Guess what?! SPOOF MODE Season 2 is beginning! Since all the cats died by a meteor, we are getting even MORE random then ever. -Jul. 24, 2020


Hi! I am HUDAman00, and welcome to Spoof Mode! This is where random cats do random things at any time! If you want your OC on the show, comment below or go to my talk page HERE. I hope you enjoy!

Guess what?!

Your Host is HUDAman00, (a.k.a. Raystar, a dead cat who decided to host this show)

Season 1

This Season takes place before Power of Three, but after New Prophecy

Spoof 1- Random Things and Where to Find Them

*Firestar walks into camp playing Hot 995 on a boombox*

Firestar: Let all cats old enough to die come to the LowRock for a Clan meeting!!!

Brambleclaw: Uhhh...

Firestar: What is it, peasant?! SPEAK!

Brambleclaw: Why are you acting crazy?

FIrestar: Because I hate leading ThunderClan!!!!!

Raystar: Hey, stop that! You still have 12 more books to lead ThunderClan!

Firestar: Who are you?

Raystar: Uh... *leaves with 4th wall portal*

Leafpool: *Spots Crowfeather* Ahhhhhh a ghost!

Firestar: *Eats Crowfeather whole*


Meanwhile, inside of Firestar's stomach...

Crowfeather: *Falls in*

Raystar: Oh crap get him a doctor!

Zion: Doctor of Firestar's Stomach; reporting sir!

Raystar: Heal him...


Firestar: Ok boomers I quit leading ThunderClan cya!

Sandstorm: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! ;(

Firestar: You can come with me!!

Sandstorm: YAYYYYYYY!

Raystar: *Coughs* We're getting off topic here...

Firestar: Who cares about that I can do what I want now!!! I am no longer bound to the warrior code!!

Raystar: Well are you unbound to my computer?

Firestar: YEA! Wait... Uh... IDK

Raystar: Yea that's what I thought!!! *makes Firestar do the Gangnam Style dance in front of ThunderClan

Raystar: Oops important business meeting gtg bye!

Everyone else: Phew!


Flameclaw (Raystar's son and HUDAman00's other OC): Nope, you aren't :P

Firestar: *Tries to fight Flameclaw but epically fails*

Firestar: Grrrrrrr...

Flameclaw: I know! Who wants to play some Super Smash Bros Ultimate?!

Everyone except Flameclaw: ME!!!!!!

Flameclaw: Sorry Firestar, you're not allowed to play due to you not paying taxes!

Firestar: What are taxes?

Flameclaw: Money that goes to the StarClan bank Raystar invented!

Firestar: What is money?

Flameclaw: Shut up bro *uses author powers to summon him to a clearing where Sandstorm, Cinderpelt, and Spottedleaf are waiting*

Flameclaw: Whoever survives gets Firestar! Cya :P *teleports out of clearing*

Firestar: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *dies*

Flameclaw: *Comes back to see Brambleclaw and ghost Hawkfrost in an epic Pit v.s. Dark Pit Super Smash Bros battle*

Flameclaw: *Gives Brambleclaw (Pit) a POW block*

Brambleclaw: KO's Hawkfrost (Dark Pit)

Hawkfrost: *Respawns*

Flameclaw: *Gives Hawkfrost POW block*

Hawkfrost: KO's Brambleclaw

Tigerstar: Let me show you how it's done boys! *Summons Bowser to fight but all his attacks are dodged because Tigerstar never played Super Smash Bros, only Pokemon games*

Tigerstar: *Rages so hard that Red heard it on top of Mt. Silver*

Red: Go, Charizard! Make stupid Tigerstar get rekt!

Charizard: *Uses Flamethrower on Tigerstar*

Tigerstar: *Dies*

Red: Return, Charizard!

Charizard: *goes in pokeball*

Raystar: *Returns from meeting* Oh, thanks Flameclaw for watching these ThunderClan cats!

Flameclaw: No problem dad!

Raystar: Prepare to die, foolish cats! *Uses powers to put all of ThunderClan in an energy sphere*

ThunderClan: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Flameclaw: Well, that's done! Wait I got to go my Lamborghini needs gas! Cya


Spoof 2- Just Some Normal Trivia...

Bramblestar (Firestar left so he had to take over) : We have escaped from Raystar now that he is sleeping

ThunderClan: YAY!

Raystar: *Walks into camp* Hi peeps! What did I miss?

