The Seasons

This series is about four siblings. As they grow up, a lot happens in their lives that they can't prevent. Their Clan, HollyClan, and the other Clan of the forest, BirchClan, are threatened by Twolegs. Each moon, more and more of their territory is eaten up by monsters with churning paws. The Clans realize they need to move, and it's up to the four cats to lead them. They only have leaf-fall. If they don't find a good home before leaf-bare, their Clans could starve.

Main Characters(The Four):

Autumnpaw- deep, blood-red she-cat w/ keen golden eyes

Scarletpaw- red she-cat; smoky gray-brown eyes

Foxpaw- bright ginger tabby tom w/ white-tipped tail; green eyes

Flamepaw- long-furred light ginger tabby tom, blue eyes

The Books:

Falling Leaves

Flying South

The First Snow

Journey's End

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