Trigger warning: Scars contains themes of homosexuality, homophobia, depression, suicide, mental health issues, death, murder, and gore. If you are prone to be triggered by these things, please, do not read Scars. Scars is not meant for kits or apprentices, so if you don't have your warrior name, beware!

Deep scars rage, infect, spread, destroy. Ten cats will remain to kill the poison within... (this art was not made by me)


This is a fanfiction written by NekoFromTheFarm. No cats of yours will be added (Sorry!) and there are no main-series cats alive, though they may be mentioned or shown in StarClan scenes, or maybe nursery tales (So far we have Yellowfang. All credits to Yellowfang go to Erin Hunter; she is not my character in any way, shape, or form. Thank you). (Pretend the Clans never had to leave) However, it does use the original Clans, excluding SkyClan. Anyway... thanks! -NekoFromTheFarm <3


Cold-Days: Leaf-bare

Hot-Days: Greenleaf

Warm-Days: Newleaf

Cool-Days: Leaf-fall

Bluntclaws: Twolegs

Rumblingroad: Thunderpath

(The caption under the cover is a prophecy.)

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Leader: Snowstar (Formerly Snowback): A black molly with a white back, white paws, a white-tipped tail, and green eyes, on his last life

Deputy: Darkface: A loyal gray tom with a darker face and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Frostflake: A cream molly with white patches, a green eye on her left and a blue eye on her right, with a stub-tail and a torn ear, was a warrior once

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Forestpaw (Forestgaze): A brown tom with forest-green eyes, tipped ears, a stubbed tail, and white patches (MC)

Warriors: Adderstrike: A bulky and powerful brown tom with black paws and ears with dark blue eyes, mates with Lavendershine

Apprentice, Shinepaw

Salmonscales: A slim and fast red molly with a fluffy tail and green eyes, mates with Reefheart, mother of Twopaw and Shinepaw

Gentlewater: A beautiful calico molly with sea-green eyes

Treefall: A fast brown tom with green eyes

Apprentice, Twopaw

Blackthorn: A bulky black tom with glaring green eyes

Reefheart: A dilute calico tom with blue eyes, mates with Salmonscales, father of Twopaw and Shinepaw

Peacockfeathers: A young brown tom with green eyes like peacock feathers, show-off, younger brother of Treefall

Rose: A ginger molly with rose-leaf colored eyes who refused a warrior name after being taken in as a rouge (MC)

More Coming Soon!

Twopaw (Twoface): A chimera tortoiseshell tom with his face split in half; one side black, one orange, with the orange side having a blue eye and the black having a green one, brother to Shinepaw, parents are Reefheart and Salmonscales

Shinepaw (Shineheart): A constantly-happy white molly with long claws, sister to Twopaw, parents are Reefheart and Salmonscales

Queens And Kits: Lavendershine: A lilac (look it up) she -cat with short fur and amber eyes, expecting Adderstrike's kits

Lostkit (Lostfoot): A tiny brown tom with green eyes who was born without his back left paw, former rouge, being cared for by Lavendershine (MC)

Elders: Nightnose: A bi-color white tom with black patches and a black nose with tipped ears, a stubbed tail, and green eyes

Badgerfang: A small black-and-white tom with green eyes (a tribute to Badgerfang, my favorite warrior, and the bravest of them all :') )


Leader: Sandstar (formerly Sandwing ((lol, WoF reference))): A dilute ginger molly with green eyes and darker spots

Deputy: Alderbark: A tom who is the color of the inside of an alder tree; red with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Muddledmind: A black molly with amber eyes who constantly gets things confused or mixes up things, mostly herbs

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Cowspots: A white tom with black splotches and yellow eyes (MC)

Warriors: Sheepfluff: A fluffy white molly with brown eyes

Apprentice, Peatpaw

Woolfur: A fluffy brown tom with gray eyes, mates with Meisprout

Horsepelt: A brown tom with a rough pelt

Fuzztail: A black molly with ruby eyes, a fuzzy tail, white paws, ears, muzzle, throat, belly, and tail; impatient and mean

Apprentice, Seapaw

Smoothfield: A golden molly who suffers from trypophobia; hates/fears small clusters of holes, green eyes, sister of Jackalfire

Jackalfire: A clever sandy brown tom with yellow eyes and dark brown spots who hides his one largest fear; failure (kakorrhaphiophobia), brother of Smoothfield

Scartail: A brown tom with yellow eyes and a very scarred tail

Petalfall: A pretty lilac molly with amber eyes

Apprentice, Firepaw

More Coming Soon!