ThunderClan: Ugh... Nothing...

Raystar: Oh, ok. Well, who would like to play some late night trivia!

ThunderClan in unison: NO ONE DOES

Raystar: Oh, that's fine, but...

Bramblestar: But what?

Raystar: ShadowClan will get to win without doing anything...

Bramblestar: Fine, we'll play. *groans*

Raystar: That's the spirit! Now, please welcome guest judge...

Bramblestar: No one is there, Raystar.

Raystar: Oops, I forgot to turn on the teleport machine! *Flips switch* Anyways, please welcome guest judge... Mistytail! Hello, Mistytail. You will be one of the judges today, the other being Jake, because what's trivia without Jake!

Jake: Hello! I know nothing about trivia, but am still here anyways!

Raystar: Like I said, what's trivia withour Jake!

Bramblestar: Uh... ok? I guess?

Raystar: We'll bring up the first contestants! Tawnypelt and Mistyfoot, please come on the stage!

Tawnypelt: LEZZZZ GO!!!

Mistyfoot: I am ready!

Raystar: Ok, computer, HIT THEM!

Computer: Which one of you will become leader in the future?!

Tawnypelt and Mistyfoot: ME!

Raystar: And that's one point to Mistyfoot!

Tawnypelt: WAT .-.

Raystar: Cya Tawnypelt! *sends her to darth vader*

Darth Vader: Tawnypelt... I am your FATHER!!!

Tawnypelt: *Jumps out airlock and dies*

Raystar: NEXT! Please come up here, Brackenfur.

Computer: What are some perks of being a background character made of cardboard?

Brackenfur (in monotone): You. Never. Get. Stressed.

Mistyfoot: You just stand there... being bored...

Raystar: Hmmmmmmm. Let me consult the judges!

Mistytail: I'd say it'll go to Mistyfoot because Brackenfur is boring and can't be champion!

Jake: I know nothing about trivia whatsoever!

Raystar: Sorry Brackenfur, you lose. go back to doing boring background character stuff... OR SKYDIVE *Sends Brackenfur skydiving*

Brackenfur (in monotone): Wheee. *dies from boringness*

Mistyfoot: YEEEEET I'm winning!

Raystar: Next up, we have Leafpool!

Leafpool: What am I doing here? I thought I was on a date with Crowfeather :(

Everyone else: -_-

Raystar: Anyway...

Computer: Who was the first leader of ThunderClan?

Leafpool: Bluestar!

Mistyfoot: Thunderstar!

Raystar: Mistyfoot, you're on a roll!

Leafpool: *Goes back to her date*

Raystar: Now, our final competitor... BRAMBLEKIT!!!

Bramblekit: What did you call me?!!!!!!!!!!

Raystar: Bramblekit, why? Now, get a move on!


Goldenflower: YAY! My little kit is a baby again!

Bramblekit: NOOOOOO

Bramblekit: *Dies from anger*

ThunderClan: GASP

Mistyfoot: Don't worry, he has 8 more lives!

Raystar: >:D

Bramblekit: *Comes back to life*

ThunderClan: YAYYYYY

Raystar; >:(

Raystar: Well cya peeps im outta here *Teleports*

Mistytail: Well... I guess the winner is Mistyfoot!

Everyone Except Mistytail and Mistyfoot: YOU RIGGED THIS!

Flameclaw: Maybe...

The Four Clans: *Nearly kills Flameclaw*

Flamceclaw: *Makes the Four Clans sing baby shark in unison while doing the hand movements*


Spoof 3- People being OOFED

Bramblestar: Good day, fellow citizens! It is I, Bramblestar!

Raystar: Oh, did I mention I had a whole Clan?! *Summons FireClan*

FireClan: AHEM! Raystar is our leader, Airclaw is our deputy, Frostflurry is our med cat, Tarfur, Nightshadow, Stormcloud, and Firestrike are warriors, Flamepaw, Leafpaw, Wavepaw and Hollypaw are apprentices!

ThunderClan: KILL THEM!!

FireClan: We all have author powers!

FireClan: OOFS everyone related to Firestar

ThunderClan: We're down 5! Stay careful!

FireClan: OOFS everyone else

Everyone else: OOOOOOOOOF

Raystar: Well... that was short.

Airclaw: I just rented The Fresh Prince Of ThunderClan Seasons 1-4!

