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Hidden Spirit Series
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Left To Stay
Secret To Keep Succeded by:
Over The Horizon


Prologue - My Revenge - Wildpanther

It wasn't fair. And everything that was about to happen was Freedomstar's own fault. If he hadn't been so stubborn and mean, I wouldn't have to do any of this. The only things he wanted were honor and pride and would do anything to have strong warriors that could fight off any intruder or win any fight. That's why he had taken in that easdropping kit: Hiddenpaw. He had seen strength in her and wanted it for his own clan, knowing that the rogue would just go to another clan for help if he had refused.

He didn't have a heart like most cats thought. I had gone to him privately asking him to give me a few moons to do a private mission by myself away from the clan. I had told him it was extremely important to me and that I couldn't take no for an answer, but he hadn't let me. He told me he had to have all his warriors with his clan and that the thing which should be most important to me was MysteryClan.

To be loyal to it.

To fight for it.

To die for it.

To make it strong and unbeatable.

Nothing else mattered.

Nobody could understand what he was going through. And even if at least one warrior did, they couldn't do anything about it. The leader's word was law and everyone respected that. So he had to keep everthing a secret. Nothing could ruin his plan or it would be the last thing he ever did.

But that aprentice. His apprentice. She knew. And she was a threat. A bigger threat than she thought. It took no more than a cat to destroy everything, especially an immature rogue-born apprentice. She didn't know anything about being a warrior yet or even about the clans. One selfish move from hers was bad enough.

I suddenly started hearing pawsteps behind me and I knew it was one of my followers."You called us master?" I turned around to face him. I had done well when I went out to look for rogues who wanted to do something just for fun. They didn't ask anything in return, especially to someone who could just beat them up like me. But they were very big and muscular; just the type I needed to do my work.

"It's time. I'll be expecting you in exactly one moon with everything I told you to get." I spoke slowly, letting my words sink in the rogue's mind. "You better not mess anything up. You know the plan."

The rogue nodded. "You have succeded in becoming deputy?" he asked. Succeded? It had been no hard work at all. I had been destined to be deputy and if it wasn't for Cindersky, I would have been deputy a long time ago. Just because I had been away when Freedomstar had decided who was to be the next deputy. But I didn't regret my absence at all. It had changed everything about me. And since then, nothing had been the same ever again.

I smiled at the rogue, showing off my big fangs.

Chapter 1 - Around Camp - Hiddenpaw

"Aren't you happy your mentor is deputy sweety? Isn't it exiting?" Vinecloud voice echoed in my head. I still couldn't believe Wildpanther was getting what he wanted. It wasn't fair. Freedomstar was a good leader and he was just lying to him. Pretending to be loyal and all.

I just nodded to Vinecloud.

"Hey. I haven't been out in the territory with you yet, how about we go for a hunting patrol? You, your mentor, me and another cat?" Her question took me by surprise. That'd be the first time I went out with my mentor. He'd never taken me hunting so I didn't really know how. And worst of all, I wouldn't be able to make a good impression on Vinecloud.

Part of me wanted to say no to her, but the rest of me didn't want to disappoint her. It would be our first time in the territory together....

"Sure! It would be great, I'll finally get to see you hunt! I've heard you're a great warrior. But I'm not the best at hunting yet, Wildpanther has...." I stopped for a second. "He really wanted me to know the territory. He says you need to learn and memorize your surroundings if you want to be a better warrior and learn how to live in it." I quickly made up a lie. Suddenly, it didn't seem so much of a made-up thing. I had heard it somewhere.


"Not to worry sweety, maybe some other day? You tell me when you're ready to show off those moves and try beating me at a hunting competition." She smiled and padded to the warriors' den. It felt weird somehow to see her go there instead of the nursery. A picture came into my mind. Me, older and going into the warriors' den for the first time. All excited and proud.

"Missing your non-mother yet?" I turned around and came face to face with Muddypaw. Great! Kestrelpaw's sister and Littlepaw's best friend.

"I won't lie. It just feels weird."

"Ya, it would for you. You don't belong here!" she snapped at me.

"Did Littlepaw tell you to say that to me? What now, she's too little to tell it to me herself?"

"You did not just-!" her mad voice got interrupted by Shimmerpaw's call as she padded to join us.

"Sweetpaw is asking for you. She said for you to come." she spoke directly to Muddypaw. The brown she-cat just nodded and rolled her eyes annoyed at me. I turned to look at Shimmerpaw, not saying anything yet feeling a bit bad about the way she had just left me the other day.

"Hey..." she meowed, her voice a bit lower than usually. "Look, I'm sorry about leaving you there. I know Littlepaw can be a pain in the tail, but she just promised me something if I just hanged out with her. It's a fair deal..."

Deal? Littlepaw was being fair? Since when? "What are you meowing about?" At least she got the pain in the tail part right.

"Okay, I'll tell you, but promise me to keep it a secret." she meowed and sat beside me, looking around to make sure nobody was near to hear. "I kind of like this tom and Littlepaw promised me that she'll make sure he hangs out with me and maybe starts liking me too..." Figures. She's mooning over a tom.

"Well, that's awesome for you but I wouldn't trust Littlepaw. So...who is it?" I jumped to face her, now feeling all excited and curius about her crush.

She looked shy for a second but then blurted out the name. "Lionpaw! He's soo cute!!" Suddenly, a huge smile could be seen across her face and her eyes were all sparkling with joy.

"You like Lionpaw? Since when?"

"I don't really know, but it feels right, you know? We used to talk all the time when we were kits, but then a while after we became apprentices, he hangs out more with Blazepaw. I feel like I'm invisible now to him.

"Well, why don't you start hanging out with Blazepaw and him? I mean, be friends with his friends. Then you'll all be friend and you'll get a chance to be with him."

"I guess..."

"Shimmerpaw!" We both turned around to see a blue-gray and red-brown tom pad towards us. I soon recognize the cat. Not only did her have a very unique pelt colour, but he was my two favourite buddies' father.

"Hi Starseeker." she greated her mentor.

"Swiftstorm and his apprentice are going to take the Sandy Shore for fighting practice, so how about some hunting? I can ask Wildpanther if we can go on patrol so you can practice some hunting."

"Sure!" Starseeker nodded and headed towards the warriors' den, where I supposed was my mentor.

"Well, don't tell anyone, kay? I'll see you later!" she turned around, waving with her tail and soon joined her mentor who was already with two other cats. Woodfrost, a very know warrior who also happened to be Echocave's mate - Kestrelpaw and Muddypaw's father - and Fallowtail, an elder.

I wondered what Fallowtail was doing there. It was extremely strange for elders to get out of camp. I didn't know Fallowtail very well, but I remembered that she had been made an elder a little while before I joined. I padded into the clearing, trying to make out the cat's words.

"I'm not an useless cat you know! I can still hunt and will very much appreciate if you let me come with you on this patrol. My legs need some stretching and I'm not going to stay in my nest all day!" she snapped at Starseeker.

"It's alright Fallowtail! I was just wondering if you were feeling well and was sure that you wanted to come with us."