Apprentices: Peatpaw (Peateyes): A sandy brown, half-Clan (Smoothfield and Torrentstorm) tom with dark brown spots and eyes the color of peat, can be rude, but mostly quiet (MC)

Seapaw (Seastorm): A blue-gray, half-Clan (Smoothfield and Torrentstorm) tom with amber eyes who sticks out from his Clanmates; prefers swimming to running, has anger issues and ADHD, training in the df (MC)

Firepaw (Firegaze): A golden, half-Clan (Smoothfield and Torrentstorm) tom with orange eyes like fire; snarky (MC)

Queens And Kits: Meisprout: A lilac molly with green eyes, former kittypet, mother to Flamingkit and Fallowkit, gentle and protective

Flamingkit (Flamingheart): A brown tom with a fiery personality and green eyes

Fallowkit (Fallowcloud): A lilac molly with gray eyes, sweet but hates being called cute; fierce

Elders: Rabbitfoot: A skinny brown tom with large ears who tends to have good luck, moody


Leader: Bonestar (Formerly Bonebreak): A black tom with reddish eyes and white markings that look like bones, killed the former leader, Creekstar, in secret to be leader; battle-hungry and powerful

Deputy: Snagfang: A gray tabby tom with green eyes and twisted canines, very powerful and loyal

Medicine Cat: Thymeleaf: A small smoke-colored molly with green eyes the color of thyme leaves (not dried), quickly thinks in crisises

Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

Warriors: Smokefoot: A white tom with one smoke-colored foot and dark blue eyes; very ambitious and powerful

Apprentice, Leafpaw

Brighttail: A black molly with a white tail and paws, kind

Scorchingfire: A flame-point (look it up) tom with blue eyes and a scar across his left eye, making it blind, rude and ambitious, mates with Yellowlight, father of Zephyrkit and Echokit

Tigerspring: An orange tom with black stripes and amber eyes, mates with Twigsnap, confident (MC)

Twigsnap: A dark brown tabby molly with green eyes, mates with Tigerspring, sister of Mangotail, parents are Fallmoon and Snowdrift, clumsy, but good fighter (MC)

Apprentice, Prancepaw

Mangotail: A fluffy red tabby tom with green eyes, mates with Speckleleaf, brother of Twigsnap, parents are Fallmoon and Snowdrift, judgy

Apprentice, Fallingpaw

More Coming Soon!

Apprentices: Leafpaw (Leafgaze): A cream molly with lime green eyes and a white-tipped, plumed tail, energetic (MC)

Fallingpaw (Fallingstones): A gray tom with green eyes, silver ears, a silver-tipped tail, silver paws, folded ears, and a stumped tail; kind and clumsy

Prancepaw: A large brown she-cat with a black ear, one black paw, a black tail, and black splotches

Queens And Kits: Speckleleaf: A white molly with light gray speckles and green eyes, expecting Mangotail's kits, kind

Goldenlight: A golden she-cat with green eyes, mother of Scorchingfire's kits, Zephyrkit and Echokit

Zephyrkit (Zephyrclaw): A white tom with blue eyes

Echokit (Echobreeze): A black she-cat with green eyes,

Elders: Fallmoon: A silver tom with a white crescent moon-shaped marking on the top of his head and yellow eyes, mates with Snowdrift, father of Twigsnap and Mangotail, cunning

Snowdrift: A white molly with orange eyes with a thick, fluffy pelt, big ears, and a scar running from her shoulder to her belly, mates with Fallmoon, mother of Twigsnap and Mangotail, gentle


Leader: Steamstar: A blue-gray molly with yellow eyes, hates WindClan and ThunderClan but wants to be allies with ShadowClan

Deputy: Loachfin: A fawn tom with cinnamon spots and yellow eyes who judges Streamstar's ambitions

Apprentice, Condorpaw

Medicine Cat: Shadedmemory: A black tom with a gloomy attidute

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Roughwave: A gray, blind tabby tom that hates most things; moody (MC)