FireClan: *Watches The Fresh Prince Of ThunderClan Theme Song, then sings it

Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the leader of a Clan in Bel Air

In west UK, born and raised On the backyard was where I spent most of my days Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and I was like I will dare To be moving to ThunderClan in Bel Air'

My boy Smudge begged and pleaded with me day after day But I packed my suit case and went on my way Excited as heck, when I got my ticket. I put my CatPods on and said, 'I might as well kick it'.

Apprentice, yo this is bad Fighting stupid cats that don't have beds. Is this what the people of ThunderClan living like? Hmm this might be alright.

But wait I hear they're evil, dangerous, all that Is this the type of place that they just send this cool cat? I don't think so I'll see when I get there I hope they're prepared for the prince of Bel-Air

Well, the plane landed and when I came out There was a dude who looked like a criminal, standing there with my name out I ain't trying to get arrested yet I just got here I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared

I whistled for a cab and when he came near The license plate said THUNDER and it had mice in the mirror If anything I could say that this cab was rare But I thought 'Nah, forget it' - 'Yo, homes to Bel Air'

I pulled up to the tree about seven or eight And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later' I looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the original song, all copyright goes to the original owners.


Spoof 4- Leafpool's Cuckoo Clock, Pt. 1

Leafpool: *Wakes up at midnight* Time to steal from Twolegs! *Sneaks to Twolegplace, but keeps going*

Raystar: {Changes gamemode to spectator}

Leafpool: *Goes into city*

Raystar: Huh? What's she doing?

Leafpool: *Spots mall* OH WOW! *enters by breaking window*

Raystar: Oh boy...

Leafpool: *sees cuckoo clock* Ooh this thing looks cute! A little birdie comes out of it!

Raystar: GULP

Leafpool: *Steals clock*

Raystar: *Facepalm*

Leafpool: *heads back to camp* HEY GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!

Bramblestar: A twoleg thing?!

Raystar: {Changes gamemode to creative} Hey return that now!

Leafpool: Whatcha gonna do if I don't? :P

Raystar: *Uses author powers to turn back time*

Cuckoo Clock: NOOOOOO *Jumps into author powers*

Everyone except Leafpool: Uh...


Raystar: How do you know what that is?!

Leafpool: Um... Medicine cat powers?

Raystar: *Makes Leafpool's mouth stuck shut*

Leafpool: *Makes muffled noises that sound like HMFU CK*

Raystar: Well... does anyone know where the Cuckoo Clock is?

Dustpelt: It went that way *Points east*

Raystar: Ok! *Heads east*

Raystar: *Finds cuckoo clock*

Cuckoo Clock: U suck!

Raystar: Huh? It talks! *Goes back to camp*

Raystar: IT TALKS!!!

Cuckoo Clock: I can see the future! Ashfur, you are destined to possess Bramblestar! Leafpool, you'll die in a rock accident!

Leafpool: Thank you Cuckoo! You're the best!

Raystar: *Thinking hard*

Raystar: *Summons anvil, hammer, Cuckoo, metal, and author powers

Cuckoo; Wha- OUCH *is hammered*

Leafpool: NOOOOOO! Don hurt him!

Raystar: *ignores her and keeps working*

Raystar: DONE!

Bramblestar: Whoa! What's that?

Raystar: A time machine! We can now see future events!

Time Machine/Cuckoo: *Glows* Recipient detected!

Everyone else: Huh?!

Raystar: What?! Wha-

Time Machine/Cuckoo: *Flashes brightly, then disintegrates*

Honeylight: Sup!

Everyone Else: Uh...


Spoof 5- Leafpool's Cuckoo Clock, Pt. 2

Everyone: *Awkward silence*

Honeylight: Hello! I am a cat from the future!!!!!

Everyone except Honeylight: *jaw drop*

Raystar: Excuse me, but what are you doing here? This is my Spoof, and I didn't accept any time machine regulations!

Honeylight: Actually, you did! Check the comments section

Raystar: Huh? *Checks comments* Oh... must've been Flameclaw. ALWAYS is obsessed with science!!

Flameclaw: *Appears* Uh... No. I didn't accept that. Must've been Hollybranch...

Bramblestar: Who?

Flameclaw: Oh yea that's my wife lol

Raystar: Um... why does she have access to your accounts?

