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Warriors Fanfiction

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This is a work in progress by Feathercloud497 (former username StalkingFox1). No other edits allowed unless with permission.

Author’s note

This page was created because I have recently found out I like writing about evil. If you like stories where villains succeed, please go on ahead.


Marshstar looked around at the battle before him.

The Skulls, a group of rogues who have been living at the edge of Clan territory, invaded their camp not long ago and started killing them off one bye one.

Marshstar spotted his daughter, Shimmerbreeze, struggling to free herself from a one-eyed ginger tom. “Shimmerbreeze! i’m coming!” He yowled and launced himself into the fray. But it was too late. Shimmerbreeze was already dead. “no” Marshstar choked out and stood by his daughter’s body. “Don’t be dead Shimmerbr”- Marshstar was cut off by someone calling “help!” He turned around and raced into the nursery, where the sound was coming from. Two rogues were pinning Spottedfern and Kinkedfoot down while a third gathered up Kinkedfoot’s kits and was carrying them off. Marshstar prepared himself to lunge, but a voice stopped him.

“if it isn’t the leader who couldn’t keep his clan safe” Skull’s leader, Snake, whispered into his enemy’s ear. “let my cats go or ill tear you to pieces” Marshstar growled, but the brown tabby tom didn’t react. Instead, Snake took a step back and leaped for Marshstar’s neck, claws unsheathed. this is it Marshstar thought. this is it

But suddenly a gray-and-white blur slammed into Snake, knocking him off balance. “Marshstar, run!” ShadowClan’s deputy, Hazelfur, screeched.

Marshstar watched in horror as Snake bit down on Hazelfur’s neck, them tossed her body into a clump of ferns. Then he grabbed an unconscious Hawkflight and started to drag the warrior away from the battle. Marshstar was ready to go after him, but he stopped. They’ve won he thought. I should retreat and gather up my Clan while i have the chance. “ShadowClan, retreat!” he called, and without a backward glance spun around and raced away from his home in defeat.

Chapter One - The Beginning

Snowkit bounced around her den in excitement. Today she and her littermates were becoming apprentices! The white kit turned and around and impatiently waited for her mother, Berrywish, to finish grooming her brother Cloudkit. “Berrywish the ceremony in starting!” she said. “lets go!”

“Snowkit,” Berrywish said, “You have a leaf in your fur. a leaf. when i’m done with Cloudkit ill groom you and then we’ll go” “but-“ Snowkit began.“no buts” Berrywish said. Then a new voice spoke. “they both look fine, Berrywish.” The kits’ father, Applefoot, came into the den. “father!” Snowkit squeaked and ran into him, butting her against his legs. “Woah there!” he said. “hi my little warrior. Ready for you big day?” he asked. “yes! Snowkit replied”

“yes! Cloudkit said, wiggling out of his mother’s grasp and racing to join Applefoot. “then lets go.” The brown tom gathered up his kits and herded them outside.

The whole Clan was gathered up by the Highrock. Emberstar sat up at the top, with his deputy Willowwish at the bottom. Snowkit’s other littermate, Palekit, was sitting near the front, his head held up high. Snowkit and Cloudkit ran up to greet him, knocking him over and engaging in a friendly tussle. “stop it, you three,” Berrywish pried them apart and sat with Cloudkit on the right of her and her other two on the other side. Palekit gave Snowkit a quick cuff around the ears before looking up at Emberstar, who began to speak.

“As we all know, Berrywish’s kits have now reached six moons old and are here to recieve there apprentice names. StarClan grants that these three will grow up to became strong and skilled warriors, the ones who we will all be proud of. Snowkit, Cloudkit, and Palekit stand up here.” The three kits stood up and started at the bright ginger tom, who looked back at them with calm green eyes. “Cloudkit, until you recieve your warrior name, you will be called Cloudpaw. Nutshine, i trust you will pass on your many skills to Cloudpaw.” Snowkit watched as her brother touched noses with the golden-brown she-cat. I wanted to get Nutshine as my mentor she thought. Nutshine was the most recent warrior, and had already proved herself to be quick-witted and brave. She had always given the kits the freshest moss and the juciest prey. Snowkit jerked herself out of her thoughts and watched at Emberstar named Cavesplash as Palepaw’s mentor, and them it was her turn. “Until you become a warrior, Snowkit, you will be called Snowpaw. Rockfur, you are in charge of Snowpaw’s training from now on. Teach her all that she will know, so she will become a fine warrior.” Snowpaw walked over to the black tom and touched noses with him. Happiness surged up inside her. She got the leader’s brother! Rockfur was an experienced warrior and once drove of a badger all by himself. Snowpaw flashed her brothers a triumphant look and saw them gaping at her, mouths wide open.

“come on, Snowpaw” Rockfur said. “we’re going to explore the territory today.” “Are Palepaw and Cloudpaw coming?” the white she-cat asked. “no” her mentor replied “they’ll probably start with repairing the elders’ den. It got pretty messed up during that storm last night.” he said. Snowpaw couldn’t hide her excitement. with a small squeak, she followed her mentor out into the forest, ready for anything.

Chapter Two - One Is Gone

Larkpaw followed her mentor into Fourtrees. A full moon was shining up ahead, promising her that this Gathering would be peaceful. she raced into the clearing surrounded by the four greats oaks and looked around.

All the other Clans are here she thought except for ShadowClan. But they’d come in their own time. The black she-cat walked over to where the apprentices usually hung out. Her littermates Minnowpaw and Leafpaw followed behind, chattering about that massive squirrel Leafpaw had caught the other day. Larkpaw sat down next to some small apprentices she hadn’t seen before.

“hello,” she said “is this your first gathering?” “yes” one of the apprentices, a white tom, replied. “my name’s Cloudpaw. My littermates are Palepaw and Snowpaw.” Cloudpaw nodded to a tom and a she-cat who sat beside the white tom. “This is our first gathering,” Snowpaw said. “Well then, welcome!” Larkpaw said. Snowpaw beamed at her.

“my name’s Larkpaw, and im from RiverClan” Larkpaw said. She began to say something, but was interrupted by her leader Koistar.

“ShadowClan’s not here” Koistar began, “But we will start anyways. They’ll join us soon, I’m sure. Marshstar has never been late, and he won’t want to start now.” Koistar stepped back and let Grassystar speak. “WindClan is doing well” Grassystar said “all our apprentice training is going well, and Softcloud’s kits will be born any day now.”

The WindClan leader dipped her head to Emberstar, who announced new apprentices. “Snowpaw! Palepaw! Cloudpaw!” the clans cheered. Larkpaw joined in, and caught Cloudpaw’s eye. The young tom looked shyly at her, then darted his head in the other direction. After the cheering died down, the leaders jumped off the rock and led their Clans home.


“All the cats old enough to swim the rapids, gather around the Clanrock for a Clan meeting!”

Larkpaw blinked sleep from her eyes and exited her den, shaking scraps of moss off of her fur. the black she-cat took a spot by her brother Eaglepaw near the back of the crowd. “What do you think this meeting’s all about?” Eaglepaw asked her. “No idea,” Larkpaw replied. “Maybe”- “Shh!” Fishleap said, glaring at them. “The meeting started.”

“As you all know, ShadowClan didn’t show up for the gathering” Koistar said. “And for the past few days, their border has remained unmarked, and no one has seen any of their warriors. I will lead a patrol to find out what happened. Thymeflower, Fallowstream, Larkpaw, and Stempatch will come with me. Grassystar and Goldfringe will meet us at the border. Smallstream will be in charge until we get back.” with a flick of her tail, Koistar jumped off the rock, ending the meeting. “You’ll tell me all about it, right? Eaglepaw whispered to her. Larkpaw nodded and joined the rest of her patrol. Once all the selected warriors were there, Koistar led them out of the camp and to ShadowClan’s territory.

Larkpaw stared in horror at the scene in front of her. Blood was everywhere, dens were shredded, and the scent of rogues reeked everywhere. Bodies were on the ground too. Larkpaw walked over a small body. Deerpaw. Larkpaw closed her eyes in grief. Deerpaw had been her best friend outside the Clans.

“Over here!” Larkpaw turned and headed over to clump of ferns where Goldfringe was standing. The deputy reached in and pulled out a body sodden with blood. “Hazelfur” she said sadly. They all stared in shock at the body. Hazelfur was one of the best warriors in the forest. Larkpaw remembered when she and Leafpaw had snuck out of camp as kits, they had gotten lost in ShadowClan’s territory. A large snake found them and would have eaten them if Hazelfur hadn’t killed it. Larkpaw dipped her head. The sight here was too much for her. She angled her ears to listen on what Grassystar and Koistar were saying.

“We need to find out what happened. ShadowClan, the largest and most fearsome Clan, was just driven away” Koistar said

“Yes” Grassystar said. “First we should try and find them. There aren’t enough bodies that the whole Clan died.”

Koistar nodded her agreement “about the bodies” the white-ginger-and-gold she-cat said, “we should do something about them. We can’t just leave them here”

“there’s a big open space in our territory” Goldfringe interjected. “its prey-poor, but has a small stream and tulips growing all around. Grassystar, do you know what I mean?”

Grassystar nodded “We’ll bury them there. Tomorrow I’ll have my warriors work on it”

“I’ll send some of mine over” Koistar told Grassystar.

Hopefully not me Larkpaw thought. The scene was too gruesome for her to handle it.

“When ThunderClan gets word, I’m sure Emberstar will help” Goldfringe informed. “For now, we should head home and strengthen our borders. Whatever came for ShadowClan might be coming for us next. We must all be on alert”

The other leaders agreed, and the cats headed to their camps.

“Hey Larkpaw! what happened our there? You look like you just saw a ghost” Eaglepaw asked her as she returned to camp. But Larkpaw couldn’t answer him right now. She ran into the apprentices den and plunged into her nest, waiting for sleep to overtake her.

Chapter Three - Captured

Irispaw got up from her nest and stretched, looking at the moon shining above the den. She silently creeped out and snuck out of camp without Waspheart noticing her. She loved doing midnight hunts, going after moles, bats, and other nighttime creatures. Tonight Irispaw headed over to the small grove of aspen trees at the corner of their territory. But before she got there, the apprentice heard a strange rustling in the bush. The black-and-white she-cat crept closer. Suddenly, a huge one-eyed cat slammed down on her, his ginger fur pressing into her face that Irispaw couldn’t breathe. She troed to get up, but the weight was too much. Eventually the ginger cat released her, but still kept one big paw on her throat. Irispaw could see a little bit better. The one-eyed tom, along with a silver tom and a young black she-cat, had her surrounded. They smelled like rogues. a group.