Warriors: Torrentstorm: A kind and charming blue-gray tom with blue eyes, secretly mates with Smoothfield and father of Seapaw, Peatpaw and Firepaw; doesn't know

Squirrelspark: A highlighter orange tom with sapphire-blue eyes, former rouge, prefers hunting water voles near patches of bracken to swimming, where he is fully visible; kind and cunning

Apprentice, Dewypaw

Beechpatch: A tan tom with green eyes

Cloudstream: A white tom with blue eyes and light gray splotches

Highnose: A dignified white tom with green eyes who always has his nose in the air

Darkleaf: A black tom with blue eyes

More Coming Soon!

Apprentices: Condorpaw (Condorclaw): A black tom with a hairless head and straggly, talon-like claws

Dewypaw (Dewysong): A gray tom with leaf-green eyes

Doublepaw: A white tom with a blue and a yellow eye

Queens And Kits: Songkit: A white molly with a black treble-cleft-looking marking on her forehead (MC)

Stumpykit (Stumpytail): A brown tom with black markings, green eyes, a "M" symbol on his forehead, and a stumpy tail

Elders: Coming Soon!

Cats Outside Clans:

Poison: A black tom with blue eyes and one white paw, related to Scourge; battle-hungry and ambitious

Blood: A red tom with reddish eyes; battle-hungry and ambitious

Skull: A white tom with green eyes who wears a fox skull on his head; battle-hungry and ambitious

Raven: A pitch-black tom with green eyes; battle-hungry and ambitious

Rain : A dark gray molly with yellow eyes; battle-hungry and ambitious

Dark: A black tom with dark orange eyes; battle-hungry and ambitious

Scar: A scarred black tom with dark orange eyes; battle-hungry and ambitious

Solo: A brown tom with green eyes and two white rings with a black strap-like stripe connecting them and running under his chin and connecting, looking like aviator glasses; kittypet

Part One: Harshest Days

Part One: Harshest Days


Six cats waited by leaves dripping with past rain, by a huge rock surrounded by four trees, in the freezing night. A half-moon shone above them, rising slowly. Their names were Frostflake, Forestpaw, Muddledmind, Cowspots, Shadedmemory, and Roughwvave. Roughwave was scowling, Shadedmemory looking at his paws, Cowspots shuffling his feet impatiently, Muddledmind looking confused, Forestpaw staring at his mentor, Frostflake, and Frostflake murmuring something under her breath. Suddenly, smoke-colored molly burst through the underbrush.

"You're late, Thymeleaf!" hissed Roughwave.

"Stop being so gloomy," ordered Shadedmemory sternly.

"That's ironic, coming from you!" growled Roughwave.

"That's enough!" shouted Frostedflake. "We'd better get going. We're wasting valuable moonlight."

"Sorry!" mewed Thymeleaf, panting. "Limepaw fell into a rabbit warren and sprained her paw."

The cats began to walk toward moor, heather-covered hills. They walked past a twolegplace and the barn. Barely and Ravenpaw used to live there, but... not anymore.

They arrived at Mothermouth, the rock with the tunnel that lead to the Moonstone, the Clan's vessel for connecting with StarClan.

The cats touched their noses to the cold stone and dreamed, all the same dreams.


I must focus on but one cat now, so I shall.

Forestpaw entered a bright clearing. Star-furred cats were prowling about, hunting starry prey.

An almost-transparent gray cat with matted fur, a flat face, and yellow eyes stalked toward Forestpaw.

Her fur was fluffed up, and she looked a bit nervous.

Forestpaw was baffled. How could a StarClan cat be scared.

"Child, I am Yellowfang," she said. "Now, we do not have much time. The moon is almost setting, and I will fade soon. This is my last message... There is a prophecy....

"Deep scars rage, infect, spread, destroy. Ten cats will remain to kill the poison within..."

Yellowfang was starting to fade. "Wait! Don't go!" Forestpaw yowled, but it was too late.

Yellowfang had disappeared.

He awoke by the Moonstone with the other, ruffled medicine cats.

Are the Clans doomed? thought Forestpaw with a feeling of dread.

They very well could be.

