"What's happening to her?!?" A hiss came from the nursery as the gray tom crept in. He stood next to his apprentice and kept his voice low as he growled,

"We don't know, Cinderheart, for the last time!" The distrested queen glanced down at her two kits. Specifically, the silver one. She was shaking hard and saying weird things.

"Hazhabapka!' the kit groaned. Cinderheart stared even more worried at her kit.

"Alderheart?" The queen asked. Alderheart onlt shook his head and sighed,

"Go to sleep. She'll be better in the morning." Cinderheart only nodded. As the two medicine cats left the nursery, Cinderheart whispered to the silver kit,

"Whatever is happening, I hope it's a good thing." Then her eyes flew open Cinderheart yelped. What just happened. Then the kit mewed simply,

"I saw the rain." Cinderheart made nothing of it, until a few moments later. When it started to rain.


Dreamkit padded away from her mother. She made her way outside, getting stares from a few cats. She walked towards the elders, where she was always accepted. Almost everyone thought she was weird because of her 'fits'. The elders den she was a always accepted. By Graystripe, mostly. He always said she reminded him of Silverstream and Feathertail.

"Hello, yung on'. What'd you see last night?" Dreamkit shook her head.

"I saw-" Her throught closed up. Let me speak! I'll lie! She thought. Her throught opened up. "Sunny clouds."

"Heeeeeeeeeeey, Dreamkit." Her sister, Skykit padded in.

"Hi." She mewed throught her teeth. Everyone loved Springkit. Everyone. She was perfect and loved to play. Cinderheart always tried to make it even between the two of them, but was obvious she loved Springkit more. 

"Can you move, Skykit?" Everyone except Flamepaw. Flamepaw tossed away Skykit with a flick of his paw. Even Dreamkit had to feel sympathy for her sister.

"I'm gonna go!" Skykit yelped. Dreamkit scurried after her sister. Flamepaw was scary!

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