The SeaClan​ Series

This is about a brother and sister who live in SeaClan, a clan who lives on the side of a cliff near the sea. Their camp is endangered by storms, wild animals, but now their biggest threat is coming from cats, their own kind.

Main Characters:

Bluebreeze- slightly blue dark gray she-cat; clear sea-foam colored green-blue eyes

Wavecrest- gray-and-white tom w/ deep navy blue eyes


SeaClan: The First Drop

SeaClan: Rising Waters

SeaClan: Drenching Rain

SeaClan: Tidal Deluge

SeaClan: Swirling Flood

SeaClan: Rolling Waves


SeaClan: Clan of the Sea- This is an amazing poem written by an amazing person: Robo. She turned my series into something magnificent. Read it!

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