Here are some tips. 


When beginning the story, it must take thought. If you don't think of it, it will be pretty boring.

Also, if your writing a new series of fanfics, think of how the seris is going to end, or how many books it will have.

You may want to write some thoughts on a notepad. Ok, write this: 

Book Ideas:





(More ideas the better!)

Now, go three these and pick one out. Now, let's go the the characters.


When writing a Character, you must have them have a personality! They must have thought! They must not be like all the others!

First, think up the first cat pelt you can! Now, pick a good name for them! Then! Give them a gender.

Now, let's see what personality they have. For me, it helps to draw them first, then write to the side:






(Now, keep doing this until you have enough characters!)

3. 2. 1. GO!

Write your story! Just make sure you like writing it! It may take a few fanfics to do this, but in the end, it will be fine.

Now, have fun, {{{1}}}! Please post in comments how this helped, and the fanfic you made! If love to read it, and comment!

-SilverMoon 03:13, March 30, 2019 (UTC)

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