I swear I could've heard her murmur something to herself that sounded like 'mousedung' as she started to follow the patrol out of camp. I giggled a bit. Everyone knows better than to argue with an elder. They might be old, but they are extremely wise and can step all over you with one simple sentence. You did not want an elder mad at you or they'll be some fake rumors about you all over camp and even to other clans if you didn't apologize.

"Hiddenpaw!" Wildpanther called my name as he rushed towards me and signaled me to approach him. "We're going out for your fighting lesson. C'mon." Finally!!! I nodded to him as we got out of camp. He just kept facing front, not even daring to look to the side or his back all along the way. Fine with me!

It was better this way. Not having my mentor's gaze burn on my pelt. His amber eyes were like fire. Something you wouldn't want to see unless it pleased you when he was mad at you. I kept following, just noticing that we were headed to the ocean halfway there. I frowned. Normally, any apprentice would know where all the training for fighting would be, but no. I didn't know because my mentor wouldn't teach me anything. So far, Bubbles had taught me a little bit how to hunt, Strike how to fight and Bearpaw had showed me the territory. Great!!

"Where are we going?" I asked, trying to lie about not knowing where we were actually going.

"The Sandy Shore. That's where all the apprentices go to pratice and learn fighting techniques. It's by a huge body of water." he meowed, his tone expressionless.

"You mean the ocean or sea?" I asked, feeling better and trying as hard not to laugh about how he had no idea how much I already knew.

" could say that." Outsmarted by your own apprentice!! I silently giggled on how it had taken him by surprise. I guessed he heard me since he started padding faster and made a humph in annoyance.

"Hey Wildpanther!! You're finally here buddy!" the voice surprised me and I tilted my head upwards. Wildpanther smiled, or it looked it like by his right side of his face and padded up to the big gray tom coming from the beach. What was he doing here? Oh no...I didn't like where this was going.

"Yeah, finally made it here! Got a little bit delayed..." he looked at me joining them and then turned to back to face Swiftstorm. "But everything's good now. Let the games begin. Alright, where's your apprentice?"

"Ahhh, she's here. I just sent her to warm up and do some running." Swiftstorm turned around as in looking for someone, his apprentice..."There she is! Littlepaw!!" No!

The white apprentice with black flecks neared us, her face showing joy until she got close enough to see who her mentor was really talking to. She slowed down, now I could see her rolling her eyes as she looked straight in my eyes and then she grinned. I didn't like this. Her, grinning? At me? This was bad.

"Aww, so Hiddenkit and me are suppsoe to train together? Sure! Why not?" she meowed, this time looking at Swiftstorm.

"Hiddenpaw! Or did my name is too big and difficult to memorize?" I flicked my tail in the direction of my head.

"Oops! Sorry! I kind of forgot, you still look pretty small and all..." I silently snarled at her and she hissed.

"Enough you two! Try acting a little bit like sisters!" Swiftstorm bounced in front of us.

"She's not my sister!" Littlepaw snarled. Her mentor flicked his tail and she just closed her mouth, angrily looking at me.

I just remained quiet, now feeling, again, Wildpanther's unconfortable gaze on me.

"Follow me both of you." Wildpanther meowed, passing by us and nearer to the shore. As I followed him, I could now clearly get out of the bushes and step into the soft sand. It was perfect. After a long walk from camp, the relaxing sand under my paws just massaged them. I took slow steps on purpose, feeling the sand with each step. Then, there was the sea. The sun's rays reflecting on it and the soft sound of waves soothing my ears.

"Alright. You two are going to have a little fight. We'll be able to tell where you're both at with it and see what you need to improve on." Wildpanther explained as he sat down on the sand.

"No claws!" Swiftstorm quickly added. Littlepaw and I both nodded at the same time and faced each other.

"Prepare to be defeated..." she whispered so only I could hear. "You'll obviously lose. Just like you lost Kestrelpaw..." That was it!

I quickly leaped at her. She dodged me, but wasn't fast enough and I landed on her tail. "Ow!" she screeched and back kicked me right on the front paw, making me lose my balance to the front. She took the opportunity and leaped at me, her paws going directly to me.

I made an effort to gain control again and crouched to the front, putting my tail high on top and feeling her paw tripping over it. I turned around with one swift move and went back to facing her.

Chapter 2 - First Gathering - Hiddenpaw

"Good job both of you! Pretty impresive for a first time!" Swiftstorm patted us on the back with his tail as we got back to camp. He had been congratulating Littlepaw and I all along the way back beside talking to Wildpanther about clan issues and his mate, Tawnysky.

"Thanks..." it was nice having him to tell us we did a good job, but right now all I could think of doing was just throw myself on my nest and sleep for a whole moon. My paws felt so tired that they hurted and my shoulders and lets felt sore.

I started making my way to the dens, feeling so tired that I practically sleep walking. Suddenly, I bumped into someone. Barely opening my eyes, I realized they had black pelt and amber eyes. Wildpanther! I merely jumped, fully opening my eyes now.

"I'm sor-!" I got cut off when I realized it was only Blackrock.

"A bit tired?" his asked, his eyes only showed friendhip and caring. There was something about him that made me feel right...

"Yeah...Just got back from my first fighting lesson..."

"Well, let me give you a tiny tip..." he stopped for a second and grinned. "Go to the apprentice's den that way instead of here in the warriors' den." I looked over to where he was pointing with his tail and for the first time realized I had been going to the wrong den this whole time. Mouse-dung!

"Oh..." I chuckeled a bit, "Sorry. I'm really tired I don't even know what I'm doing." He nodded and I turned around, feeling totally embarased that for once I felt graceful my pelt was dark enough that wouldn't show my blushing.

"Alright!! Everyone gather around and listen up!" Wildpanther's yowl echoed through the dens minutes after I finally reached my nest. The timing couldn't be any better, coudl it? I stepped outside, happy the there was no sun or bright light at night that would blind me or wake me up.

"The following cat will be attending the Gathering tonight!" he announced. Gathering!! I had forgotten all about it! "Redfoot, Brindlefang, Darkbranch, Nettletangle, Littlepaw, Bearpaw, Woldpaw, Kestrelpaw, Hiddenpaw, Iceberry, Talonpaw, Shimmerpaw, Arcticmask, Blackrock, Mintwhisker, Orangemask, Fairheart and Sweetpaw!"

Everyone in the clearing nodded and some of them started making their way to the camp entrance, while the other's made their way to the dens. I searched the crowd for the familiar tortoiseshell pelt of Shimmerpaw, but didn't find her. Instead, me adoptive father joined me.

"Excited?" he asked as Darkbranch came over to join me.

I nodded happily and finally got to let out all my anxiety. "I can't believe I'm finally going to the gathering for the first time! Finally see Free Mountain and get to see all of the other cat from the other clans! I mean, when I first came here, this whole clan seemed like a whole bunch of cats but now three clans together?? It's going to be epic!"

Darkbranch smiled at me. "You haven't seen nothing yet until you get there. Believe me, it's quiet a sight to see. When I was your age, and went to my first Gathering, I couldn't believe my eyes. It's umbelievable." he smiled and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was going through old memories in his head.