Flameclaw: She doesn't, her job is to hack enemy clan info. But... I guess she used that ability differently *GRRRRRRRR*

Hollybranch: No I didn't! How do you know it wasn't Blazeclaw?

Raystar: And this is where I begin to forget who is related to me... just like Firestar...

Hollybranch: I have a family tree... You can take it.

Honeylight: *Is talking to ThunderClan cats*

ThunderClan: Can you kill the authors?!

Honeylight: No... that's just wrong. Then you'll never be able to live because there will be no writing.

Raystar: Hmmmmmmm... FBC!!

ThunderClan: FBC?

Raystar: FireClan Bureau of Cats.

FBC: FBC, open up!

Raystar: Who accepted that comment?!

FBC Leader, named Obamacat: You don't have a high enough security clearance! Sorry.

Raystar: Hmm... *grabs phone* Excuse me? Uh-uh. Hm... I see. Ok! *hangs up*

Raystar: Well! Guess what, now I contacted HUDAman00, my superior, and he said that he gives me security clearance ultra-power!

Obamacat: Ok! The hacker was... *whispers name in Raystar's ear*

Raystar: .-. wow...

Honeylight: Wait... How am I going to get back home?! The time machine is gone!

Leafpool: *Is playing with Cuckoo, now back to normal*

Raystar: This could be a problem... while I have author powers, the only person who can manipulate time is... no one. I can make a time machine out of a clock, if you want. But I don't know if it'll work, as that clock is special.

Flameclaw: But Dad... WE'RE FROM THE FUTURE!

Raystar: Oh yeah! Wait... It's not that simple. Honeylight here is from a different timeline, while we are from a timeline where ThunderClan falls in 268 moons! Then, new possibilities emerge.

Flameclaw: Oh... but didn't you manipulate time a few seconds ago?

Raystar: Yes. That was me creating a new divergence, not entering one. That I can't do.

Frostflurry: PLEASE stop with this!

Bramblestar: Who dat?

Raystar: My wife...

Bramblestar: *Checks Raystar's Ambition, a fanfic where these OC's have no author powers*

Bramblestar: But she's gonna be a medicine cat!

Raystar: Well... that's complicated stuff WE SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT!

Bramblestar: Okee! RAYSTAR BROKE THE WARRIOR CODE EVERYONE!!! Yeeeeeeeeeet!

Raystar: Well... HUDAman00, show them the truth.

HUDAman00: Hello! I am the real author of this book. You pronounce my name like this: Who-Da-Man

Anyway, here is a brief history of RaystarxFrostflurry xD. IMPORTANT: Warrior Code allowed med cats to have mates in this timeline, until...


One day, NightClan lived peacefully. Then, a rouge group attacked. Raystar, then Rayclaw, was thrown into a gorge :( . There he met Frostflurry. They made an army together to kill stupid rouges. Then they went back to NightClan. Then nearly everyone in NightClan got sick to mutated greencough (coronacough anyone? :P) D: Rayclaw and Frostflurry go find some blueberry leaves to cure it. Then they become mates. Then they go back. Then the other med cat Wispyflower suggested that med cats have no mates. The leader Snowstar agrees. Rayclaw is sad. After a bit he leaves NightClan to make FireClan. But he and Frostflurry agree not to be mates because Snowstar is a rager. But what no one realized was that Frostflurry was pregnant!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (Sorry). So... Leafkit and Flamekit were born secretly. Frostflurry brings them back, saying they were abandoned. Raystar adopts them, coincidentally. The rouges come back D: . Frostflurry is killed (big oof for mankind). She tells Raystar that Leafbreeze and Flameclaw (Leafbreeze is a med cat, Flameclaw is a warrior now) are their kits. Raystar be like whattttttttt?! Then Raystar sacrifices himself (Another big oof for mankind). He tells Flameclaw the same thing as Frostflurry. And now I'm sleepy... Sorry if this was sloppy, I'm tired.


Spoof 6- Firestar Needs to Return

Narrator: The last time we saw Firestar, this is what happened to him...


Flameclaw: I know! Who wants to play some Super Smash Bros Ultimate?!

Everyone except Flameclaw: ME!!!!!!

Flameclaw: Sorry Firestar, you're not allowed to play due to you not paying taxes!

Firestar: What are taxes?

Flameclaw: Money that goes to the StarClan bank Raystar invented!

Firestar: What is money?

