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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am discontinuing SPOOF MODE with a shortened Season 4. There were only 4 spoofs in the latter, and none had the comedy and/or spark Season 1 had. I do have a bigger project in planning, so keep on the lookout. I may occasionally update and/or add more spoofs, and perhaps a Season 5 one day?

-Jan. 23, 2021

After I came back, I really don't want to continue Season 3. I finished it today with the third part of HALLOWEEN MODE, so I guess it's time for Season 4!

-Nov. 1, 2020

It's Halloween, and I'm releasing a triple-header to atone for my two month hiatus!

-Oct 31, 2020

Oooooh boy, Season 3 is starting! Welcome back, peeps!

-Aug 27, 2020

Hey! I am going to make some subpages for SPOOF MODE, as just one makes it crowded.

-Aug 20, 2020

Guess what?! SPOOF MODE Season 2 is beginning! Since all the cats died by a meteor, we are getting even MORE random then ever. -Jul. 24, 2020


Hi! I am HUDAman00, and welcome to Spoof Mode! This is where random cats do random things at any time! If you want your OC on the show, comment below or go to my talk page HERE. I hope you enjoy!

OC's and Guests

Figured a list of all the hosts/guests was in order. Trust me, there are a LOT.

In order of authority:

Rank SS [All humans]


D/P Remake Wanter (Removed)

Skinnyboi (Guest)

Rank S



Rank A


Mistytail (Guest)

Honeylight (Guest)

Bananaface (Guest)

Airheart (Guest)

Ghost of D/P Remake Wanter

Rank B






Season 1

Read the first Spoof Mode season, as Raystar, Flameclaw, and so many more do random stuff!!! Guests include Honeylight, Mistytail, and... Jake!?

Season 2

After all the cats exploded, we had no choice but to go to a completely new dimension! But Raystar and Co. are still here, and Spoof Mode Season 2 proves to be really funny.

Season 3

In this season, it just gets more random- and maybe slightly worse quality.

Season 4

These spoofs are just bad.

Special Spoofs

These one-shot spoofs are based off of real stories, canon or fanon! And well, without author powers, Rayclaw gets kinda crazy!!

Other Great Spoofs

Around the time I started this (July 2020), a lot more spoofs started to pop up (or started a little before me). Here are some of my favorites!

20 Random Spoofs by Mistytail

100 Random Spoofs by Awesome

Pokemon: Battle Cats Edition by Awesome and Ferret

The Warriors Card Game by Honeylight

Check them all out, as Raystar makes some cameos! Enjoy!

Fan Signatures

If I have any fans, please sign below. The Power of Equality

Why would I not be a fan? Join The Dark Bunny Clan! Join it now! 15:14, 22 August 2020 (UTC)

Did somebody say 'fan'??? Are you serious? I'm glad I signed up, as these spoofs are AMAZING!!!

It doesn't matter if you don't succeed, what really matters is if you try your best, and if you keep on trying. So keep on trying!

I am definitely a fan. Can't wait until the next season comes out!!!!! - "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

Hello. I am Skinnyboi1000. I love HUDAman's stories.

Of course I'm a fan! These spoofs literally keep me alive. Well, that and cat memes. Honeylight11


YES I AM A FAN. ~Banana Spirit

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