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Hi! I'm Hollywhisker! I'm making a new series called As An Apprentice. All the stories talk about different made up characters and their lives as an apprentice. I hope you like this series!

Already Made

As An Apprentice: Reefpaw(1)On the sandy moor, greenleaf welcomed Reefkit as she was born to Mudleaf.After facing a border accident with JungleClan, Reefpaw stays a bit more careful as she faces friendly FrostClan. Then she finds out her mentor's biggest secret.

As An Apprentice: Hailpaw(2)On the worst days of leaf-bare, Hailkit was born to Hawkfeather. The Clans trusted SunClan for as long as the wind had been roaring in FrostClan, which was a very long time. Because of this, Hailpaw and the others found it hard to believe that peaceful SunClan had turned their back on the three other Clans, which led Hailpaw to a terrifying incident.

As An Apprentice: Goldpaw(3)In the beautiful clearing of SunClan, Goldkit opened his eyes for the first time.When Goldpaw's medicine cat dreams had been crushed, he found it hard to blink back tears every sunhigh when he began that day's warrior training.

As An Apprentice: Laurelpaw(4)Laurelpaw was born to Hollybranch as they took shelter while rain splashed down. Laurelpaw was amazed since she opened her eyes about how majestic and well, jungle-y it was in JungleClan. She's determined to start a new type(like warriors, medicine cat, those things)of cats in a Clan. It was the "Preservers". They take care of nature and make sure it stays jungle-y forever, to serve the name of the Clan. The leader disagrees, however, but young Laurelpaw will do anything she can to persuade him.

Working On

Coming Soon

NONE--As An Apprentice 4 was the last fanfic!

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