Flameclaw: Shut up bro *uses author powers to summon him to a clearing where Sandstorm, Cinderpelt, and Spottedleaf are waiting*

Flameclaw: Whoever survives gets Firestar! Cya :P *teleports out of clearing*

Firestar: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *dies*

Narrator: But because Firestar is so iconic, we must bring him back!

Raystar: And how, just how, do you plan to bring him back?!

Bramblestar: Wait, but I'm leader now! I can't be a warrior again!

Raystar: Hmmmm... I have an idea. I will use my author powers to make everyone happy!

Bramblestar: Ok! *Becomes happy*

Raystar: Well, that's solved. Now, we need someone brave enough to save Firestar!

Flameclaw: But where is he?

Raystar: Well, he must've come back to life after dying in the clearing. So, who will go save him?

Everyone: *Silence*

Raystar: Well, we'll just use the random cat selector, which summons a cat from a different timeline!

Everyone else: YAY!

Raystar: *Uses cat selector*

Stripedleaf: *Spawns* Huh?! Where am I?

Raystar: Please go find Firestar! *Kicks her into portal(

Stripedleaf: *Sees Firestar looking at dead bodies* Yikes!

Firestar: Hmm... they're all dead! *Hears faint breathing* Huh? *All dead bodies come back to life* HELPPP!

Stripedleaf: Come on, sucker! *Grabs him and sends him home*

Firestar: Phew! I'm home! How's it going, Brambleclaw?

Bramblestar: Bramblestar, now at least.

Firestar: WHAT?!

Bramblestar: Don't worry, I will be 9-lives deputy *reverts to deputy*

Raystar: Hmmm... this needs more comedy. I've run dry!

Life: Too bad that is life

Raystar: Huh? But you're name IS life...

Life: Exactly.

Raystar: I quit this piece of confusion! *Quits*

Flameclaw: Well, I am now the new head author!

Raystar: *Reappears* JK!

Flameclaw: D:

Dory: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Raystar: Where did you come from

Dory: I'm Dory! Who are you?

Raystar: I am Raystar.

Dory: Great! Who are you again?

Flamekit: Why am I a kit?

Raystar: Because your mother was a medicine cat and no one knew that, and that I was a leader and I adopted you even though you were my real kit, me and Frostflurry have decided to retry parenting!

Frostflurry: Uh-huh! I even have your sister! *Holds up Leafbreeze Leafkit*

Leafkit: ?????? What has happened?!

Raystar: Step 2: Mute them! *Mutes Flamekit and Leafkit*

Flamekit: *Makes adorable mewling noises*

Frostflurry: So cute!

Raystar: Um... who is writing this? It's not me!

Blazeclaw: I am, so I can sue you, my grandpa, for turning my dad and aunt into KITS!

Raystar: Who are you again?

Blazeclaw: That's right... You were dead when I was born. Well anyway, please move this to a private area, not in front of me! I had to blind ThunderClan just so they wouldn't try to expose you!

Raystar: But you're exposing me!

Blazeclaw: Huh. Guess you're right.



Spoof 7- R.A.N.D.O.M

Before we start, I would like to thank Mistytail and I am awesome999999 for responding to the blog I wrote. Your ideas and suggestions have been incorporated into this story!

Blazeclaw: Heya! While my relatives are off doing whatever, I must lead Spoof Mode for a bit! But I have help, and he should be here soon!

Muffin: *Pops out of oven* IT'S MUFFIN TIME!

Blazeclaw: ...

Muffin: Excuse me, but can you eat me :D

Blazeclaw: Anyway, I'm going to Wal-Mart real quick. I'll program a drone to follow me! *Heads to Wal-Mart*

Twoleg named Tom: Awwwwww! A kitty!

Blazeclaw: One-shots Tom in the face

Tom: Why you bully me *Dies*

Blazeclaw: *Enters Wal-Mart and heads to the tech area* Oooh a blue button! *Picks it up and hops out the window* Phew!

Tom (Now a zombie): BRAINZZZ!

Blazeclaw: Runnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs for his life until he gets back to camp* Phew!

Firestar: Hey, Blazeclaw! What's that?

Blazeclaw: A blue button! *Presses button*

Button: Activating R.A.N.D.O.M. event. 3... 2... 1...

Blazeclaw: *Gulp*

Obamacat: Hello! We were teleported here!

FBC Agent 1: Excuse me, but we are currently looking for a criminal. His name is Ur Mom Smells! What a disgrace!