All this time, Darkbranch had always treated me like his own daughter, just like Vinecloud had. They were extremely caring and I knew they loved me very much. There were only a few times that I realized this, and this was one of them. Even Vinecloud's parents, Orangemask and Skylight treated me like family. Skyligh giving me my grand-kit nickname, Sunny-Hiddenpaw. Used to be Sunny-Hiddenkit.

The way wasn't very long, almost the same lenght as going to the beach. I looked up in the sky, seeing all the starts lighting up the dark night. Only few clouds were visible and the moon shone brightly in the center of the sky.

"We're getting closer." Shimmerpaw whispered in my ear almost scaring me. I looked over to my side to where she was padding beside me.

"I was looking for you back at the camp." I told her.

"Oh, I was talking to Lionpaw. He wasn't chosen to come." she told me, sighing. Only a few apprentices hadn't come. Then the memory came back to me when Wildpanther had first announced who was coming.

"What happened to Muddypaw? She's a brand new apprentice like me. Why didn't she come?"

"Oh, aprantly she got into this fight with Wolfpaw and then she just went to the territory without warning anyone. Lots of warriors went out to look for her. Pity...She was very mad with Wolfpaw, but he won't say what happened to anyone but the warriors."

"Maybe I could ask him later?"

"Yeah...I guess. You have been hanging out a lot with them lately..."

"Yeah, they're really nice and friendly, sometiems moddy, but it's funny!" I smiled.

"Oh and is it also because they're cute?" she said, now her shimmery eyes sparkling.

"What! No! Obiously not!!" I blurted out. "Fine, I admit they are a bit cute, a tiny bit! But that is not the reason why I hang out with them."

"Sure, isn't that the reason why you hanged out with Kestrelpaw and then stopped when Littlepaw started hanging out with him?"

"Does everyone knew I liked him? And no, we were just good friends as kits and then, yes he started spending all his time with her..." I saddened a bit with the last words.


"Alright, everyone follow me. For the newly-made apprentices, stay close to a warrior as we go up the mountain." Freedomstar's yowl echoed through the trees. I looked over to his back that was facing the start of the mountain. Free Mountain. The elders told many stories about this mountain and it's past history. It's where Mystery, Secret and Puzzle became leaders. It is also the place where the great battle happened.

Freedomstar started making his way up and our clan followed. The mountain seemed so tall and getting to the summit would definately be hard. No wonder we left early for gathering. The climb is what took so long.

"Am I glad we're here!" Shimmerpaw exclaimed as we reached the top. I stopped looking borely down at my paws and kerked my head upward, finally seeing the summit. I felt sigh of relief escape me and excitement filled my whole body again.

Then, that's when I heard them. Many voices. Lots of them. I tried jumping up to see past some of the warriors in front of me to see the other clans, but I wans't tall enough and got only a few glimpses. Then, the clan starting dispersing through the summit, joining some groups of cats. The summit was big but the clans only took part of it.

"C'mon. I'll introduce you to my friends!" Shimmerpaw meowed eagerly. She them hoped over to the crowd and I follwoed her looking all aroudn me to all the strange cats. Different and weird scents filled my nostrils, two specific ones. PuzzleClan and SecretClan I guessed.

Then without noticing I bumped into Shimmerpaw. "There you are!" she said and signaled me to follow her as she approached a silver-cream tabby she-cat. "Okay, I want you to meet Eveningpaw!" she looked at Eveningpaw and I greeted her.

"Eveningswift now, Shimmerpaw. I had my warrior ceremony a few sunrises after the last Gathering." she meowed with her soft voice and the she looked at me.

"Hi! I'm Hiddenpaw."

"She's a new apprentice." Shimmerpaw explained.

"Oh, hey!! Nice to meet you! Who are your parents? I heard there were quiet a few kits born in MysteryClan."

"I...umm...I joined the clan as a rogue but Vinecloud has been my adoptive mother." I told her, feeling a bit unconfortable. As if reading my mind, she quickly meowed.

"Oh, well I'm glad you joined the clans! Shimmerpaw really needs a she-cat friend to gossip and tell her secrets too in her clan. Hard to keep up when we only see each other every moon." she smiled up at me and then playfully pushed Shimmerpaw. "Oh, and I also have a new friend. This is Echopaw." she meowed, nodding to a silver tabby she-cat who's pelt was blue-gray under the moonlight.

Echopaw soon realized she had introduced her and padded to join us, saying hi. "This is Shimmerpaw, the friend I told you about and her new friend Hiddenpaw."

"Hey!" "Hi!" "Hello!" we all meowed around the same heartbeat.

"Hello!" We all turned around and saw a ginger tabby she-cat right behind us. Her green eyes brightly sparkling.

"Hey Hawkpaw! Everyone this is Hawkpaw from SecretClan."

"Let the Gathering begin!!" a dark brown tabby tom meowed as he voice rang across the summit. Must be a leader. He was standing on a tall and large rock with two other cats. One was the familiar ginger and white tom, Freedomstar but there was another cat. She had black pelt with a noticable white splash on her chest and huge green eyes.

"Pss. Who are they?" I asked Echopaw, who was sitting beside me.

"The one talking is Hawkstar of SecretClan and the black she-cat is Wildstar from PuzzleClan, my leader."


"Wait until you see what happens next. But stay quiet." Bearpaw whisper surprised me and I noticed that he had just padded over to us. I nodded.

Everything went silent and the three leaders sat and looked up in the sky with their eyes closed.

"Bless us spirits for this new Gathering and another moon to celebrate our creation." the all meowed together. I looked around as everyone's eyes were on the sky and I wondered what was happening. The sky turned pitch black except for the moon and that's when the magic came in.

Strings of light appeared on the sky. All different colours. Green, orange, blue, yellow, everything....It was like a nighttime rainbow, but brighter and bigger. It glowed beautifully on the black background. It moved like a snake along the sky, swiftly and slowly and I felt a sense of peace and calm overwhelm me. Then I felt different presences, all good.

The lights came closer and now parts of it was touching the land. As I looked closer into it, I saw shapes in it. Shapes moving and I noticed that they were cats. Many cats who's pelts shimmered and glowed. SpiritClan cats! I thought. Then, three SpiritClan cats made their way down to where the three leaders were. One was a small gray she-cat, the other was a black tom and the last one was a black tom.

Secretstar, Mysterystar and Puzzlestar. I gasped as I felt excitedment to see the first three leaders who founded the clans.

"Now that this Gathering is under the Ancient Leaders's approval, may it begin!" Freedomstar meowed.

"ScretClan is very welll. We have two new apprentices, Badgerpaw and Waterpaw!" he announced and some SecretClan cats cheered as everyone looked dover to a black-and-white tom and a silver tom. "With one newly-made warrior, Flashclaw!!" he let cats cheer for a heartbeat and kept going. "And our queen, Rainweed just gave birth to two healthy kits, Indigokit and Flamekit."

Some cats started whispering but silenced a few heartbeats later. "And congartulations to our new deputy, Specklefeather!"

