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Prologue Part 1/2

Shift stared at his mate, amazed.

“Are you certain?”

Spot nodded, her eyes shining.

“You’re going to be a father.”

Shift purred weakly.

“Thank you Spottedleaf. I’m glad to be your mate.”

The tortoiseshell she-cat glared at him, the gentleness that usually lived in her suddenly replaced by anger.

“It‘s Spot now! You know I left the Clans forever, please don’t remind me of them!”

Shift nodded, eyeing her claws apprehensively. Even though it had been moons ago, he still remembered when he had first met her. She had staggered into Twolegplace, her claws stained red with blood, smelling of death. He had alter learned that it had been a cat called Clawface’s blood, and another cat called Firepaw’s death scent. Apparently, Clawface had tried to attack her, and Firepaw had gotten in the way. The way Spot had told the story implied that Firepaw had been more then a friend to her, but the closer he had gotten to her, and the more times he’d heard the story retold, her feelings for Firepaw seemed to shrink, until it got to the point that she didn’t even mention him by name.

“What should we call the kits?”

Spot shrugged. “We’ll see.”

Shift, not satisfied with this answer, pressed on. “Maybe Dawn? Or Deep?”

Spot shot him another one of her infamous glares.

“I said we’ll see!”

He backed away, and her eyes softened.

“I’m sorry Shift. I don’t mean to snap, it’s just the thought of having kit is wrong to me.”

He attempted a pure, and rubbed his cheek against hers.

“These kits will be the best things that ever happen to us.”

Prologue Part 2/2

Shift stared at the five tiny bundles that were his kits, rather disbelieving. Five little kits that he could raise. He could teach them the best places to scavenge, how to live on the street, what Twolegs did, how to cross Thunderpaths, the possibilities were endless. Spot smiled up at him.

“What do you want to name them?”

Shift considered this, and looked over the kits closely. There was one tortoiseshell one, a grey, a light tabby, a dark brown tabby and... he nudged the grey she-kit over, revealing the last kit, and gasped.

"Spot, look at this kit!"

Chimera3 large.png

His mate looked were he was pointing, and purred.

"She's so beautiful!"

Shift wasn't sure he'd call the kit beautiful. The tiny she-kit was half ginger, and half black. Perfectly split down her face and along her back.

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