FBC Agent 2: Uh-huh. We have been tra-

Blazeclaw: *Presses Button*

FBC Cats: *Dissapear*

Meteor: *Lands on camp*

Everyone: *Dies*


Special Spoofs

Fanfic Spoof 1 - Silent Call/SPOOF MODE

If you haven't read my collab (with StarNightLifeShadowDay003) fanfic The Silent Call, read it now, if you'd like! If you don't (understandable), here is a summary: There are six cats. No author powers. One Clan. One evil group. One Yeet. IN SPOOF MODE!!!!!

P.S. If you would like a fanfic of yours to be in SPOOF MODE, comment below.


Scene 1: ???Clan (Chapter 1)

Snow: Lez make a permanent family!!

Ray: Make ze Clan!

Night: Ya that sounds great

Wispy: We need name

Everyone: *Intense thinking*

Tar: Yo fam I just ordered a Big Mouse from MouseDonalds! I'm lovin' it!

Night: We make clan. We need name help.

Snow: Forget that the sun be setting

Ray: Why do I care? Also why we making dem Clan?

Snow: Rants about code

Ray: *Puts on headphones and listens to J. Cole*

Tar: Yo I be tired, I will go sleep!

Everyone: Yeah me too!


Scene 2: Love in 5 Seconds (Chapter 6)

Nightshadow (no, not the Night from before.): I love you!

Moon: Me too! But now I will leave.

Mattpaw: Why are you dating?

Snowstar: Yea, why?



Season 2

Yup, you read it right. Season 2 is beginning, but don't forget to check out the short special spoofs above this! AND HERE WE GO!

Spoof 1- Roast/Rap Battlez

Raystar: Hey, guys! You may be wondering how I am alive! Truth is... I am a different Raystar from Season 1. If you remember, he's dead from the dead!

HUDAman00: Yeah, basically I moved to a different dimension. (Whispers) Also, don't tell him about the parenting stuff.

Raystar: Anyway, I am going to round up some cats for rap battles! *Gathers every important leader after Rusty comes to the Clans*

Bluestar: Hiya!

Tallstar: Where are we? Oh wait, not you again...

Raystar: Oh, hi! This time, my author powers are working.

HUDAman00: Hehehe... I made the purposeful mistake of moving to Mistytail's 20 Random Spoofs Dimension...

Mistystar: Heya! Mistytail isn't here, right?

Raystar: Hmmm... I honestly don't know!

Mistytail: Hi, guys!

Raystar: Actually, I was lying about that.

Mistytail: Raystar invited me to be judge again!

Raystar: *Draws cards* Hmm... first matchup... Bluestar vs Crookedstar!!!!!!!

Bluestar and Crookedstar: What are we doing here anyway?

Raystar: Rap battling. NOW GO!

Bluestar: Um... Crookedstar, your jaw went too far.

Crookedstar: ...Wow.

Bluestar, your the stain on someone who's rolled in fox dung, and

Do not remind me how bad you sung

Your sister lost her hearing

So now you must start curing

Raystar: Clearly, rap battles aren't working. Roast battle commence!

Bluestar: Crookedstar, your jaw so bad your mama abandoned you!

Crookedstar: 0_0 why...

Raystar: Um, Bluestar, that is actually true...

Bluestar: MWAHAHAHA!!!!

Raystar: Hey, Mistytail, you know what to do!

Mistytail: *Turns Bluestar into a kit*

Bluekit: WAHHHH!!!!

Raystar: *Summons Moonflower* Now be good and go away!

Moonflower: *Picks up Bluekit and carries her away*

Crookedstar: Grrr... *Fires Kamehameha at them, but misses*

Raystar: I guess no one wins that one... *Turns Crookedstar into kit*

Honeylight: Hi, again!

Raystar: Hi!

Tigerstar: I want to have a rematch with Firestar!

Firestar: You wanna go, Tigerstar? I heard your dad left your mom because he wanted to be a kittypet! Like me! What do you think of THAT!

Tigerstar: You don't even know the names of your OWN parents...

Firestar: *Sniffles* You're mean!

Tigerstar: Yeah, I am.

Firestar: KAMEHAMEHA!!! *Wipes Tigerstar off the face of the Earth*

Tigerstar: No








Firestar: BEGONE!

Bananaface: I rule the Dark Bunny Dimension!!!!

