"I can't believe Bluestar let a kittypet join! even more that we have to share a den with him. She must have bees in her brain" Dustpaw snorted.

"Yeah, I know right?" Sandpaw muttered back.

"Firepaw, I now name you Fireheart." Bluestar spoke in a commanding voice.

"Why does he and Graystripe get to be warriors already!?! We trained longer! We earned it! Look at that smug face! Its as if he thinks he's better than us!" Dustpaw snarled, half growled to me.

"Oh be quiet." I said, padding over to congratulate Fireheart. I looked back and saw the hurt look in Dustpaw's eyes, not caring at all.

Fireheart was a real hero, getting those kits, worthy of his wonderful warrior name.

A moon later Fireheart got me and Dustpaw over to Bluestar and said,"Sandpaw and Dustpaw fought like warriors in the battle Bluestar, I think they have earned it." I dropped my jaw, and I saw Dustpaw drop his. "Very well," Spoke the clan leader.

He was really nice, and that sparkling coat was like flame in the sun...and his eyes had the green of the growing forest...

Many moons later, when I was a queen, Firestar came in and checked in on me and our newborn kits that I had thought of names for."I think we should name this one Leafkit," I said, touching my tail to the light brown tabby and white she-kit with amber eyes. "And this one Squirrelkit." I told him, touching my tail to the fluffy dark ginger one.

"Beautiful names for beautiful kits, just like their mother." purred Firestar, nuzzling me. I smiled and licked him on the cheek, ever so gently. Firestar smiled at me, then we both heard Graystripe calling for Firestar.

Having noticed Dustpelt's jealousy fading away as he followed after Ferncloud, Sandstorm finally felt relaxed over the past few moons. Now, as a queen, things were going to be easy.

one of my worst, I really don't like this piece, if anyone could help that would be great. --♥Shinestar♥ 23:07, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

I helped 4 ya. ~~Dawnshine~~

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