"Our clan is very strong and heatly. We had no sickness this season and we have a new apprentice, Echopaw! Not to mention Fawnpaw, who has chosen to follow the path of a medicince cat. And our new warrior, Eveningswift!!" Wildstar spoke and I cheered for both of them along some other cats. "We've spotted some twoelgs near our territory but luckily scared the off along with their kittypets. No problem with them."

"MysteryClan is as strong as ever! Our clans is roaming with many new apprentices." Freedomstar meowed proudly. "I'm happy to announce our new apprentices, Wolfpaw, Bearpaw, Littlepaw, Muddypaw, Kesterlpaw, Hiddenpaw and Sweetpaw who has chosen to follow the path of a medicine cat apprentice." New cheers filled teh silent and everyone's eyes were on me and the rest of the new apprentices.

"My former deputy, Cindersky has become a queen due to her expectations of Nettletangle's kits and my new deputy is Wildpanther!"

When the news were over, Foxtail, SecretClan's medicine cat had announced that all medicine cats would remain here after the gathering to discuss and welcome Sweetpaw.

"Well, I better check on a few things before we leave. Nice meeting you Hiddenpaw!" Eveningswift bounded off along with Echopaw.

I padded around as cats started saying their final goodbyes or their final gossip, especially elders.

"Hiddenpaw! Come here for a minute!" Fallowwing called me over to where she was talking to a golden brown tabby tom I had never seen before. He was tall but his pelt and the way it was gave away that he was fairly old. Too old to be a warrior. "This is Brackenstorm and SecretClan elder and a good old friend of mine. And I do mean old." she laughed as she introduced us.

"Hi Brackenstorm! Nice to meet you!" I meowed.

"Hello. So this is the cat you've been telling me about. Orangemask's and Skyligh's adoptive gran-daughter." he meowed to me and paused. "We were all good friends back in the day when we could run for miles. We met as apprentices during the Great Storm when all clasn had to come here for shelter. I can tell you that that storm surely changed everything. It brought us together, including them who used to hate each other." he told me and I smiled at the story. I had heard of the Great Storm before. Even though it had been horrible, it had brought togetherness to everyone and teamwork.

I nodded. "Pleasure to meet you. You're very lucky to have them and their very nice daughter, Vinecloud. She's not here is she?"

"No, but Darkbranch is." I told him.

"Yes, I greeted him earlier. Well, nice metting you." He smiled and I nodded once again.

Chapter 3 - After Problems - Hiddenpaw

"The gathering was great!!! I still can't believe my eyes!!" Bearpaw meowed to me as we got near camp.

"And there were so, so many cats!! I thought it would be hard to make friends but there are a lot of great cats!" I meowed back.

"You don't say? Wolfpaw has been with these cats the whole night."

I laughed. "Get used to not being with your brother now."

"That's not it, just making a point. Don't tell me you think i want to spend all my time with him..." I laughed.

I was standing there. At the apprentices entrance, I somehow felt weird and worried. Something saddened me. My friends, I thought. No names came into my mind except that word. I looked down sadly at my paws. My brown tabby legs with gray dipped paws. I saw a flash of movement infront of me and jerked my head upwards. A white she-cat with black dots stood in the clearing alone, searching for somethign to eat in the fresh-kill pile. A strong feeling swept through all of me.

The dream stopped and my unconsious mind flashed towards another one.

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get my mind of them. The two of them, both hating each other when they were the most important cats to me. I knew I couldn't do anything about it. If I talked to either of them, they wouldn't listen. One of them would just laugh and tell me I don't need the other one and the other one wouldn't even talk to me. She had stopped and I couldn't help it but to blame myself. I sighed. I have to talk ot her. She was my best friend. I need to tell her the truth about my feelings. I couldn't keep it to myself. We had always used to tell each other everything. I got up and silently padded towards where she was sleeping.

"Hey!! Hiddenpaw!" I heard a small whisper that woked me up as soon as the dream stopped and I sleepily jerked my head up. Kestrelpaw was standing there, right in front of me, his eyes showed questioning.

"Wha-? What is it Kestrelkit?" I asked, still feeling like I was dreaming. Feeling as if my kits days had come back and Kestrelpaw was still my friend, both of us sneaking out of the nursery and starring at the shapes the stars formed.

"Kestrelpaw and c'mon. Follow me." Ok, this was real. Definately real. I stood up and followed him at the entrance of the apprentice's den.

"What is it?" I simply asked.

"I uhh...Well i was going to ask you this one thing but now that I think of it, I want to ask you two things." he meowed. "What just happened?" What?

"What do you mean? I just came back form patrol and I don't know where you've been." I told him.

"No. I mean, what happened to us? We were best friends for crying out loud! Were...I don't know what happened when we became apprentices, everything changed and now we barely speak to each other! If I didn something to you, I'm sorry. I swear I never meant to hurt you, but now I feel horrible. Each time I look at you, you just turn around."

I stayed silent for a heartbeat. He really meant it and for the first time I realized that I had been blaming him for something that wasn't his fault. "I'm sorry. I was just...mousebrained and I guess I got jalous when I saw you hanging out with Littlepaw. I guess I over-reacted. I'm sorry. You didn't do anything." I told him.

"Oh...Do you have a problem about me being with Littlepaw now?" he asked, worry was in his voice. What's going on? What had him so worried?

"No." I lied.

"Well, the second thing I wanted to ask you, I don't know who to ask since Muddypaw hasn't been in a good mood and Sweetpaw hates me. Not to say you're my last choice, it's just with everything that's been happening. Us not talking and all." He started talkign really fast and I remembered how he always got this when he was nervous.

"Get to it already Kestrelpaw!" I meowed, half my my tone was joking.

"Do you think" he stopped. "I'll just get over it. Do you think Littlepaw likes me? Like, likes me?" Oh foxdung!! Then, the memory of my dreams came back. It hadn't been me. It had been him. Kestrelpaw. It had been about Littlepaw and I. Oh no!! They were coming back. And this time, it had been faster.

"Say something." Kestrelpaw meowed and then added. "Please."

"You know I'm not very close to her. We don't even act like step sisters and I can't tell how she feels about you." I sighed, now feeling very much awake. I had to help him. He clearly had been worried about what I was going to say. No matter what he had done - which was nothing on purpose or anything he had been aware of - he was still my friend. "You two have been spending a lot of time together. You're the tom she hangs out the most with. There's a posibility." I tried cheering him. "Maybe you shoudl tell her how you feel, and whatever she sayd, I'll have your back."

I placed my tail over his shoulder. He nodded. "Thanks. I'm glad we're friends."

"Forever." I told him.

"You're sure about this?" I asked him.

"Sure. You don't trust me, do you?" Wolfpaw just meowed to me. I rolled my eyes. Not that he wasn't trustworthy, just that he didn't really take anything seriously. It was always a matter of jokes for him no matter what anyone else told him. At least Bearpaw was a bit more mature. Toms...

I looked through the leaves on the bush in which we were hiding in. The white apprentice with black spots got into the hunter's crouch. "I can tell you just rolled your eyes at me."