Dark bunnies: ATTACK!

Raystar: Um... *Brings up all important characters on a cloud*

Everyone else: NOOOOO!! *Is consumed*

Raystar: Why does every Spoof kill someone?

Honeylight: IDK...

Raystar: *Jumps down to fight Bananaface*

Bananaface: DIE, insolent fool!!!!

Raystar: You can get author powers if you team with me!

Bananaface: Author Powers??!!! YEAH! ME TEAMZZEEE!!!

Raystar: *Gives Bananaface author powers* There ya go.

Bananaface: *Explodes the Earth*

Raystar: To Mars, I guess... *Teleports all the cats to Mars*


Spoof 2- Cats on Mars

Firestar: Why in StarClan am I here?

Raystar: Because you are an important character.

Firestar: But what about Brackenfur and Thornclaw?! They DIED there!

Raystar: Unfortunately, cardboard cats aren't allowed on Mars. They'll disintegrate.

Firestar: Ur annoying.

Raystar: *Cries in corner*

Green cat: Hello, fellow felines!

Firestar: Who are you?!

Green cat: Redstar, leader of MartianClan!

Raystar: *Facepalms*

Firestar: Hey! Cats can't facepalm!

Raystar: *Facepaws*

Firestar: Better!

Redstar: Come to the MartianClan camp! We have marses

Firestar: Mars-ez?

Redstar: ???

Raystar: Are we going, or not?

Redstar: Oh, right. Follow me! *Jumps fifty feet high and sails away*

Firestar: o_o

Raystar: Wheeee!! *Copies Redstar and flies away*

Firestar: *Flies away*

Everyone else: *Flies away*

Raystar: Wait a minute, we're missing Jake! *Picks up cPhone and calls Jake* Hello? Where are you?!

Jake: Somewhere between Uranus and an active volcano in Hawai'i.

Raystar: *Facepalm*

Firestar: Hey! No facepalms!

Raystar: GAHHHHHH!

Honeylight: Hey, let's play a game!

Mistytail: Yeah!

Raystar: Your guest time has expired this episode! *Kicks both out* But still, we should play a game! *Returns to Earth*

Firestar: Wait... I'm alone now. *Cries*

Redstar: MWAHAHAHA!!! Without authors to protect you, we shall capture you!

Firestar: *Gets locked in MartianClan prison, and cries some more*


Spoof 3- Tigerstar Mania!

Raystar: Whelp, I am back on Earth!

Frostflurry: Hi!

Raystar: Wait aren't you dead?!

Frostflurry: So are you...

Raystar: I get passes to host this show. You don't!

Frostflurry: :(

Tigerstar the Second: Um, hi. I was looking to rent out a Nintendo Switch, but instead found a marital argument .-. xD

Raystar: Um... If I give it free, can you leave? *Gives it to Tigerstar II*

Tigerstar II: Nope :P

Tigerstar the First: YES! Tigerstar II has turned to the dark side!

Raystar: Why are you here? *Karate chops Tigerstar I's head off*

Tigerstar: Nuuuuuuu! *Dies for the zillionth time*

HUDAman00: Um, this scene is very uncomfortable. Let me switch it up a little, eh?

Flameclaw: *Is playing Super Smash Bros with FireClan, the Clan Raystar made in the future*

Bloodstar (The leader): *Spams A while using Link* NUUU WHY AM I TRASH AT THIS?!

Flameclaw (Senior Warrior): Because you keep spamming A!! *Uses Sonic to run over Bloodstar*

Lionbranch (Deputy): I am very skilled! *Performs Dark Pit's Electroshock Fist and KO's Bloodstar*

Bloodstar: BULLYISM!!!

Ravenwing (Medicine cat): Could you keep it down?! Some cats are trying to be productive here, and I don't anyone becoming try-hard gamers!

Blazeclaw (Warrior and Flameclaw's son): *Uses Hero to KO everyone, and wins because everyone calls mercy*

Meanwhile, back at the Switch rental shop...

Both Tigerstars: *Injured severely*

HUDAman00: Oh, also Raystar and Frostflurry stopped arguing and went to Taco Bell. Oh also thanks to Ferret and Awesome for ideas from Pokemon Battle Cats!

Meanwhile, at McDonalds...

Raystar: Hello! I would like 30 Supreme Tacos!

Frostflurry: Why do we need this many?

