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Pineheart -


Loyal ThunderClan cat. Dark brown she cat with white inner ears, muzzle, chest, belly and tail tip. She is a quick thinker and cares for her clan and family more than anything else in the whole world. (Thanks to GingerstrikeTheWarrior for the name)

Bramblefrost -


One of the members of the murderer group, but betrays them. She is a ShadowClan descendant from Tigerstar (Tigerclaw) and is cunning and ambitious like him. Dark gray tabby with sharp green eyes.

Foxstream -


A dark ginger and white tom who was accused of murder due to his pelt colour and temper. He was a WindClan cat before he was banished. He tends to be hot-headed and sharp tongued, but he has a good heart.

Squirrelflight -

Firestar's daughter was tempted by the offer of power, so she turned to the dark side. She was desperate to prove herself worth something to everyone else. She replaced Berrynose when he died of greencough. She is a cunning she-cat who is desperate to prove her worth.

Crowfrost -

Crowfrost is the ShadowClan murderer, and he is training his apprentice, Bramblepaw, to become one too. However not even a mentor can stop their apprentice from doing what they think is right.

Weaselfur -

The WindClan killer, also with a ginger pelt, took advantage of Sedgewhisker's report of a ginger cat and exiled Foxstream from the clan. He claimed that he had spotted Foxstream sneaking out of camp with his paws covered in blood.

Mallownose -

This hot-headed tom, too, couldn't resist the lure of power. He is always careful about his tracks, however, and makes sure that no-one suspects him.


When a band of murderers come together to try take over the clans, only the cats who are brave enough to stand up to them can save the clans.

A spy, unsure of her loyalties,

A victim, torn between her family and clan and the right thing to do,

A suspect, blinded by injustice.

Together, they must work together to exile the shadows from the clans.

Season One

Shadows Among the Clans Part One (TC)

Pinepaw is just an ordinary apprentice who would die to protect her clan. But when she decides to try catch the murderer, things change... by far.

Shadows Among the Clans Part Two (SC)
Bramblepaw finds herself being lead along the path of murder. But can she stop herself? Or will everything change, depending on whether or not Pinepaw, a prisoner, can save her.

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