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"Settle down, settle down. Aquakit, don't tug Rainkit's ear, that's rude. Mistykit, stop blabbering. Ashkit, that's a leaf, it's not going to hurt you - no, Tanglekit, it's not going to hurt her. Good, Nightkit, you're the only one ready." There was a clamor of voices. "Okay, okay. Now, you all know who we are, we're the elders." A chirping of assent and a disgruntled mutter. "I'm Redpoppy, that's Stargaze and Bramblepath, and then Wetstream, Sunmark, and, finally, Forestheart. We're here to tell you about the Warrior Code...and we hope you'll realize, by the end of our tales, that rules are meant to be broken."

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