Silent Shadows is a story of Adderpaw, Acornpaw and Oakpaw, three siblings, and their life in WindClan, mainly as apprentices. Allegiances.


Three cats. Two options. One destiny.

Adderpaw, Acornpaw and Oakpaw are three WindClan apprentices. They are more than willing to serve their Clan, but a dark secret is looming over them that affects not only them but WindClan too, and the three must learn to conquer the shadow and guide their Clan through this dark time. But no one trusts three apprentices and Adderpaw, Acornpaw and Oakpaw must solve the mystery in secret... that might go beyond the warrior code.

Chapter 1

Adderkit stretched. Today, him and his siblings were becoming apprentices. I wonder who my mentor is, Adderkit thought. His father, Pinestripe, the deputy, licked his fur. "Whoever your mentor is, I will always be proud of you," Pinestripe told his son. Adderkit nodded. He looked over at his mother Snowstream. I will make you proud, Adderkit promised in his head. I won't let you or WindClan down.

"Acornkit! Oakkit!" Adderkit called to his siblings. Acornkit ran forwards eagerly, with Oakkit following more slowly behind. "Our apprentice ceremony is soon. We must prepare."

Adderkit rushed to the Meeting Rock, where Brackenstar waited patiently as the rest of WindClan was gathering. After the Clan was here, Brackenstar began to talk. "WindClan needs new cats to be able to hunt for the Clan and defend it, and StarClan has given us luck. We are gifted with three new cats, who will now become apprentices." He turned to face Adderkit and his siblings. "Adderkit!"

He slowly climbed up the rock, looking down at his mother, and waited for Brackenstar to announce his mentor. "You have now reached the age of six moons. Until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Adderpaw. Your mentor will be Maplepelt." Brackenstar looked down at the dark tortoiseshell warrior, who was stepping up onto the rock. Adderpaw shivered with anxiety, touching noses with Maplestorm. I promise I will be the best apprentice I can be, Adderpaw silently vowed. I will do the best for my Clan.

He stepped back, watching Brackenstar call out his sister's name. "Acornkit," the leader began. "You are old enough to start hunting and fighting for WindClan. Icewillow will be your mentor, and you will receive the new name Acornpaw." Brackenstar looked at the gray tabby she-cat, who touched noses with Acornpaw. The red-brown she-cat looked excited.

"And at last, Oakkit. It is your time to become an apprentice as well." Oakkit nervously stepped up onto the Meeting Rock, and Brackenstar kept going. "Your name will be Oakpaw until you become a full warrior. Your mentor will be-"

"Wait!" Oakpaw suddenly cried. Adderpaw jerked his head to look at his brother, the panicked Oakpaw. "I want to become a medicine cat!"

Chapter 2

Oakpaw felt eyes watching him. Every single WindClan cat, young and old were staring at him in disbelief. Brackenstar shifted his paws, while Pinestripe stared up at his son. Snowstream curled herself up, unsure what to say. Finally, Brackenstar spoke. "Ivybreeze. Have you received any signs from StarClan about this young tom?"

Ivybreeze shook her head. "No. But I would gladly take him as an apprentice." She smiled warmly at Oakpaw. The golden tom felt his cheeks grow hot, watching anxiously as Brackenstar continued. Please. Please let me become a medicine cat.

Brackenstar spoke after a while of silence. "Oakpaw. Is it your wish to become a medicine cat?"

Oakpaw nodded eagerly. I am not someone who serves my Clan with claws. "Yes. More than anything."

Brackenstar dipped his head towards the apprentice. "If that is your wish, and since Ivybreeze agrees, then from now on, you will be Oakpaw, the medicine cat apprentice." Oakpaw stepped up onto the Meeting Rock, touching noses with Ivybreeze.

"You would have to learn every herb in the forest," Ivybreeze told Oakpaw. He nodded. I will do anything to serve WindClan, He vowed. But I just can't fight and watch others die. It isn't my destiny. Oakpaw looked at his parents again, hoping they would approve of his decision. I'm sorry if I am a disappointment to you, Pinestripe and Snowstream. But as a medicine cat now, I will do my best to prove my worth to you.

Chapter 3

Acornpaw narrowed her eyes. "Crouch! Look as far as you can for any prey." Icewillow instructed her. Acornpaw dropped into a hunting position, scanning the moor. She spotted white flashing across the grass, leaping towards it. Is that a rabbit? Acornpaw wondered. In her hunting crouch, she launched herself at the target. I'll have prey soon, she thought. Acornpaw felt her paws land on the rabbit, but it dashed away as she attempted to grab it. She clasped air as the rabbit disappeared.

"It's fine," Icewillow padded next to her. "No one catches prey on their first try."

Acornpaw stared down at her paws. What if Adderpaw did? I remember Pinestripe caught lots of prey as an apprentice. She sighed. "I'll try another spot," Acornpaw meows to Icewillow. "I'll try and catch it this time."

Acornpaw padded near a small tree, crouching behind it, prickling her ears for any sound of prey. Please let me get something this time, she prayed. As she heard a rustling in the grass, Acornpaw crouched lower, her paws ready to pounce and leap onto something like prey. White fur dashed across her eyes, and Acornpaw scrambled up, clawing the rabbit. It fell limp between her jaws, and Icewillow padded towards her, eyes shining with pride and surprise. Acornpaw puffed out her chest proudly.

"Well done!" Icewillow meows. "You are indeed a fast learner. You will be made a warrior in no time! Acornpaw slightly blushed with embarrassment.

"I missed it on the first try," Acornpaw mumbled. "Two pieces of prey is always better than one. I wish I had gotten that rabbit as well..."

"I'll take it back to camp," she continued. "I'll meet you by the rock to continuing hunting." Acornpaw padded towards camp with a limp rabbit between her jaws.

"You've caught prey already!" Mudfire praised Acornpaw. She dipped her head.

"Good job, Acornpaw!" She sees Brackenstar looking in her direction, smiling. Acornpaw dropped the rabbit in the prey pile.

"Thanks," Acornpaw muttered. She sees Brackenstar talking with Aspenfrost and Lionflame. Thank you, StarClan, for this prey, Acornpaw thought. I would do my best to feed my Clan.

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