“let me go!” Irispaw squeaked, thrashing and trying to make the ginger tom let go. The silver cat glare down at her. “what’s a pretty scrap like you doing out here?” “I was hunting!” Irispaw replied. “hunting? But you look barely over a moon.” the black cat teased. “Trout, Shadow, what should we do about this trespasser.” The one-eyed rogue hissed to his companions.

“it’s WindClan’s territory.” Irispaw stated, but the silver cat bent down to hiss in her ear “Not anymore.” Lifting his head, he told the big rogue “We take her hostage.” “we kill her” The other cat replied, unsheathing her claws. “c’mon Ginger, lets do it!”

Ginger thought about it, then nodded to Trout, before picking Irispaw up by the scruff. Irispaw struggled, but was no match for him as he slammed her against a tree and all went black.


Irispaw woke up in a small den. No light shone anywhere, the place was dark and stank. “where am I?” Irispaw whispered into the darkness. “oh sweetie” a voice responded. The apprentice turned around to see a tortoiseshell she-cat, Dapplestone of ShadowClan

Chapter Four - Evil

Shadow walked down into the cave that led into the prisoners’ den. The she-cat held two frogs by the legs, which would be the prisoners’ meal for the day. Shadow didn’t know why their were so many prisoners. The ShadowClan cats could rot, as far as she was concerned.

The black rogue passed Mallow and Starling, who were sitting guard. With a quick nod from them she dipped inside the den. Soggy old nests full of maggots lined the corner, where two cats were sleeping. A few more were gathered around a young black-and-white she-cat. Shadow approached her, and looked at how shiny and clean her fur looked, how well-fed she was. Not for long now. Shadow set down the frogs and gave the newbie a sharp scratch to ear, just because she felt like it. The she-cat cried in pain and hunched behind a tortoiseshell, who stood protectively over her. Shadow was about to leave when she noticed something. a pale gray she-catvwas standing above an old, grizzly, patchy ginger tom, whose breath stank of sickness and rot. Shadow picked the old cat up by his scruff and dragged him out. “Wait!” The pale gray she-cat said. “Wait! He’s alive! Stop!” But Shadow ignored her.

The black she-cat dropped the old ginger cat at carrion-dump. The carrion dump was a flat wasteland at the edge of the Skull’s terriroty. Rotten prey and bodies lay strewn, where hawks would frequently get a meal. Shadow left the cat their and was about to leave when a sharp claws dug into her fur. An eagle was carryong her up, off the ground. Shadow screeched and tries to twist around to claw at the eagle, but it was too strong. this is it

A striped brown-and-white cat hid from the branch of a tall pinetree. She jumped off the branch and on the eagle’s back. The eagle cried out and started flapping wildly, shaking the cat off its back. But it dislodged itself enough Shadow could rake a paw across its face, cashing it to drop her. She landed on the ground, winded, and watched as her littermate Sky leaped for the eagle, pouncing on it’s wing and holding on. Shadow tried to get up but fell back down. The eagle’s wing was being torn off by Sky’s claws while Sky bit it’s shoulder. The eagle screeched loudly and twisted, causing Sky to fall off. It dove for Shadow again, but a pale brown blur swiped at it’s claws, hissing. A dark brown tom and a yellow tom jumped kn the eagle, biting it’s throat and causing it to fall, dead. “That’s what you get for messing with the Skulls!” The yellow tom, Grasshopper, shouted at it before taking a bite.

”Are you ok?” Sky asked Shadow, a concerned look on her face. “I’m fine!” Shadow snapped at her. “I was doing fine until you showed up!” Sky flinched and Shadow shot her a glare. At this rate, she’ll be kicked out Shadow thought to herself I would like that very much. Sky was already being too nice to everyone.

”Are you sure?” Sky pestered her “I could ask Mossy or Whisper to look at it?” “That’s against the rule” Shadow snapped. “Now go bring the eagle, lets get back to base” She ordered. Looking hurt, Sky scampered back to where the big bird up and struggled to pick it up, but no one bothered to help her. Shadow flashed a triumphant glance at her sister and led the way to base

Chapter Five - The Fight

“Attack! Roll! Duck! Swipe! Duck!”


Snowpaw ducked Cloudpaw’s attack and rolled to the side, hissing. Cloudpaw ran towards her, and with claws sheathed batted her ear, Nutshine egging him on. “Snowpaw, trip him!” Snowpaw jumped back and stuck her paw out, causing her brother to fall flat on his face. “You ok?” Snowpaw asled him. “I’m good” He responded.

“That’s enough for today” Rockfur said. “You both did good” Nutshine purred. Then, with a sweep of her tail the golden-brown warrior led Cloudpaw away. Rockfur headed the other direction, beckoning Snowpaw to follow.

A thrush nibbled on a seed, perching on an oak foot. Snowpaw instantly crouched down and creeped forward, pressing her paws on the ground as light as possible. The bird was too focused on the seed and didn’t stand a chance against it’s hunter, who sprung forward and bit down on its neck. The bird fell limp. Proudly, Snowpaw showed it too her mentor. “Very good” he praised. The black tom was about to say something when a screech was heard in the distance. The two cats stood still, and then they heard another one. Without a word Rockfur sped through the tree, Snowpaw in pursuit

They emerged in a clearing by the WindClan border. WindClan’ warrior were locked head to head in a battle between rogues. And it looked like WindClan was losing. Multiple bodies were sprawled out in the clearing, they could be dead or alive. Snowpaw spotted a black apprentice struggling to overpower a blue-gray tom. Rockfur hissed, “Stay here” To Snowpaw before leaping into the battle. Snowpaw watched her mentor in pride as he pushed the black apprentice’s attacker away and clawed his flank, sending the tom fleeing into the bushes. He’s so strong! Snowpaw thought. The black warrior jumped on a splotchy gray brown and white she-cat, pinning her to the ground and scratching her face. That ought to leave a mark Snowpaw thought happily. Rockfur was about to strike again when suddenly a pale brown cat tackled him. The two rolled on the ground in a hissing blur of claws and teeth, until the pale cat ended up on top. Rockfur kicked his belly hard, sending him flying, but more cats donverged on him. Snowpaw couldn’t see what was happening, but watched as the cats pinned down a battered and dazed Rockfur. One of the rogues nipped at his throat, and Rockfur fell limp. Snowpaw gasped in shock. No one could beat Rockfur.

Her gasp attrached the cats below. A white rogue with brown stripes ran up the slope towards her. Snowpaw ran, the cat close behind.

I must lose this cat!

Chapter Six - The Worst Gathering

Nothing had gotten better since that day where Larkpaw saw the ShadowClan camp.

The scene stuck in her mind. The blood, the bodies, they never left her. It distracted her from training. From listening. From everything. And it clutched Larkpaw closely as she followed her Clan to the Gathering. The last one bad. Hopefully this one would be better.

“Larkpaw! Come on!” Larkpaw realized her Clan was waiting for her at the edge of the island. Embarrassed, she scurried into Fourtrees and joined Her mentor. “Honestly, I don’t what had gotten into these past few days” Fallowstream said. Larkpaw ducked her head and sat down besides him. Koistar leaped on the rock, with Grassystar and Emberstar right behind her. Looking closer at the WindClan cats. Larkpaw realized that some of the, were covered in cobwebs and herb poultices, with fresh scratching gleaming in their pelts.

Emberstar was first to report “A group of rogue attacked two of our cats. Rockfur is alive, by barely, but Snowpaw is still missing. If anyone knows where she is, please say so immediately”. Larkpaw gasped in pain? Not Snowpaw! Snowpaw, the lively apprentice she met one moon ago, now missing? StarClan No!

“The same rogue attacked our patrol” Grassystar said. “Pebblefoot died, and Irispaw is missing. We assume she was taken hostage.” Larkpaw trembled in fear. Two cats missing, one dead, Fallowstream laid his tail comfortably on her back. “I’ll protect you.” The ginger warrior promised.

Just as Koistar was about to give her report, a big brown tabby tom walked into the clearing. Rogues followed him, their scars shining and unsheathed claws glinting under the full moon.

”You!” Grassystar snarled “You attacked our patrol, killed Pebblefoot, and kidnapped Irispaw!” “You rogue have no right to be here.” Koistar hissed.

”We’re not rogues” The big tabby tom said. “I am Snake, leader of SkullClan” Snake jumped on the rock, taking ShadowClan’s spot up there. “If you were a true leader, you’d be Snakestar” Emberstar growled. The leader looked like he could bite Snake’s throat. “Very well.” Snake said. “I will be Snakestar from now on. I suppose you want the rest of SkullClan to have warrior names, too?”

“No!” All three leaders hissed at the same time. “That will be done” Snakestar said. “For now, I come to you all with a warning. If you don’t bow down now, you will all die,” Hisses and yowls responded to that announcement. Larkpaw didn’t think that SkullClan could take on all three Clans, but then an image came to her mind of ShadowClan. Yes, they probably could

”That is all.” The brown tabby left of the rock and gathered his group of warriors, leading them away.

Chapter Seven - SkullClan

“All the cats old enough to kill their own enemies, gather here for a Clan meeting!” Snake called.

Sky left the den and gathed under the branch where her leader gathered.

Ever since that battle, things had changed. Her group renamed itself SkullClan, and moved to ShadowClan’s old camp and territory. Sky had told everyone that the white cat she had chased died, but really Sky had let her go.

”Time for some naming stuff” Snake said. “I will be leader of this Clan. From now on, I will be Snakestar. Blizzard, Jump, and Owl, you will be my deputies. From now on you three will be called Blizzardfleck, Jumplegs, and Owltalon. Your new den will be under that bramble bush by the entrance. Blizzardspeck will be leading you. All clear?” The three new deputies nodded. Snakestar continued with his announcement. “The warrior’s den will be unde that big bush. Grasshopper, Bracken, Boulder, Ginger, Umber, Puddle, Storm, Mallow, Trout, Starling, Island, and Gorse, are you ready to be warriors?”


”of course, Snakestar”

”I’m ready!”

