Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

(From Sandstorm' s perspective)

Sandstorm: OMG! Are you Taylor Swift?!!!

Taylor Swift ( a.k.a TayTay): aw, what a cute kitty!

Sandstorm: enough with the kitty stuff! Can we take a selfie together?!

TayTay: aw, whoosh a cute witto kitty? You are! Yesh you are!

  • scoops up Sandstorm in arms*

Sandstorm: hey! Can you sign my nest, please?!

TayTay: imma give you a bath, and take you home!

Sandstorm: but I know all your songs! Shake It off! Please! Say you'll remember me, standing in the forest, clawing up a white dress, oh!

Male cats: TURN IT OFF! I HATE IT!

Berrynose: I dunno, I kinda like it

Spidering: sissy!

Sandstorm: Please! Take me home with you!

TayTay: * starts kissing Sandstorm*

TayTay: * starts walking back to car*

Berrynose: No! Take me with you!

Firestar: Hey, you can't take her, she's my mate!

Taylor: * drives away*

Berrynose: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Firestar: I guess I'll just have to hang out with Justin Timberlake

Firestar: *goes to Justin Timberlake*

Justin: hey, Firestar! How's it going?

Firestar: my mate was taken by Taylor Swift. Apparently, she can't speak cat.

Justin: I know what will make you feel better!

Both: Can't stop the feeling! Just Dance Dance Dance Dance

Both: *start dancing*

Now, the story told from Taylor Swift' s perspective

Ginger cat: MEOW! Mow mew meow meow?!

TayTay: aw, what a cute kitty!

Ginger cat: Meow mew meow mow mew. Meow mow?!

TayTay: aw, whoosh a cute witto kitty? You are! Yesh you are!

  • scoops up Sandstorm in arms*

Ginger cat: Meow mow mew meow marrow?

TayTay: Imma give you a bath and take you home!

Ginger cat: Meow mow mew meow meow marrow meow mew mow mow!


Cream colored cat: meow meow mew. Meow mow mow mew meow

Black cat: MEOW MROW!

Ginger Cat: meow  mow mew!

TayTay: *starts kissing cat*

TayTay: *starts walking back to car*

Cream colored cat: meow mew!

Orange tabby cat: meow meow!

TayTay: *drives away*

Cream colored cat: MROOOOOOOOW!

Orange tabby cat: *goes to Justin Timberlake*

TayTay: OMG, is that cat dancing with Justin Timberlake?!

Orange tabby cat: Mew Mow mew meow meow!


  • both start dancing*

Ginger Cat: don't worry, TayTay, I still like your music better.

Taylor Swift: OMG! A talking cat!

Both: Shake it off! Shake it off!

Hoped you liked it! I'll bet you skipped reading some of the meows.

Tell me if you loved it or hated it in the comments.

-Cocopaw 101