Chapter I: The Coldest Cold-Days (Long) (Warning: Mental health issues)

Leaves, spotted with specks of ice that would have normally been dew. The air was stingingly cold, and frost crunched on the as a small blue-gray tom navigated a hilly moor. His swirling patterns stuck out as he spotted a rabbit hopping about, and began to stalk it. A sand-colored tom with peat green eyes was stalking it from a different side, toward what seemed to be a rabbit hole. Another golden tom was preparing to spring at it.

The blue-gray tom called out quietly to the golden and sand-colored toms. "Peatpaw? You ready?" Peatpaw nodded. "Firepaw?" the golden tom nodded, too.

That was all the blue-gray cat needed. He sprung up the rabbit, and, as soon as it heard him, rushed toward its burrow, only to see Peatpaw standing menacingly (I am so sorry XD), and as the blue-gray swirled tom and Firepaw, the golden one, moved in closer, the rabbit found itself stuck. Firepaw leaped at it, only to miss it, while the blue-gray tom and Peatpaw ran after it while Firepaw regained his balance.

Peatpaw raced after the rabbit and cut if off, while the blue-gray tom leaped at it and quickly nipped its spine.

"Firepaw, that was awful! And what was that stalking, Seapaw? I've seen better from Peatpaw, and he's half-deaf!" called a nearby voice.

Peatpaw winced and Seapaw growled. How dare his mentor insult his brother like that?! "Leave it, Fuzztail. We caught the rabbit, right? That's what matters."

A fluffy white molly and a lilac molly appeared on the ridge. "Lighten up, Fuzztail!" called the lilac one, her eyes twinkling. "Don't be such a party pooper!"

"Shut the heck up, Petalfall! Oh, by the way, your apprentice is about as good at stalking as a giant worm!"

"Stop, you guys!" shouted the white molly.

"Oh Sheepfluff, do I feel bad for you, being stuck with a half-deaf, usless, brain-dead, incompetent, mouse-brained, stupid apprentice!" he taunted. "But at least yours has some sort of patience and attention span!"

That was the last straw. Peatpaw was beginning to tear up, and Seapaw boiled with fury and rage. Sheepfluff and Petalfall looked shocked. Sheepfluff and Fuzztail were both senior warriors, but Sheepfluff was the oldest. And of course, my mentor goes senile first! thought Seapaw angrily. He had had enough. He did a perfect leap, landing squarely on Fuzztail's back, claws unsheathed, and scratched at Fuzztail's face. Fuzztail screeched in surprise, and Firepaw and Peatpaw started to cheer. Petalfall and Sheepfluff rushed over and tried to pull Seapaw off, but he dug his claws into Fuzztail's pelt. Firepaw darted over and sank his teeth deep into Fuzztail's fuzzy tail, almost ripping the tip clean off. Peatpaw ran over to help and clawed his flanks. Petalfall and Sheepfluff managed to dislodge their apprentices, but Seapaw stayed put. As he sunk his teeth into Fuzztail's neck, he had one thought; I'm not coming off until she's dead.


"Why did you do that, Seapaw?! You almost killed Fuzztail. We don't know if she'll survive the night!"

Seapaw glared at her leader, Sandstar, angrily. "Good. He deserves it!"

"How dare you?! Fuzztail is my brother!" Sandstar reared up. "How would you like it if I clawed Peatpaw and Firepaw to death?"

"I'd kill you!" howled Seapaw.

"Then shouldn't I kill you?" before Seapaw could respond, Sandstar slammed his paws into Seapaw's side, pressing on his lungs. He screamed. "FIREPAW! PEATPAW! HELP!" he wheezed as loud as he could.


Seapaw stared at him in horror. "No! You don't mean that! Please, no!"

"Seapaw, Seapaw!" Peatpaw's anxious voice awoke Seapaw.

It's just a dumb dream, he thought. Just a dream... right?

"You were kicking around and screaming. Were you having a bad dream?"

Seapaw nodded. "It's nothing, though."

"Good. Fuzztail told us to go join Jackalfire, Firepaw, and Horsepelt. She practically bit my head off!"

Great. How exciting!

"Well, lets go. I don't want to be yelled at!" Peatpaw bounced out of the den to where the rest of the patrol was waiting. Horsepelt flicked his tail impatiently. "Took you long enough!" he rumbled in his deep, growling voice.