Raystar: Because I promised some cats I would bring them a Taco Bell party!

Frostflurry: Can I come?!

Raystar: Yeah, obviously. Since you are dead and are in StarClan, you can come!

Cathier: You have a total of 65.90, plus 3.00 in taxes!

Raystar: *Pays with 6,590 pennies with Bramblestar's faces on them*

Catheir: Thanks?

Raystar: Ur welcome! *Takes 30 tacos and calls a StarClan taxi*

Ravenpaw: Yo!

Raystar: Why are you a taxi driver?

Ravenpaw: Idk, just because?

Raystar: Ok, thanks. TO STARCLAN!!

Ravenpaw: I know. WHICH STREET?!



Frostflurry: I DON'T KNOW!!


Raystar: THANK YOU!! *Pays 10.00 as tip*

Ravenpaw: WHY AM I STILL SCREAMING?! *Drives away*

Raystar: Phew! Finally stopped screaming.


Spoof 4- Firestar School

Fast forward to The Sight

Brambleclaw: Um, what is happening?

Raystar: You get to be the history teacher for Firestar's school!

Brambleclaw: Ok?

Raystar: Here is your schedule. First you will teach group one of the kits at sunrise, then the apprentices at sunhigh, then you can do whatever warriors used to do 20 years ago.

Brambleclaw: I'm not THAT old!

Raystar: Actually, since in the Silent Call you're like my great-grandpa IDK how many generations removed, you ARE old.

Brambleclaw: Grrrr...

Raystar: Anyway, the students are waiting. See ya later!

Jaykit: *Runs into chair* Ahhh wat is that?

Brambleclaw: A chair.

Jaykit: What does it look like?

Lionkit: The opposite of your mood.

Jaykit: What does that mean?

Lionkit: It looks great!

Hollykit: Haha you guys are noobs I got a scholarship to Leafpool (aka Traitor!) School!!! I will become a doctor and get rich!

A few moments later...

Hollykit: I got expelled... Jaykit, you got a scholarship for being blind.


Brambleclaw: *Uses this as opportunity to sneak away*


Raystar: *Turns off computer as soon as you look at him* Huh?! What are you doing here? I was defiiiniiiteely not watching FirexSand maps just now...

HUDAman: Yeah, I bet.

Raystar: How come you get to be here, I'm supposed to be the top tier of admin!

HUDAman: Bye *Dissapears*

Somewhere under the rainbow...

Jaykit: AHHH bugs are scary

Lionkit: .-.

Hollykit: So they are the worst thing in the world?! xD


Hollykit: I know something worse...

Jaykit: What?

Hollykit: Your life.

Lionkit: OOHHHH GET REKT BOI! *Plays I am the one song*

Hackerstar: Clearly kits have bad roasting skills.

Lionkit: Shuttup :P

Hackerstar: Allow me to prove it! *Pauses briefly* @#$%

Lionkit: 0.0

Raystar: NO CUSSING!!!!!!

Hackerstar: Sawy *Leaves forever*

Raykit: Hi, I'm lost. Can you help me get home?

Raystar: Wait...

Raykit: Wait...

Hollykit: Wait...

Lionkit: Wait...

Jaykit: STOP WAITING!!!!!

Raykit: *Starts crying* I WANT MOMMA!!!

Raystar: 0.o

The Three: *Are deleted*

Raykit: LET ME HOME!!!

Raystar: .-. *Brain explodes*

Raykit: *Sniffles* MOMMY!!!

Raystar: *Brain reforms* PLEASE STOP!

Raykit: *Wails* Ok...

Raystar: *Sends Raykit to wherever he came from*

Spoof 5- SPOOF MODE/Into the Wild

This takes place before the Broken Code.

Raystar: Here I go! *Clears throat* Actors, are you ready?

Lionblaze (as Firepaw): Not really...

Raystar: Never mind then, I will use time travel author powers to recreate it.

Lionblaze: :D

Raystar: HERE WE GO!

Rusty: Sigh... living with limited food and feral cats sounds fun.

Smudge: I inCORRectLy caPitALizE StuFF. DoN'T gO RustY!

Rusty: Nu i will!! *Goes into forest*

Graypaw: Yo wassup boi?! *Attempts to beat Rusty up*

Rusty: *One-shots Graypaw* K.O!

Bluestar: Want a scholarship to ThunderClan? You can major in fighting!

Rusty: Ok!

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