”Then you all are. Grasshopper, your new name is Grasshopperclaw. Bracken will be Brackentail, Boulder will be Boulderfang, Ginger is Gingerscar, Umber, Puddle, you two are now Umberflame and Puddlespots, Storm will be called Stormstrike, Mallow is Mallowpelt, Trout is Troutfin, Starling will be Starlingfeather, and Island and Gorse’ names are Islandfur and Gorsetooth. Good?”



“We’re ready Snakestar!”

”What about us?”

Snakestar looked down at Mossy and Whisper. “Mossy, Whisper, since you two are the best with healing, you are now medicine cats, Mossyshine and Whisperclaw. You two will stay in the cave between those boulders. As for you three, Shadow, Sky, and Tiger, you will be apprentices. Gingerscar, you can mentor Shadowpaw, Hopslash will train Skypaw, and Puddlespots will be Tigerpaw’s mentor. Apprentice den will be in that fallen tree, its hollow. Am I missing something, Oh, right! Waterfall and Rose, you two will now be called Waterfallwing and Rosethorn. Vole, Moon, Evening, Dusk, Beaver and Fern, I name you Volekit, Moonkit, Graykit, Pouncekit, Reedkit Eveningkit, Duskkit, Beaverkit and Fernkit. Good?”

”Good!” everyone called.

”Meeting ended” Snakestar called, and jumped off the rock.

Chapter Eight - WindClan's fall

It had been two moons since Snakestar and SkullClan had stolen Irispaw from WindClan. She and the other ShadowClan warriors, Dapplestone, Shallowflight, Sandyfur, Hawkflight, Pebblecoat and Conebreeze had been left to rot here, alone.

The prisoners left their den occasionally to do certain tasks around the camp. Clean out bedding, take out ticks, clean the medicine cat storage, by now they were more servants than prisoners. Pebblecoat had tried to escape, once, but that ended in Conebreeze’s death. And now, Snakestar had decided that every half moon, someone would die.

Tonight was the half-moon

Mallowpelt and Islandfur escorted the prisoners out of their den and into the middle of the camp, where SkullClan gathered around. Snakestar studies them, watching from narrowed eyes. He signaled to Owltalon and Jumplegs, who pushes the prisoners back into a wall of cats. All except one. Dapplestone. Blizzardflake lunged forward and tackled her to the ground. He then bot her throat and stepped back and watched the blood seep from her neck, pooling into the ground.

“No!” Irispaw screamed and tried to reach the dead she-cat. Tigerpaw and Gorsetooth pulled her back, and the other cats rounded up the prisoners and took them away.


Morningpaw woke up in her nest with a yawn. She stepped outside, and followed her friend Hollypaw outside to greet their mentors. Beestripe and Flowerpetal promised they could do battle training today.

She stepped outside and yowled in shock. SkullClan paced inside, helping themselves to prey and wrecking dens. But worst of all, Grassystar and Goldfringe’s bodies were sprawled in the center, with cats tearing holes and wrecking them with their claws.

Snakestar spotted Hollypaw and Morningpaw and gave them a nod. “Welcome” He said, “For WindClan is now under the rule of SkullClan!”



Brackentail and Stormstrike shoved Irispaw and the other prisoners out of the den. Snakestar stood on the branch above his den, smiling evilly. Irispaw knew that wasn’t a good sign, and shuddered. The SkullClan cats led the ShadowClan cats and Irispaw to the center of the crowd. Cats closed in around them, blocking escape.

Gingerscar, Shadowpaw and Owltalone led a larger group to the venter as well. Irispaw gasped and saw the group was made of WindClan cats. Hollypaw spotted her and ran towards her, burying his muzzle in her fur. “Hollypaw” She whispered. “Irispaw” He whispered back. “Enough!” Snakestar cried, and Owltalon broke the two littermates apart, herding Irispaw back to the other prisoners. Cats closed around them, separating them from the WindClan cats.

“At dawn, my brave warrior invaded WindClan and took over. These cats before you now stand trial. It is tim to choose their fate”

Irispaw watched with horror as Snakestar spoke. She was scared to find out what would happen to her Clanmates

“You! yellow-and-black tabby! Come forth!” He called. Beestripe padded forward and stood, trembling, before him. “What is your name?” asked. “Beestripe” she said. The leader studied her, and said “bright ginger cat, fight her” “I’m Fireblaze” Fireblaze said. “Fireblaze, fight her” Irispaw saw him hesistate. He didn’t want to attack her. But Blizzardflake leaned forward and grabbed Snailpaw, curling his long claws along the gray apprentice’s throat. “Fight” He hissed. Fireblaze’s eyes widened and turned to face Beestripe, claws unsheathed. Irispaw closed her eyes. She didn’ want to watch her Clanmates fight each other, She closed them the entire, time, ignoring yowls and screeches for the WindClan cats.

Finally, she opened them. Snakestar studies the cats. They had wounds, some deep, some shallow, but none were dead. Irispaw let out the breath she was holding.

“I have made my decision” Snakestar said “Beestripe, Barkwhisker, Earthwind, you are now servents of the deputies. WindClan apprentices, you will resume training in SkullClan. Hollypaw, your mentor is Umberflame. Islandfur will train Rushpaw, Morningpaw will learn under Boulderfang, and Snailpaw will be a servent. Breezefoot and Stormbrook, you will be warriors. Flowerpetal, Waspheart, Shrubtail, you will remain prisoners.” Irispaw’s heart broke to see her Clanmates like this. She wanted to help, to make things better, but she couldn’t. “Umberfoot, Rabbitfur, Icestorm, come here” He called. The elders stepped forward. Snakestar studied them with a narrowed expression on his face. Then he spoke. “Mossyshine and Whisperclaw don’t know all the herbs yet. You three, along with any cat that decides to retire, will be their test experiments, the useless cats.” Irispaw gasped “No!” She cried. Snakestar smiled “Yes. Softcloud, join the nursery. I will evaluate the ShadowClan cats” He said. Irispaw covered her ears to block out all. This was too much for her. Then, she was shoved into the prisoners den along with Flowerpetal, Waspheart, Earthwind, Sandyfur and Hawkflight. There was no sign of Pebblecoat or Shallowflight.

Chapter Nine - The Allaince

"Shadowpaw!" Snakestar called. Shadowpaw bounded over to her leader and asked, "What is it?" "Your on patrol with me, Blizzardflake, Gingerscar and Mossyshine" "Ok" Shadowpaw responded and left the camp with him. Surprsingly, once they reached the border, they veered past it and headed for a Twolegplace. "Why are we going here?" Shadowpaw asked. "You'll see" Snakestar told her. The dark brown tabby led them in the Twolegplace and down an alley. As soon as they passed a clump of scrapcans, cats started appearing. Shadowpaw didn't know if they were harmful or not, and unsheathed her claws.

A longhaired gray tom met them. he sat on a pile of rubbish and welcomed the four, announcing himself to be Clawstar of BloodClan. Clawstar and Snakestar walked off to the side, and Shadowpaw waited for them to come out. Once they did, Snakestar left and went home without another word.

When they got back, SkullClan’s leader called a meeting. He explained about Clawstar and BloodClan, and said that Clawstar and BloodClan would be there allies, and would live on WindClan’s old territory. Then, he said, “Shadowpaw, Skypaw, Tigerpaw, step forward” What is this about? She wondered. “Shadowpaw, Skypaw, Tigerpaw, it is time for you to become warriors” Skypaw and Tigerpaw gasped. Shadowpaw smiles and stood proudly. I knew this day would come!

“But before I give you your new names, you must pass a test” Snakestar went on. A test? I can pass a test! How hard will it be? Glancing up at her leader, she thought, bring it on Snakestar! The dark brown tabby beckoned to Owltalon and Grasshopper claw. “Bring Flowerpetal and Waspheart” The two nodded and slid into the den, emerging a few seconds later with the WindClan cats. Snakestar raised and flicked his tail three times, a sign to form a circle. All the cats except Shadowpaw, Skypaw, Tigerpaw, and the prisoners formed a circle. “Your task” Snakestar said. “Is to kill these cats”

Easy Shadowpaw thought, and glanced at Flowerpetal. The silver she-cat, along with Waspheart, trembled and shook in terror. “Please don’t” She whispered to Shadowpaw “Please!” Fear glistened in her eyes. Shadowpaw lunged at Flowerpetal, stopping a moment before she crashed into her, raking her claws along her chest. The apprentice turned and struck out with her back legs, causing her victim to fall. She spun around and smiled at her work. Flowerpetal lay, gasping for air. Waspheart bent over her, whispering, “Flowerpetal, Flowerpetal, stay with me” The silver she-cat tried to answer, but fell limp.

”you monster!” Waspheart cried. Grief shown in his eyes and mew “You killed her!”

“I had to.” Shadowpaw explained. “And now, it’s Skypaw’s turn.” She stood next to Tigerpaw and watched her sister. Skypaw walked forward, claws unsheathed, but stopped looking down at her paws. She glanced up at Waspheart, who was standing over Flowerpetal’s body.

Just do it!” Some cat called. “Kill him already!” Skypaw took a step back and looked at Shadowpaw, who gave her an encouraging look that said, go on, do it.

”I can’t” Skypaw said. “I can’t kill this cat!”

“Very well then” Snakestar said. “Step aside. Tigerpaw, finish her work” The orange-and-black cat nodded. Shadowpaw faced her sister. “We were gling to become warriors!” She hissed. “Why didn’t you kill him?”

“I can’t” Skypaw said. “Yes, you can” Shadowpaw hissed. She was about to say something else when she heard cheers and saw Tigerpaw backing away from Waspheart’s bleeding body. Snakestar gave an approving nod, and said, “Congratulations, Tigerpaw, Shadowpaw, you will now join the ranks of warriors! Shadowpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Shadowfeather. SkullClan honors your dedication and loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior. Tigerpaw, from this moment in you will be known as Tigerstrike. SkullClan honors your skill and bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior. Skypaw, I wish to see you in my den”

”Shadowfeather! Tigerstrike! Shadowfeather! Tigerstrike!” The Clan cheered. Shadowbreeze breathed in this moment, the cheers, the chant, all of it.


“Skypaw, I’m disappointed in you” Snakestar growled. Skypaw hung her head low. “I’m sorry” She whispered. “As punishment, you will join the ranks of servent” Skypaw nodded and left the den, heading for the servant’s den. But instead of going there, she veered off track and ran outside of camp.

