This is the allegiances for Rosefall's Secret, if you want to read the story, click the link. :)



Soaringstar - lithe pale ginger tom


Lilyleaf - fluffy, short-haired white she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Amberpaw

Medicine Cat:

Toadleap - small black-and-white tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Meadowpaw - dark gray she-cat with darker flecks


Smallspeck - gray tom with small black flecks

Apprentice, Newtpaw

Bluemist - dark blue-gray she-cat

Apprentice, Darkpaw

Tinywish - small white she-cat with very pale gray paws and ears

Apprentice, Nightpaw

Sparrowsong - dark brown tabby tom with lighter flecks

Sunfrost - large ginger tom

Shadebreeze - black she-cat

Burninggaze - ginger-and-white tabby tom with unblinking amber eyes

Apprentice, Ravenpaw

Tangleleap - light brown she-cat with white dapples down her back

Molewhisker - black-and-gray tom

Driftwing - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Raindapple - gray she-cat with darker flecks, and blue eyes

Finchsong - black, ginger and white tom


Newtpaw - white she-cat with tiny black flecks

Darkpaw - dark silver tom with lighter silver stripes

Ravenpaw - black tom with amber eyes

Amberpaw - ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Nightpaw - black tom with little silver flecks


Rosefall - cream she-cat with green eyes, mother to Sparrowsong's kits: Harekit and Fennelkit, foster mother to Wrenkit

Specklewing - black she-cat with large ginger dapples, expecting Smallspeck's kits


Harekit - lithe light brown tom

Fennelkit - dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Wrenkit - dark brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Wolffoot - dark gray tom with lighter gray paws and belly

Cinderdust - pale gray she-cat with darker flecks, and dark gray eyes

Littlestep - old, skinny light brown tabby she-cat with a gray, scarred muzzle

Cats Outside the Clans

Adder - dark brown tabby tom

Dew - dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Snarl - large, vicious ginger tom


Tansystar - black-and-cream she-cat

Yellowlight - yellow tabby she-cat with a dark gray scruff

Willow - dark gray she-cat with burning amber eyes, founder of WillowClan

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