"We need to go now," said Jackalfire nervously. It was his first time leading a patrol. He glanced behind him as he left camp and began to toward the RiverClan border. When they arrived, they saw quite a few cats, on WindClan's side of the border. Seapaw recognized Torrentstorm, Steamstar, Loachfin, his friends Dewypaw and Condorpaw, Darkleaf, Beechpatch and Squirrelspark from gatherings. He hissed with annoyance. How dare they?! He thought arrogantly.

Steamstar took a step closer. "Well, well, well," she snarled. "If it isn't the dumb old skinny moor runners? Why don't you attack us? Too scared?"

Peatpaw pressed close to Seapaw, eyes wide with fear. Seapaw snarled, feeling the rage form his dream seep into his claws. Jackalfire looked at Firepaw. "Go get help," he whispered. "Now!"

Firepaw rushed away, his tail bushed up. Seapaw and the others held their ground as Steamstar and the others advanced. Suddenly, she sprang right at Peatpaw. "Attack!"

Seapaw leaped at Steamstar, butting into her flank. She let out a huff and fell to the ground. He leaped on her back and slashed at her cheeks. Steamstar flailed around, and one of her legs connected with Seapaw's belly, sending him flying into Loachfin's side. He jumped away quickly. With a sinking feeling, Seapaw realized he was outnumbered. His claws unsheathed as he leaped at another warrior, slashing at his sides. Seapaw realized with a jolt that it was Condorpaw. "Sorry!" Seapaw whispered to Condorpaw and bounced off him. He just nodded and disappeared into the affray.

Seapaw began searching for Peatpaw. When he spotted him, he wished he had sooner.

Steamstar was on top of him, sinking her claws into his small flanks. His chest heaved as she tried to get air. Then, he went limp.

"NO!" screamed Seapaw.

Peatpaw then, with all his force, Surged upward and pushed Steamstar off. That's when a yowl sounded nearby as Firepaw lead Sandstar to the battle.

"WindClan, attack!" he yowled, and the reinforcements began to drive off the RiverClan cats.

"Retreat!" Steamstar yowled. "It's not worth it!"

"Go! Go now! Just for your arrogance, Steamstar, I'll be taking some of your terriory, thank you very much!" growled Steamstar after the cats darted over the border again. He looked at Firepaw, Seapaw, and Peatpaw. "You fought like warriors today," he purred. "Let this teach you a lesson; never be greedy."

Seapaw nodded. It's not like my dream, he thought. Sandstar is a nice cat. So why do I feel so guilty around him...?

Chapter II: The Frost Spreads

Frosted leaves cracked underpaw. A dark brown molly was navigating through them. Her mouth was slightly open and tipped upward as she smelled for scents. Beside her stood an orange tom with black stripes. He was also tasting the air. The brown molly caught a scent, and began to follow it, being careful of twigs and leaves. The orange tom glanced at her and followed. Soon enough, they saw a large, fat thrush drinking from a dirty puddle by the ThunderClan border, right at the the border of the Rumblingpath: on ShadowClan's side.

The molly flicked her tail at the tom, and, carefully, the molly padded slowly over to what seemed to be its burrow. The tom then sprang at it, missing. "Mouse-dung!" he said. The water vole darted to its burrow, only to be quickly caught and killed.

"Nice leap, Tigerspring," mewed the molly playfully. "I can definitely see why they named you Tigerspring."

"Shut it, Twigsnap!" he growled playfully. "You're the clumsiest cat in the Clan!"

"Hush. Let's just get back. Go get the rabbit you caught before."

On their way, cat scent hung in the air. Both WindClan and RiverClan. It's probably a battle, thought Twigsnap. Great.

Just as she had guessed, yowls and hisses were heard, then Steamstar's yowl; "Reatreat! It's not worth it!" from very, very far away.

Twigsnap lashed her tail. "They'll be desperate for more prey, now that WindClan has defeated them and the river is frozen over. We'd better report this to Bonestar," she muttered to Tigerspring.

He nodded, and they returned into the camp. Bonestar was outside, sharing prey with Snagfang, his deputy. The molly's fangs ripped and tore at the mouse she was eating. Twigsnap shivered. I wouldn't want to meet Snagfang in battle!

