpaw-small dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, medicine cat apprentice

Daisypaw-pale gray tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes

Queens: Bramblepool-dark gray tabby she-cat (mother to Dandelionkit, Frostkit, and Birdkit)

Brightshadow-lithe pale gray she-cat with black patches (mother to Woodkit and Silverkit)

Maplefern-dark brown she-cat with green eyes, expecting Grayheart's kits

Elders: Flintdust-black tom

Petalwing-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Moose-muscular brown tom with blue eyes, formerly a rougue (retired because of deafness)

'Chapter One'~Morning

Silverkit felt sunlight smooth her chilly fur. Dawn was coming. She stretched, feeling the body of her sister cold beside her. Silverkit knew what this meant; she didn't dare say it out loud, but Woodkit was probably dead. She couldn't open her eyes, however much she wanted to help her poor sister. "Mama?" she mewled. "Are you're eyes open?" purred the friendly voice of her mother, Brightshadow. Silverkit strained to open her eyelids. The nursery looked very dark. "Silverkit, you're eyes are open. And they are a beautiful blue color," murmered Brightshadow. "Woodkit, look," she mewed, prodding her paw on her unmoving daughter. "Woodkit? Are you okay?" Woodkit didn't move. Silverkit fixed her deep blue eyes on Brightshadow. Although it was very dark, she could make out the lithe, lean shape of her mother, bending over the lifeless body of Woodkit. She had sleek, pale gray fur with jet-black patches that looked like shadows in the night. Silverkit bounded toward Woodkit. Her sister had short gray-brown fur like her father's, Duststripe. Woodkit's body felt colder than ever. "What happened to Woodkit, mama?" Silverkit asked, though she already knew the answer. "She's-" stuttered Brightshadow, her bright green eyes swelling with tears. "She's dead," her mother choked.

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