She ran and ran, past SkullClan territory, and straight off a cliff.

Chapter Ten - The Births, The Deaths

Softcloud groaned as another ripple of pain pulsed through her. “Come on Softcloud, you can do it!” Mossyshine cried while Whisperclaw shoved a stick in her mouth. Softcloud bite down as a wave of pain slid over her and a tiny wet bundle slid down on the moss. Softcloud was about to lick it when she felt more pain, and a second kit came out. Mossyshine nipped the airsack of her kits and started licking them. Softcloud pushed and pushed, but the next kit wouldn’t come out. She and the medicine cats pushed, and the kit started to slid out feet first, but wouldn’t budge.

Softcloud cried out as the pain shook her. This could be it, the day she died. Her mother lost her life when a kit got stuck, and now it was Softcloud’s turm. Whisperclaw slammed his paw down on Softcloud’s belly. The queen screeched in pain, but the kit slid out into the moss, a smaller kit sliding out next.

”Congratulations “ Mossyshine and Whisperclaw said. “Two toms and two she-kits” Mossyshine added proudly. The medicine cats gave her some borage and left. Softcloud glanced down at the four new kits. She wanted to name them, to cuddle them, but was too tired and fell asleep immediately.

When she woke up, the first thing she did was check on her kits. A small pale yellow tom rested his head on a dark gray-and-white tabby she-kit, whileap a silver she-kot suckled. The fourth, a large ginger-yellow tom, was letting out little mews. Softcloud gently licked his head and nudged him towards her belly, but he just mewed more, showing off tiny kitten teeth.

The den entrance rustled and Mossyshine came in, setting down more borage for the queen. “Hi” The brown-and-white tabby said. “I brought you these” “Thanks” Softcloud said. “Have you named the kits?” The medicine asked her. Softcloud hesitated before answering. She had found the perfect name but didn’t know if she wanted to share them. “T-The big ginger-yellpw tom is Thunderkit, the pale yellow tom is Windkit, the silver she-kit is Riverkit, and the fourth, the dark gray-and-white tabby, is Shadowkit”. Yes, Thunderkit, Riverkit, Shadowkit, and Windkit. After the four Clans. Mossyshine’s eyes widened and backed out of the den without another word. Yes Softcloud thought. Tell Snakestar. He can’t stop me.

The queen curled her tail around her kits and started licking them with long, gently strokes. Windkit cuddled closer into her side while Shadowkit gently pawed her flank. Thunderkit mewed and tried to back out of his mother’s grasp.

Paw steps sounded outside. Troutfin, Tigerstrike, Jumplegs, and Puddlespots entered the den. The four warriors grabbed Softcloud’s kits making no effort to be gentle. Riverkit’s little paws thrashed and Windkit let out a squeal on pain. “Hey!” Softcloud said, and grabbed Windkit out of Troutfin’s grasp. The four warriors escorted the queen and her kits outside, where cats were already gathered in a circle. Snakestar stood on his branch, frowninf with his tail-tip twitching unhappily.

The cafs led the family into the center of the circle, where the warriors dropped the newborns onto the ground. Softcloud set down her son gently and comforted her others kits, who were crying.

”Softcloud” Snakestar growled. “What are the names of your kits?”

”Thunderkit, Riverkit, Shadowkit, and Windkit” She answered. Gasps and shocked murmurs rippled through the crowd. “Exactly” Snakestar hissed. “As punsihed, your kits will be executed at sundown, tonights.” More gasps spun through the crowd and the warriors led Softcloud and her kits back to her den. (Skipping Softcloud’s sadness because its too sad, but she did feel grief. A lot)

Sundown came faster than expected. Sooner that Softcloud knew it, she was being pinned down in a circle of cats while SkullClan’s leader stopd over her mewling kits. Snakestar bundled Shadowkit forward and raises a paw, ready to strike. “No!” Softcloud cried and broke away from the cats holding her down and raced across camp, her paw knocking her daughter away from the fox-heart in front of her. “Get away from my kits!” She cried.

Snakestar smiled and said nothing, just bite down on her throat, and she fell limp


Shadowfeather watched as Snakestar killed the queen. Good riddance She thought, and the dark brown tabby raised his paw, ready to strike the killing blow on the helpless kits.

”Wait!” Shadowfeather cried, and ran forwards, stopping Snakestar before he killed the kits. “Wait!”

”Shadowfeather, whats this all about?” Snakestar hissed. “Explain. Now”

Shadowfeather gulped. “Well, if we’re going to kill the kits, the traitor queen would just see them again from wherever she is. Wouldn’t it be more painful for her to watch them grow up having a life of misery? We could raise the kits to never have fun or see joy, and where Traitorqueen is, she’ll suffer.”

Snakestar thought for a moment. Shadowfeather tried to hide her fear. If he didn’t like her idea, she could be killed. “I think…..” He said. “I think Shadowfeather is correct. For, these kits will be prisoners”

Yes! Shadowfeather thought. She grabbed a silver kit by the scruff and tightened her jaws around it, causing the little creature to squeal in pain. Then she carried it over to the prisoners den. The prisoners gave surprise as Shadowfeather dropped the kit in a moss bed. The moss was stale and wet, drenched in mouse bile, with sharp thorns all over. The four kits cried in pain as they laid in the nests. That caused Shadowfeather to smile.

“These kits will die without a mother” a brown she-cat called. “Too bad” Mallowpelt responded. Then they went to join the meeting.

Snakestar was still talking. “Speaking of kits.” He said. “The ShadowClans kits we got awhile ago? It’s time for them to be apprentices. Rosethorn! Waterfallwing!” He called. “Yes?” Rosethorn asked, her kits peeking between her legs. “Bring the ShadowClan kits” Snakestar instructed. Rosethorn obeyed and ducked into the den. A moment later, Waterfallwing led three kits, about two moons old, into the clearing.

”This isn’t fair” Waterfallwing’a son, Volekit, complained. “I’m older than these three and they’re becoming apprentices first! When will it be my turn!” He whined. “Hush” His mother said. Snakestar smiled at the kit “Your time will come” he said. “For now, lets focus on these kits. Formerly of ShadowClan, I am sure these three will live up to expectation and be killer warriors. kits, step up, Shadowfeather, Gorsetooth, step forwad” The five cats stepped up, Shadowfeather wondered what her leader wanted of her. “Shadowfeather,” He began “You’re idea about the four crow-food scraps kits was very…. very good. In return, I reward you with an apprentice. Graykit, until you become a warrior, your new name is Graypaw” Shadowfeather stepped up to the gray apprentice and hissed into his ear, “You better do good.” “I will” he squeaked. Gorsetooth got the black-and-white one while the ginger tabby was apprenticed to Snakestar. “Oh and-“ He said. “in a half-moon, we strike against RiverClan. The kits better be ready by then. Meeting dismissed”



The screech split through the air. Larkpaw hurried out of her nest and looked around. SkullClan was attacking RiverClan. Without thought, she raced j to the battle, hurling herself at a big ginger tom who was attacking Leafpaw. The tom knocked Leafpaw out and jumped on Larkpaw, holding her down.

All around her, Larkpaw watched her Clan lose. Snakestar and a black-and-white tom held a struggling Koistar down. a ginger tabby and a gray cat, who looked barely older than three moons, guarded Fringekit and Berrykit with an older warrior. There mother Birdwish, Eaglepaw, amd Palefligjt were backed into a den. RiverClan lost. It was over.


Larkpaw waited in line. “Next!” Snakestar called, and Whitethrush stood forwards.

The dark brown tabby had decided he would evaluate all the cats, and choose what would happen. Larkpaw watched as Whitethrush went to join a group of cats guard by a blue-gray tom and a brown she-cat. “Next!” Snakestar called, and Larkpaw stepped forward.

She was shaking. She knew it. In fear. The apprenticr tried to stand strong, but couldn’t. “the group on your right” Snakestar hissed, and Larkpaw went to join Smallstream, Hollowbreeze, Fishleap, Lilyfern, and Minnowpaw. Birdwish and her kits got evaluated, and then Snakestar spoke. He walked around to each small group and told them what would happen. He walked up to Larkpaw’s group and told them they would go to ThunderClan. They would pass on instructions and a new set of rules to Emberstar. His Clan would be destroyed by SkullClan and BloodClan if he didn’t obey. Larkpaw didn’t know what BloodClan was, but felt she had the right to be worried.

Chapter Eleven - The Spark

One moon had passed since the invasion of RiverClan. Sadly, Jumplegs had been killed by a fox, but personally, Shadowfeather didn’t care because she had been made deputy.

”Get Softcloud’s kits” Snakestar told her. Beckoning to Graypaw and Mallowpelt, Shadowfeather led them to the prisoners den. She stopped at a nest, where four tiny bundles huddled together in a nest that had mouse bile squeezed into it and maggots climbing everywhere . The kits had scratches on their tiny pelts, and the biggest one’s right ear was shredded. Shadowfeather took credit for that. Graypaw gave the kits nips and bites until all four woke up, where they were escorted out. They were one moon old, and it was time for their fate.

”Thank you Shadowfeather” Snakestar purred. “I still haven’t forgotten this was your idea, The kit’s fates are up to you.”

Shadowfeather smiled and nodded, casting at glance at the other deputies. Blizzardfleck and Owltalon bares their teeth. They didn’t like her.

”Kits, stepped forward” Shadowfeather growled. The four kits stumbled up to the deputy and looked at her, eyes wide with fear and trembling with panic. “Riverkit” Shadowfeather growled. The tiny kit bowed and looked up with scared green eyes. Shadowfeather claws her kit’s soft fur. She cried in pain, and blood startsd pooling on the ground. “You are a servent” Shadowfeather hissed. She grabbed Thundekit and nicked his good ear, smiling as he whimpered and shook. “You’re a prisoner.” She growled. Then she looked at Windkit and Shadowkit. “You two will be gifts for BloodClan” She said.

Snakestar nodded in approval. “Speaking of BloodClan.” The tabby said. “It is time we meet up. This will be the day we take two cats to be killed. I, Troutfin, Puddlespots, Shadowfeather, Graypaw and Owltalon will go. I leave Blizzardfleck in charge of the camp. We leave now”

Clawstar was waiting at the entrance to the camp. Ferngaze, Applebranch and Russetstorm were with him. With a nod, the two leaders led their cats inside the camp; Puddlespots waiting outside with Windkit and Shadowkit.

