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Chapter One

My name's Silvermoon. I don't like to describe myself because I sould vain and self-centered, so I will say one of my Clanmate's words as a description.

"Your fur is like a beam of silver moonlight, striped with milky white and a delicate shade of dawn gray. Your eyes are blue like the ice on a clear winter lake. You are always groomed and sleek, like a swan feather. Your fur is silky and smooth, always flowing like a great banner around you. Your tail is long and thick, like a soft feather of a mother bird."

Toms constantly moon over me. I hate that. I spend most of my time around my soster, Dawnwillow. She is a bright gray-blue she-cat with gorgeous emerald green eyes that shine like the brightest of stars. She had three little kits, Darkkit, Scratchkit, and Windkit, whom I love like I would my own.

I never wish to have kits. I just wish to live a long life loyal to my Clan. I had one other sister, Sunaetshadow. She was a dark tan she-cat with chocolate brown eyes. Yes, I had two sisters and not one brother.

I was roused out of my sleep by Dawnwillow's smooth meow.

"Silvermoon, wake up you big oaf." She nudged me with a paw and rolled her eyes when I didn't respond. She jabbed she gently in the nose with a claw, in a gesture to wake me.

"Uhnnnuh...whaaaat?" I groaned.

She sighed. "Clan meeting. I think it's important."

"Meeehhhhhh..." I pushed myself to my feet, wanting to stay in the nest forever. As I padded outside with Dawnwillow at my side, I felt a strong feeling of danger deep in my heart. Outside, it was just past Sunhigh. Laststar was our leader; his parents had died when he was only the tiniest of kits, leaving him alone to survive alone. He had been discovered by a fox and taken in as one of the mother fox's own; very unusual for a cold-hearted-killer. Laststar was a dark brown, thick-furred, handsome, bobcat.  It was very unusual for a bobcat to live around where the Clans did so the old leader, Twigstar had gladly excepted his extra strength and cunning. And also, he was my father.  I'm half-bobcat, that's why I have such thich fur.  I took on a lot of my mom's traits and not too many of my father's.  I look like a normal cat to almost everyone. 

"Dark times have now veiled RiverClan." He began, sweeping his tail through the air sharply. He looked back and fourth around his assembled Clan, as if judging their loyalty.

The deputy, Scratchear (A tan tom, one of my biggest fans), spoke first. "What is wrong, Laststar?"

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