"Shush!! She might not be able to smell us but she'll hear you if you don't shush!" I hissed at him.

"Fine...I'll go now." he carefully back away, makign sure where he was stepping.

When he was finally gone, I focused on Littlepaw again. Surely she wasn't going to act all happy when I'll get out and show myself, but oh well. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the bushes, feeling all exposed. Littlepaw made a small surprised jump and hissed at me.

"What do you think you're doign spying on me?"

"I need to talk to you about something and like it or not, you're going to listen!"

She rolled her eyes at me. "I don't care a squirrel what you have to say. Now, just pad away and you'll be fine." she threatened. I knew it wouldn't be easy.

"No. Listen to me. This is about Kestrelpaw." I told her and with the mention of his name, she stayed quiet, but still gave me her dirty look.

"Let me guess, you're in love with him and want me to stay away?" she meowed, now smiling at me, showing off her fangs.

"No. You better not hurt him Littlepaw. I don't care what you did to me when we were kits, but now this is serious." I hissed at her as I got closer. "He has feelings too and you're just playing with him. If you don't stop, he's going to get hurt, which better not. He likes you, okay? You treat him well or else!" It was my turn to threaten her. She just looked at me and said nothing.

For a heartbeat I thought she was going to attack me, but she just turned away and padded in the oposite direction from me. I stood still, just letting her leave. How can she be so heartless? Why was she even so mean all the time? Even when I had joined, Kestrelkit had told me that she was always like this, and even worse with me because she thought I had taken her dead brother's place.

I stopped for a second to realize what had just gone through my mind. Her brother. Vinecloud had only mentioned him once, Smallkit, the pain being too big for her. Then Kestrelkit had told me his story. He had been born apparntly very weak and the harsh winter nights hadn't done any good. Vinecloud had caught greencaough and had been moved to the medicine cat's den. And soon after, Smallkit had been found sick as well and moved with his mother. His sickness had been more severe and one morning he had been foudn dead. Even in the few days he lived, Littlekit and him had been very close and his death had devastated her.

I felt guilty. I kind of understood her hating me and I felt sorry for her loss.

"You're getting better and better at fighting!!" Blazepaw meowed as we headed back to camp together following our mentor. I purred.

"Well, now that the snow is almost melted it's easier."

"And ice! I hate ice." he meowed.

I laughed. "It can be fun, you know." I told him, remembering those fun times I had had with Chloe. She had been a great friend and I was never going to be able to forget her.

"Well, actually I don't." he said smiling. I nodded and headed for the fresh-kill pile. Not many cats were there, like usual. Stormstrike and Brindlefang were meowing like crazy. They surely were into an intense conversation. I sense something between them, I thought. On the other side was Blackrock with Nettletangle and his mate Cindersky. I noticed how she already looked bigger.

I quickly bounded up to Shimmerpaw who was quietly eating slowly and staring at something. More like mooning over someone. "Hey!" I meowed surprising her and making her jump. "Stop mooning over him! You're not going to get anything by doing so. Have you talked to him yet?" she shaked her head sideways. I sighed. "C'mon. You have to try. Just be friendly and that's it."

"I guess.." I padded to her side and stared pushing her to get up. She looked at me with questioning eyes but just stood up.

"Okay, now go. Go talk to him."

"I..I can't"

"Why not?" I immediately asked. When she remained silent I continued. "See? No reason, now go!" She sighed and padded towards him.

"Hi!" I heard her say to Lionpaw and Blazepaw as she nervously padded towards them. I seated and continued to watch them, eavesdropping on theri conversation. I heard both of the greet her and continued their talk. I sighed as Shimmerpaw didn't say anything and I knew she felt left out.

"Hey!!" Littlepaw suddenly came out of nowhere and the three cats turned to look at her. "Blazepaw can you come with me for a few minutes?" Blazepaw shrugged and nodded, now following her out of the clearing and into the territory. I sat there just looking at Shimmerpaw and Lionpaw awkquardly not saying anything and just looking around.

"So...what's up?" she finally asked.

He shruged. "Nothing." Urgh!!! Can't he say anything better than nothing?

"Hiddenpaw!" I turned around facing the cat whose voice had scared me. Wildpanther was now standing in front of me. "I want you to go and clean the elders' den. Now!" he meowed and as soon as he was done, he padded off to the warriors' den. Yeepe!

"Excellent job!" Mintwhisker meowed as I finished. I smiled at him and tried finishing collecting the rest of the moss and mouse bile. "You come quiet handy each time Wildpanther send you here." he smiled. "Have you hear any myths Hiddenpaw? About or ancient clans that you would like to know? You see, we have been discusing some myths and thinking if they are true or not."

I hit me! "Umm...well a friend of mine told me that he heard of clan cats that have visions of the future." I shily meowed.

"Oh, well there surely aren't many stories about it. I assume if Iit was true it was remained a secret but I heard of it." Mintwhisker nodded.

"Yes, I've heard of some stories. That special gift being in only one bloodline or something." Orangemask spoke.

"One bloodline? Who's?" I impatiently asked.

"Well Sunny Hiddenpaw, there's a myth." Skylight's voice startled me from behind. "The myth says that the three ancient leaders all got a power. Mysterystar's bloodline is the one that is suppose to have the future-seeing power."

I nodded as thoughts filled my head.

Where was she? I thought. I crept through the alley. Everything was dark and I felt a shiver run down through my spine. Their whispers were getting louder and louder. I turned over beside a large box, my mind quickly calling it a 'garbage bin' and sat behind it. I exposed my head and turned my eyes to teh two cats that were sitting together. I looked over to the tom first. His dark, dark black pelt reflecting the light and his muscles were clearly visible. 'Wild cat!' I hissed in my thoughts. Then I looked over to my friend. She looked so different compared to him. 'What did she even see in him?' I wondered. Bubble's silver flecks just shimmered against her white fur. Their tails were curled together and her head rested on his shoulder. 'This won't turn out good.'

Chapter 4 - It's Confusing - Bearpaw

"Awesome!!" Talonpaw meowed as he reached the top of the Crying Tree or as some other cats called it, the Willow Tree. His voice just made me climb faster. I was eager to see how the territory looked liked from so high up.

Seeing Wolfpaw a few mouse lenght in front of me, I leaped up playfully pushing him back with my back leg and hurried up. I laughed as he surprisingly gasped, clearly not expecting it, and falling into one of the big banches. "Bearpaw!! You mousebrain!"

I kept laughing as I looked down at his mad face. He was annoyed, but that was just part of the fun. Suddenly as I turned aroudn still climbing up to look where I was going, I saw a branch approach me. Before I coudl do anything I bumped into it, making it push me back to a lower branch. "Whoa!" I gasped surprisingly.

I felt the hard branch on my bottom as it hit my tail and obisouly Wolfpaw's burst of laughter started. I growled in pain and stood up, stretching my legs so I could continue climbing.

