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She could hear them coming. Their yowls getting closer as they scrambled their way through the thich undergrowth. She tried to guide her two kits quickly, holding one of them gently in her jaws and showing the other the way by her tail.

"Where are we going mommy?" The one she was holding asked, "What's all the yowling for?"

The she-cat didn't answer, but just continued to scramble through faster as the angry cats behind her got closer and closer. After a few strides she found a little hole big enough for just the little ones.

"Quickly, crawl into this hole," She mewed softly, a hint of panic in her voice.

"Why, mommy?" The same kit tilted her head.

"So the monsters in the stories I tell you won't get you," She answered, seeing the little one's confuse face turned into a horrored one.

"What about you? We can hide together!"

"No. I'm gonna drive them away. I'll be back soon," And with that she dashed off before the little kit could say anything to her.

Chapter One

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