"Bonestar! A quick word?" asked Tigerspring politely.

Bonestar looked up, nodded, and excused herself. The large black tom was padding over, his orange eyes glinting. He waved his tail, beckoning the two to enter his den. As he entered and sat, he said, "Well?"

"RiverClan and WindClan were fighting; we could hear it," said Twigsnap quickly.

"What?!" his fur bristled. "Well, that's not good. RiverClan might go for us now! Maybe even WindClan, if they get too greedy. StarClan's kits!" Bonestar cursed.

"It'll be okay!" said Twigsnap sympatheticly. "I'm sure we'll be fine.

Bonestar sighed. "You're right. Thank you for notifying me. You may return to your nests. But... just prepare for a battle. You never know what could happen in such Cold-days as this... "

Chapter III: Bitter Cold

Cold, frozen leaves crackled underfoot. There were a lot, despite the fact that they lived in an alleyway. A black tom with a white paw and blue eyes was padding slowly along the edge, toward a garbage can. The silver object was already unbalanced, leaning against an old couch. The black tom hissed and lashed his tail, pouncing at the silver can. The can shivered and fell as more cats emerged behind the black tom with the white paw. "Poison, sir, thank you for the food," said a black tom with green eyes, his ribs showing.

"Shut up, Raven!" hissed Poison.

"Sorry," muttered Raven mutinously.

"Don't use that tone with your leader," growled a red tom.

"Thank you for warning our... Clanmate... Blood," half-purred, half-hissed Poison.

The red tom, Blood, nodded. A white tom with green eyes and a fox skull on his head padded over and stood next to Poison and Blood. "I have a report. A straying kittypet along our camp border. It looks odd... brown with white rings on his head and a black stripe."

"Kill it," hissed Poison. "Rain ! Dark! Scar! Get it."

A dark gray molly and two black toms nodded and rushed off, hissing with delight.


A brown tom with aviator glasses-like markings was lashing his tail. Three large, angry cats stood in front of him. His red, rhinestone-studded collar with the silver bell jingled and he crouched low to the ground.

And that was when he sprung with enforced claws.

The dark gray molly looked surprised, but the toms looked genuinely scared. They turned and ran. "Wait!" shouted the molly. "Who are you, an are you really a kittypet?"

The brown tom dropped on all fours, circling them. "My name is Solo. I am the kin of Scourge; a forgotten half-brother. I hated Socks, I killed Socks. I hated Ruby, killed Ruby. I killed Snowstar and Grandstar (former leaders of SC), now who are you, and are you a refugee of BloodClan?"

"Yes; under Poison's care. Would you like to see him?"

Solo nodded and flicked his tail. "I know the way. Do not escort me, understood?"

The molly nodded. "Oh, and by the way, my name is Rain ."

Chapter IV: Rattler (Warning: Mental health issues)

A weak beam of sunlight shone onto the moors. Almost dawn. Seapaw wandered around in circles. He did this often. When he felt like... like he didn't belong.

That's why he did it often.

He heard a scuffling beneath his feet. A small squeal. Mouse! thought Seapaw, seeing a small hole nearby. Another squeal, but longer, and more desperate. Wha? A hiss broke through it, and the squeal was cut short.

Oh no. I'm too young...

The snake slowly slithered out of the burrow. It noticed Seapaw and curled up in a ball, bringing back its head. A rattling sound began to erupt from it, and its tail shook violently. It was tan, with black diamond patterns down its back. It had black, beady, staring eyes. Nostril-like pits dotted the sides of its face. Seapaw slowly began to back up. Seeing that he was not a threat, the snake began to uncoil. It slowly turned away and slithered into the burrow. For a short moment, it stuck its head out and turned to Seapaw. Thank you, the snake's eyes seemed to say. Friend?

"Friend..." murmured Seapaw. "Friend."

The snake slithered back into the burrow. The last part of it Seapaw saw was its fat, rattling tail, like shaking leaves.

I'll call him... Rattler.


Seapaw returned to camp as soon as it was dawn with a buzzard in his mouth, feeling good and proud. He had caught it, all by himself! Fuzztail had left the warriors den and stared at Seapaw. "Where in StarClan's name have you been?"

