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By Silver


Hey there, all those who are reading this page! I'm just writing down a handful of poetry down. I mean, who doesn't like poetry? Well, I'm sure several of you don't, but nevertheless, I do. I enjoy writing it, reading it, and... well, that's about everything you can do.

All of the poems are "by" a character in the series c: Just a random idea I came up with, but let's get reading!

Please comment constructive criticism below! I greatly appreciate it!


"ABCB" Pattern

LOST by Fallen Leaves

The tunnels loomed

Before my eyes

They said it would rain

But I had to try

Paw padding

Upon ancient paths

Soon I would feel

The tunnel's wrath

Surging water

Sudden cold

Blacking out

It was foretold

Waking up

On foreign ground

I kept on wandering

Never found

Stunning green eyes

A murderer too

Black night pelt

She left quite soon

In the dark

Help me please

Don't get hurt...

I'm Fallen Leaves.

CLEAR SKIES by Clear Sky

Note: I haven't read Dawn of the Clans in a while, so sorry if I'm inaccurate on details!

A trail I followed

Traversing through

Mountains wide

And rivers blue

In the valley

We lost a bright soul

Taken by an eagle

Her death took its toll

And now I was weeping

The Bright Stream lost

The memory of her

Would never get tossed

Always she would be

In the back of my mind

Her ever lasting happiness

So beautiful, so kind

We found a forest

We settled down

Eventually we split up

The trees became my ground

My love turned to Storm

A gray she-cat

Until she died

My heart was shattered at that

I was still in grief

Rejected my son

They called him Thunder

He was just a little one

Anguish turned to determination

I would make my group strong

Why bother looking back

When the past was wrong?

Divided the groups

Sometimes I ask why

Did I make the right choice?

Am I still Clear Sky?

NO REGRETS by Mosskit

So cozy it was

Until we went outside

Freezing cold

My mother tried

We trudged through

The icy snow

My legs gave way

And I lied low

My heart stopped beating

Snowfur fetched me

Bluefur wailed

She was devastated, you see

Mistystar and Stonefur

A sister and a brother

One killed by cruelty

Achieved leadership did the other

I watched them from StarClan

No sorrows or regrets

That was my destiny

Where my pawsteps had been set

In the stars

Here I sit

Helping others

My name is Mosskit.

"AABB" Pattern

IN THE SHADE by the combined effort of ShadowClan

Hidden we are

Covered in scars

Pelts of night

Moonlight sight

Stealthy paws

Thorn sharp claws

In the shade we stay

Each and every day

You can choose

To win or lose

But as cats in the shade

We'll always evade

Injury we deal

Injury you'll feel

We'll leave with but a scratch

From our well-planned attack

We are lurking

Our plan is working

Ambush we will

Silent, so still

We are strong

Hear our song

From us you ran

From the ShadowClan

AS THE SKIES ROAR by the combined effort of ThunderClan

Sky rumbling

Storm tumbling

Fighting with claw and tooth

Now you shall see the truth

As the skies roar

And down the rain poured

We stood with might

Prepared for a fight

How dare you come

We'll call you scum

As we battle you away

This will make you pay

As the skies roar

The earth shaking to its core

We stand tall

The Thunder calls

Our battle cry

Roaring skies

Brute force

Storm takes its course

Now you cower

Can't withstand Thunder's power

As the skies roar

There's peace again once more

RAGING STORM by the combined effort of RiverClan

You taunt us because we fish

Now you will perish

Waves, wind, and rain!

Now you shall feel pain!

Raging, howling

Might you be scowling

But we've got you down

Pressed close to the ground

From the rivers and the lakes

We'll do whatever it takes

To prove you're weak

Victory we seek

Of the raging storms

Your fur'll be torn

We will battle

Through this rattle

Oh whatever it might take

By the time the storm's awake

You'll be away

"Retreat!" you'll say

Raging storm

In the morn'

Dusk or dawn,

You be gone!

Of the raging storm I say.

SWIFTLY AS THE WIND by the combined effort of WindClan

Paws a streak

Not weak nor meek

Fearless we are

Loping far 

On the moor

We're never sore

Tirelessly sprinting

Not relenting 

From the cats of the wind

We will send

You away

Never stay

For we can run

Swiftly underneath the sun

As quickly as the wind

Racing 'round the bend

The fastest cats

Now those are facts

As swift as the wind

Forever, till the end


SILVERPELT by the combined effort of StarClan

I just had to do my own version, haha. This might turn into a full length poem however.

We're in the stars, we see all

We are here, we heard your call

​​SQUIRRELS by a random ThunderClan cat a.k.a. Cloudtail

Chittering, chattering, oh it's real!

Meaty haunches, it makes a great meal!


A breath of fresh air, scents sing

The best medicine of all, birds' cry ring



Notice: I don't think it's too bad, but if you're highly sensitive to topics about bloodshed then skip over this :3

Talons tearing into my pelt

White tufts of fur I see

Flying out into the wind

A shriek of pain I let loose

I can't hear it

But the hawk sure can

Its claws tighten

My blood seems to stop

Red hot crimson

Flowing fast

A red raging river

Through the frosted fields

Icy blue lakes

Glazed in pain

They suddenly freeze over

The tundra collapses

Crumbling down

A single snowflake

A helpless life

Now only bloodstained snow.

I WONDER by Smudge

Note: Please tell me if you think this needs work - I think it does

I wonder

Where he lies

Out in those woods

Does he enjoy himself?

I sometimes think

I sometimes wonder

What would life be

If he was still here?

I wonder

If he's ill

Cold or hungry

Or lost in grief

Does he remember

The scent of a house?

I wonder if

He's found love?

Is he growing in a family

With daughters and sons

And nieces and nephews

But does he still remember me?

They call me Smudge

His name is Rusty

But now I wonder

If it's changed

I now always think

About my days with him

I wonder now

If he regrets his choice

A place in my heart

A place for a friend

I wonder, I wonder

If I can ever replace it again

Author's Note

All of the above poetry was written by Silver. I ask you not to steal it, because I maybe didn't worked hard. I hope you all gain pleasure from reading these poems! Please feel free to comment!

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more poetry to be written later when I get my tail off the ground

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