This collaborated work is written by Ginger and Snowy


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Prologue - Ginger

A dark figure slinked through the shadows of the trees, trying to stay hidden in the night. Behind the figure, a small group of cats followed it, moving not as gracefully.

”Ugh, where the heck is this supposed ‘Moontree’?” One of them grumbled after stumbling on a tree branch that was jutting out. “Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?”

The figure stopped and looked at him. She then raked her unsheathed claws across his muzzle. The tom flinched, drawing his paw up to where blood was flowing from the scratch.

”You are to follow my orders without question,” she hissed menacingly, jerking her muzzle towards him. “Not whine like a newborn kit who got a thorn stuck in their paw!” She drew back, and continuing walking, said, “And, also, does that answer your question?”

They stopped as the cat swept her tail out in front of her, presenting a beautiful sight. In the middle of a large clearing stood a towering oak tree, who’s unnaturally silver leaves glinted in the light of the stars. The moon was not present that night.

”Okay, now that you’ve seen it, get to work.” The she-cat ordered the cats, who were staring in awe at the sight. They immediately snapped out of their wonder and raced to the tree, claws unsheathed. They all started clawing at it furiously, except for the tabby tom who had gotten scratched.

“Seriously, why do we have to do this?” he demanded. “I mean, it’s just a dumb tree. Aren’t there any other that you could cut down? And others that are preferably easy to cut down also?“

Then, out from the shadows, the she-cat leaped at him. She was a silver color, just like the tree leaves, and firey orange eyes. The tom tried to get away, but it was no use. He squirmed helplessly under the massive cat as she slid out her needle-sharp claws.

”You know, I’ve gotten tired of your remarks,” The cat said, flashing her teeth. She slashed his ear, blood dripping out of it. “Complaint after complaint. You never shut up. Well, now you finally can.” She raised her paw, and the tom squirmed more than ever, fearing what was about to happen. The she-cat smirked. “Say hello to Fox for me, Birch.” And with that, she slammed her paw down on his throat. He stopped wiggling; for a moment, he kept twitching, then stopped. Dead.

The cat looked up to see her followers had been watching what had just happened. “Keep going!” She barked, and at once they hurried back, not wanting what had just happened to Birch happen to them too. The cat came over to join them, her claws making her more efficient than them.


It was almost dawn when the silver cat shouted, “Stop!” They had tunneled to the center of the tree. She smirked. Her plan was finally in motion. Her eyes slowly morphed to a deep red, and she raised her paw again. This time, her claws had been covered in a black shadowy substance.

She plunger her claw into the center of the tree, and quickly, shadows started to overtake the tree. She looked back from the outside. The shadows weren’t showing, Good. She watched with excitement as a silvery-white cloud floated out of the tree. Then, it shot away.

She stared in confusion. The magic was supposed to be transferred to her! Well, then what happened? She thought with rage. She lashed her tail in, looking to where the object had gone. The Tribe of Shadowed Night, She gazed at the cats. It must’ve been transferred to one of them! Not a moment too soon, she had formulated a plan.

”Come on cats,” she told the others. “We need to pay the tribe’s newborn kits a visit.”

Chapter 1 - Snowy

The sun rose as Dawn, the newest kit in the Clan, finally opened her eyes. It was not a welcoming time, because her littermate, Dusk, was prodding her side the whole time. "Can you stop that?" She hissed to her brother. Even though she was a newborn kit, she was still fierce.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant mass flew at her, crushing her. "You're supposed to catch it, silly." Dusk teased, dragging the moss-ball off her. Dawn was infuriated. But, she let herself calm down.

"Again! Again!" She squealed, bouncing around, careful not to let the moss-ball squash her again.

Finally, she was tired, and decided to explore. "There's a big hole in the nursery!" She yowled to her mother, Spark.

Spark immediately whipped around, but then relaxed. "That's the entrance, dear." She meowed, gently grooming Dawn's fur.

"Let's go!" She squealed to her littermate, charging out of the nursery. She caught Spark rolling her eyes, but she ignored it.

She looked behind to see if Dusk was following, but he was far behind. Dusk was far behind, so backed slowly, until a shadow swallowed her and she bumped into another cat.

"What are you doing here, Wolf?" The leader of the guards, Night asked, narrowing his eyes.

"To welcome the new kits to the Clan, of course," Wolf smirked, sliding out her claws. Dawn froze in shock, but fortunately was dragged to the nursery by Spark.

"How do you know?" Night barked. "I know your tricks, Wolf. I know you very well." After said, Night launched himself onto Wolf. Wolf easily dodged, causing Night to face-plant on the ground.

Wolf pounced on Night, and after a few moments Night was pinned, struggling under Wolf’s claws. “Stop it!” Fateteller yowled, unsheathing her claws. The cats around gasped.

Dawn tilted her head to one side. “Why are they so shocked?” She asked, shivering.

Spark wrapped her tail tighter around Dawn and Dusk. “Fateteller never unsheathes her claws, only at terrible moments.”

Dawn understood now. “So this is a terrible moment.” She squeaked.

“Yes, my dear.” Spark licked the top of Dawn’s head. “Now go to sleep. I don’t want you to witness such darkness.”

After a few moments, she could hear the snoring of her littermate. She pretended to fall asleep, and peeked out with one eye.

But, Spark got up, and guarded the entrance to the nursery, with the other queens. Great, now I can’t see what’s happening. She grumbled quietly to herself, careful not to let anyone hear.

She quietly padded to a small crack in the wall of the nursery. Suddenly, Wolf turned and scratched Fateteller’s nose. She winced. She couldn’t bear to see this fight.

Dawn scrambled back to her denmates and wrapped her tail around her nose. The horrible thought of Fateteller being killed by Wolf came into her mind, and she brushed that thought away.

Suddenly, she heard a big sound, like an earthquake. She peeked through the hole. Everycat was flung back, including Wolf, which was flung off Fateteller.

“LEAVE!” Fateteller snarled.

“Yeah of course I’m leaving. This place is trash,” Wolf spat at Fateteller. She turned around and walked to the entrance. Suddenly, she turned around. “I destroyed the Moontree, so now all your powers will fade away…”

Fateteller stared at Wolf with awe and shock, and Dawn could see Wolf padding into the sunset…...

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