Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Tribe of Shadowed Night

Healer: (Tortoiseshell)

Fateteller--Tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Mentors and Guards: (Black-furred)

Night of Yellow Moon (Night)-- Black tom with yellow eyes

Willow Next to River(Willow)-- Black she-cat with long whiskers, a white tail-tip, and gray eyes

Lark That Roosts In Oak(Lark)-- Black she-cat with a white muzzle and lime eyes

Blizzard That Swirls On Mountain (Blizzard)-- Black tom with dark blue eyes and black ear tufts

Builders or Hunters: (Gray-furred)

Feather that Falls from Bird (Feather)-- Silver she-cat with green eyes

Swallow Swooping Across Sky (Swallow)-- Silver-gray she-cat with black dapples and amber eyes

River that Flows Through Mountain (River)-- Dark gray classic tabby tom with blue eyes

Pool That Shines In Sunrise (Pool)-- Light gray lynx point tom with copper eyes and a missing left ear

Salmon that Leaps from River (Salmon)-- Gray she-cat with red tabby marks and amber eyes

Explorers: (Ginger-furred)

Berry that Rests in Bush (Berry)--

Acorn that Falls from Tree-- Ginger she-cat with a small white patch on her chest and forest green eyes

Flower that Sway in Breeze (Flower)--

Ember that Gives Warm Light (Ember)--

Fire that Blazes Through Forest (Fire)--

Nut of Hazel Tree (Hazel)--

Servants: (White-furred)

Cloud that Drifts Through Sky (Cloud)--

Snow that Falls from Sky (Snow)--

Leaf that Tumbles from Branch(Leaf)--

Sun that Warms Cats(Sun)--


Spark that Flies from Fire (Spark)-- A ginger she-cat with blue eyes Kits: Dawn When Sun Rises (Dawn) - A ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes -- and Dusk When Sun Sets (Dusk) - A black tom with blue eyes

Cats Outside the Clans

Wolf-- A large dark gray she-cat with fiery orange eyes