"Hunting. I caught this," he mumbled around the buzzard.

"Pitiful. Now go put in on the pile and come hunt for some real things; like a fight. We're doing the dawn patrol."

"I hate you," Seapaw hissed under his breath when he was out of earshot.

"I really, really do."

Quick Intermission:

This is where it begins to become more bloody. Beware, young 'uns!

Chapter V: The First Blood (Warning: Blood, death, gore, murder)

Twigsnap was watching Zephyrkit and Echokit play in the fluffy white snow. These layers weren't as deep. Still, Echokit kept tumbling around, and Zephyrkit almost fell into a snowbank. Even in the safety of camp, with countless pine trees creating layers and layers of deep, dark shade above them, snow was still heavy. I can't imagine what it's like for WindClan!

"Twigsnap! Twigsnap!" shouted Prancepaw from behind her. "Can we go hunting? Pleeeease?"

"Erm... in a bit. Goldenlight needs me to watch Zephyrkit and Echokit." She was a bit irritated by Prancepaw's neediness all the time. I'm teaching you all I know! What else do you want?

Am I not a good mentor?

I'll never do it right...

"Oh... okay." Prancepaw looked sad and was about to turn and walk away, but at the moment, Goldenlight trotted over to Twigsnap.

"Thank you for watching them!" she purred.

"It's no problem," Twigsnap said, holding back a grumble. Great timing!

"Yay!" shouted Prancepaw. "Where will we hunt?"

"How about... near the ThunderClan border?"

"Sounds good!"

Tail twitching slightly, Twigsnap lead a bouncing Prancepaw to the ThunderClan border.

Monsters rumbled not far away at the border. "Don't go any farther," warned Twigsnap. "You might get eaten by a monster."

"Eek!" yelped Prancepaw.

"Can you smell anything?" inquired Twigsnap.

"Hm..." Prancepaw sniffed the air. "Hm.. wait a minute. I smell a lizard!" She took off toward the Thunderpath.

When she didn't return for a few minutes, Twigsnap began to become worried. "Prancepaw?" she yowled franticly. "Prancepaw!" She ran to the Thunderpath, and as soon as she got there, her heart plummeted.

At the edge of the Thunderpath lay Prancepaw, her throat torn out.

Chapter VI: They Strike Again (Warning: Blood, death, gore, murder)

Seapaw's tail twitched annoyedly. They were going to be late for the gathering, all because Rabbitfoot's back was stiff!

Finally, he hobbled out of the den, grumbling something under his breath. Jackalfire, Smoothfield, Petalfall, Horsepelt, Scartail, Sandstar, Alderbark, Cowspots, Muddledmind, Seapaw, Peatpaw, and Firepaw were waiting at the tunnel that lead out of camp, ready to make the short trek to Fourtrees.

When they arrived, Seapaw's eyes scanned Fourtrees. He noticed that Prancepaw, Beechpatch, Darkleaf, and Treefall were missing. Probably nothing to worry about, he thought as he padded over to Condorpaw and Dewypaw, Peatpaw and Firepaw following.

"Hey Dewypaw! Hey Condorpaw!" called Peatpaw. "Where are Beechpatch and Darkleaf?"

Dewypaw lowered his head. "They... they're dead. They were on the ThunderClan border, their throats ripped out. Treefall was next to them." "What?!" exclaimed Firepaw, his fur on end.

Fallingpaw padded over, his eyes red as if he was crying. "And P-Prancepaw was found dead on the T-Thunderpath..."

"Who killed them?" asked Seapaw.

"Rouges, it seems," sniffled Fallingpaw. "There was no C-Clan scents.."

"Let the Gathering begin!" shouted Steamstar from the Great Rock.

"I will go first," growled Sandstar, shoving Steamstar away, to the edge of the rock.

She hissed, but obliged.

"We have had no deaths," began Sandstar. "Prey is running well, and our borders are being heavily guarded," he added, putting emphasis on the "heavily guarded."

Steamstar hissed quietly and shoved him back. "So are we," she growled. "And we have had two deaths; Beechpatch and Darkleaf. On a brighter note, we have one warrior, Double-eyes."

"Double-eyes! Double-eyes!" ThunderClan and ShadowClan in union.


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