Emberstar was talking with Willowwish and Smallstream when Snakestar and Clawstar entered camp. The leaders let out a growl, and Emberstar quickly gathered up his Clan. “S-snakestar and C-clawstar are here again.” He said fearfully, “Two warriors, one apprentice, and one kit from each litter will be taken. Apprentices, step forward.” All the apprentices sat down, tight and fearfully.

”You” Snakestar said to a white tom. “M-me?” The apprentice asked fearfully. Shadowfeather heard a wail of grief from a white she-cat. A tom laid on her shoulder, eyes full of sadness. A pale brown tom stood protectively over him and faced Owltalon. “You can’t take him!” The small cat growled. Owltalon sent the cat flyong across the camp with his paw, and hearded the apprentice to his new Clan. “Queens, next” Clawstar said. A pale gray and white queen came forth, with kits about two moons old. Clawstar grabbed a pale gray tom, who cried in fear as he was seperated from his mother. “We’ll take her, too” The leader growled, motioning to a white she-cat, belly heavy with unborn kits.

”You can’t!” a gray tom said. “Your rules state kits, not queens”. “New rule” Clawstar hissed. “pregnant cats come too.” The queen looked scared, but came.

Once outside the camp, Snakestar showed Clawstar Windkit and Shadowkit. The tom promised he’s find the kits unpleasent jobs. Then leaders parted ways and headed to their camps.


When Clawstar got back, Windkit became a cleaner and Shadowkit a servent. Quailheart killed Thymeflower and became a warrior while the prisoner Stoneflight killed Waterpaw, and Smokypaw was apprenticed.

Sparkfoot thought that was wrong. The way the new kits were treated, Smokypaw being an apprentice at four moons old, Quailheart becoming a warrior at six moons old, all of it. All of it.

She decided to put an end to it, and creeped up on Clawstar. In a one swift movement she sliced his throat. Then she went to wash her paws and kill Snakestar. Finally her Clan could be at peace.

Chapter Twelve - New Leaders

Shadowfeather returned to camp, a plump vole in her mouth. She reached camp and saw it. Snakestar. Snakestar, Owltalon, and Blizzardfleck were laying dead in the center.


”It is with great sorrow that I annouce our beloved leader and deputies have died. I will take Snakestar’s place and promise to lead as best as I can. From now on, I am Shadowstar. Puddlespots, Tigerstrike, Mallowpelt, you will be my deputies. I also have new warriors to report. Graypaw, Reedpaw. Pouncepaw, if you return by sundown with five pieces of prey, you will be warriors”. It was way past sunhigh, hopefully the three young cats could do it. “Now” Shadowstar said. Rosethorn, Waterfallwing, please come forth with your kits.” Both queens rounded up the five kits and stood forth. “Alright” Shadowstar said. “Volekit, Moonkit, you two are now Volepaw and Moonpaw. Moonpaw will be a servent, and Volepaw will train under Brackentail, Eveningkit, Duskkit, Fernkit, you are now Eveningpaw, Duskpaw and Fernpaw. Mallowpelt will mentor Eveningpaw and Boulderfang Duskpaw. Fernpaw’s mentor is Mossyshine. Thunderkit and Riverkit, you two will keep your ranks, but you will have apprentice names. Hollypaw, Rushpaw, Morningpaw, you three must come back successfully raiding ThunderClan from herbs.” Dismissed. Shadowstar jumped off the rock.

At Sundown, the apprentices came back. Shadowstar was happy to see that Graypaw, Reedpaw, and Pouncepaw had come back with five pieces of prey. Morningpaw came back with enough herbs, but Rushpaw and Hollypaw didn’t. Shadowstar called a Clan meeting.

”Reedpaw, Graypaw, Morningpaw, you have completed your task. You three will now be called Reedfur, Graytooth and Morningstreak. As for Pouncepaw, your last mouse was pitifully scrawny. You failed. As did Rushpaw and Hollypaw. I now will create a new rank, failures, cats that don’t pass their tests. Failures can hunt and patrol, but anyone can boss around. If you are even ordered to kill yourself, do it. And all Failure names end with -mud, because thats what you are. Hollymud, Rushmud and Pouncemud, you will be the first to join that rank. Oh, and prisoners and servents will get new suffixes. Prisoners will end in -scrap, Servents in -blood. That is all.” Shadowstar jumped off the rock. She headed to her den to rest and woke up the next morning bright and early. It was the half-moon. She and Slitherstar had changed it up, so that now she went at half-moon and him at full-moon.

Emberstar and the Clan was already waiting. Shadowstar led her lead deputy into camp, and she studied the cats with narrowed gazes. Once Emberstar finished his speech, she chose her cats. “I choose you” Shadowstar said, pointing to Willowwish, the deputy. “B-but,” Emberstar started. “No buts” Shadowstar told him, and with a flick of her tail Tigerstrike pinned Willowwish down and slashed the deputy’s throat open. Her tail twitched once, and went still. “you can choose the apprentice” Shadowstar murmured to Tigerstrike, and he picked a young pale blue-gray she-cat. “Queens” Emberstar said sadly. Three queens approached. Shadowstar looked at the first, a bulky brown she-cat with four healthy kits crowding her legs. She choose the biggest, a brown tom. The next queen had a single silver-and-black striped she-kit. The third. Shadowstar took a black tom. And the fourth was expecting. Shadowstar took her home with her and settled all of them in the nursery. The apprentice, Blackpaw, she took on herself.


”No! Blackpaw” You don’t wave your tail up. How did you hunt?” Shadowstar asked her new apprentice “I-I wa b-bad at it” He said shakily. Shadowstar lashed out with her front paw and slashes his nose. The tom jumped back. scarlet drops staining the ground and leave. “You will be punished tomorrow”she hissed, and headed to camp. When they got there, there was a lot more commotion and excitement that before. “What happened?” Shadowstar growled. She faced Hollymud. “Tell me”

“Irisscrap and the ThunderClan queen, Pinefrost, kitted!” He exclaimed happily. “I see” She growled. Irisscrap kitted? Prisoners can’t have kits!“Hollymud” She said. “Yes?” he asked. “I want you to go clean out the dirtplace. Take the dung outside, and roll in it.” “Roll in it!” He gasped. “You already stink.” She told him. “Doesn't matter. No playing.” She told him, and he scampered off.

Shadowstar headed inside the nursery. The kits she took not long ago, Bigkit, Flowerkit, and Shadekit were cuddled with Pinefrost. Four younger kits were suckling at the queen’s belly. “Congrats” Shadowstar mewed, and turned to look at Irissscrap. She had a single tom-kit, and shielded him with her tail. “Prisoners can’t have kits” She growled. “Well, he’s mine” The queen growled back. “Islandfur! Troutfin!” Shadowstar called. “Yes?” Islandfur asked, the gwo cats hurrying over to Shadowstar’s side. “A prisoner has had kits” Shadowstar informed them. Both cats gasped and looked at the prisoner/queen, who cuddled around tiny a black-and-white tom. “She won’t stay here anymore. Islandfur, bring her to Slitherstar. Troutfin, alert the Clan. Irisscrap must be punished.”

”And my kit?” She wailed. “What’s his name” Shadowstar growled. “Bravekit” She whispered. “Not anymore” The leader told her. “Dirtkit will remain here! “Dirtkit?” Irisscrap shrieked. “Yes, Dirtkit. Now get out.” Islandfur dragged the queen away, and Shadowstar gave Pinefrost the kit. “Look after him” She growled, and left.

Chapter Thirteen - New Clans

Shadowstar was grooming herself when Mallowpelt and Morningstreak escorted three strange cats into the camp.

She got up and walked over to them. “What are you doing here?” The black leader asked.

“Hi” One of them, a dark tortoiseshell she-cat, said. “I’m Briarstar. This is Whitestripe and Mossyfern. We’re from TreeClan”

”TreeClan?” Shadowstar said in surprise. “Yeah!” Briarstar told her. “Me, TreeClan, and two other Clans, MeadowClan and SwampClan, heard there were Clans here and came to join! Anyhow, I’m hosting a Gathering tonight. Be there!” And the cat led her warrior away without a backward glance.


Shadowstar led Tigerstrike, Islandfur, Puddlespots, Morningstreak, Blackpaw, Barkblood, Earthblood, Reedfur, Graytooth, and Stormstrike into Fourtrees. She was the last to arrive. Briarstar, Clawstar, and two other cats stood on the rock. Shadowstar jumped up and nodded at Briarstar, letting her know to begin.

”I am Briarstar. Our territory has been destructed by Twolegs, so me and the other Clans went traveling to find new lands. When I heard about other lands, I had to come. My Clan and I have taken shelter in a deep pine forest beyond SkullClan’s land. Hopestar and MeadowClan live in the moors, while Brownstar and SwampClan will settle by the river.”

After the Gathering finished, the Clans left, but Shadowstar and Slitherstar stayed behind. Then they agreed to let the new Clans stay, and slowly raid thm of kits, cats, herbs and prey.

When Shadowstar got home, Mallowpelt ran up to greet her. “what’s wrong?” Shadowstar asked. Her deputy’s face was ridged, and he was serious. Something was off. “It’s Riverblood. Softcloud’s daughter. She snuck out and attended the Gathering” He told her.

”WHAT!?” she snarled, and faced Riverblood, who trembling outside the servants den. “IS THIS TRUE?” “y-yes” The kit admitted. “But I only wanted to se what’s its like! Please don’t hurt me!”

“Hmmm” Shadowstar growled. “Clan meeting!” She jumped onto the rock.

“I am creating a new role. These cats suffixes will end in -death and will live on a cluster of dens, all alone. Just the traitor, The dens will be so secure only prey and water can be slid in through tiny hole, but no light will get in. This role will be Traitors. Servents, start creating the dens. Riverblood- No, Riverdeath will be the first Traitor.” Cats nodded in agreement while Thunderscrap whined sadly. Shadowstar left the servents building the den, with Tigerstrike and Reedfur overseeing it, and beckoned Blackpaw to follow.

The two reached a clearing. Without warning, Shadowstar jumped on top of him and shredded his ear. Blackpaw shreiked in pain and Shadowstar held him down and raked his flank all over. Finally, she got up. Blackpaw was on his side, bleeding heavily. “Blackpaw, always expect the unexpected” Shadowstar said, and left. This was a test. If he lived, he would be assessed. She decided all apprentices of hers would go through an unexpected attack. As soon as she got back, She was pleases to see the Traitors den were built and Riverdeath was trapped inside one. Shadowstar headed for her nest, and fell alseep.

