Skybreathe, Main Character of my New Fanon


Skybreathe's Story

In "Skybreathe's Story," A former ThunderClan Medicine Cat driven out for murdering a queen and her kits tells the leader of ShadowClan his story: from birth into Ancient RiverClan, to abduction by Mapleshade, to being banished from ThunderClan. Written by BTA.


The story takes place ten seasons after the Battle against the Dark Forest. In that battle, Firestar died from his wounds. After the battle was over, and the Clans won, the Three chose Brambleclaw as the new leader of ThunderClan and Brambleclaw chose Squirrelflight as his deputy. In the following moon, Squirrelflight became pregnant with Bramblestar's kits and he stepped down from leader for a short time to help Squirrelflight look after their kits. During that time, Lionblaze served as deputy. Two moons later, Squirrelflight gave birth to a daughter, who was named Squirrelkit by Bramblestar in honor of her mother, Squirrelflight. Six moons later, a tom was discovered unconscious on the shore of the Lake. He was brought into ThunderClan and named Skykit. Skykit and Squirrelkit became apprentices at the same ceremony and trained together. Moons later, they were made warriors, Skybreathe and Squirrelflower. Three moons after that, when Jayfeather was killed by a horde of rats, Skybreathe became Medicine Cat in his place. A few moons after that, Squirrelflower gave birth to two kits, Quailkit and Waterkit. A season later, Squirrelflower and her kits were suspiciously murdered. Skybreathe was accused for the crime and was driven out. He then became a loner named Trent and traveled throught the territories of all four Clans. Moleburrow became the new ThunderClan Medicine Cat.

During those seasons, Ashfoot retired from her position of WindClan deputy and Whitetail took her position. A few moon later, Onestar died of greencough and Whitetail became leader and made Crowfeather her deputy. Also during those seasons, Blackstar fell into the Lake and drowned, and Rowanclaw became leader and appointed Toadfoot deputy. Reedwhisker, the deputy of RiverClan retired and Icewhisker was appointed in his place.

Keep watch for Part 2! Part 1 out now!

By: BigTimeAwesomeness

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