"Revenge is sweet!" Wolfpaw meowed as he passed by me and reached Talonpaw. I mutered under my breath and kept climbing. Talonpaw's and Wolfpaw's exited meows just made me more eager to reach the top. Nobody was suppose to climb the tree unsupervised. Specially apprentices. That's what made it so exiting. Breaking the rules.

I felt the long leaves and branches one last time as I exposed my head outside the tree top. Wow! It was amazing to see the territory from so high above. Plus, the wind just pushed you back so you had to grab on tight. Not many apprentices dared to climb the tree. At least no current MysteryClan apprentice had. And no outsider clan could since this was MysteryClan's territory.

"Can't wait to tell everyone that we climbed the tree. Ya'll remember when we planned this as kits?" Talonpaw asked. He was trying to keep his voice cool but I figured it had a lot more meaning than he showed.

"You bet!" I meowed. It's was cool being kits. We had always gotten into trouble, even got our group nickname, mousebrained-trouble makers. I remember this time we went on a badger hunt. Little did we know that they were some of the most dangerous creatures in the territory.

"Mousebrained trouble makers!" we all meowed at the same time and started laughing.

Suddenly Wolfpaw stopped laughing and looked down. "I think I see someone. Down there." he nodded to where there were some rustlings in the bushes. "I see them!! I see two cats!"

"Foxdung!" I meowed.

"We have to get out of here before they catch us!" Talonpaw meowed and immediately started climbing down.

"Wait! We can't get down now. They'll just catch us red-pawed!" Wolfpaw meowed. "Llet's try to hide our scent in the leaves and try no to move!"

"Shss!" I silenced them. "They're here." I tried whispering loud enough so they could hear me from their positions.

"Did you hear that?" a she-cat's voice meowed from below the Crying Tree. I tried looking below me and saw that the mysterious cat had tortoiseshell pelt.

"Wait a second..." the second she-cat meowed suspiciously and started to make her way directly above the tree. This time I recognize the second cat. Her black pelt could never be forgoten. Hiddenpaw. I quick,ly guessed that the other she-cat with her was Shimmerpaw. I felt stupid for a second. There was only one other tortoiseshell she-cat in the clank, Tawnysky and she was too pregnant to be out in the territory.

I tried looking over to where they were as they moved around the tree. I guessed they were trying to spot the three of us. "Hey! What are you doing up there?" she meowed to us. Her voice loud and not too questioning. This surprised me from behindk, mak,ing me step back and trip on my own tail.

"Whoa!" I fell downk, desperately trying to dig my claws in the tree so I wouldn't get hurt when I landed but it only slowed a bit my fall and didn't stop me. Fear came to me slowly but before I knew it somebody pushed me sideways. What the?

"What in the world were you doing? Are you mouse-brained or just have bees in your brain?" I tried getting up and looking at the cat who had pushed me. Pian filled my front right leg as I sat up and stared into her sun like eyes.

"What did it look like? I was climbing up a tree."

"More like falling down a tree. Do you expect someone to always be there and catch you?"

"Well. You were there so I fgured you would do something." I simply meowed.

She rolled her eyes at me. "Yup. Just like I thought. Bees in the brain." she hafl meowed to herself and Shimmerpaw loud enough so I could hear.

"Hey! Tom are you okay? Quite a landing you had." Talonpaw meowed as he carefully climbed down.

"I'm good. Just had an adrenaline rush and threw myself. No biggie."

"Hey come back! Don't be such scaredy squirrels!" Wolfpaw teased from above, still hanging from a branch.

"Yeah. Better to be scaredy squirrels than someone's who's bones are broken and can't go back to the gathering in a few sunrises!" Shimmerpaw meowed.

I expected Wolfpaw to meow back, and try to win this small discussion but his eyes just grew large and he climbed down as fast as he could. This was weird...It was normal to be exited for an apprentice's first gathering but Wolfpaw was more than exited. He was more excited to go to teh gathering these past moons than he had been when it was our first gathering. I'll talk to him later, I thought.

"That's what I thought." Shimmerpaw meowed nodding.

I heard a few pawsteps walking away. What the? I slowly opened my eyes, trying to not move my body so whoever was sneaking off wouldn't notice me. I saw the blue-gray pelt and quickly recognize the tom. How could I not? I had known him my whole live. He was my brother. And he was sneaking off again. It was the fifth time I saw him sneaking off. And that was without counting the times in the first moon he started.

What is he up to? As sooon as he was out of the apprentices' den I got up. I quickly padded to teh entrance making sure I didn't wake anyone up. It wouldn't be good if somebody found out about Wolfpaw's mysterious secret, specially if it was something bad.

As I padded out I sniffed the air for Wolfpaw's scent. He had sneaked out through the small tunnel beside the elder's den. I crawled through the darkness, making sure that Woodfrost, the guard for tonight, didn't see me.

I followed him until he reached Free Mountain. It was very dark since there was no and almost impossible to see. For some reason he came here. As I noticed he stopped I quickly hid in the bushes trying to hide my scent.

"There you are!" I heard a she-cat's voice meow and saw Wolfpaw pad towards her. She had a smile to her face and her amber eyes were shinning with joy. She had black pelt. My heart stopped for a second. Hiddenpaw?

"Sneaking off is getting harder. The other day I tried coming, but a warrior got in the way. Sorry." his voice was full of caring. Something I had never heard.

"Don't worry. My clan is taugh to. Luckily nobody has seen me yet. Wildstar would explode if she found out. She's very strict when it comes to the warrior code." She meowed. That's when I noticed it wasn't Hiddenpaw. It was another she-cat. Now that I looked at her more carefully, I saw her eyes were darker and she had longer pelt. She's a PuzzleClan cat! I thougth.

And it wasn't the first time I had seen her. She always hanged out with Wolfpaw at Gatherings. No wonder he was always eager to go. He only wanted to see her. He didn't care about teh news, only about her. And what was even her name?

Wolfpaw laughed. "Well, we're here right now."

"I caught a squirrel on the way. Want to share it?" she asked him, her eyes sparkling. Wolfpaw nodded and lied down beside her. That's it!

I came out of the bushes furiosuly about my brother's disloyalty. He was going crazy! "Wolfpaw!"

Wolfpaw and the she-cat apprentice both jumped at the same time and turned around to face me. The she-cat's face was full of fear but Wolfpaw just showed anger. His muscles tensed. "What in the world are you doign here Bearpaw?" he gritted his teeth at me.

"Nothing worse than you." I quickly responded. The black she-cat just looked at both of us.

"I should go. Bye Wolfpaw!" she meowed and quickly ran away towards PuzzleClan territory. Wolfpaw smiled after her and turned back to face me, hsi face madder than ever. His eyes were burning green with anger.

"You follow me here and mess with my life?!" he meowed at me and padded away to camp without letting me reply or say anything.

"Wolfpaw! Wolfpaw!" I called him as I try catching up to him. The dawn light with tha sun rising was partly blinding me but I knew he was just storming madly back to camp. Not caring who saw him or what they said.

When I finally caugth up to him, were just a few mouse lenghts away from the apprentices' den entrance. I ran up to him and stopped right in front of him. I noticed the new guard, this time being Wildpanther who was accompanied by Iceberry. They were both looking at us with questioning eyes, mostly Iceberry. Wildpanther just look,ed mad and I knew he wouldn't give us time for an explanation.