“Shadowstar, get up!” Shadowstar woke up to see Volepaw shaking her. “Up, up!” He cried. “What’s wrong.” Shadowstar grumbled. Volepaw led her put of her den. Blackpaw’s body was sprawled into the camp. Obviously he didn’t make it. “I’m so sorry” Volepaw told her. Shadowstar shrugged it off and called a meeting.

”Does it matter that Blackpaw died? Tomorrow is half-moon, we’ll get a new apprentice. He lasted for a good time. For now, lets make new warriors. Volepaw, Eveningpaw, Duskpaw, you three will get your assignments now. As for Fernpaw, Whisperclaw and Mossyshine sill choosd when you’re ready. Volepaw, Eveningpaw, Duskpaw, step forward.” The three cats she named stepped forward, staring at her. “You three will go to TreeClan. Volepaw, you will steal a kit, the youngest one possible, and Eveningpaw will steal herbs while Duskpae takes the prey. As much as possible. Start now!” The apprentices scurried out of the Clan. “Next.” Shadowstar said. “Bigkit, Flowerkit, Shadekit, step forward.” The kits stepped forward. “Flowerkit, you are now an apprentice at Flowerpaw. Bigkit will be a prisoner and Shadekit a servent. Dismissed”

Chapter Fourteen - Queens

Half-moon. Any moment now, Shadowstar would come and steal her.

Her mate Thrushfeather tried to comfort her, saying it would be alright, but it wouldn’t. There kits would grow up to have a life not fit for them.

Shadowstar came. She took Emberpaw. His parents Paleflight and Brightpool wailed in grief. Aldereye tried to comfort them, but it was useless. “Next, queens” Shadowstar growled. Aldereye stepped up with Iceflower. Iceflower’a kits were due two moons later, but were born early. The little creatures didn’t even have their eyes open when Iceflower and their father Brownstep set them down. They didn’t make a sound, just laid there. Shadowstar grabbed one of the kits in her mouth and lightly bit down. The kit’s neck snapped and laid limp in the SkullClan leader’s jaws before she set him down. Iceflower wailed and buried her muzzle in the dead kits fur. This time, Shadowstar grabbed the kit by the scruff. It hung in the cat’s mouth and gave a little whimper. Shadowstar beckoned for Aldereye to come and left camp. By a miracle, she didn’t choose a cat to die.


Aldereye laid in the nursery, sadly. Any day her kits would be born, but not how she wanted them to be. They should have been raised in ThunderClan, with Thrushfeather helping and not have the threat of being stolen by Shadowstar every second.

Unless I………. escape

Escape sounded good.

{[…………… ]}

Aldereye slid out of the den and to the dirtplace tunnel. She waited and saw Reedfur patroling around the camp as night duty. Aldereye picked up a stone and threw it into a clump of ferns. Reedfur headed torwards the sound and Aldereye ran.

The queen ran and ran, every second was spent racing through the forest away from SkullClan, her heart pounding, expecting Reedfur to call her back. But she didn’t. Aldereye rested by a pond and closed her eyes, in deep thought.

My kits will be safe. It’s too dangerous to go back to Thrushfeather, but my kits will be safe. And I was able to poison Shadowstar before I left, so hopefully life in SkullClan will be better for those who don’t leave. But more importantly, my kits will grow up happy and free.


Shadowstar woke up. Mossyshine and Fernfall were watching her, concerning showing in their eyes. “What…. What happened?” Shadowstar asked.

“We found deathberries in your mouse” Mossyshine imformed her. “Someone tried to kill you”


“Last night, some cat tried to kill me with deathberries.”

Surprised murmurs swept through the crowd.

“If that traitor doesn’t stand up” Shadowstar said. “The Clan will be punished.” Her gaze raked through the crowd. Cats’ paw shuffled and eyes darted down, but their was no telling if it was because of guilt or fear. That left the last choice.

“Tigerstrike! Brackentail! Starlingfeather! Bring the prisoners!”

The three cats she had chosen ducked into the prisoners’ den and herded them out. Their were so many! Earthscrap, Sandyscrap, Hawkscrap, Riverscrap, Bigscrap, Talonscrap, Eaglescrap, Bluescrap, and Stonescrap.

Shadowstar jumped down from the branch she was perched on and studied them all. “Line up” She commanded, and they former a horizontal line. Shadowstar went through, slashing her claws at each cats throat, and watching in satisfaction as each cat died.

Chapter Fifteen - TreeClan’s loss

Shadowstar jumped on the highbranch and summoned a Clan meeting. Tigerstrike, Puddlespots and Mallowpelt perched on the roots below, with Tigerstrike on the highest one, his usual spot.

The rest of the Clan gathered. Servents huddled in the corner, where they sat in the back, while prisonerd anxiously listened from the den. Failures sat with the servents, and the rest of the Clan gathered.

“Pinefrost, bring all the kits here.”

The queen obeyed and lined them up.

Their were the kits she took awhile ago when she took Blackpaw, Barkkit, Silverkit, and Falconkit. Pinefrost’s own litter huddled behind them, with Dirtkit besides. The newest kit, Longkit, laid on the ground, two weak to move.

What is wrong with that litter?

“Today we shall make new apprentices. All kits, stand forward and line up straight.”

They all lined up straight, heads facing the ground and shuffling nervously. Only Longkit didn’t move. Pinefrost stepped up and gently set him besides the others.

“I will choose servents, traitors, and apprentices. ThunderClan kits, step up! It is time to choose a servent.”

All kits trembled in fear and looked up at Shadowstar with pleading eyes. None of them wanted to be a servent.

“Barkkit! You will be a servent as Barkblood. Silverkit! Falconkit! you will apprentices. Eveninglight and Duskstorm will mentor you. Pinefrost’s kits step up!”

Shadowstar flashed a quick glance at Volemud. The Failure!s head was bowed. He probably wished he had passed and been a mentor with his littermates.

“Alright, Frondblood will be a servent. Mothpaw will be my apprentice, while Graytooth and Morningstreak get Sparrowpaw and Icepaw. Dirtkit will be a Traitor, as Dirtdeath. That is all. Oh, wait, it isn’t.” Shadowstar said.

“We will attack TreeClan. The goal is to kill and raid. We dart in, steal as much as we can, get out, and kill a couple of cats. Moonhigh tonight. Graytooth, Morningstreak, Eveninglight, Duskstorm, Tigerstrike, Puddlespots, Mallowpelt, Troutfin, Stormstrike, Reedfur, Mothpaw, Sparrowpaw, Icepaw, Silverpaw, Falconpaw, you all will be going. Until we return, Owltalon will be in charge.”

The brown tom puffed out his chest in pride. Shadowstar gave him a death stare and he lowered his gaze to the ground.

Shadowstar stalked to her den,

“Shadowstar?” The black she-cat whirled to the ground and saw Pinefrost looking at her, a kit at her feet. “You didn’t give Longkit a role.” The white queen said.

“About that,” Shadowstar grinned and picked up the kit on her jaws. As lightly as possible, she bit down and the kit snapped in her jaws. Dead.

Chapter Sixteen - Raid

“It’s time”

Silverpaw crouched down, hidden to the TreeClan cats as she waited besides Eveninglight.

Waiting for the signal.

”I’m scared” She whispered to Eveninglight. “This is my first battle, and I haven’t had any training. What if I die?”

”You won’t” He mentor said, looking into the apprentice’s pleading eyes. “I promise.”

A long caturwaul erupted from the other side of the camp, and warriors streamed down. Silverpaw followed and landed in the middle.

The camp was so beautiful. Bramble bushes made the dens, and vines interwove them, small white flowers blooming. Shells were spread out of the ground, and everything was so tidy.

A shape slammed into Silverpaw, knocking her over. The apprentice looked up and saw a hude brown tom leaning over her, teeth barred. He was about to reach for her throat when Tigerstrike knocked him over, and the two disappeared in a storm of teeth and claws. Silverpaw scrambled up and started peeking in dens, trying to see what she could steal.

“Hey!” Silverpaw turned around and saw a gray apprentice facing her. The other cat swiped at her, her sharp claws glinting silver in the moonlight.

Silverpaw tried to dodge but moved too late, and the cat raked her nose. She outstretched a paw and tried to trip the cat, but her enemy stepped back and Silverpaw fell over. The gray apprentice landed blow after blow on the SkullClan cat.

Troutfin hauled the apprentice off and held her down.

The TreeClan she-cat struggled under his weight. She tried to call out for help, but Troutfin cut off her air supply. With a nod from the tom, Silverpaw bent over and slashed her belly. Crimson liquid poured out, and the cat tried to crawl away. Silverpaw slashed at her face, but she ducked until Troutfin flipped her over, exposing her weak parts, in a single movement.

Silverpaw clawed her throat open and left her in a bloody heap in the center of the camp. “Good job” Troutfin growled.

Silverpaw spun around and saw Duskstorm, Falconpaw, and Islandfur holding off three she-cat in front of a bramble bush. Small mews sounded inside, and Silverpaw realized it was the nursery.

Troutfin and Silverpaw ran out of camp Eveninglight in tow. The three pauses outside the nursery, and the warriors ripped open a hole and slid inside.

Soft nests filled with feathers were scattered all over. Small balls of moss and other stuff laid around, kit toys. One of the queens saw them, and barged past Falconpaw. The she-cat protectively stood over a nest, teeth bared and ears flattened. Eveninglight ran out of the hole, while Troutfin darted under her. Coming in from behind, he slammed her to the den wall and Eveninglight launced herself in and tackled the cat. A cloud of dust rose and for a second, Silverpaw couldn’t see. When she could, the queen, a ginger tabby, was dead, and her Clanmages was picking up kits from the nest. Silverpaw hurried over and grabbed one, a blue-gray she-kit, and ran out the hole, following the warriors.

The kit squirmed and squealed in her jaws. Its little paws thrashes and it let out small pitiful cries. Silverpaw almost felt bad for it, but remembered that now it would face a proper SkullClan life.


The nursery seemed so…. so dusty compaired to TreeClan’s. TreeClan’s nursery had brambles tightly interwoven to where only small cracks let light, and flowers from the vines sneaked through. The nests had soft, fluffy moss, with feather woven in. But SkullClan’s didn’t. Instead, holes shown through the top, leaking rain and hail. The ground was was always muddy and dirty, and the nests didn’t have good moss. Not most did.

