"Nightpelt, while your former leader still lives, you cannot receive your nine lives." Said the gentle voice of Nightpelt's long dead mother.

"But I am the rightful leader! Brokenstar is as good as dead!" I said crossly.

"I agree you were the best choice, my son, but it is the ancient laws." Spoke the sleek black she-cat.

"But what will I tell my clan? They will think you will have abandoned them and question if it was right to drive out Brokenstar!" I hissed, my tail twitching.

"You will tell them you have received the lives. It was right to leave Brokenstar. He was ruthless and unworthy of the lives he has."

"Alright, mother, I must go, Runningnose will be waiting for me." I said longly. I rushed forward and touched noses with the Starclan cat. Looking straight into the warm blue eyes as they disappeared.

"Cats of ShadowClan! I have received my nine lives and new name, Nightstar!" I yowled to my clan. There were many relived mutters and yowls of approval. "We will be strong once again!"

"Runningnose, how is Nightstar?" The clan medicine cat was frequently asked the same anxious question. The clan leader had fallen deadly ill, with most of the clan. He was too weak to leave his den.

"I am doing the best I can." Runningnose would reply stiffly.

Many sunrises went by, and the ShadowClan leader was getting sicker and sicker. Until finally, one day the clan woke up to the news that they're clan leader was dead. Taken into Starclan. The clan was most shocked at this. This made them fear the sickness even more. What terrible disease could take away a leader's all nine lives at once? The clan was starving and weak. Many still ill. The weak starving group of cats that were once a feared clan were barely scraping by. No one dared step up to become leader. They were all about to give up hope, when one day at the entrance stood the ThunderClan deputy, Tigerclaw.

"I am here to help." The big brown tabby said in a deep voice. "I volunteer to be ShadowClan's new leader. I will lead you into greatness." He went on with gleaming amber eyes as the clan welcomed him into their camp.

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