Tawnypaw would sniff the air, where was all the prey? Hey skinny frame and the snow coated trees would show that it was leafbare. She’d call over to her sister, Amberpaw “Smell anything?” Amberpaw would reply with, “No, how about you?” “Hmm..” Tawnypaw would pause to scent the air once more, and smell a mouse! “Yes!” She’d hiss quietly, “Over there!” Tawnypaw would point with her tail to a mouse, around two tail-lengths ahead of her. Tawnypaw would drop into the hunting crouch, and stalk quietly towards the mouse. But, she was so intent on catching the mouse, she hadn’t noticed the twig nearby, and she would step on it, breaking it and alerting the mouse, causing it to panic and scurry towards a nearby bush. Tawnypaw wouldn’t let that happen, and she’d pounce towards the mouse. She’d have misjudged the distance, and overjump. “Tawnypaw! Look out” Amberpaw would mewl loudly. But it was too late. Tawnypaw would have landed right in the middle of the Thunderpath! Tawnypaw would realise this, and panic as a monster approached at high speed. She’d start to run towards the edge of the Thunderpath. She would have managed to get mostly off the Thunderpath, but not fully, her back legs would be glanced by the monster. An excruciating pain would overcome Tawnypaw, and she’d yowl in pain, half-blinded by the tears. She’d manage to stagger off the Thunderpath, but then black out.

Chapter 1

The loud chirping noises of the birds echoed throughout the camp. That echo would continue on and on, waking the kit up. She’d look around, her sister Amberkit was still sleeping. So, the kit would nudge her sister playfully. Amberkit would sit up immediately, shocked. “Who nudged me?!” The kit who had woken up her flame coloured sister meowed happily,”Calm down Amberkit! It’s only me” Amberkit would sigh, irritated, “Tawnykit! Please stop scaring me! You know I don’t like it” “Sorry Amberkit!” Tawnykit would meow cheerfully, “I’m just super excited!” Tawnykit would then realise that Amberkit was smiling but also crying, “Hey you okay?” “Yeah.. just super tired..” Amberkit would reply. “Oh okay!” Tawnykit would meow,”You can go back to sleep if you want.” “No thanks! I mean you already woke me up now so there is no point” Amberkit would mew tiredly. “That’s true..” mewed Tawnykit,“Wanna go outside?” “Yeah!” Amberkit would reply, all her energy restored, “Race you to the freshkillpile!” “Okay! Your on” Tawnykit would meow, running off as fast as she could, but Amberkit was faster than her, and was he first to the freshkillpile. Tawnykit would be panting a bit, she didn’t like to run too much,“Good race!” “Yeah! It was close!” Amberkit would meow back.

  • •To be continued•*
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