All of SkullClan seemed dark and gloomy now. Prey scraps littered around didn’t belong their, and den structures were untidy and not neat. Most of them, anyhow. Shadowstar’s den, the deputies den, and the healing den were all tidy and clean. Silverpaw didn’t know why sick and injured cats slept in the healing den. It was nice, but they could go to the medicine cat den if it was nice. But the only comfortable part about that, was the space for emergencies.

Silverpaw set the kit down in the nursery. It wasn’t alone. Along with the kits Troutfin and Eveninglight stole, four others were places in nests. The raid was a success. Two of the kits were five moons old, way past apprentice age. Her kit was only two, while a white tom-kit didn’t even have his eyes open. A gray-and-brown speckled kit was whimpering in the corner of the den, while an orange-and-russet she-kit tried to comfort her. They were two moons old, and shooting scared glances at Silverpaw. Silverpaw left the den and spotted Shadowstar slinking into her den. The apprenice followed and asked permission to come in. Shadowstar let her.

Silverpaw told her about the kits, and Shadowstar said she’d apprentice the five moon old ones soon. She also complimented Silverpaw with her loyalty, mentioning the gray apprentice. She even have her permission to go to the Gathering in a couple of nights!


Silverpaw stared at Fourtrees. So…. brilliant. All the Clans were here, except ThunderClan.

(skipping Silverpaw’s joy because im lazy rn)

She sat down and took in the view around her, Leaves crunched, and she whipped her head around. A dark gray tom, about eight or nine moons old, sat down.

”Hi?” She said cautiosly.

”Hi.” The apprentice said. “I’m Hawkpaw”

”I’m Silverpaw”

”Is this your first gathering?”


”I’ve been to many” Hawkpaw puffed out his chest.


”Yeah, it is. Are you from SkullClan?”


”I hate SkullClan”


”They killed my sister.” He glanced down at his paws sadly, and Silverpaw laid her tail down comfortingly.

”Her name was Twigpaw” He said. “She had pretty gray fur that was softer than clouds, and green eyes the color of leaves. I was bigger, but she was a fighter. I’ve never seen her even lose… Except when she died.”

Silverpaw let out a small gasp. That gray apprentice was Twigpaw!

”I’m….. so sorry… For your loss!”

”It’s ok. You know, for a SkullClan cat, you’re not so bad,”

They smiled at each other, until the leaders slapped the Great Rock with their tails, signaling the start of the Gathering.

A dark brown tom, Slitherstar, went first.

”BloodClan is prospering. Our prey has flourished, until we have to throw our extras away. Out nursery is full of kits, and even though we don’t have many apprentices, We are doing well!” He nodded to a black tom, who glared back with sharp amber eyes.

”MeadowClan has scented BloodClan scent on our borders more frequently. Have anything to say?”

”No, Breezestar. Your warriors must be mistaken.”

”They aren’t! Your stealing prey!”

”Shut up!” Slitherstar slapped his paw on the black leader’s shoulder, sending Breezestar teetering of the edge until a tortoiseshell cat help him up. Then Shadowstad spoke,

”We are doing well.”

”Yeah!” The tortoiseshell she-cat said, standing up and hissing at Shadowstar. “You raided us!”

Gasps came from the crowd.

”You stole our kits! You destroyed our herbs and prey! Twigpaw, Whitestripe, Fallowmint and Stonerock are all dead because of you!” The tortoiseshell leader looked scary now. Her fur was spiked up, and razor sharp teeth shown, inches from Shadowstar. Her claws looked sharp, revenge shining in her gaze and propelling her anger.

Shadowstar simply pushed her off the rock.

Slitherstar smiled. Hawkpaw and other TreeClan warriors ran over to their leader. MeadowClan and SwampClan stood, frozen. Shadowstad gathered up SkullClan to leave.

Silverpaw stared in shock and the tortoiseshell she-cat, who now lay unmoving at the ground,

”Silverpaw” Silverpaw whipped around and saw Shadowstar speaking to her. “I saw you with that TreeClan apprentice.”

”I-I” Silverpaw stammered. “Enough!” Shadowstar growled. “You must be punished. For the next moon, you will take on servent duties.” The leader stalked away.

Silverpaw stood there for a bit. I was only talking!

Hawkpaw approached her. She was about to tell him to go away, but he whispered, “Meet me at the border this half-moon” and walked away.

Should I do it? He’s the reason I’m punished.

Well, apart from Falconpaw, I have no friends at all. I could get to know him better

Yes. I’m in


Silverpaw walked over to the border. Hawkpaw was waiting for her, and smiled.


”H-hi” Silverpaw said. She stared into Hawkpaw’s dashing blue eyes, his pretty long fur….. Stop it Silverpaw! You can’t love him!

They took a moonlight stroll along the river where RiverClan used to be, now the border. It was so romantic, strolling with a handsome tom….

Silverpaw tried to control her thoughts


Eventually they split up. As they went home, Silverpaw thought she heard a small squeak. She headed towards the sound and spotted a dark ginger cat, nuzzling two tiny kits. A twig cracked and the queen tilted her head in Silverpaw’s direction, who ran to camp. She wouldn’t report the cat, there were kits!

She slipped into camp and found herself heading to Shadowstar’ den. No no no!

“Shadowstar!” She called, her legs shaking, and trying to move her back. “Yes?” SkullClan’ leader exited the den and faced the apprentice. “I found Aldereye!” Silverpaw blurted out. Instantly she regretted it. What have I done?

Shadowstar beckoned to Mallowpelt and Eveninglight. They four left the camp and Silverpaw led them to Aldereye. She didn’t want to, but she had too. Aldereye playing with her two kits when Shadowstar and her warriors entered the small clearing, sheltered by brambles . An underground den was on the opposite side, hidden by ferns. A pool of water was laying, not far, and flowers were spread all around to mask the scents. Smart

“Aldereye, you will be punished for betraying us.” The queen sheltered her litter with her body and faced Shadowstar, teeth bared. “Very well. Punish me. But leave these kits alone.” “No” Shadowstar said. “Half-moon is coming up, and Thrushfeather will be the one to die. Your kits will now live a harsh life. One will he a traitor, like you, and the other will die.” Before Aldereye could react, Mallowpelt and Eveninglight grabbed her kits. The queen let out a shriek and tried to grab a pale brown tom-kit from Eveninglight, but Shadowstar slammed her into Mallowpelt and they escorted her into camp.

Silverpaw hung back with Falconpaw and Shadowstar explained to the Clan. Falconpaw was chattering about how amazing it was for her to find that traitor, but Silverpaw didn’t know. She just listened to the leader. Shadowstar jumped down and faced the dark ginger she-kit. Silverpaw cringed as she slashes the kits chest, who fell on the ground, screaming the pain. The tiny kit twitched and withered, screaming and wailing. Aldereye and the other kits watched, tears dripping from their eyes. When she fell limp, Fernfall approached the tom and gave him a mouse. Aldereye yelled from him to stop, but he ate it. Two seconds later, he was withering on the ground and screaming, foam frothing out of his mouth. Aldereye closed her eyes, whimpering, but Mallowpelt held them open. The second kit died, and Alderdeath now, was escorted to the traitor’s den.

Shadowstar caught Silverpaw’ eyes. “It seems I doubted you” She said. “You’re off servant duties. you, Eveninglight, and Troutifn, you can come to ThunderClan. It’s early, but I don’t care.”

”What did you get on servent duties for?” Falconpaw whispered. Silverpaw ignored him. She instead followed her leader to ThunderClan.

Silverpaw would make a great future leader. Shadowstar thought. After some training, I’ll make her a warrior, them top deputy. She can become leader when it’s time.

I hate this! Two innocent kits were just murdered. I’m going to try to become leader, and end this once and for all! Silverpaw thought.

Shadowstar and her warriors entered the camp. “Hello” She said with an evil smile. “Its too early” Emberstar protested. “So?” She said. “I make the rules around here.” Lifting her head up, she yowled. “Not only that, I’m doubling the number of chosen cats”

All cats gasped. Silverpaw felt her heart race. Doubling?

As always, Emberstar brought the queens first. There was only one, a gray tabby. She had four kits, only 5 moons old, per say. Shadowstar selected a gray tom and a pale gray she-cat. Troutfin and Eveninglight grabbed them, and Silverpaw’s heart broke as she heard their wails, seperated from their mother. Their were only two apprentices. Both were chosen, a white tom and a dark blue-gray she-cat. Finally, the cats to die.

Shadowstar paced through the crowd. She stopped by Thrushfeather and muttered in his ear, “this is for what Aldereye did,” and clawed at his neck until he collapsed. She smiled. Nothing made her more happy than this, killing. Finally she stalked over to Emberstar. He was on his last life. She killed him.


“All cats gather for a meeting!”

”Well, I have many stuff to say. First, Emberstar is dead!”

She glanced at SkullClan, who erupted into cheers.

”Second, I have some ceremonies to preform. Wavekit! Bristlekit! Step up!” The two kits she got today stepped up and looked at her nervously. “Alright- You’e too old to learn SkullClan ways, and too past apprentice age for me. Alright, Wavekit will be a prisoner as Wavescrap and Bristlekit a servent as Bristleblood! Now, Whistlepaw and Whitepaw, come here. You two were chosen from ThunderClan, now to be SkullClan. Whitepaw, you’re new mentor is Graytooth.”

Graytooth stepped up from him. Sparrowpaw had died in the raid against TreeClan, and since he was a great mentor, Shadowstar didn’t want that to come to waste.”

”Whistlepaw, you’re a medicine cat apprentice, right?”

Whistlepaw nodded.

”Well, we can’t have four can we? way to many. So, Fernfall will be a prisoner, and Whistlepaw will train under Whisperclaw. One last thing-“ The leader paused to look at her Clan. Mossyshine and Whisperclaw were shocked, while Fernfall looked scared. The new ThunderClan arrivals were trembling. Silverpaw was looking up at Shadowstar, paying close attention. Shadowstar liked that.

”A new rank will be created. The Queens rank. Instead of mothers retiring to the nursery, they will stay as warriors and leave their kits under queens care. Queen suffixes will be -milk. Pinefrost, Fallowleaf, Waterfallwing, you are now Pinemilk, Fallowmilk and Waterfallmilk. That is all. Dismissed.”