I knew Wolfpaw didn't care the minute he started at me. He snarled. "Get out of my way! You have no say in this so just keep your mouth shut!"

"Wolfpaw! You can't do this!" I tried to get some sense into him. "C'mon. Even you know it's not right tom."

"None of it is your problem so just saty out of the way." he meowed as he tried to push past me but I didn't let him. He was my only brother and this traitory would only end up badly. Maybe hurting him or maybe making me lose him.

"You have to stop this!" I meowed. This time my voice was louder and I was letting my anger out.

What happened next was just too fast. I'm not sure who made the first move, but now both of us were furiously fighting. Clawing each other and growling. We were each snarling at each other. Saying things I couldn't quite catch but I was sure we'd both regret them soon.

Wolfpaw pushed me against the tree in the clearing. I quickly stood up and leaped at him, landing behind him and he ran towards me. I turned around and clawed him, making him yowl in pain. He turned around. Now both of us were tired, but neither one of us was ready to give up and lose.

Suddenly a huge weight came over me and I was pinned to the ground.

"I'd advise you not to move a muscle." a voice spoke in my ear and I recognized it was Wildpanther's. Then I saw Iceberry who was holding Wolfpaw, pinnign him down and murmuring to him liek Wildpanther was to me. I saw a few warriors and apprentices, nwo gathered around us and I knew tehy wanted an explanation.

I quickly nodded as I took deep breathes to calm down knowing that the strong deputy wouldn't let go of me if I didn't agree to him. I think he nodded as he let go of me, now steppign infront of me so he could block the view of my brother. His amber eyes were burning and he signlaed me to a corner behind the leader's den.

I sighted but nodded and started to make my way to the corner. I saw Hiddenpaw's worried gaze from the corner of my eyes and I noticed that she had a few scractches on her pelt and figured out for teh first time that she had tried to brake us up. I had been too angry to pay attantion to anyone else but Wolfpaw. I looked away ashamed and tried to ignore her as well as everyone else's gaze and kept padding. I sighed and started thinking of what I was going to tell her mentor. I knew as soon as he had sent me to the corner that he was going to aks what had happened between me and Wolfpaw.

I wanted to hate my brother for what he was doing, but the only thing I couldn't tell Wildpanther was the truth.

Chapter 5 - Just a Mystery - Hiddenpaw

"I'm sorry." he meowed and I just nodded. I didn't want to ask the obious right away but I knew it was getting closer and the talking topics were decreasing. I was worried about them. Bearpaw and Wolfpaw were so close. Well, at least they were like best friends even when they had little arguments.

And jus this night, they looked like they had been fighting to their deaths. It had scared me. Seeing two good friends fighting like that. I had just stared at them for a while and then tried to stop them from hurting each other. It had been pointless since they had pushed me away with such anger that I hadn't even recognized them.

"You're wondering what happened." he meowed as if reading my mind. I nodded again and took a deep breath as Sweetpaw put a few herbs on my wounds. They were that bad, but Freedomstar had insisted that every cat who had been hurt even a tiny bit to see the medicine cat. I noticed Sweetpaw roll her eyes as if saying "don't be such a kkit" and then grabbed the moss near the nest I was lying in and padded deeper inside.

Bearpaw looked around as if to make sure nobody heard what he was about to say. "I know I can trust you." he meowed and then sighed. "Wolfpaw is in trouble."

I kind of figured that part and nodded, keeping my eyes on Bearpaw as in to show what he meant by trouble. "He's seeing a PuzzleClan cat. I think he's been having secret meetings with her since a few moons ago. I think since our first Gathering. I tried to get some sense into him but we just ended up clawing each other."

"What?" I whispered back to him, trying to get the words to sink in.

"I followed him. That's why he got mad."

I looked over to Bearpaw who had just fallen asleep. Everything he had told me ran through my mind and I tried thinking of a way to help. My mind was just blanking out. The only way to stop this was by telling our leader, but that was just out of our options. Bearpaw had told me this knowing he coudl trust me and I wasn't going to show him otherwise.

I was getting ready to leave the medicine cat's den, suddenly Fairheart approached me and I noticed something weird about her eyes. They looked like they were sightless. Not focused on anything. "Death will shadow the forest and only a hidden spirit shall bring the soul within."

I felt fear fill me and I heard her clear words. I didn't understand them and Fairheart's eyes came back to her senses as if something snapped in her. I looked confused as she looked around and then back at me. "Hiddenpaw." she meowed.

I stayed quiet for a moment and then spoke again. "What was that? What did you mean?" I asked.

"A prophecy." she quickly meowed. "From SpiritClan." she turned around and padded back into the storage of the herbs. I saw her white pelt disappear deeper into the den. A prophecy? I thought. I rushed outside, worried on everything that was going on but not before seeing a pale ginger face with large aquamarine eyes starring at me with shock. Sweetpaw...

"Freedomstar! Freedomstar!" Swiftstorm swiftly ran from the nursery to the leader's den.

"What's that about?" Shimmerpaw asked as I noticed her coming from the territory. Out hunting. She came to join me and sat down beside me as we stared at the nursery.

"Tawnysky's kits were born." I explained. "Vinecloud said we could see when their parents were ready to name them!" I couldn't stop the exitement in my voice from making me sound like a kit. I had never seen kits younger that when I had met Chloe and we had already been quite a few moons old back them. Just the thought of seeing new-born kits made me shiver.

"Cool!" she meowed as we eagerly waited for Vinecloud to give us the signal that we could go inside. I saw Vinecloud step out of the nursery slowly, and she kept on looking back inside with a smile on her face. She padded a little bit in our direction and then flicked her tail for us to come. I nodded to Shimmerpaw and we both padded up to her, smelling for the first time the fresh scent of milk.

"Come on. Tawnysky is just waiting for Swiftstorm to come back with Freedomstar." Vinecloud meowed and she started to make her way back inside with both of us now following her. The nursery was nice and warmer than outside. The scent of milk was stronger and it gave you a feeling of safety. It always had. "Don't make too much noise. The kits' ears are still very fragile. and Tawnysky is surely going to act very protective of them."

I nodded and walked slowly closer to where the queen was. I saw her tortoiseshell pelt around four tiny kits. Two of them were gray, one was silver and the last one a tortoiseshell. "They're very cute Tawnysky. Congratulations." Cindersky, who was lying next to her meowed.

"Thank you Cindersky." Tawnysky meowed ahppily and looked down at her kits, slowly giving them a lick and nuzzled them. That's when I saw them. They were all cuddled on their mother's belly, hungrily drinking the milk. They're so tiny but cute!! I thought.

Then I saw Swiftstorm as he quickly made his way over to his mate and sat beside her, looking proudly at his kits. Freedomstar than padded towards them as Cindersky dipped her head in respect and padded over to the other side where Shimmerpaw and I were to give the leader some space where he coudl see the newborn kits.

