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This is a poem written by Robo, on Rainy's super-amazing series: SeaClan Series! It is written from the perspective of Bluebreeze on how she feels about her clan. Enjoy!


As the waves ripple

Sending a ruffle through my fur

I look out to see

A sight that makes one stir

Gorgeous hills

Lie right beneath me

With mystic caves and hills

Looking straight out to the sea

A vast open sea

To show to my eyes

The sun reflects against it wondefully

As I watch the sunrise

We live in harmony here

Something for us to cherrish

When needed help is always near

So that our hearts shall not perish

We made it through the greatest test

That only we survived

And we are proud to be here

Although we may not thrive

But every catch

And every patrol

Is a little bit more control

Over the challenged we will need to match

There are cats here I love ever so

My love, my best friend and my brother

Both the cats and sweet memories

I could never let go

The breezes here flow straight through my heart

They reach my very deepest parts

I know that this is where is must stand

To fight all threats and what they demand

We might not be strong

But we have time to grow

I trust this place

It is my home

The cliffs, the hills, the ocean breeze

These have become a part of me

We are one; this clan and me

Seaclan; clan of the sea

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