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Yes. That was what happened when the Dark Forest Battle happened. A lot of the cats died in painful, harsh deaths. But the survivors split up into small groups, not clans. Some cats were alone. There were either seven or less cats in thr groups.

It was quit a journey. We were in different groups, all destined to lead them. It was hard, but we did it. We had hard times trying to find eachother.

And there is a tale here to be told, so listin carefully. This is a magifent tale about our journey.

Now it all beguins here.......


The wind blew hardly above the valley. A undersized light gray tabby tom was running through the grass and bushses, panting heavily. The grass tickled at his paws as he ran. The wind blew all into his small face, forcing his eyes to water.

"Jayfeather!" A voice yowled above the roaring wind. Jayfeather looked around wildly. He had heard the voice, but he couldn't see anyone.

"Hello?" Jayfeather mewed loudly, trying to speak louder above the harsh wind, "Anyone there! Show yourselves!"

A brown tom emarged from the braken behind Jayfeather. He slyly padded beside Jayfeather. He was very starnge, his fur was oddly long, his yes were brown and his tail was fluffly like a bird's feather.

"Who are you? What am I doing here? Are you from StarClan, you don't have stars in your fur!" Jayfeather asked very sharply so the tom could hear. He could tell he was old.

The tom let out a muffled chuckle, "Ah, young medicine cat. You ask too many qustions." Jayfeather's paws prickled with annoynce.

" Well can you answer any of them?" Jayfeather asked.

The tom nodded his head and rasped, "Name's Soren. And i'm not a warrior of StarClan, I'm actully alive." Jayfeather stared at him with a confused eyes. No wonder why Soren was so old.

"But if your not dead," Jayfeather started, "Then is this a dream? Or is this real?"

"It's real," Soren rasped. He sat down on the soft grass and settled his paws underneath him. "But when youy feel asleep, you were transported over here."

"What do you mean "transported?" Jayfeather asked, not getting what the eldery Soren was talking about. He surly was a mouse-brain!

"You'll see," Soren meowed briskly, " Now it's time to get serious. There's something I have to tell you. Come closer, Jayfeather."

"How do you know my name if your not from StarClan?" Jayfeather whispered as he leaned his ear near Soren's face. The tom's brisky breathing pressed hard on Jayfeather.

Soren ingored his qustion but mewed, "Listen carefully.I-" He paused and closed his eyes.

"Well," Jayfeather hissed, "What is it? Hurry up and speak louder!"

"After the darkest battle, four will became fourteen, and the five can save them, but they must never give up because the bloodest emeny will arise."

Jayfeather gasped. Another prophecy! He was rather confsude by it, too. What did he mean the darkest battle?

"What does-" Just as Jayfeather was about to protest, everything dissapeared and Jayfeather woke up to blackness. He was blind again.

Jayfeather stood up from his nest made of feathers. He still couldn't get the prophecy out of his mind.

"Jyafeather! Come quick! Briarpaw scarcthed her eye on a bramble!" A voice yowled. Jayfeather shook the prophecy out of his mind and quickly sniffed for cobwebs in the small crack of the storage area. He found it and picked it up and ran out of the den.

But no matter ehat he did, Jayfeather still couldn't get the prophecy out of his head.

But he never knew that it would create an incrible journey.....

(A/N: The proluge took place during The Fourth Apprentice, when Dovepaw and Lionblaze went to find the otters or beavers, whatever. Anyways, comments?)

Chapter 1: Two Years Later......

=Chapter 2: The Battle

==Chapter 3: " You Haven't Seen The Last of Us....."

Chapter 4: Falling Apart

Chapter 5: Broken

Chapter 6: A Message

Chapter 7: Lost Forever?

Chapter 8: Lionblaze's Plan

Chapter 9: The Capture

Chapter 10: Revenge or Regret?

Chapter 11: Remember Who You Are

==Chapter 12: " What Message?"

Chapter 13: Shadows

Chapter 14: Under The Wave

Chapter 15: Finding Our Way

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