Shadowed Island

This a series written by DayDreamyy Moo. Please enjoy the story!

First Arc - The Lucky Eight

Book One - ShadowClan's Rebellion - Lilypaw just wants to be a normal warrior. She was fortunately born into a litter of eight; or rather unfortunately for her. Lilypaw and her siblings have a destiny, nothing too big involving saving the Clans, but something that will change ShadowClan and leave an impact, and a mark on history. Scorned by her Clan due to her kittypet blood from her mother, she realises her mind can always be taken off such a great prophecy when two toms come into her life.

Book Two - Secret of the Lily - Lilypaw continues her training, and is close to completion. Soon she would be a warrior! But something is getting in the way. Otterpaw, a WhisperClan apprentice, has fallen for Lilypaw. And Lilypaw has fallen for him. To make matters worse, Otterpaw is a medicine cat apprentice! Lilypaw can barely deal with Clan life, and wishes it would all end.

Book Three - Love Like Thorns - N/A

Book Four - The Destined Eight  - N/A

Book Five - StarClan's Promise - N/A

Book Six - Beyond the Battle - N/A

Special Adventures/Super Editions

Cedarmist's Loyalty - *Will be written after the first arc is finished!* Cedar is born to Sunlight and Spider in a group who calls themselves the Rebelutionary. They are neither good or bad cats, and Cedar's parents only want Cedar to grow up to be the best cat she can be. With two sisters who are doomed to die, and another sister who hates Cedar's guts, life is very hard to adjust to. But then Luna comes into Cedar's life and changes everything - but when they are torn apart, Cedar discovers she has something more to her than what meets the eye. *NOTE: This might be based on the video game Life is Strange!*


Youth - CedarxLuna  - For the super edition!

Running Out - OtterxLily  - *sigh* young love...


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