Cats were yowling about the Queens rank, not raising their own kits, but Shadowstar waved it away. She had more pressing matters at hand.

Chapter Seventeen - Rebel Leader

Half-moon came one moon later. Shadowstar got up and stretched her legs, and called to her servent Moonblood, who scurried over. “Get me a mouse” She ordered, and he ran over to the fresh-kill pile and got her one. She ate it, feeling pleasant. “Dismissed” She told Moonblood. Finishing her meal, she remembered it was time to go to ThunderClan, and chose Brackentail, Morningstreak, Icepaw and Mothpaw to choose the cats. She passed Volemud on her way and said, “Volemud, go get some yarrow and eat it. now.” The tom widened his eyes and nodded, afraid. Yarrow always made him really sick. Shadowstar led her cats to ThunderClan.

When she got there, she was met with hostility. A pale brown tom stepped up and told her his name was Palestar, new leader of ThunderClan.

”Get out.” Palestar hissed. “I may not have my 9 lives, but I’m as sharp as ever”

ThunderClan outnumbered them, and Shadowstar led her cats back. She organized an attack. Elders would be killed, prey and herbs stolen, kits and apprentices captured. She waited and extra moon for the Clan to flourish, and then launched her attack.


Shadowstar and her Clan strolled in ThunderClan, just as dawn broke. Palestar saw her and was about to say something when Falconpaw and Graytooth jumped on him. Seconds later, it was a full battle.

Shadowstar slashed through the sea of pelts, drawing blood and listening to the shrieks of her enemies. She reached the elder’s den and saw two apprentices guarding it. The apprentice lunged for her, but she side stepped and knocked them into each other below delivering the killing blow. Then she went into the den, and killed every cat their.

At the end of the battle, only the kits remained. All seven of them. She grabbed them all and carried them home.


Pinemilk and Fallowmilk, and Waterfallmilk welcomed the new kits and got them settled in. Shadowstar called a Clan meeting.

”We showed them!”

Cheers erupted in the crowd.

”Dumb Palestar. Anyhow, we need a new Clan to give us cats every half moon. Apprentices, step up!”

All the apprentices, Silverpaw, Falconpaw, Mothpaw, Icepaw, Whitepaw, Whistlepaw, Flowerpaw stepped up.

”All lf you will go to SwampClan and tell them about ThunderClan. They will be the lucky Clan. But SwampClan won’ take it easy. Fight. Play dirty. Shos them you mean it. Whistlepaw, you don’t have to fight, just help the injured. Mothpaw will stay behind. Rosethorn and Islandfur will fight with you, while Tigerstrike and Puddlespots monitor your progress from a distance. If all goes well, you will be warriors. Start Now!”

All apprentices ran off, while Shadowstar led Mothpaw into the forest. “Hunt” she growled. And he raced off. Shadowstar climbed a tree and followed him from branch to branch. Suddenly, she jumped on top of him. He was pinned for a second, but pushed her off and ran towards her. Grabbing a pawful of sand, the black leader threw it at her apprentice. As he blinked sand from his eyes, she tackled him and started landing blow after blow after blow. When she was done, all that was left was a her, walking away, and an apprentice bleeding on the shore. It was his test.

In her den, she thought. She knew Silverpaw would be deputy… but that meant Tigerstrike would have to die. That could happen. She loved him like a little brother, but oh well. TreeClan…. TreeClan grew quickly. Raids like the previous one would do well, same with MeadowClan. SwampClan was the new ThunderClan- But BloodClan now she wanted to get rid of. She could. Prisoners, servants, kits, they could all be hers, but the rest could die. she could steal what she wanted, dead of night, and kill the rest. Not that hard- surely?

Approaching pawsteps caught her ears. The apprentices and warriors were returning. Some had a couple scratches, but no one died. Tigerstrike told her the report. “Meeting!”

”Alright- we have new warriors en route. Silverpaw, Falconpaw, Icepaw, Whitepaw, Flowerpaw, you are all now Silverdrop, Falconwing, Icetail, Whiteheart, and Flowerpelt. Dismissed!”

Chapter Eighteen - BloodClan’s Fall

Shadowstar slipped into camp, her warrriors fanning out around her. With Troutfin and Icetail besides her, she slipped into the nursery. Two queens were lying in nest. Troutfin and Icetail slit their throats, and each warrior grabbed a kit. There were five. Shadowstar padded to the large heap of moss outside and set her kit down, going back for the other one. Once all kits were inside, Troutfin and Flowerpelt rolled the moss bundld up and shoved a stick in it to hold it together. Then Flowerpelt carried the bundle of kits to camp.

By the end of the raid, all cats were dead. Prisoners, Servents, Cleaners, they were captured. Prey and herbs were stolen. SkullClan headed to camp.

the queens welcomed the new kits, and Shadowstar appointed the medicine cat apprentice she stole, Yellowpaw, to be a queen. She changed ranks so that prisoners and servents were hers. Then Softcloud’ kits remained. Thunderscrap seemed so happy to see them, but He was held back. Windblood became a servent, and Shadowdeath a traitor. Then that was all.

Chapter Nineteen - Shadow’s Fall

Shadowstar stood in front of her Clan. She had decided every full moon there would be meetings for this stuff - unless something happened.

The queens brought their kits forward, and Shadowstar studied them. “I will choose servants first,” The kits trembled and mewled. Shadowstar smiled. She lived for this, it was what she craved. “Applekit, Tinykit, Rowankit, you will be servents as Appleblood, Tinyblood, and Rowanblood. Lilykit, Lichenkit, Sunkit, Lionkit, you will be apprentices. Lilypaw, your mentor will be Falconwing. Lichenpaw will be trained by Starlingfeather, Reedfur gets Sunpaw and Lionpaw will be my apprentice.”

Lionpas looked so scared. Shadowstar had mentioned that to be her way of training, and installed that as a rule. One day he would get attacked, and die. Blackpaw and Mothpaw have died already, and none survived Shadowstar’s training.

“Now,” The black leader continued. “Foxpaw, Pebblepaw, come here. Beeblood, you two.”

The three cats stepped up. “Foxpaw, Pebblepaw, one of you kill Beeblood.”

Beeblood looked shocked but quickly dodged Foxpaw’s charge at her snd swiped at Pebblepaw, who dodged. Foxpaw jumped on the servent and pinned her, while Pebblepaw tackled him of and ran under Beeblood, tripping her. Beeblood fell on her side and Pebblepaw was about to kill her when Foxpaw hauled her away. The two disappeared in a heap of teeth and claws. Beeblood bent down and randomly clawed one, Foxpaw. He was dead. Enraged, Pebblepaw threw herself at Beeblood and ripped her chest open. Crimson blood poured from the dying servant. Shadowstar nodded in approval and named her Pebblefang.


(many moons later)

Shadowstar saw Tigerstrike, hunting in the forest. Shadowstar’s heart was heavy as she jumped on him and flipped him over. “Shadow-“ He was cut off as Shadowstar cut his throat open.

”What-“ Shadowstar spun around to see Whisperclaw staring at her. He took a step back but was too slow as Shadowstar raised her paw up and gave the death blow. Sorry. Then she raced to catch up with her patrol.

At MeadowClan, Hopestar looked on sadly as apprentices were brought up. Shadowstar choose a dark brown tom. Next, queens. An expectant cat. She killed a yellow tabby.

At SwampClan, Shadowstar choose a black tom, and then queens. Two litters. She took a kit that was about 6 moons old, another, a 2 moon old she-kit. She killed a pale blue-gray she-cat.

At camp, she made Branchpaw Mallowpelt’s apprentice and Darkpaw Grasshopperclaw’s. The six moon old kit, Heatherkit, became a prisoner and Blazekit was given Yellowmilk as a mom.

Silverdrop saw her chance as Shadowstar outside to hunt. She dashed out of camp to where she had hidden, under a bramble trap, a snake. Clawing the trap open, Silverdrop grabbed the snake and carried it to Shadowstar’s den, dropping it inside. Then she exited as the leader headed in. Not long later, she heard a shrill scream as the black she-cats reign finally came to an end.


“Shadowstar is dead, and now- I will be Silverstar. First I want to make a couple changes to the Clan. First, I’m reducing the amount of deputies to one. Falconwing will be the new deputy. Second, I want all servents, traitors, and prisoners to stand up.”

Hollymud, Rushmud, Pouncemud, Embermud, Fernscrap, Thunderscrap, Wavescrap, Ripplescrap, Stemscrap, Heatherscrap, Bristleblood, Moonblood, Shadeblood, Barkblood, Frondblood, Windblood, Appleblood, Tinyblood, Rowanblood, Dirtdeath, and Shadowdeath all stood forward.

”I hame you, Hollystem, Rushmoon, Pouncefur, Emberfang, Fernfall, Thunderstrike, Wavecrash, Ripplepelt, Stemfeather, Heatherseed, Bristleheart, Moontail, Shadefall, Barkbranch, Windbreeze, Appleseed, Tinylight, Rowanleaf, Braveheart, and Shadowfur.”

Mews of excitement and protest rose. Silverstar made them…. A clan!


Her reign didn’t last long. Not many wanted a Clan. She was killed, and Gingerscar was elected leader when Falconwing stepped down.

The first thing he did, was separate all the warriors into equal groups. The groups were:

Team A:







Team B:







Team C:







Team D:







Team E:







They all were sent to catch one piece of prey each. The results were:

1: Team D

2:Team B

3: Team A

4: Team C

5: Team E

Spots 1-3 became warriors, which 4 became servents and 5 prisoners. Gingerstar changed servant suffixes to -rot. He also changed Traitor suffixes to Dirt, and renamed Dirtdeath Dungdirt.

Then all apprentice, he gathered them all in a circle and ordered them to fight. Until one was dead. They fought in a cloud of teeth and claws until Rosepaw was dead. Then he named them Lilytail, Lichenheart, Sunray, Lionfang, Seedpetal, and Mousefoot. Then he named both Quailpaw and Redpaw his apprentices, before heading to the leader’s den to rest

Current Allegiances

The Skull’s Allegainces

Leader: Gingerstar

Deputies: Morningstreak, Grasshopperclaw, Reedfur

Medicine cats:



















































Waterfallmilk -

Pinemilk -

Fallowmilk - Berrykit

Yellowmilk - Blazekit