"Congratulations Tawnysky and Swiftstorm. I know these kits will bring strengh and loyalty to this clan and grow up to be great cats." Freedomstar meowed and both cats murmured their thanks.

"They are very healthy." Fairheart meowed and stpped beside Cindersky after makign sure the kits had been born healthy. "What will you name them?"

Tawnysky looked over her kits and then at Swiftstorm. "The gray ones and the silver one are toms. The toroiseshell is a she-cat. Why don't you name one first?"

Swiftstorm nodded happily and looked at one of the kits. The nursery was quiet for a few heartbeats as he thought of a name for oen of them. He finally smiled and yerked his head over to the gray kit. "This one will be Billowkit."

"Beautiful." Cindersky meowed.

Tawnysky nodded and looked at her kits. "This one will be named Runningkit." she meowed to the silver kit. Runningkit was the only one not drinking his milk and moving around his siblings. I couldn't help but give a laugh at how cute he looked.

"Freedomstar why don't you name one?" Tawnysky asked the leader. I remembered how honorable it was for a leader to name a kit.

"It would be my pleasure." he meowed and stood up, looking more carefully at the two unamed kits. "Umm...The gray one. His name shall be Jaykit." he meowed and gave a little nod. "Yes, Jaykit."

"Tawnysky, why doesn't your brother name the she-kit?" Swiftstorm meowed. Tawnysky quickly nod, not even bothering to think through the thought.

"Vinecloud, could you get Blackrock for me please?" she asked and Vinecloud, who was behind me, quickly gave a nod and rushed outside. The name of her brother took me by surprise. He was her brother? I never knew that, even after the moons I had lived here. I guess it will take more than just a few moons to finally know this clan.

"Tawnysky!" the balck tom meowed as he ran into teh nursrey. "I was on a hunting patrol. Nbody told me you had kitted!" he meowed. "They're beautiful sis! Congratulations!"

"Thank you. Swiftstorm thougth why dont' you name the she-kit?" she meowed and Blackrock's gaze lighten up,

"Really?" he asked and they all nodded. "Applekit. I always loved that name."

"It's gorgeous! Thanks you Blackrock!" she meowed and he nuzzled her.

"They're really cute Tawnysky! Congratulations!" I meowed.

"Yeah. Congrats!! I can't wait until they become apprentices! It'll be great!" Shimmerpaw meowed.

"Thank to the both of you." Tawnysky meowed and purred at her four kits.

"Welcome to MysteryClan Billowkit, Jaykit, Runningkit and Applekit." Freedomstar meowed.

"I never knew Blackrock was Tawnysky's brother." I admitted to Shimmerpaw. I took another bite of the vole I was eating and looked up at her.

"Really? Well, since she became a queen they haven't alked a lot. He's been kind of busy. And he doesn't like her mate."

"He doesn't like Swiftstorm? Why? He's a great cat. The only thing I don't like about him is that he's Littlepaw's mentor, but that's it."

"I don't know why. I think it's because they were always together until she got a mate. Maybe jealousy that she spends her time with Swiftstorm? I'm not sure." she told me.

"Jalousy of spending time with Swiftstorm? You're not talking about Blackrock are you?" we both jumped and turned around to see a pale gray tabby she-cat standing rigth in front of us. Brindlefang yerked her head at us and laughed. "Didn't mean to scare you. Relax and sit down." she meowed and sat down, grabbing a mosue to eat. "Now, what is all this about him?" she asked.

"Hiddenpaw just found up he's Tawnysky's brother." Shimmerpaw explained.

"And Shimmerpaw told me how he doesn't like Tawnysky's mate." I told her.

"Oh, well that's right. He's never liked him. He never caused trouble about it, but surely got mad when Tawnysky decided to become his mate. I think they made this little let's-always-stay-together kind of promise. And since Tanwysky had her mate, that really hasn't happened much."

"Hasn't Blackrock ever found a she-cat for him?" I asked. It would be logical for him to find a mate with whom he could be happy just like Tawnysky had.

"Well, now that you say it, there used to be rumors that Blackrock used to have a mate. You see, a few moons ago, even before both fo you were born, the clans were struggling with a kittypet problem. Twolegs used to come here all tha time and would interfere with us. Partly because the kittypets, well trained for fighting, would bring them here. So a few cats of each clan went to solve the problem. I was barely an apprentice back then. But when the cats came back, Blackrock started acting different."

"Different how?" Shimmerpaw asked.

"Different like he wanted to leave to see a secret mate or something. Aftre a few moons like that I think a big depression came over him but nobody knew what was going on. Not even his sister. Eveyone that asked, never got an answer. Not even Freedomstar."

He had a mate from somewhere else?

"Could his secret mate have been a kittypet?" I quickly asked, trying to get the question out of my head.

"Yeah. It could have been." Oh great SpiritClan.

Was it possible? Could it be? He had black pelt and amber eyes. And he had never been the same.

A secret mate...

"What's wrong Hiddenpaw?"

Could he be him?


Could he be the one?

"I...I just need to rest for a while. Don't worry about me. I'm just tired." I told them as soon as I came back to reality and saw their worried gazes. I ran to the apprentices den and lay down on my nest, trying to think everything through.

Everything fit perfectly.

The eyes.

The pelt.

The secret mate.

The going to the Twoleg Place.


Could he be?

Could he be my real father?

I cuddled on my nest, curling my tail around myself and thinking about everything. I didn't knwo how to feel. How was I suppose to feel anyways? Happy that I found the cat who I think is my father? Or sad that he abandoned my mother? Betrayed? Lost? Deppresed? Confused? Relieved?

My worry took over me and I began to drift to sleep.

The forest was very dark but the glimmer light from the moon gave it a new life. A new sense. Everything was so beautiful. I looked around and saw two cats. Both of them had the same black pelt under the sunligh and their eyes were almost the same. One had sun-like eyes while the other had gimmering orange-amber eyes. Then both she-cat padded away from each other. The orange-eyed she-cat went over to a blue-gray tom and nuzzled him. He looked at her with loving her and quickly licked her ear before leaving. The she-cat was now alone and started making her way back to her camp. As she started walking, her legs started to tremble and the light in her eyes started to fade. When she looked around, sacred of what was happening, she collapsed. Her body stopped moving and her lifeless body just lay there, under the moonlight.

"Hiddenpaw! C'mon, wake up."

I opened my eyes startled at the voice that had woken me up. The dream!! I quickly thought of what had just happened. Another vision. But who had been in it? I remembered the two black she-cats and the blue-gray tom. I gasped as I recognized two of them. It had been me and also Wolfpaw. but who was the she-cat that had died? The thought of death gave me a shiver.

"Hiddenpaw?" I now focused my attention of the she-cat who was standing in front of me now. She had ginger pelt and blue eyes. Sweetpaw? I guess my confused gze gave me way because she quickly answered why she was here.

"I know about the prophecy. Death shall shadow the forest and only a hidden spirit shall bring the soul within? I heard Fairheart. I knwo it's about you and death. And I'm going to help you." She meowed slowly, her voice with fear but very confident.

My father? The vision? Now death?

What's next?

The End ッ

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